alterjsiveAfter installing ubuntu, my gen8 ProLiant server will show a red screen with Illegal Opcode error in the next reboot and will not load the operating system.08:12
alterjsiveAny idea’s how to fix this from the MAAS interface?08:12
classicsnailalterjsive: firmware issue maybe? I've seen that on Dell kit when using UEFI boot, and a seemingly corrupted UEFI environment09:04
classicsnailah, different, same outcome, different result, are you sure you're booting the storage right device ?09:06
alterjsiveclassicsnail: ah I see why it doesn't work. I installed an nvme pci express card. I don't think it can boot from that.09:09
alterjsiveI can boot from a normal disk instead09:13
alterjsiveclassicsnail: i've also got some gen7 servers, but they just powerd down. Is this because I need to enter iLO login username/password?09:14
alterjsiveclassicsnail: what is  the best way to restart?09:45
alterjsivedelete the machine and boot from pxe?09:45
classicsnailcommissioning usually turns off a machine after it's done09:52
classicsnailat least I'm guessing this is what's happening with you here09:52
classicsnaildo you have the power control setup for each machine in the configuration?09:52
alterjsiveclassicsnail: I didn't need to do that for my gen 8 machine.09:53
alterjsiveclassicsnail: will check it out the power setup. How can I do a new commission with the gen 8 server?09:55
classicsnailcommissioning is just one of the available actions, in the same drop down as the deploy and other options09:57
classicsnailbut I'm not quite clear on what it is your problem is? the power control won't ever work unless you configure the power control with a valid starting username and password for each machine, in the configuration09:58
classicsnailmaas will create a maas user with the appropriate permissions on the ilo, but the first time has to be entered somehow09:58
classicsnailI usually have a spreadsheet with all the unique chassis passwords for each machine that I get from the DC peeps09:59
alterjsiveyeah I have the ilo usernames and passwords09:59
alterjsiveweird that I didn't need to enter it for the gen 8 server then09:59
alterjsiveI could get to the deploy stage09:59
classicsnailnot sure how that works then, I'm not that familiar with the ilo myself10:00
alterjsiveI should read the manual, just have had a migrane for a few days :/10:01
mupBug #1921616 opened: [Feature Request] Tunable IPMI wait_time on power change <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1921616>10:40

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