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puffGood afternoon.16:50
puffWhen I got my new laptop, I decided to give vanilla ubuntu a try again, mainly to get competent with the default window manager.  I finally got fed up with it and did "sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop".  Just now I logged in and chose xubuntu as the window manager, but I got ZERO menu bar, etc, just the desktop background, and then a popup "ubuntu 18.04 expereinced an internal error", something involving /usr/bin/lightlocker.16:53
puffSo I'm trying to figure out what to do next.16:53
puffOther than giving up and going back to vanilla ubuntu until I can get around to installing the new, bigger drive that I ordered and reinstalling from scratch.16:53
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gnrppuff: Did you maybe try deleting your xfce settings?18:06
puffgnrp: I didn't *have* any xfce settings.20:26
puffgnrp:  I rebooted and this time xubuntu seems to be working right.... so far.20:26
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