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jsw971Installing ansible on focal using apt stopped working about 30 minutes ago because python-paramiko can't be installed.  Is there a channel where this might be being discussed?01:37
Bashing-omjsw971: Seems "python-paramiko" is not an ubuntu package - where did it originate ? ' apt policy python-paramiko '.01:40
Bashing-om!info python-paramiko fical | jsw97101:41
ubottujsw971: 'fical' is not a valid distribution: bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, disco, disco-backports, disco-proposed, eoan, eoan-backports, eoan-proposed, focal, focal-backports, focal-proposed, groovy, groovy-backports, groovy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-propo01:41
Bashing-om!info python-paramiko focal | jsw97101:41
ubottujsw971: Package python-paramiko does not exist in focal01:41
jsw971This was working fine until 30 minutes ago.01:42
jsw971I guess more like 40 minutes ago now.01:42
jsw971All I had to do to install ansible before was "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt install ansible".01:43
jsw971My guess is that "python-paramiko" was removed for some reason.  I do see that there's a "python3-paramiko", but ansible doesn't use it.01:46
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krytenjsw971: https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/ansible - what you state doesn't seem to match what I'm seeing here though.02:05
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jsw971kryten: how so?02:07
krytenJust try to validate your last message by using the page I linked.02:09
jsw971Do you see a "python-paramiko" package on that page?02:10
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krytenMaybe you want to re-read your own message..02:11
jsw971The message said that there's no python-paramiko package, but there is a python3-paramiko package.02:11
gry|2i think jsw971 and ubottu agree on that the pytohn-paramiko package is not found02:12
gry|2jsw971: what ubuntu version are you running? the linked page says python3-paramiko is just fine02:14
gry|2and ansible can use it02:14
jsw971Right.  I'm was using ppa:ansible/ansible which references the old python-paramiko page.02:14
jsw971I'm running focal.02:14
jsw971page -> package02:16
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krytenjsw971: Looking through that PPA a little, it'd seem you've been falling back to using the version in the official repos before.02:27
dub66Hey, I'm having some issues with nVidia drivers on a new install of Xubuntu. I'm currently using the open source driver because the proprietary driver fails to load. Also, I've noticed that when reinstalling the nvidia-driver-460 package DKMS returns `Good news! Module version 460.39 for nvidia-drm.ko exactly matches what is already found in kernel 5.4.0-67-generic. DKMS will not replace this module. You may override by specifying02:51
jrmI'm trying to install 20.0.4 desktop.  The installer runs fine, but stalls at 'Running "update-grub"'.  My search-foo is failing me.  Is this a known problem?  Is there a solution?03:02
runelind_qnot ubuntu specific, but I'm trying to delete all lines from  file with the word secret in them, but sed '/secret/d' doesn't seem to match anything03:21
runelind_q(I specified the file name after the sed command)03:21
runelind_qgrep -i does match on the relevant lines03:23
lotuspsychjerunelind_q: try ##linux if its not ubuntu specific03:27
runelind_qthanks I'll try there.03:29
gry|2runelind_q: what about 'grep -v' ?03:50
runelind_qit was user error, needed to specify sed -i to actually delete the lines03:51
semitones_teahow does tab know how to complete ` sudo apt install foo- ` into something useful? Does it intelligently apt search?03:51
gry|2semitones_tea: hi03:54
gry|2semitones_tea: do you have a " /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/apt  " file on your system?03:55
gry|2semitones_tea: if yes, then what does it have inside of it?03:55
semitones_teahmm good question let me look03:55
semitones_teawhoa there's tons of cool stuff here. THanks gry|2 !03:57
semitones_teait has all kinds of logic for what to try completing03:58
gry|2semitones_tea: nice :-)04:20
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radueanybody knows how to access #ubuntu-beginners? It says you need an invite, but i cannot find anything online on it, does the channel still exist?05:59
ISOLIFEI need help06:00
ISOLIFEalready install vsftpd and apache206:02
ISOLIFEwhat must be settings in /etc/vsftpd.conf to access all to hard drive06:05
guivercradue, I'm not aware of the channel, and don't see it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList so it maybe a temporary group setup for a specific purpose/class etc06:11
radueguiverc: i know it's very old, years old channel, i used it in the past - maybe it's not used anymore06:16
Kilosoh my, a full irc channel. morning from south africa guys06:28
TaZeRirc is da place to be wattup cuz06:36
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meandrainhi, any idea in which config file do I modify this values?   "crashkernel=384M-2G:64M,2G-:128M"    for kernel crash dumps ?07:16
VoxelHey all :)07:21
VoxelWhy would Ubuntu based distro tell `Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.` after running `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade`07:22
VoxelI've asked on KDE Neon IRC channel, but after a day - no messages there at all.07:23
VoxelIs it possible to check what interferes with a release upgrade?07:24
dirtwashcan someone confirm that iptables is broken on lts 20.04 5.4.0-64-generic?07:25
dirtwashbecause after kernel upgrade and reboot I get: ERROR: problem running iptables: modprobe: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:191 kmod_module_parse_depline() ctx=0x55cd0571b2a0 path=/lib/modules/5.4.0-64-generic/kernel/net/netfilter/x_tables.ko error=No such file or directory07:25
Voxel#define broken07:25
dirtwashthey forgot to include that in the build?07:26
VoxelI've checked different resources, but nothing..07:26
dirtwashim on latest packages: All packages are up to date.07:27
Voxeldirtwash, have you reinstalled iptables?07:27
Voxeltried, I meant07:27
dirtwashVoxel:no? did a standard apt upgrade like always and needed to do a reboot today anyway07:27
dirtwashit says iptables is installed07:28
VoxelI see07:28
VoxelWhat if reinstalled?07:28
dirtwashbesides that error says the kernel module file is missing07:28
VoxelLike backed up and purged07:28
dirtwashthat path doesnt even exist07:29
dirtwashim surprised note verything else crashed07:29
VoxelAlthough, Oh07:29
VoxelIs there any logs of upgrading?07:30
dirtwashapt logs sure07:30
VoxelPerhaps, there may be a line describing the issue. Consider greping the `iptables` string07:31
dirtwashno this is a kernel issue07:31
dirtwashi ask in kernel chan07:31
dirtwashwell technically its a ubuntu package isue07:32
dirtwashjust surprised nobody seen this yet07:32
ThinkT510Voxel: KDE Neon is not an official Ubuntu release so cannot be supported here07:35
VoxelHave a great day then07:35
dirtwashThinkT510:got some input on my kernel issue? wonder if someone can confirm this07:36
dirtwashhm fixed by reinstalling modules package and reinserting kernel modules, WEIRD07:41
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ruenoakHi all is there another way to report a bug on 21.04 running ubuntu-bug  application-name  just closes the bug report with know message.08:14
tuxinatorGood morning, just to let people know, if using Ubuntu 18.04 and Apache remoteip Module, it seems that it is broken, correct config, in my case upgrade to 20.04 was the only option.08:43
tuxinatorfound a Bugreport on Launchpad but not the exact same type, i think people hitting that issue should be told to update08:45
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cvlHey guys, any ideas how to get mixed DPI working on 20.10?09:34
cvlNo matter how I tries, it keeps breaking vmware integration and displaying extra cursors09:34
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ragouelHello guys10:04
ragoueland gals10:04
ragoueldoes anyone know the equivalent local7 centos command for ubuntu ?10:04
geirhawhat does the local7 command do?10:05
ragouelit's part of rsyslog local0-7 it's used for logging purposes10:06
derpadminragouel, try logger10:38
derpadminbut I cannot find a manpage for local710:39
derpadminbut local7 is a syslog facility, not a command10:40
BluesKajHowdy folks11:00
silv3r_m00nhi there11:00
silv3r_m00ni shall get a new windows 10 laptop and need to install ubuntu alongside windows, with encryption, what are my options and which one is the easiest ?11:01
silv3r_m00ni tried reading some online tutorials, but it seems that encrypting ubuntu alongside windows a messy business11:01
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madflashhi guys11:07
VeiditGood day. I am an old person using chroot but I am now looking now at cgroups/cgroups2? My need is to limit a uid/user to run a few specific binaries (nginx/php-fpm) but have their local storage over nfs so I don't see Docker/LXE as a solution in this case.11:09
tuxinatorVeidit: well on apache i think suexec would be a good option11:12
Veidittuxinator: That is a valid way, thanks. Will look11:13
Veidittuxinator: I would prefer Nginx though.11:16
Veidittuxinator: This looks right for me: https://facebookmicrosites.github.io/cgroup2/docs/overview11:19
tuxinatornginx is ok, however you should always know there are reasons why many times nginx is in front of apache, Apache -> Monster, features/modules Nginx will probably never have, but if you don't need a lot Nginx makes sense11:25
tuxinatoractually they are a good team11:27
madflash19is there a way to get highlighted text in a variable (vimscript)11:27
tuxinatorVeidit: a very good comparison: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/apache-vs-nginx-practical-considerations11:28
vimartWhat the file is equivalent for .bashrc in buntu20.04, need set NNTPSERVER Path.11:48
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romohey guys I'm trying to put Xubuntu 20.04 on a Notebook. Already did so a couple of times but I can't get the fn keys to work and if the screen blanks due to user inactivity while installing it will not come back and install fails. brightness is becoming a real problem. is this a known issue?11:55
facefacewhat is /sbin/init splash?11:57
facefaceI thought it was the 'login' screen, so I enabled a different runlevel11:57
facefacehowever, I still see it11:57
facefaceI'm running ubuntu under a vm, and I dist-upgraded to 20 and now it doesn't boot right11:58
facefaceI'm using virt-manager11:58
facefaceit used to boot to login prompt11:58
facefacenow it just shows an error... I have to send Ctrl-Alt-F1 and login there11:58
facefaceits' not a big deal, I just want to understand what I broke during dist upgrade11:59
nualavimart: should still be the same? are you lookign for something like this? https://askubuntu.com/questions/178968/how-to-configure-ntp-time-synchronization-on-a-server11:59
facefaceI just tried `sudo systemctl set-default multi-user`11:59
facefaceafter reboot, the same issue11:59
romovimart: like nuala stated - I'm unaware of .bashrc not working. if it isn't present have you tried creating one?12:00
faceface> you are runnning ubuntu which uses systemd, which allows you to display a splash screen during boot, this is why it has the splash argument12:01
facefaceI don't want that splash...12:01
facefacewhat the heck does this have to do with plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text12:04
facefaceOK, seems I fixed it by doing this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/33416/how-do-i-disable-the-boot-splash-screen-and-only-show-kernel-and-boot-text-inst12:09
facefaceso, the fact that I had graphical boot on this server box at all is a bit weird... I didn't add any desktop at all (installed from mini.iso)12:11
facefaceWhere can I find what desktop I have installed?12:14
faceface(As I said, I'm not expecting any)12:14
Nothing4Youis there a way to permit a user to do dynamic tcp forwarding but not remote forwarding? i'm trying to make it possible for users to use ssh as proxy without them being able to do anything else on the machine, so i don't want them to be able to set up arbitrary listening ports12:50
Nothing4Younevermind, just realized AllowTcpForwarding takes non-bool values12:51
floownI don't know how to enter this command: https://pastebin.com/NmY2DHDZ14:01
leftyfbfloown: maybe try ##mysql ?14:04
floownleftyfb: it doesn't work14:07
leftyfbfloown: /join ##mysql14:07
floownAh ok14:07
agvantiboHello. I am trying to configure GRUB with the Ubuntu Mono font, and I've managed to create a font with `grub-mkfont`, and configure GRUB to use it, but it apparently has great trouble with the Unicode characters that make up the frame of the menu. Please suggest a solution that either combines a full-Unicode font with Ubuntu mono to create an Unicode-capable font, or makes GRUB use a fallback font in that case.14:17
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franks2How can i disable "autoremove" of packages15:03
koboldhi! what's the default mount point of thunar? I can't find any mounted folder in either /mnt or /media, but I can still access the phone in thunar.15:03
kobold(sitting on xfce4 system, probably xubuntu)15:03
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remlinefranks2: You can mark the packages as "manually" installed. I believe simply doing "apt install package-name" will mark it as manually installed, even if it is already installed.15:18
franks2remline: aha, thank you. apt-mark manual packgae-name did the trick15:19
remlinekobold: Is it in /run/media?15:23
leftyfbremline: it's probably mounted with MTP15:37
LiftLefthttps://paste.ee/p/PYzDi Ethernet is disabled for some reason15:47
LiftLefthow do I re enable it?15:47
LiftLeftcould docker be messing with it?15:48
LiftLeftI had ip range problems with docker15:48
LiftLeftI tried that and ran sudo systemctl restart network-manager15:50
LiftLeftI disabled docker and stopped it15:50
Marco-123hi all. on Linux Mint here. i just ran `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` with the intention of installing a better nvidia driver. result: seems to have lost me many drivers. network, video, and more. how can i repair these drivers or ask Mint to reinstall its default ones?15:56
oerchange to the real ubuntu, or seek help in the mint channels?15:57
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)15:57
oermint has its own issues15:58
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LiftLeftsome more logs https://paste.ee/p/RPDVF16:06
node1Any speech recognition application for ubuntu that act as keyboard.16:19
oer speech recognition application for ubuntu that act as keyboard, never heard of that one16:23
oerthere are snaps; saya-speech, glate, in snapcraft.io16:25
node1okay thanks16:31
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peterjguys i have fup my system by running some crazy script from the internet.. i think the files are there but `ls` etc. don't show anything in any directory, i can `cd` into the directories i remember. when i enter the system, it says `Structure needs cleaning`. fsck, e2fsck etc. commands give me "Fatal Python error: init_fs_encoding: failed to get16:41
peterjthe Python codec of the filesystem encoding"16:41
peterjis there anyway to fix the system? it is running ubuntu 20.04 in wsl216:42
peterjcan i mount his drive in another wsl2 instance and repair it..?16:42
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leftyfbpeterj: what script did you run?17:10
peterjleftyfb, i was experimenting with grub-mkrescue and found a script from the internet, which in the end did this: "sudo dd if=grub.iso of=/dev/sdd".. i didn't realized until i pressed ENTER -.-17:27
leftyfbpeterj: that writes that iso to your entire drive17:27
peterjjust 6 MB is overwritten actually17:28
leftyfbpeterj: you are better off re-installing and restoring from backup17:28
peterjso the system is still somewhat working (i can `cd` into directories, but `ls` doesn't show anything)17:28
peterji need to recover the data or repair the disk17:29
peterjwhichever is possible17:29
peterjbut i need data.17:29
peterjin WSL2, it is a VHDX image on windows, that contains ext4 filesystem / drive for ubuntu.17:29
leftyfbpeterj: you didn't have a backup of your important data?17:30
peterjso i was hoping to find a tool which can recover filesystem in virtual drive17:30
leftyfbpeterj: if you can mount the drive in linux, you can use something like photrec to try to recover some things17:31
leftyfbpeterj: future reference, important data should be backed up. If it's not, it wasn't important17:32
peterjleftyfb: you really believe that huh?17:35
leftyfbpeterj: it's not a belief.17:35
peterjyes, it's an unrealistic so-call "best practice" is what it is..17:36
leftyfbpeterj: unrealistic? I can't just run an rsync script on a cron every night?17:36
leftyfbpeterj: I backup 10 different machines to 2 locations on a bi-nighly basis. Once a year I take a backup of one of those backup locations and store in a secure location. All photos and video are backed up to 5 different online services17:38
leftyfbit's less time to create a backup then it is to recover without a backup17:39
leftyfbit's also more realistic to restore from a backup than to restore without a backup17:39
cwspeterj: It's neither a belief nor a best practice. If you didn't back it up, then it wasn't important enough for you to worry about its loss. Period.17:55
cwsIt's simply a fact.17:55
lordcirth_If only life were so simple17:57
cwsLife is that simple if you back your stuff up. :)17:59
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phaoHi... Why is color settings associated to brightness and contrast in ubuntu is in the zoom panel in accessibility?18:10
phaoI mean... What does it have to do with zooming? hehe18:10
phaoThe actual color section in settings has nothing about that. This seems weird.18:12
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jpmhin days gone by I believe I remember there was  "guest" user that had no password - is it possible to set up such a user today18:30
ioriajpmh, with lightdm maybe (not with gdm)18:33
rakyahHey hey people, Ive been trying to mess around with my laptop, running Arch on Wayland. Ive got a server setup, which runs Ubuntu Server, but whenever I connect with my laptop over ssh, it times out- My desktop on the other hand has a very similar Arch setup to my laptop, though that one can connect just fine. I also cant mount my NAS anymore on the laptop, whch does also works fine on my desktop18:35
jpmhioria: I should have specified I/we do NOT use any form of GUI18:36
ioriajpmh, why not a Ephemeral Container ?18:40
jpmhioria: that's an interesting idea - however I do not want it to be ephemeral18:41
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ioriajpmh, then it's not a Guest Account18:43
ioriajpmh, it's just passwordless18:43
jpmhioria: as I said - vague memory - YES - tat's what I want - how do I do that, if I can18:48
ioriajpmh, i'd say with console autologin, probably18:49
jpmhioria: meaning?18:49
ioriajpmh, https://selivan.github.io/2017/12/27/console-autologin-systemd-ubuntu.html18:51
jpmhioria: TY - heading there now18:51
jpmhioria: That was EXACTLY what I needed thatnk you so much18:53
cart_manSo I have found a bug that is unbelievabley anoying! Its just I dont know where to post it. It happens only if I have the Nvidia drivers installed that is not the Nouvea drivers. When I switch between Virtual desktops it will break and render everything without windows and I cant close anything. I basically have to restart. So where do I report this? Nvidia ? Plasma? Ubuntu?19:29
dub66You can make a bug report here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs). You can try to make a bug report on the nVidia forums but they aren't very helpful. (https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/gpu-unix-graphics/linux/148)19:31
dub66Making a bug report on KDE's platform could be helpful as well but they will probably redirect you to nVidia or tell you there is nothing you can do because it is a driver issue. (https://bugs.kde.org/)19:34
GrievreHi all. I'm faced with the annoying task of finding out which installed packages on a system are licensed under GPL or LGPL that is not relicensable to a newer version. Is there an easy way to do this? /usr/share/doc/<package>/copyright is not always machine-readable, and for packages with multiple licenses it only tells you which source files those licenses apply to, not which binary packages.19:59
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sarnoldGrievre: afaik that doesn't exist, you'll probably have to do the source file -> binary packages mapping yourself if you want that20:03
Grievresarnold: bleh :( thanks20:13
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bored_userhey, asuming I've got a question regarding ubuntu server, is this the right place?20:25
OnceuponabanHello. I am running Ubuntu Server 20.04 on a machine which I'm pretty sure is having some kind of hardware issues (random freezes, leading to no display output and being unable to remote in using SSH, only fix being a hard reboot). Due to this, I tried to compress a specific folder for it to be sent to another machine, however in the middle of20:26
Onceuponabancompressing said folder to somewhere on the system drive, it printed an error claiming said drive was read only and exited. Most commands (including even ls if used on the system drive) now error out with the message "Input/output error". What's happening here and how can I fix this?20:26
sarnoldbored_user: there's also an #ubuntu-server channel20:27
sarnoldOnceuponaban: does dmesg work? or is that busted too?20:27
Onceuponabandmesg is busted as well.20:28
OnceuponabanSame error.20:28
sarnoldhow about journalctl -k ?20:28
OnceuponabanThat one did work, revealing a lot of errors20:30
Onceuponaban...and I was about to use termbin.com to paste the output but nc errors out as well20:30
gordonjcpOnceuponaban: your hard disk is dying20:31
ioriaOnceuponaban, ournalctl -b 0 | grep -i ata[0-9]20:31
ioriaOnceuponaban, journalctl -b 0 | grep -i ata[0-9]20:32
gordonjcpOnceuponaban: now is the time to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan, as they say in Strasbourg20:32
sarnoldheh :(20:32
sarnoldOnceuponaban: any chance you copy-paste the text through your terminal / tmux / screen etc to paste it via another machine?20:33
sarnoldOnceuponaban: chances are very good it's just as gordonjcp says, your hardware is likely failing, but it'd be nice to get those errors all the same20:33
gordonjcpsarnold: and specifically hard disk20:34
OnceuponabanOutput of the command ioria provided (more than could fit on the screen so only the last lines): https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WQbpykMCDH/20:34
sarnoldit could also be power supply, sata controller, something else.. it's hard to be certain without swapping out hardware in testing20:35
sarnolddefinitely try a new hard drive first20:35
sarnoldthose are usually easy to replace20:36
ioriaOnceuponaban, ata3 seems the problem20:36
Onceuponabancould this be happening if the drive became full while compressing the folder?20:36
Onceuponaban(and is otherwise working fine)20:36
gordonjcpit would report that the disk was full20:37
OnceuponabanI see, so I guess my system drive is failing then20:37
sarnoldmore likely, has already failed20:37
OnceuponabanTo be fair it was a fairly old SSD20:37
Onceuponabanso that would make sense20:37
ioriaOnceuponaban, try to change the port , then the cable, then the disk is done20:38
OnceuponabanI'm now glad I made sure that the system drive didn't host any actual data20:40
Zuroger-KUB20I was wondering about the modern private streaming server practices that are good now?20:40
Zuroger-KUB20I need a server on LAN that I can feed OBS recorder into.20:40
Zuroger-KUB20So that others can watch the stream with VLC, for example.20:41
Zuroger-KUB20Other clients in LAN too.20:41
Zuroger-KUB20I was told I need this NGINX thing or something, or RTMP ?20:41
Onceuponaban...slight issue: how do I stop the computer given that sudo is also erroring out so I can't elevate myself to root to use shutdown?20:42
sarnoldOnceuponaban: hit sysrq + s, sysrq + u, sysrq + b  keys20:43
sarnoldthat'll sync, then unmount, then reboot20:43
ioria Onceuponaban or ctrl+alt+canc (or del)20:44
OnceuponabanWould that work through ssh?20:44
sarnoldno; you can poke sysrq vis /proc/sysrq-trigger but that requires ... a root shell.20:45
sarnoldif you don't have one of those already open, then you're out of options for semi-clean shutdown20:46
Onceuponabangrabbing my wireless keyboard it is then20:46
Zuroger-KUB20Does ubuntu have some kind of tool to quickly snoop every modification done by the user ?21:18
Zuroger-KUB20Like all the changes I did on the system/root etc, config files modifed manually, etc, so I could see what I did and redo this on a fresh install?21:19
sarnoldZuroger-KUB20: debsums -ec  may be able to help, but not all configuratoin files are marked as configuration files because debian is weird around configuration files21:22
sarnoldZuroger-KUB20: check the debconf(7) manpage for 'ssh' for another potential source of site-local configuration changes21:22
tomreynthat's not an easy task. there are auditd, sudo logging, general log file monitoring, file alteration monitoring / tracking (etc, host intrusion detection / prevention), which cover different aspects of this.21:22
tomreynetckeeper is a way to track configuration changes in /etc/21:23
sarnoldZuroger-KUB20: it's probably better to monitor these kinds of changes from the start, using something like juju charms or ansible playbooks or use etckeeper religiously etc21:23
sarnoldhah, looks like tomreyn didn't have to go looking for the name of etckeeper :)21:24
tomreyni did, in memory, took me a while :)21:24
tomreynconfguration deployment is a keyword you may want to look up21:24
tomreynas sarnold said, it's better to take a planned approach to this, you won't have a nice time trying to gather this information after the fact.21:25
franks2https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/imagemagick/+bug/1918935 When a bug goes to "fix commited" how long time does it take before its updated in the package manager?21:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1918935 in imagemagick (Ubuntu) "convert(1) segfault" [High,Fix committed]21:37
sarnoldfranks2: as it stands, probably it'll be fixed in 21.04 if debian's version has it fixed, and if debian's version has migrated to ubuntu before the freeze21:46
sarnoldfranks2: if you want it fixed in 20.04 you'll probably need to prepare an update, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates for some advice21:46
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robertparkerxwhen you start a console what path are you in? it looks like ~/22:37
sarnoldrobertparkerx: check DEFAULT_HOME in login(1)22:40
oerhekspwd gives the path you are on22:41
oerhekspresent working dorectory22:41
robertparkerxI will tell you the truth because I don't know much... I thought it was a joke and would display my password22:57
robertparkerxmaybe you will laugh22:57
oerheksno, i questioned it myself too22:57
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robertparkerxaren't ssl cert instant if you issue them from lets encrypt?23:17
robertparkerxI'm new to this bash script and its automating some process23:17
sarnoldI've not set up LE msyelf but I'd certainly expect them to be valid immediately23:19
dub66I would as well. I'm trying to verify right now.23:19

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