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dericcragohi cjwatson - don't mean to bother you, just checking in on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/69562315:21
cjwatsondericcrago: Hi, sorry, I've been failing to get round to this.  Could you start by creating the team that you eventually want to own the ~ansible name (say as ~ansible-team for now) and add the current ~ansible user to it?  Then I'll see if I can invent the necessary transfer procedure this week19:02
cjwatsondericcrago: Just to clarify, would you want all the existing PPAs on https://launchpad.net/~ansible transferred?19:02
dericcragocjwatson - ok, I'll get started on setting up `~ansible-team`, I think we could probably prune the PPA list down a bit if that would help (I'm guessing we'll want to migrate ~4, but I'll double check with the rest of the team)19:05
cjwatsondericcrago: I don't think it matters much, if you're OK with it we could just transfer the lot19:06
cjwatsonRealistically it's going to be a small pile of SQL in any case19:06
dericcragocjwatson - transferring all of them should be fine then, thanks!19:06
cjwatsonVery tempted to just rename both person and team and transfer all the PPAs in a single transaction, but will need to work out the details and make sure that's safe19:07
cjwatsonIt's definitely easier to transfer all.  If we left some of them on the bot account, then their publication paths on disk and their URLs would change and we'd have to work out what to do about that19:08
cjwatsondericcrago: Also could you (and/or your team) decide what you ultimately want the existing ~ansible bot account to end up being called?19:10
dericcragocjwatson - sure19:11
* cjwatson digs through the DB a bit19:18
cjwatsonLooks like a single-transaction approach should be possible19:18
dericcragocjwatson - ok, the team has been created. To reinterate / clarify: `~ansible-team` -> `~ansible`, `~ansible` -> `~ansible-jenkins`, and migrate all the PPAs from `~ansible-jenkins` to `~ansible`19:27
dericcragoI guess I had my order of operations wrong there, `~ansible` -> `~ansible-jenkins`, `~ansible-team` -> `~ansible`, migrate PPAs from `~ansible-jenkins` to `~ansible`19:39
dericcragocjwatson - I'm not sure when you're intending to make the change, but if you wanna give me a heads up, I'll be more than happy to do whatever user side testing20:57
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cjwatsondericcrago: I need to spend most of tomorrow doing performance reviews, so, uh, we'll see23:59

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