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guivercTark0r, G'day, if you have a Lubuntu support question, please just ask it. Try and keep to a single line & be patient as people respond as they're able to03:12
Tark0ryes iam use vps thats cool03:12
Tark0rbut how I enable openbox03:12
Tark0rI use accident light something03:13
guivercLubuntu uses openbox as it's WM by default; so if you're using a default Lubuntu install you're already using openbox03:13
guiverchttps://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.11/openbox_settings.html  maybe helpful03:14
Tark0rbut I cant change theme03:14
guivercwhat release ae you using? and why can't you change theme?  how are you trying to change it?03:15
Tark0riam just new on lubuntu03:16
guivercyou haven't said what release, but menu -> preferences -> LXQt settings -> Openbox settings will match the manual page I referred to03:17
Tark0rits ok I have just one core server :/03:26
guivercSorry Tark0r, I had to step away.. I'd check you still have `openbox` as default (https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.13/session_settings.html) otherwise openbox settings will have no impact; changes to session.settings may require logout & login again to take effect03:42
guivercif there are effects of VPN I can't help sorry (I use terminal only when remote)03:44
Tark0rits VPS I rent server for 3euro per month 1 core and 2gb memory03:45
Tark0rthx done03:48
Tark0ri come back03:48
Tark0rsudo reboot03:49
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Guest62809wow this irc have start up automatic03:52
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lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> What level of OpenGL does Lubuntu use, and is there anything I should know before upgrading?04:04
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> Also, BTW, docs are down https://docs.lubuntu.net/04:13
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> are you looking for https://manual.lubuntu.me04:24
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> Oh, is lubuntu.net a decommissioned site?04:26
guiverc@corncobweb; it's not a Ubuntu or Lubuntu website; the Lubuntu web site is https://lubuntu.me/04:35
guivercif you want an official site, don't ask google (it'll offer 3 sites), but check ubuntu.com (under Canonical control), ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours will go to official sites for each flavor04:36
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> Thanks for the advice04:37
guiverclubuntu.net is a personally owned site (fan site)04:37
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> OK, $ glxinfo says05:01
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> OpenGL version string: 1.4 Mesa 20.2.605:01
lubot[telegram] <corncobweb> Is there an important reason this version was chosen, or am I safe to upgrade?05:01
JohnDoe_71Rus OpenGL depend from your's videocard06:54
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> Hi guys13:37
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I have a frustrating problem with my audio. I can' get my speakers to work13:37
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I hope it's okay to share a 3 page counting pdf13:37
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I wanted to make things more clear13:37
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> If you don't like the pdf13:37
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I'll try to explain in in here13:37
tomreynMichaël: if you wrote anything after "I'll try to explain in in here": This was lost at least for us (~70) users of the IRC (Internet Relay Chat, the more traditional and somewhat different way to chat, compared to Telegram). that's because the channel bot blocks what you're saying when you type too many lines in rapid succession.14:03
tomreyntry using your enter key less.14:03
tomreynand feel free to repeat anything else that you wrote, with less line breaks.14:05
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> okay14:08
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> thank you for letting me know about this14:08
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> i'll try to explain in here then14:08
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I can't get sound out of my speakers attached to my computer but they're just fine14:08
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> this is mu back I/O panel14:09
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/2063e2cb/file_2225.jpg14:09
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> here are the settings in Lubuntu14:09
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/62cf48ce/file_2226.jpg14:09
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/cea21945/file_2227.jpg14:09
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I have a Arch Linux installation14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> with LXQt desktop environment on a secundary drive14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> there everything works just fine14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I'll show the screenshots14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/27b55bba/file_2228.jpg14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/b175b441/file_2229.jpg14:10
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> With Arch I'm able to select Line Out14:11
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> but not in Lubuntu14:11
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I believe this to be the cause14:11
tomreynhere's a guess, without having seen any logs: arch will be running a newer kernel version than lubuntu, and your hardware is probably (starship/matisse audio controller) somewhat recent. a newer kernel version may help.14:12
tomreyncan you run this in a temrinal an post the two lines of output it generates?   cat /proc/{version_signature,cmdline}14:14
tomreynthis just gathers info on your kernel version14:14
tomreynalso, if you know your lubuntu version, post it here, or run    lsb_release -ds    to check / verify it.14:15
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I just tried some things and I made the speakers to work14:31
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I'm sorry for to disturb you14:31
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I'll show what I did14:31
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1098666/iec958-s-pdif-not-working14:32
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> followed this thread (re @Michaël: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1098666/iec958-s-pdif-not-working)14:32
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I have this IEC958 (re @Michaël: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1098666/iec958-s-pdif-not-working)14:33
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> but thanks for the help14:33
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I checked these checkboxes : https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/9d11fe59/file_2230.jpg14:35
tomreyngreat, looks like i was wrong then, glad you found a solution!14:37
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