Sonitomreyn: https://termbin.com/el1300:14
Soniit looks fine on an mtr...00:17
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Soniwe got some packet captures we guess?01:49
tomreynthis mtr looks fine, yes. you can always tcpdump and review that.01:50
tomreynor try some of the other hosts the hostname resolves to.01:51
Sonihmm seems like all outgoing connections are breaking01:59
Sonionly outgoing tho - we can SSH in just fine02:00
tomreynthat might be somethign you need to discuss with gandi then02:02
Sonialso mosh works ofc02:04
Soni... yeah this is just broken .-. wtf02:04
Sonithanks tho!02:04
MIFHow can I run a command at login?02:07
MIFssh login02:07
MIFLet me reprase02:08
MIFHow can I run emacs at ssh login?02:08
tomreynssh hostname emacs02:10
MIFI just get this02:10
MIFemacs: standard input is not a tty02:10
MIFand when I close emacs then it closes the session?02:11
MIFIt would have to be after login02:11
tomreyntry   ssh -t hostname emacs02:11
tomreynwhen you leave emacs it would close the ssh session then, yes02:11
MIFit can't close the ssh esssion02:12
tomreynwhat do you mean by "it can't close the ssh session"02:12
MIFI need to be able to exit emacs and go to the shell02:13
tomreynso ssh, type "emacs", quit it when no longer needed? are you trying to automate something?02:17
MIFbut with out having to do that02:17
MIFb/c I use emacs 99% of the time02:17
MIFI think I found it02:23
baobabfruitHello, id like to request some help. Ububutu-server 20.10 running on dell poweredge 2950 with Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5716 One nic works, other doesn't show up in ifconfig/lshw08:05
baobabfruitgoal is to have second nic working so that i can bind it with the other nic08:08
HelenahI got the system into a mess, it's supposed to be a fresh install of Ubuntu Server but when I startx, gnome loads!10:11
HelenahLike, what?10:11
HelenahAnyway, I put "exec i3" into .xinitrc and er... when I startx is just crashes, I can't find anything useful in the Xorg log. :/10:11
RoyKHelenah: wgy ubuntu server if you want x?13:07
RoyKubuntu server is basically the same as ubuntu desktop, just without x13:08
lotuspsychjeRoyK: there's a whole community for i3 running it on server base13:09
lotuspsychjemaybe thats what he's trying to do?13:10
lotuspsychjeducasse: perhaps^13:13
HelenahRoyK, Cause prefer i3 over unity/gnome13:26
lotuspsychjeHelenah: never did it myself, but there's tons of tuts out there; https://ericren.me/posts/2019-01-27-minimal-ubuntu-tiling-wm-setup/13:30
Helenahlotuspsychje, I've set up Ubuntu Server with i3wm a million times...13:34
HelenahWhy now does it decide not to work?13:34
HelenahOn one system13:35
Helenahwith a monitor I never used before with Ubuntu13:35
tomreynyour logs might know13:55
ducasseHelenah: what do you have in /usr/share/xsessions/ ?14:03
monstercoI have a default install of Ubuntu-server on Oracle Virtual box. I have run out of HDD space. In VirtualBox I have extended the main HDD (vdi) and that is good. I think I should now run a command inside Ubuntu to extend the HDD there too so it recognizes the added space. What is that command?18:55
rbasakmonsterco: look up "growpart" and "resize2fs"18:59
monstercois this a quick run command or complex?19:27
monstercorbasak, https://dpaste.org/S3sS19:28
giaco__if I have unattended upgrades enabled, should I been worried of latest openssl CVE?21:18
tomreyngiaco__: not if it runs properly (see logs) or you don't run openssl services which untrusted clients can reach21:55
giaco__tomreyn: k21:56
tomreynensure you restart any services which use it, though21:56
tomreynneedrestart can help with that to a degree.21:56
giaco__phew, log says 021-03-27 06:42:00,832 INFO Packages that will be upgraded: libssl1.1 openssl21:57
tomreynyou're welcome22:08
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