xnoxteward: so you want us to ship a statically linked qemu-x86_64-static + all the libs + rar on all other arches as /usr/bin/rar?00:34
tewardxnox: nope, I'd rather just yank `rar` out of the repos :P00:34
tewardleave unrar, but yank `rar` :P00:34
teward*has a small but nagging hatred for proprietary specs for archives*00:35
tewardxnox: i don't want static linked chaos if we can avoid it, i was curious where the archs were defined if they originated from Debain or otherwise, thank you cjwatson for pointing at the info.  and then me reading the license.txt file made me cringe mroe00:35
tewardsince it's basically winrar >.<00:35
tewardxnox: it was more or less a question of "why wasn't this on other archs" so when i dug and saw the license is basically WinRAR's license, among other things, I just shivered and said "well that explains it"00:37
tewardno qemu-*-static please :P00:38
tewardgot enough to deal with already with lubuntu images for the RPi 400 :P00:38
tewardand Wimpress not doing his duty on his tools and handling merge requests to things like desktopify (so > 20.04 can't be 'installed' for GUIs with their tool)00:38
xnoxteward:  i don't know if the times have changed, but i think removing rar that will unleash the wrath of like all of ex-USSR countries.00:39
tewardxnox: well, I know removing `unrar` will bring the equivalent of tactical nukes on us all00:39
tewardbut I usually dont' see questions about "how do i make rars"00:39
tewardjust sayin.00:39
tewardi'd like to know how much this'd affect things but.00:40
xnoxsilent majority00:40
xnoxnote that rar is the same command on windows and linux, and well command not found correctly suggests to install it too.00:40
tewardyeah and when that fails hardcore on the ports i bet there's some people whining :P00:41
teward(ERR: `rar` not found, but referenced in other packages.)00:41
tewardof course to quote cjwatson: "I think means nobody should morally support this format."00:46
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lathiatSeems the AMD64 desktop daily-live for hirsute hasn't updated since January 21.. the arm64 and server ones seem up to date: http://www.cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/01:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1918929 in Ubuntu CD Images "hirsute-desktop-amd64.iso not updated" [Undecided,New]01:52
cjwatsonlathiat: ^01:52
lathiatthx cjwatson01:54
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rbasakcjwatson: do you have an ETA on reviewing my changes file/rich history proposal please?15:45
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vorlonsarnold: wrt grub efi bugs, I've backburnered this because I was getting nowhere on understanding the failures20:06

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