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ISOLIFEneed help06:01
ISOLIFEalready install vsftpd and apache206:02
ISOLIFEwhat must be settings in /etc/vsftpd.conf to access all to hard drive06:05
ISOLIFEwhat must be settings in /etc/vsftpd.conf to access all to hard drive06:10
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kyle__isene: This is where you get snide comments aobut RTFM.  So look at the section for chroot_local_user in the manual (you don't want that set in this case) http://vsftpd.beasts.org/vsftpd_conf.html .  Also please please please do not do what you want if it's got a public facing IP address.13:40
isenekyle__: What is this comment of yours referring to?13:45
kyle__isene: That was a tab completion error.  Doh!  For ISOLIFE.13:46
kyle__And apparently I turned off my part messages, so i didn't see they left.13:46
iseneoh, ok13:46
kyle__I'm sure you pre-read the manual. :D sorry13:46
daftykins:) very important to see them leave if giving support13:46
isenekyle__: I've read every manual, so I'm ok13:47
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goddarddoes ubuntu still have a quick command to install apache mysql and php?21:07
goddardwasn't it like apt install LAMP^ or something?21:08
MIFapt install apache2 mysql-server php21:08
sarnoldgoddard: yeah, that might just work21:12
sarnoldgoddard: tasksel shows a big menu and there's something about LAMP in there21:12
sarnoldI wish it showed the task name so you could easily spin around and apt install foo^ with it, but just try LAMP^ :D21:13
rbasakgoddard: I think that's probably going away if it hasn't already. But you can just specify the three packages by hand.21:16
JanCtoo many people would want to replace at least one of those with something else probably...21:29
sarnoldhehe, yeah, I'd rather use nginx and postgresql and while I don't love python, I'd pick it over php anyway21:37
JanCand then there is also MariaDB, Ruby, Node.js, ...21:41
JanCplenty of popular alternatives21:42
JanCand non-SQL databases21:43
kyle__Late to the party, but don't rule out sqlite.22:34
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