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eLMoMaNiHi, I have installed UbuntuDDE, but installer couldn't make the efi files (grub) so I used command grub-install for my esp. and grub-mkconfig to make .cfg file and put it on /boot/grub. when I boot up I get grub console and I have to manually load the config file00:43
eLMoMaNiI tried coping /boot/grub/grub.cfg to {esp}/EFI/Ubuntu/grub.cfg but nothing changed also tried update-grub200:43
eLMoMaNiany help please ?00:43
tomreyneLMoMaNi: the following Ubuntu flavors are supported here https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours01:02
eLMoMaNiwhat ?01:03
cwsdidn't know there was a budgie flavor, gonna check that out01:06
Bashing-omHyper86: Welcome to Ubuntu support :D01:29
Hyper86Is this support only?01:30
Hyper86No general topic?01:30
Bashing-omHyper86: This channel, Yes - support only.01:30
Hyper86Is there a general channel?01:30
Bashing-om!off-topic | Hyper8601:30
ubottuHyper86: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:30
Hyper86I’m on my phone and on a newish client I did not see it01:31
Hyper86Thank you very much01:31
Bashing-omHyper86: Hey no problem at all - there is also a general #ubuntu-discuss channel.01:32
Hyper86Ok thanks01:32
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isapgswellwhy i dont see nvidiadrmfb like radeondrmfb?04:12
isapgswelldmesg output04:12
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isapgswellwhy nvidia drm minor 0 gives me black screen??05:22
isapgswellnot matter what nvidia prime profile05:23
isapgswellany idea?05:31
marethi, how should i read this output from smartcl ? https://pastebin.com/uxhMEgGW  Seems ok to me but gnome disks is showing Assesment SELF-TEST FAILED05:58
Bashing-ommaret: Well not good: "197 Current_Pending_Sector  0x0032   200   200   000    Old_age   Always       -       31197 Current_Pending_Sector  0x0032   200   200   000    Old_age   Always       -       31" means there are no spre sectors to spare off other bad sectors too. >>>06:03
Bashing-ommaret: "198 Offline_Uncorrectable   0x0030   200   200   000    Old_age   Offline      -       28" 28 sectors that can no longer be dealt with :)06:03
maretBashing-om so I guess I should do a back  and prepare to drive to fail soon?06:19
Bashing-ommaret: The drive has already failed - from what I see - . You show to have an inability of the drive to re-allocate any more sectors to compensate for those dedermined to be bad.06:23
nikolamHi is it "normal" that Ethernet adapter (e1000e) stops working , some time after coming up form standby? (20.10) I actually have 2 intel LAN UTP network adapters, served by e1000e driver, 82574L and I217-LM (rev 04) and one of them stops working , never coming back to working, after some time running , after coming back from standby.07:07
nikolamI also have a RX480 graphics card , that is externally powered (graphics powers itself from external power supply, not turning off, when machine goes into standby. Maybe it is somehow connected, but I think I didn't have problems with ethernet/standby on 20.0407:10
nikolamOf course LAN adapters are using netplan now, and I got to create /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml in order to put " dhcp4-overrides: {route-metric: 100} " and "dhcp4-overrides: {route-metric: 100}dhcp4-overrides: {route-metric: 101} " for each of adapters.07:13
maretBashing-om i see  i can still access it  so it doesnt give me any errors, but I am not using this pc much so thats maybe why07:16
Bashing-ommaret: Yeah - but the controller can not resolve any additional bad sectors - As cheap ( and as old and slow as that drive is ) I do highly suggest that you get your data off that drive as soon as possible. If the hardware supports a SSD - do so ! you will be impressed how much faster the operating system becomes :D07:27
Bashing-ommaret: Not saying that one can not zero out that drive and repurpose to a less critical role :P07:28
EriC^^maret: i second what Bashing-om is saying, the hdd is on it's way out, already with some data being lost, time to get a new drive and copy the data over asap07:30
EriC^^unless you dont care about the data being lost for good07:30
maretyeah  thanks07:30
SeeM2Hey all. I just wanted to mention, that MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS on https://releases.ubuntu.com/16.04/ page do not cover 16.04.7 images. I know I'm kind of late :) and I don't have account on but tracker, so I hope that the right person catches this message.07:31
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Hashcan you recommend a visual git client for 20.04 from repositories?07:54
HashThank you07:54
baobabfruitHi all, ubuntu-server is silent was hoping someone here can help me out, any one here with knowledge on ubuntu server08:15
alterjsiveAfter installing ubuntu, my gen8 ProLiant server will show a red screen with Illegal Opcode error in the next reboot and will not load the operating system.08:26
alterjsiveAny idea’s how to fix this from the MAAS interface?08:27
rfmbaobabfruit, if the second nic doesn't show in lshw, it must be defective or disabled somehow.  Perhaps a BIOS setup option?08:28
baobabfruitrfm it does blink when connected to a switch08:31
SeeM2alterjsive: Did you unmounted Ubuntu iso from iLO?08:40
SeeM2Or removed any installation media?08:40
alterjsiveSeeM2: it was a network install using canonical MAAS08:56
SeeM2alterjsive: Sorry, I don't have any experience with that. I would guess, that the problem is within bootloader, but I don't know what the bios is expecting and on which drive. Check Your boot sequence.09:09
alterjsiveSeeM2: ah I see why it doesn't work. I installed an nvme pci express card. I don't think it can boot from that.09:09
SeeM2You cloud install bootloader on a 8 megabytes partition on usb drive and use that to boot from nvme. It's a but hacky, but You'll have whole system on a fast drive.09:11
SeeM2It's have to be fdisk formatted drive with /dev/sda1 partition and a proper 2 megabytes of free space before first partition.09:12
alterjsiveSeeM2: exactly, thanks for thinking with me :)09:12
gnzlbgHi, can I register qemu-static-x86-64 as a binfmt_misc on an x86_64 host system ?09:41
gnzlbgI need to build a docker container for an AVX-512 CPU, as part of the build process, the container builds and runs AVX-512 binaries09:42
gnzlbgmy CPU only has AVX209:42
gnzlbgI can cross-compile containers to aarch64 without issues,  but not sure how to do this for different x86 micro-archs09:43
gnzlbgMy idea was to create a wrapper script for qemu-static-x86-64 that sets a -mcpu with AVX-512 support, and use for all binaries that the container uses09:43
gnzlbgthe problem is this means setting it as my binfmt_misc runner for x86... on an x86 host...09:44
gnzlbgis there a way to do this without having that runner be used to run all binaries on my system?09:44
alterjsiveSeeM2: do you have experiance with MAAS?09:47
lotuspsychjealterjsive: https://discourse.maas.io/?_ga=2.141589938.1017134468.1616924943-1207831234.161692494309:49
tobiasBoraHello, I just installed and updated xubuntu 20.04. However, I have troubles to run basically any software installed with "dpkg -i", notably zoom and teamviewer. When I run teamviewer, it displays a window with the title setup, but the inside of the window is transparent. Then it crashes with "Abandon (core dumped)". Similarly, zoom displays also a transparent window with the title, and then crash10:15
tobiasBora(without any error message this time). Any idea what's going wrong?10:15
alterjsivelotuspsychje: thanks10:17
lotuspsychjetobiasBora: teamviewer is not an official supported ubuntu package10:17
lotuspsychjetobiasBora: for zoom-client we have a nice working snap10:17
tobiasBoraoh in fact zoom installed via dpkg crashes with the same "Aborted (core dump)" error.10:19
lotuspsychjetobiasBora: is it zoom-client snap you installed, or grabbed manualy somewhere?10:19
tobiasBoralotuspsychje: I installed manually the official .deb from there website. But the fact that all these program crashes the same way makes me thing that something is wrong on ubuntu side.10:20
VMGuy23I just used Software by double-clicking on the .deb and it installed fine10:20
tobiasBoraI will try the snap for zoom, but it won't solve the issue for teamviewer10:20
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: install is fine, problem is at startup.10:21
VMGuy23Well, mine starts fine as well. Strange.10:21
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: is it ubuntu or xubuntu?10:21
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: ok. Mine is xubuntu, don't know if it changes something.10:22
VMGuy23That shouldn't do anything...10:22
lotuspsychjetobiasBora: keep a journalctl -f open while you test things around, perhaps something else is making your apps core dumped10:22
lotuspsychjei tested zoom-client and teamviewer on 20.04 ubuntu-desktop working like a charm10:23
tobiasBoraoh wait, is wayland by default no?10:23
VMGuy23I'm on Ubuntu 20.10 Desktop. X is still defalt10:24
VMGuy23until 21.04, x is default10:24
lotuspsychjenot on 20.0410:24
VMGuy23i think10:24
lotuspsychjeyeah you're right VMGuy2310:24
VMGuy23what happens if you try to run "sudo dpkg --configure -a"10:25
tobiasBoralotuspsychje: the snap hangs on "Executing configuration hook of snap zoom-client". I already got that error, last time it took like 5mn to continue, any idea why?10:26
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: nothing10:26
VMGuy23I think it's a snap thing.10:26
lotuspsychjeogra: if you are awake maybe ^10:26
ograVMGuy23, it generates its font cache on install ... that simply takes a bit10:28
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: ok. Are snap programs always super long to start? Skype was taking like 1mn to start, and same for zoom-client.10:28
VMGuy23tobiasBora: They are slower. Opera turned 1 second to 10 by snapping it.10:29
tobiasBoraok, so if we forget about the startup time, zoom-client seems to work fine.10:29
tobiasBoraVMGuy23: that's quite a change ^^'10:29
VMGuy23tobiasBora: I know10:29
lotuspsychjeVMGuy23: cant generalize that for all snaps10:29
ograzoom-client should not take longer than 10-15sec on first start ... at least if you have a decent disk10:30
lotuspsychjeworked like a charm on ssd here10:30
ograsunsequent ones should be around or below 5sec10:30
tobiasBoraOk, I found more errors in some gui.log files for teamviewer https://pastebin.com/Vm4sR2Qi10:31
ograthough old rotary HDDs might add to this10:31
tobiasBoraogra: I think this is an old rotary HDD10:31
tobiasBoraso the error is "QGLXContext: Failed to create dummy context Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat [...]",10:32
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VMGuy23Is there a line after that?10:32
ograzoom puts its logs into ~/snap/zoom-client/current/.zoom/logs/10:33
tobiasBoraogra: this is teamviewer logs, zoom (snap version) is working fine now (thanks) except for the longer startup time10:34
ograthe "stderr" one should have all graphics driver info (or errors)10:34
ograah, okay10:34
tobiasBoraand if it helps, I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE 720M. Will try to check if I installed all drivers10:34
VMGuy23teamviewer looks like an OpenGL error. Look for OpenGL packages that aren't installed.10:34
ograwell, make sure to use the packaged driver ... nt sure how well a third party driver from the nvidia site will work10:35
VMGuy23But yeah, Software & Updates have a look for drivers there10:35
tobiasBorayeah, that's what I mean by drivers10:35
VMGuy23yep, if not look for Debian/Ubuntu drivers on the website.10:36
tobiasBorait tells me that it's already using the proprietary nvidia-340 driver10:36
ogra(snapd maps the drivers from certain expected locations on the host filesystem into the snap ... if some third party drivers install to a non-expected location that might cause issues)10:36
VMGuy23you have a NVIDIA GEFORCE 720M10:36
VMGuy23not nvdia-34010:37
VMGuy23I just say, where possible, don't use snaps.10:37
tobiasBoraogra: here I'm not using snap for teamviewer (no snap available)10:37
ograVMGuy23, uuh, why ? (i'd say excatly the opposite 😉 )10:38
VMGuy23ogra: Slow, extra boot time (on slow pcs) from extra mount point, no GTK theming with Tweaks, weird home directory, config and log files.10:39
tobiasBoraI need to go, I'll be back later, thanks for your help!10:39
ograextra boot time ?!?!10:39
ograwhat makes you think that10:39
VMGuy23ogra: on an ancient pc, yes. MOUNT POINT10:40
ogralopps devices are mounted asynchronous ...10:40
ograthey dont add o the boot time10:40
ograthe nvidia-340 driver should work fine with the 720M according to http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/340.108/README/supportedchips.html10:41
VMGuy23Well, HDD and old PC, an extra "asyncronous" task would slow down existing tasks.10:41
ograsure ... it would be slower than an SSD ... but thats a general thing between SSD and HDD10:42
ograogra@acheron:~$ snap list |wc -l10:42
ograi really dont see a noticeable difference to a pristing install on ths machine ...10:43
VMGuy236 on a fresh 21.04 install10:43
ogra(though this is admittedly a 5y old SSD... )10:43
ogra(and 97 snaps means close 194 loop devices)10:44
VMGuy23I'm on an April 2020 Acer laptop (Aspire 3) and it's pretty much no difference (except in the rare case like Opera) between app and snap start10:44
ograone significant impact on startup is the type of compression a snap uses .... about 6 months ago optional lzo compression was added ... that makes the snap bigger but it massivel speeds up startup time (close to no difference to a deb)10:46
ograif you happen to use an older snap that did not yet switch from xz to lzo, that might have sme impact on cold start of an app10:46
VMGuy23...but lack of GTK theme sync (theming is a key part of my main points with Ubuntu). I want to be able to use Gnome Tweaks and make my apps dark10:46
ograyeah, themeing still has some rough edges ... but is constantly improving10:47
ograsee here ...10:48
VMGuy23Doesn't seem to work for 99.9% of themes.10:49
ograwell, as long as they are from a kind of standard set they should show up as snaps eventually ...10:50
VMGuy23I have only 11 snaps10:50
ograwhich will then allow you to use them10:50
VMGuy23Now I'm annoyed, Remmina doesn't have SPICE support on its apt version10:51
ogratry the snap 😉10:52
VMGuy23i just keep trying other non-snaps until I find what I need10:53
jrgcool. pinephones are available again.11:06
jrgi think i'll get some cheap prepaid sim for it to check it out11:06
lotuspsychje!discuss | jrg11:15
ubottujrg: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!11:15
VMGuy23"Software Updater" is ready. Every 2 minutes11:16
MaikVMGuy23: i don't think it's the updater but the one from the software store11:46
VMGuy23its the updater11:47
BluesKajHi folks11:50
MaikVMGuy23: then reboot if you haven't done so already11:51
Maikhi BluesKaj11:51
BluesKajHi Maik11:51
tobiasBoraogra: ok, so the problem for teamviewer is in fact deeper, and comes from opengl that is not working (glxinfo gives this error https://askubuntu.com/questions/893922/ubuntu-16-04-gives-x-error-of-failed-request-badvalue-integer-parameter-out-o)11:53
tobiasBoraI'll try to come back to xorg driver (not proprietary)11:53
tobiasBoramuch better, now it works!11:54
tobiasBoraIf anyone knows what's wrong with proprietary devices... I'm curious.11:54
jrglotuspsychje: is ubuntu on a pinephone not a thing?12:02
jrgoh. i guess it has a long way to go.12:03
randminjrg this is my next present to myself12:03
jrgrandmin: reminds me of an N90012:04
jrgi was hoping ubuntu touch would be a bit more along for it12:04
jrgseems like it is probably running into the same issues as the N900 as well such as IP issues with hardware. that is why i am not a big fan of people calling them "open" phones.12:05
JakethepythonGood Morning has anyone had an issue with Displaylink docks that keep disconnecting. from USB 3.012:07
randminI actually came to ask the experts a question on kernel-headers..I try to install nvidia proprietary drivers. The make process fails with the same error (same header files) from this thread: https://askubuntu.com/questions/232840/my-makefile-results-in-no-rule-to-make-target-arch-x86-tools-relocs-c-needed12:07
randminIf i try sudo apt-get install linux-headers-*(kernel version)*:i386 (witht he correct version, OBV), apt wants to remove the actual installed headers and replace them by the i386. This does not solve the problem.12:08
randminAny clues/hints/links I can follow here?12:08
Maikjrg: it is but it's not as ubuntu support question, thus go to discuss please12:09
randminIt seems like I am missing the 32bit kernel-headers... dpkg --add-architecture i386 did not solve this either. I found that I may be missing some packages (in centoOS they would be kernel-ml-doc,12:10
randminkernel-ml-devel,..) but they do not exists in ubuntu repos12:10
randminThe error is *** No rule to make target `arch/x86/tools/relocs.c', needed12:14
randminby `arch/x86/tools/relocs'.  Stop.12:14
randminOn latest ubuntu-mate 18.0412:14
Maik18.04 is not the latest12:15
Maiksupport for that ends next month by the way12:15
randminI know. But there is a latest 18.04, and it is what I am using.12:15
randminThe 20.04 had a infinite login problem so I could not even instlal it on my machine12:16
Maikah, my bad12:16
randminAll good :)12:16
randminI fear that I cannot continue to use mate on my old tower pc.. Would be a pitty12:17
BluesKajhow old?12:20
randminIt is the N68S3B12:22
randminI believe nvidia supported ended around 2017 for this board..12:23
randminBut I was hoping  that I could still install the last driver versions that supports it under linux..12:23
randminBasically what I need is to *add* (and not replace) the 32-bit headers, as far as I understand the problem12:24
strk[strk@c19:~] sudo rmmod bluetooth12:54
strkrmmod: ERROR: Module bluetooth is in use by: bnep12:55
strk[strk@c19:~] sudo rmmod bnep12:55
strkrmmod: ERROR: Module bnep is in use12:55
strkwhat's the deal ?12:55
strkie: how to find out *what* is using bnep ?12:55
strkI can't seem to be able to stop bluetooth12:56
jeremy31strk: try sudo modprobe -r btusb13:06
cbreakstrk: you could blacklist that module thing and reboot? :)13:55
golliverHello. I would like to ask you for help with the following problem. My Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system doesn't boot anymore. Instead I get the following message:14:27
cwsIt would seem that its requesting a manual filesystem check, via the instructions presented.14:28
golliverHow exactly do I use this fsck command? I have now booted with an Ubuntu live system from my USB stick14:29
cwsfsck /dev/sda114:29
tomreyncws: some more background info - golliver asked for help with this in #ubuntu-de yesterday, told us this is an old hdd. i suggested running gddrescue, output was: https://pastebin.com/raw/WSdEKxSS14:33
cwsUh oh.14:34
golliverthat is correct. so what can/should i do now?14:37
golliveri really would like to install ubuntu from scratch but i also want to keep my old data14:39
akemJust backup your home directory/14:46
cbreakso... install ubuntu from scratch then14:46
cbreak(on a different hard disk, or even ssd)14:46
cbreakthen try to rescue your old data later14:46
cbreakI hope you have backups :)14:46
kajetanHi, since months I'm having trouble printing/scanning with my HP USB printer - there is no way to get anything out (or in) from the printer and typical error message shows the code 5012. Googled it and tried with tools like hp-check (which clearly says it does not support ubuntu 20.04 and reports tons of error about missing pachages, which I assume15:18
kajetanare red herrings). I see that HP released a newer version of their driver long time ago, it is still not in the distro though. Any idea?15:18
loganRunI am trying make deb-dkms, but I get "Required util alien missing", but alien is installed. what would cause this15:18
lotuspsychjekajetan: did you install hplip-gui and add your printer in gnome settings?15:35
kajetanlotuspsychje: yes, I did - also hplip-gui reported same error: 501215:36
lotuspsychjekajetan: wich hp model is this?15:36
strkjeremy31: modprobe -r btusb worked15:37
strknext I might want to kill /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd15:37
strkbut it respawns15:37
kajetanlotuspsychje: and to be clear, the printer works perfectly on Windows15:37
strksudo service bluetooth stop && sudo service bluetooth status | grep Status #      Status: "Running"15:37
lotuspsychjestrk: try out stacer, you can enable disable services a gui way there15:37
lotuspsychjekajetan: there are some cases newer hp models might need a higher hplip version then on the ubuntu repos, but lets findout if its your case first15:38
kajetanlotuspsychje: HP DeskJet 3635 - was working perfectly since beginning of the 202115:40
lotuspsychjekajetan: working great on ubuntu? wich release?15:40
kajetanlotuspsychje: it was working on ubuntu 18, then I upgraded to ubuntu 20 and still was working great - then suddenly, I think in Jan/Feb 2020 I started to see this error, never worked since then15:42
lotuspsychjekajetan: i had something similar after lts upgrade, let me look wich bug that was15:42
kajetanlotuspsychje: I thought was a matter of some update so was waiting for a fix but now starts to be annoying15:42
lotuspsychjekajetan: can you try advice #1 from bug #171916915:44
ubottubug 1719169 in hplip (Ubuntu) "hp-toolbox cannot start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171916915:44
jeremy31strk I think you have to use systemctl to stop the bluetooth service15:45
lotuspsychje!info hplip15:46
ubottuhplip (source: hplip): HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP). In component main, is optional. Version 3.20.3+dfsg0-2 (focal), package size 199 kB, installed size 519 kB15:46
strksudo systemctl  stop bluetooth.service && sudo service bluetooth status | grep Status #      Status: "Running"15:55
strkand: ps xa | grep blue #    6626 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd15:56
jeremy31 strk systemctl stop bluetooth.service15:57
strkdid it, jeremy31, see above (process is still there)15:58
strksystemctl stop bluetooth.service && ps xa | grep blue #    6744 ?        Rs     0:00 /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd15:58
jeremy31strk: you might need to blacklist the bluetooth module and try a reboot15:59
recycleherolaptop arrives at grub cli16:25
recycleherohow to find the kernel?16:25
van777recyclehero: https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/files/16:39
kajetanlotuspsychje: think I already tried that - I'll give it another shot17:31
kajetanlotuspsychje: and I'll try to re-install hp-gui as well17:32
kajetanlotuspsychje: will try and let you know - thank you for the help; what is actually surprising me is that hp drivers are still not updated to the latest version in ubuntu repositories. I am assuming there are good reasons...17:38
lotuspsychjekajetan: well every ubuntu releases uses their own package versions, in our case LTS sticks to stable one, but yeah some hp models suffer bugs17:40
lotuspsychjekajetan: 18.04 for example, i had to grab a latest hplip manualy instead of the hplip from repos to make my hp model work17:41
kajetanlotuspsychje: yeah, that is annoying as well as it can easily mess up the packages management; however this printer was working well with 18.04 and with early 20.04 as well - then something happened and it just stopped working. Printer is recongnized correctly, I see it in Gnome printers, cups and xsane but if I try to do something useful with it,17:55
kajetan5012 communication error is the only answer I can get.17:55
kajetanlotuspsychje: thank you, see you soon17:57
lotuspsychjekajetan: other ideas crossing my mind would be, creating a new user and test there aswell, and purge all hplip and try manualy latest hplip17:57
zerofantasticHI! Cześć! Ahoj!17:58
zerofantasticI've run out of ideas how to search for solution to my problem17:58
zerofantasticsince i have no experience with SSD17:59
kajetanlotuspsychje: I have same problem with another user; definitelly I'll have to try the latest hplip installing it manually if I do not find a better solution. Thank you, will let you know if I find something.17:59
lotuspsychjeallright, good luck mate17:59
zerofantasticand when i install linux the drive always shuts down i have no idea why17:59
tomreynzerofantastic: if you're looking for help with an ubuntu related problem, start by providing your ubuntu version, and describe the details of the problem, what you tried so far, how you could tell that things did not work as they should have.18:05
tomreynif you know the hardware you're working with, provide details on it (not just the brand), too.18:05
tomreynif you customized hardware or firmware (configurations), be sure to mention those, too.18:06
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line17is there any way to clone full disk encrypted (include /boot) SATA (2.5inch) disk to SSD? and is important the sizes of disks?18:27
EriC^^line17: yeah it's clonable, are the disks same size?18:28
line17EriC^^, i didn't buy yet. is sizes important? i mean are they should be same size?18:29
EriC^^line17: https://askubuntu.com/questions/761763/cloning-encrypted-ssd-to-larger-ssd18:32
line17EriC^^, source disk is not ssd18:33
EriC^^line17: you're thinking of getting a bigger or smaller one?18:33
EriC^^line17: same thing18:33
line17EriC^^, if cloning supports different disk size i will buy bigger disk. if doesn't support then i will buy same size18:34
VMGuy23It does support bigger size. Read the title18:35
VMGuy23"to larger ssd"18:35
EriC^^line17: yeah you can clone it and then resize it to use the extra space18:36
line17i should do this job in a live linux system, right?18:38
line17or can i do this job on running os?18:38
EriC^^no you want to clone it while it's unmounted18:39
EriC^^from a live system18:39
VMGuy23Cloning can (I think) be done on a running OS. It can be done on Raspberry Pis, so probably18:39
line17umm. understood18:40
line17i should do this job on live os and using 2 external disk reader18:41
VMGuy23line17: You can still have one in the main slot, just not mounted (Eject it if not already)18:41
matsamanhi moss18:58
mosswhy is it that when i install the live installer for ubuntu server to install a *minimal* image - it is installing stuff from "snap" as well as using "cloud-init" and all this other stuff i do not want?18:59
matsamanmoss: you should probably be using Debian, that's why19:01
matsamanUbuntu likes to make all these random special projects that nobody wants =)19:02
matsamanusually they die a few years later19:02
mossi understand that, but i have used net installer images before that don't do all of this19:02
matsamanwell snap is fairly new19:02
matsamanI'm sure you can disable it or avoid it, but if you used Debian you certainly would never encounter it at all19:03
matsamanplus Debian has an actual stable branch, it is much more suitable for servers19:03
mossi see19:03
mossthis is just for home use - experimenting19:03
matsamanUbuntu has no stable branch. It is sourced from unstable versions of Debian19:03
mossavoiding desktop so i dont have a bunch of extra stuff as well19:03
VMGuy23moss: which OS do you currently have19:04
mossVMGuy23: Ubuntu 20.1019:04
VMGuy23I have standard 20.1019:04
matsamanwell, if you're going to install any desktop apps and use them, you may as well use desktop19:04
mossi will not be installing desktop19:04
matsamanwhat I'm reading suggests there's no simple "never use a snap package" config item anywhere, which is pretty disturbing19:07
matsamanaha, 'no-snap.pref'?19:07
matsamanmoss: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1251809/can-i-completely-remove-snappy-packages-from-ubuntu-20-04-without-affecting-the#answer-125181919:08
mossi think i can use a seed file19:09
mossto do what i need to do19:09
van777moss: the only app I miss in server is xclip, for scripts to grab the clipboard19:10
matsamanwithout X you could use screen or tmux to do something similar19:10
van777matsaman: I use them both, but they can't grab windows clipboard being in vm19:11
matsamanoh for virtualization19:11
matsamanyou would probably need a weird setup for that indeed19:12
matsamanor you could use some system with X and ssh into the headless one19:12
van777I use Ubuntu in vmware in wimdows19:13
VMGuy23I dual-boot19:13
matsamanVMGuy23: why's that?19:17
matsamanvan777: and you, what for? =)19:17
van777VMGuy23: Video driver and games.. VMware is great..19:17
avernos anyone can help with PPP ? trying to configure it right, works fine until it reconnects. PPP driver keeps trying to reattach when its attached already19:18
matsamanvan777: like it more than VirtualBox?19:18
matsamanvan777: KVM?19:18
VMGuy23matsaman: I have a laptop that came with Windows, and decided, "i want Ubuntu" but I didn't think (possibly didnt know) about VMs. So, I decided to Dual-boot19:18
VMGuy23matsaman: Not KVM, not vbox, VMWare.19:18
van777I has issues with USB wifi cars in virtualbox. No problems in vmware.19:19
van777I had*19:19
van777My 24/7 server is in termux on an old Android phone, actually..19:21
van777Another android TV box with debian in Linux deploy is 24/7 lately too..19:22
mossmatsaman: i figured out the issue. ubuntu 20.10 does not have the option for minimal install. only 20.04 LTS so i guess they stopped doing it19:26
mossill just use 20.04 LTS19:26
van777VMGuy23: matsamanbut I've got some scripts with python selenium chromedriver. It doesn't work on non x64 architecture.. That's why I'm on ununtu in vmware sometimes.19:27
van777Never mind19:28
moss ubuntu-20.04-legacy-server-amd64.iso is what its called now... "legacy"19:28
VMGuy23geez, thats an LTS as well19:31
AppAraat[m]hi, Chrom(e)ium has dark mode that can be enabled in the OS, but this document specifically talks about Win and Mac: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/9275525?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en19:45
AppAraat[m]is there an equivalent for Ubuntu (or Linux in general) ?19:45
VMGuy23Just use a dark GTK theme and set your crome theme to GTK+19:46
matsamanAppAraat[m]: I use xcalib to invert colors19:46
matsamanusually I combine it with blue light reduction, which can also be done via xcalib19:46
VMGuy23gnome-look.org is the place to find GTK theme, extract them to ~/.themes and use Gnome Tweaks to enable them19:47
AppAraat[m]VMGuy23: I use i3wm though.19:47
VMGuy23Gnome Tweaks is not gnome-only19:47
VMGuy23LXAppearance also works, though19:48
matsamanxcalib -a -green 1.0 0.0 75.0 -blue 1.0 0.0 50.0 is blue light reduction19:48
matsamanif you add -i it inverts19:48
matsamanxcalib -c clears19:48
VMGuy23whats -a19:48
AppAraat[m]matsaman: to be clearer, it's not necessarily about making the appearance dark(er), it's more about setting the "OS theme" to dark so that browsers see that and tell it to websites (which can then present you with dark versions of their sites)19:49
matsamanI've got a script that cycles between those three states. It also reverse my terminal colors, though19:49
VMGuy23AppAraat[m]: that happens with dark GTK i think19:50
matsamanAppAraat[m]: that's a backwards way to address the problem that won't ever work19:50
matsamancolor schemes need to be at the OS level19:50
matsamanit's an OS-level accessibility issue, has nothing to do with websites19:50
matsamanif half of your websites are available in a 'dark theme', that just means it'll be even more jarring when you encounter a bright white one19:50
matsamanyou can only solve this problem before the web browser19:50
VMGuy23Chrom(e)ium has a flag (chrome://flags) which enables a CSS-based custom dark theme. Just search dark19:51
matsamanmacOS & iOS _almost_ have it figured out19:51
matsamanthat OS still has trouble combining inverted colors _and_ blue light reduction19:52
matsamanbut it is able to apply inversion to all but images, which is fancy19:52
AppAraat[m]matsaman: that's not really relevant since I'm not solving the issue of making websites darker, I have an extension for that (Dark Reader). I simply want the browsers to see the value that the OS is set to a dark theme, so I thought that maybe there was a certain flag in the OS itself (or on browsers)19:52
matsamanAppAraat[m]: if there were you would still have to individually compel every website you used to adopt support, no?19:53
AppAraat[m]VMGuy23: Ah yep: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark - let's see if that works.19:53
AppAraat[m]matsaman: yes, but for websites that do support dark mode, I can turn off Dark Reader and gain some performance on page load.19:54
matsamanor you could just invert your colors =P19:54
VMGuy23Works on (almost) every site! Th site doesn't need to support it!19:54
VMGuy23matsaman; but what about sites that are dark-only19:55
matsamanthat's why you need to be able to toggle it19:55
AppAraat[m]inversion is not the same as setting a dark mode though, the Dynamic mode of Dark Reader I think looks up the closest inverted value and contextualizes it to fit the original value.19:55
matsamansites are dark only because they're trying to fix this problem in the wrong place, though19:55
cbreakblue light reduction? Hah...19:56
cbreakI have an Onyx Boox E-Ink reader, with no light emitted at all :D19:57
matsamanstill waiting for e-ink displays for regular computers19:57
cbreakone of the onyx thingies can be used as display via hdmi19:57
cbreaknot the model Ihave though19:57
cbreakA4 form factor19:57
cbreak1Hz refresh, if you're lucky :)19:58
AppAraat[m]have you tried playing Doom on that?19:58
AppAraat[m]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0apFspOlK10#t=0m53s - looks like torture but at the same time so fun!20:05
cbreakAppAraat[m]: I've tried to use youtube on it20:12
cbreakraumpatrolie orion looks quite good20:12
cbreak(in fast mode)20:12
cbreakit runs android (6), and most apps work ok, including firefox20:13
line17i want to clone my sata disk to new larger ssd but i couldn't figure out expand issue. i found this thread but there is no expand commands20:15
matsamanyou're not using zfs20:16
cbreakif you don't know, then you're not.20:16
cbreakwonder if rsyncing the whole thing to a new disk works with linux20:17
matsamanif it were me, I would make a new encrypted/FS and rsync the data over20:17
matsamanthat way you don't have to learn about a bunch of stuff you'll hardly ever use20:17
cbreakI'd probably make an encrypted zfs pool and rsync it over :D (but if you make an ext4 thing that probably also works)20:17
cbreaknot sure how to make ubuntu unlock non-zfs during boot though20:18
cbreak(probably the most lazy way would be to reinstall, and then just overwrite that fresh install with your original via rsync -a --delete or something20:19
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matsamanline17: multiple people have already weighed in on your issue21:04
leftyfbline17: what have you tried and what issue did you run into?21:05
line17matsaman, yes they did but still i couldn't figure out because i am looking for a guide or something like that link step by step21:05
line17leftyfb, i didn't try yet because i didn't buy yet. i am making preparation21:06
matsamanif you go the make a new install or make a new FS, and then rsync route, then21:06
leftyfbline17: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/clone-encrypted-disk-image-with-clonezilla/21:07
matsamanyou only need to know how to mount/decrypt your existing FS from a live OS21:07
line17matsaman, no i won't do that. i just want to clone all disk to a new larger SSD. that's it21:07
leftyfbline17: what version of ubuntu are you cloning and why can't you just reinstall?21:07
matsamanI'm not sure why you're so caught up in the details of what "clone" means to you21:07
matsamanthe less time you spend on a problem the better, IMO21:07
f_ayxhi channel I've copied a very long command that I want to run into the terminal and it's taking a long time to paste the text, (*pasting one character after another) is there a quick way I can run this command?21:08
matsamanif it's learning how to do new things you haven't done before that you're after, you don't need other people's help to do that21:08
matsamanf_ayx: maybe cancel it, copy it into a text file opened in an editor with line wrapping turned off21:08
matsamanf_ayx: then execute that file21:08
leftyfbf_ayx: if it's that long, then it shouldn't be a 1-liner"21:08
line17matsaman, if you are here for help to people than help. if you are not then please don't make trouble21:09
line17leftyfb, i don't want to make busy with reinstalling because my setup is bit complicated21:09
leftyfbline17: what version of ubuntu and why is it your setup so complicated?21:09
line17leftyfb, because all partitions are encrypted include /boot and i don't want to do all steps for that21:11
leftyfbline17: you've been given multiple tutorials. Your question has been answered good luck. If you need support when you actually run into a problem, let us know21:12
f_ayxit's a list of dependency for KDE that I am trying to install so it's long21:12
f_ayxI just copied it from the community website21:13
leftyfbf_ayx: that does not sound like a good idea21:13
leftyfbf_ayx: what exactly are you trying to install and on what version of ubuntu?21:13
f_ayxUbuntu 20.04,https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Build_from_source/Install_the_dependencies21:14
leftyfbf_ayx: why are you building from source?21:14
f_ayxfollowing instruction from a video on how to install KDE plasma desktop and that's one of the step :-/21:15
leftyfbf_ayx: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/20.04.2/release/kubuntu-   # this installer will have everything done for you21:15
leftyfbf_ayx: if, for some reason you want to keep your current install, then follow these instructions: https://itsfoss.com/install-kde-on-ubuntu/21:16
sveinseI'm using UPS/nut on my 20.04 and during shutdown it tries to unmount a nfs network drive, but this remote machine has already been shutdown from its own UPS protection, so the shutdown process halts in 5-6 minutes before giving up. Is there a way to configure how long time it will spend on waiting on file systems on shutdown?21:25
oerheksumount --lazy --force /mnt/folder or unmount -l -f /mnt/folder21:27
sveinseoerheks: yeah, that's good when you're unmounting manually, right21:28
sveinsewhich is maybe not how systemd is running unmount. Alternatively that nfs4 mounts is dependent on their remote server to be able to umounted21:30
sveinseFor for the latter: Might there be any useful options when mounting that could help, perhaps?21:31
oerheksi was just reading about nut-client, no clue sofar..21:35
f_ayxleftyfb thanks for the tip21:36
sveinseoerheks: it has nothing to do with nuts per se. nuts only initiates a system shutdown, so this is more a general systemd question. The only context is that its automated shutdown triggered by a power loss.21:36
SimplarHello, is there any tool which allows me to see CPU/GPU/SSD/HDD temperatures at the top panel of Gnome in Ubuntu?21:49
docmaxcan i download the current kernel .config of ubuntu 20.10 somewhere?21:56
MaikSimplar: search the extensions21:57
SimplarMaik: psensor?21:57
Maiki don't know, never used it21:58
sveinseIs there some way to specify ipv6 when using named host in nfs4 mount?21:58
MaikSimplar: https://extensions.gnome.org/#21:59
jeremy31docmax: It should be a hidden file in /usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r)21:59
Maiksearch there for a extension, that's what i...... and he's gone21:59
docmaxyeah.. i mean on the net... but i found something: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/config/22:04
overcluckerzcat /proc/config.gz > config22:20
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signofzetadocmax:  if you want an example from a running system, here's mine (5.8.0-48): https://termbin.com/2dgq22:23
overcluckerit's also customary to put kernel config in /boot,22:28
Sbur3Where do I find help with a NFC card reader?23:15
Sbur3I'm using Ubuntu 20.1023:15
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f_ayxinstalled KDE plasma desktop on Ubuntu 20.04 trying to install latte-dock but getting some error related to numerous KF5***** modules(?) are missing. I checked a couple of them via apt search and they are installed for sure23:34
RikMillsf_ayx: installing the .deb or from source?23:36
f_ayxsource downloaded the latte-dock zip from github23:37
RikMillsf_ayx: you need to install the -deb package for each module23:42
RikMillssorry. -dev package23:42
RikMillsf_ayx: cmake extra-cmake-modules kirigami2-dev libkf5activities-dev libkf5archive-dev libkf5coreaddons-dev libkf5crash-dev libkf5dbusaddons-dev libkf5declarative-dev libkf5globalaccel-dev libkf5guiaddons-dev libkf5i18n-dev libkf5iconthemes-dev libkf5newstuff-dev libkf5notifications-dev libkf5plasma-dev libkf5wayland-dev libkf5windowsystem-dev libkf5xmlgui-dev libqt5x11extras5-dev libsm-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-randr0-dev libxcb-shape0-dev23:43
RikMillslibxcb-util0-dev pkg-config qtbase5-dev qtdeclarative5-dev23:43
f_ayxall of them already at the newest version23:47
RikMillsf_ayx: builds ok for me with those dependencies23:54
* RikMills watches it build23:59

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