NomkidYou might want to explain what cups is, and how to check if it's enabled/enable it00:00
NomkidI would, but I have no idea :P00:00
mparilloNot sure I have good *buntu docs, but I would start here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/CUPS00:01
mparilloso systemctl status will get you all your units, and you should see cups in the list, then you can narrow it down by matching, e.g. systemctl status cups.service00:09
mparilloOr something similar based on how old your Kubuntu installation is.00:10
mparilloIt was renamed recently.00:10
mparilloShort version: If cups is not running the KDE printer utility could not find my wifi HP printer.00:12
Nomkidspeaking of connection problems00:13
NomkidI tried KDE Connect just for funsies one day, both my phone and laptop can't find each other00:13
NomkidAt first I thought I wasn't going to use it, but now that I *can't* use it, I want to use it00:13
NomkidAny ideas why they refuse to connect?00:14
mparilloI have never used it, but you are more likely to get help during the day European time / morning Canadian time, when more helpful people are about. You could also try #kde (also European day time is probably better) or the KDE forums (e.g. https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=139460)00:24
NomkidWell that just means I gotta get on here tomorrow morning ;)00:43
DragnslcrNomkid- I use KDE Connect a lot, and yeah, sometimes the devices just don't connect correctly01:10
NomkidI mean, it's not just sometimes for me01:10
NomkidIt's literally always01:10
DragnslcrBest I've been able to do is remove/add the phone from the computer's KDE Connect settings, and sometimes reboot the phone01:11
Nomkidoh rebooting, hadn't thought of that01:11
DragnslcrMake sure that your wireless router is configured to let devices see each other?01:11
DragnslcrThat's a common security setting in routers01:12
NomkidI am not the manager of the AP here01:12
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Nomkidooh netsplit01:12
DragnslcrAre you on a work (or similar) network?01:13
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NomkidI guess you could call it a work network01:22
Nomkidbut yes01:22
DragnslcrYou could try pinging your phone from the computer. Your phone's network settings should have the IP address listed.01:38
Nomkidping works01:39
Nomkidwait nope01:40
Nomkidlike two went though, but now the AP is filtering them all01:41
Nomkidso, yeah I guess you're right01:41
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tomreynjaime: are we spamming?03:53
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BluesKajHowdy folks11:00
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @Anarchotaoist, I went the route of restoring a Redo Rescue image and then restoring a more recent BackInTime backup. All back running well so far!13:18
crb999Hi All, Hope this is the right place to post my problem!14:14
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PancrazioHello, i'm using kubuntu 20.10, after upgrade to 5.8.0-45 amd64 kernel my bluetooth doesn't work anymore. My pc is an iMac late 201014:54
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moxie12hi, so um, i had a secondary drive dislodge from its sata connection and now my main drive kubuntu install won't boot, even after boot-repair from a livedisk. And even a fresh install won't boot, but I can see the filesystem of my main install17:34
moxie12okay I fixed my secondary install17:38
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mystickubuntu or mx linux?   lubuntu gone down the pan  these days20:26
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IrcsomeBot<brud90> hello everyone, who can help with krfb?22:27
tomreynbrud90: i can't, but make sure you ask a more specific question22:31
tomreyni.e. describe the problem, the kubuntu version you'r eusing etc.22:32
IrcsomeBot<brud90> tomreyn: sorry, kubuntu 20.10 with last updates and kernel, the problem is that after install krfb works fine, but only in local network, i try to reinstall it, and for now i can run it only from shell and sudo priveleges, and when i try to connect i have error "password incorrect" but it's correct22:46
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