lotuspsychjegood morning02:59
gry|2Hi lotuspsychje03:51
lotuspsychjehey gry|203:51
gry|2i don't remember what it is that you're doing, reselling laptops with linux on them or something? or technical support? something hardwar-ish and in a local area03:51
lotuspsychjeyes spot on gry|2 selling clevo laptops, nucs and existing machines convert to ubuntu LTS with samsung ssd's03:52
lotuspsychjegry|2: like mine for example, https://dpaste.com/6WWZMMTDT04:06
gry|2hi marcoagpinto05:14
marcoagpintodamn... I have drunk too much cola already :(08:36
maxFlexGuestI am trying to transition to Ubuntu Linux, but I have barriers preventing me from the transition.13:03
maxFlexGuest(Mac and Windows, NOT Chrome OS or Linux)13:03
daftykinshow brief13:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1819543 in VLC media player "Does not exit correctly, have to "kill -9 <PID>" [Undecided,Fix committed]14:02
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