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goddardwhy did canonical decide on flutter02:45
goddardit seems like a terrible language02:45
goddardgo look at flutters own website02:47
goddardtheir example on the front page has like 9 closing symbols02:48
goddard) } ] ) ] } } }02:48
goddardfor 1 function02:49
goddardto create an animation with a stack and chnage text and font size02:49
goddardlike 30 lines of code02:49
goddardthey have a bunch of override functions that do nothing02:50
goddardif they do nothing you shouldn't have to write them02:51
goddardwhy do we need import statements 02:51
goddardif you are compiling ?02:52
goddardwhy doesn't the package manager just setup the package name and alias for the proejct02:53
goddardthat is like a build or setup directive not a programming code02:53
goddardflutter is trash02:53
goddardif you have to write @override02:54
goddardso if some idiot wants to write the same function name but not override it?02:54
goddardthat should be the default02:54
goddardmake that idiot have a @do-not-override02:54
goddardit looks ugly and its a dumb idea any way02:55
goddardprogramming is for humans02:55
goddardthis is not good structure02:56
goddardwhy does everyone want to re-invent everything?02:56
goddardsomething is working great02:57
goddardnot broken02:57
goddardcan be updated02:57
goddardand people are like okay02:57
goddardlets change it02:57
goddardlets not worry about the other broken crap02:57
goddardlets change this meaningless app to this meaningless language that is awful02:57
goddardsorry if that was you02:57
goddardlove you but that is a bad idea02:58
goddarddo something cool02:58
goddardadd mycroft to the installer02:58
goddardstop doing stupid crap02:58
goddardlove to partner with anyone but not other open source companies03:05
lotuspsychjegood morning03:30
OxfuxxxWhat's up lotuspsychje, doing good?05:02
lotuspsychjehey Oxfuxxx morning05:02
lotuspsychjeyep coffee, set go05:02
Oxfuxxxlotuspsychje: enjoy. Just finished my breakfast here, but still in bed :p05:03
lotuspsychjelol lazy sunday style05:04
OxfuxxxYeah :)05:05
OxfuxxxTj-'s not here anymore?05:06
OxfuxxxHe must be hiding.05:09
ducassegood morning06:05
lotuspsychjephew its raining 5.11 bugs guiverc 11:57
guivercyeah.. more users use LTS which you'd appreciate...11:58
lotuspsychje: )11:59
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