JymHi guys, I'm having a hellva a problem. I'm attmpting to FSCK on a corupted/crippled system, but nothing is seeming to stick/work properly. I'm talking on that system now. How can I get fsck to run on bootup?  I tried sudo touch /forcefsck but doesn't work. When I try single user mode, advanced options system ins mounted and when I umount it say busy.18:21
alkisgJym, are you sure the problem is just fsck and not bad sectors/disk?18:31
alkisgThe easiest way to check would be from a live cd/usb18:31
alkisgYou'd run both fsck and dmesg from there18:31
Jymalkisg: Yes, the laptop battery died, and bad shutdowns19:25
alkisgJym: if you don't have a live cd, press e in grub, put break=mount, and run fsck /dev/sda1 from there19:34
Jymalkisg: So, hold SHIFT, get into grub menu, press e, break=mount, then reboot and run fsck?20:55
JymI'm going to give it a try, brb..20:59
Jymalkisg: I booted from livecd, when I try fdisk /dev/sda5 it keeps say the is no mbr and to create a dos label21:27
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