hooniSomeon have been using 802.1q over LACP?08:55
hooniPlz, show me how to config...OTL~~~08:55
hooni  network:08:56
hooni   version: 208:56
hooni   renderer: networkd08:56
hooni   ethernets:08:56
hooni           eno1:08:56
hooni              addresses:08:56
hooni                   -
hooni              gateway4:
hooni              nameservers:08:56
hooni                      addresses: []08:56
hooni           eno2:08:56
hooni              dhcp4: no08:56
hooni           eno3:08:56
hooni              dhcp4: no08:56
hooni           eno4:08:56
hooni              dhcp4: no08:56
hooni   bonds:08:56
hooni           bond0:08:56
hooni               interfaces: [ vlan100 ]08:56
hooniAbove comment is I used to use 802.1q over LACP. If you find out what I missed then plz, let me know.08:58
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