rghFreedom of speech isn't freedom of consequences03:36
Eickmeyer[m]Exactly, rgh .03:48
rghBtw, started an epic plugin03:51
rghAlso. I'm late for work I see.03:51
rghSigh. Gotta go.03:51
martorHello. I am working on Ardour 6.6 which I find very pleasant, but I am struggling with some plugins which don't seem to work very well with it. Every time I run Helm the whole system freeze, and I am not sure what could cause it. A second issue happens with eq10, for some reason Ardour goes in error when trying to start GUI. I am on Linux Ubuntu07:11
martorstudio 20.04 on a Focusrite 3rd gen. Thanks in advance for your help.07:11
tomreyni couldn't really comment on any of this, i'm not into audio software or ubuntustudio really, just use ubuntu in general. but i can try to provide some general approaches which may provide more info:07:27
tomreynstart applications which are misbehaving from a (virtual) terminal. you may get so see addiitonal warning and error output which may help identify the problem.07:28
tomreynalso, run  journalctl -f   in a terminal window, and see what's logged there by the time you run into errors.07:29
tomreynmartor: ^ this might also hint on usb issues, which can intorduce problems with usb audio interfaces07:30
martorThank you Tomreyn. I will try to start the from terminal. To be honest on all the rest the system is pretty stable as well as the usb interface. When I was on Manjaro the plugins were all working fine but I could not have great low latency for some reason07:34
sirriffsalotmartor: are you trying to use helm in a midi track in ardour, or separately?08:33
martorI am using it in a midi track. I open it from the plugin manager08:46
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Iamahuman4My Ubuntu Studio on the other machine has broken in interesting ways. I wonder if the HW is ok, could be a bad case of something bad with the HW, coz that laptop has run into problems with other distros too18:33
Iamahuman4I have 44GB free space on the SSD, so I could just do a reinstall of US and see how that goes with time18:34
Iamahuman4It was working just marvelously in the start, but then the kidle_inj CPU hogging, then the unexplainably high loads of some processes, then the just cursor on blank screens after entering password and now the whole audio system is borked. volume adjustment "blop"s play, but nothing else plays. Jack will not stop, could be just frozen Studio Controls18:36
Iamahuman4I think that HW may be corrupt .. in interesting ways ..18:38
Iamahuman4Can I install the LTS and then install KDE on it. Will I be getting 5.21 or 5.20 ?18:38
Iamahuman4is that even advisable?18:39
Iamahuman4I'ma do the reinstall. Least bother for anyone. If that one breaks, it breaks, if it works I have mein KlingPad again18:41
Iamahuman4after reinstall to the empty space and a 'mv * ~' in the old homedir all seems to be in place, except these instructions https://manual.ardour.org/using-control-surfaces/generic-midi/midi-learn/ don't work, when previously they worked fine21:59

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