Mamarokand a very beautiful one, thx :-)00:58
MamarokLuckily I also have two cats for he morale :)00:59
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Mamarok Sorry to hear about the vaccine, I agree I think the politicians are over reacting.09:03
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> @ahoneybun Dude!! that's an adorable puppy09:03
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @ahoneybun can you log in to linode?11:57
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> (Photo, 519x800) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/SiSBrWT2/file_42470.jpg16:42
IrcsomeBot* RikMills runs and hides16:42
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> ha ha16:43
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Love it 😃16:43
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> @RikMills I haven't looked though it looks like it's fixed?17:41
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @ahoneybun, The issue of being able to ssh in is solved for now. I cannot however log in to the web interface. It says there is something unusual about my login, and requires a one-time code sent to the accounts registered email address17:43
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Obviously, that is not my address17:43
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Just linode.com?17:43
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Yep17:44
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> ```Your login attempt looks different from usual. To verify that this is you, a code has been sent to the email address associated with your user. If you do not receive an email within 5 minutes, please send us an email at support@linode.com to open a support ticket or click here for other options.```17:44
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> That is what I got17:44
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> What email is it going to?17:44
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> I don't know. Yours of Phils I thought?17:45
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Looks like mine.17:45
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Can we get a general email account for admin things?17:46
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> like admin@kubuntu.org?17:46
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> If you try to log in I can help with the code.17:46
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @ahoneybun, It let me straight in this time, so you must have made it happy for now :)17:47
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> I wanted to get in to check things to diagnose the ssh issue, which is is now more or less moot.17:48
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Ah alrightly. I wonder if I can set it up to forward the email to you when this happens.17:49
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> That might be good. A general kubuntu email would be hard, as that just forwards to a personal one anyway17:50
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> If we can't do it just let me know and I'll help when I can.17:58
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @ahoneybun, BTW, what type of dog is that?17:59
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> She is a Maltese, yorkie, papillon, pekingese mix.18:09
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Wow!18:21
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> No wonder I was struggling to work it out18:22
valorie_sympathy to Mamarok19:04
valorie_@ahoneybun super-cutie pup!19:04
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Thanks!19:04
valorie_how much snow is left where you live, ahoneybun?19:05
valorie_Thomas called me Sun. night and showed me about 2.5 feet there19:05
valorie_I've got our testing week announcement roughed out : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZDIfV3X3pN0EWwmY_GaE6tCKfWCAmUrQxOm6NR6x3Qo/edit#20:02
valorie_some eyes on that would be cool20:02

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