magic_ninja_workhas anyone else had poor battery life? I've just installed a brand new battery. When I installed ubuntu on a 3 year old battery and running on only the integrated intel GPU I would get around 7-10 hours. Now I'm getting 5 with a brand new battery.00:13
dunkinLjL, Tomreyn, oerheks: https://allthings.how/how-to-install-windows-11-on-legacy-bios-without-secure-boot-or-tpm-2-0/00:15
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: that could be due to the fact that there are different computers comsuming different amounts of power, and different battreries providing different charges.00:15
tomreyndunkin: i don't think a lot of people here will want to ;)00:16
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, well, I did get an official OEM replacement with the same part number and same capacity.00:18
magic_ninja_workI'm just not sure what would have changed that suddenly caused my battery life to tank from version 19.1000:19
tomreynmaybe using not just the integrated gpu?00:20
magic_ninja_workI'm on the integrated GPU with the nvidia 960m disabled00:20
tomreynpowertop may hint on how to save power00:20
tomreyni think there's another tool which does similar, but i forgot its name00:21
magic_ninja_worktlp, but I spent a lot of time configuring it wihtout much noticable difference.00:22
tomreynintel cpu bugfixes would also increase power consumption00:22
magic_ninja_workintel cpu bugfixes?00:22
tomreyn"spectre / meltdown"00:22
magic_ninja_workI see.00:23
tomreynyou could try to boot with https://make-linux-fast-again.com/ and see how the values compare00:24
magic_ninja_workis that a kernel parameter?00:25
magic_ninja_workI see, so it turns off those bug fixes. Do those bugs require physical access?00:25
LjLdunkin, thanks00:26
tomreynthose are kernel parameters. mitigations=off should actually suffice by now, i think.00:26
* LjL shudders00:27
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oerheksif that bootline would work that way, you could use more power than you use now..00:28
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: exploiting the cpu vulnerabilities does not require physical access. it usually requires the ability for the attacker to run code on the system (access to an insufficiently secured sandbox could be sufficient)00:28
oerheksi suspect a newer HWE kernel 5.1100:29
magic_ninja_workmight be best too just test and leave it on then00:29
magic_ninja_workits nuts, cpu is using 13.5W and I'm not doing much of anything.00:33
magic_ninja_workless than 5% cpu usage00:33
oerhekswhat makes you think that is nuts?00:34
magic_ninja_workbecause something has changed. I've been running ubuntu for 4 years on this liptop without issue.00:35
magic_ninja_workNow, with a new OEM battery, I'm still draining it quickly.00:35
magic_ninja_workMakes me wonder what has changed in the last few months.00:35
OrchidHello. Service PackageKit needs restart but i can't restart it. It says "Unit packagekit.service not found". Using Ubuntu 21.04. Any ideas?01:12
oerhekswhy does  Service PackageKit needs restart?01:14
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tomreynOrchid: i assume it's a systemd user service01:58
tomreynsystemctl restart --user packagekit   or something?01:58
Bashing-omOrchid: ' systemctl status packagekit.service ' ?02:03
Orchidbashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F5CTdPMtrs/02:11
tomreynhmm, active but no service file, Orchid, what have you done to it?02:13
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leftyfbOrchid: ( cat /etc/os-release ; apt-cache policy packagekit ; ls -l /lib/systemd/system/packagekit.service ) | nc termbin.com 999902:25
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pycuriousis it safe to "do-release-upgrade" on a tmux remotely?03:46
mybalzitchif not it'll launch screen03:59
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voltagex[m]Any idea why do-release-upgrade is exiting with no visible errors? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t6GTsVWMwg/05:25
guivercvoltagex[m], check for 3rd party packages (PPA etc) as some (eg. oibaf graphic drivers) prevent release-upgrade & check logs (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUpdateManager)05:28
voltagex[m]guiverc: no good - https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rKvbr4B9BX/05:33
guivercvoltagex[m], what release are you on?  20.04/focal?   if so you've missed the 20.10 upgrade, and 22.04 upgrade doesn't exist until 22.04.1 has been released (well into the future)05:36
voltagex[m]ah. lol, right.05:37
voltagex[m]why not actually say that in an error message then?05:38
guivercthat I can't tell you sorry..  more detail maybe seen if you file a bug report05:39
guiverc(filing a bug report lets your sources, system details & more be visible)05:40
JoeLlamaI am disgusted with memory leaks in ubuntu (mostly browsers)07:25
JoeLlamalearning how to deal07:25
JoeLlamait's sick when you run outta ram :(07:26
JoeLlama?end rant07:26
lotuspsychjeJoeLlama: falkon browser to the rescue07:26
JoeLlamaoh? any good lotuspsychje?07:26
lotuspsychjeyeah its fast & lightweight07:26
lotuspsychjebrave is also rocket fast07:27
JoeLlamahrm works with everything?07:27
JoeLlamayeah brave was a little wet behind the ears last time I used it a year ago or so07:27
JoeLlamabertter now?07:27
lotuspsychjeno, FF & chromium are still the winners, but for some regular browsing it works pretty good07:27
lotuspsychjetest falkon out, see if you like07:27
lotuspsychje!info falkon07:28
ubottufalkon (3.1.0+dfsg1-9, hirsute): lightweight web browser based on Qt WebEngine. In component universe, is optional. Built by falkon. Size 2,256 kB / 10,776 kB. (Only available for amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, mipsel.)07:28
JoeLlamaI get LOTs of memory leaks in FF and chrome :(07:28
JoeLlamaI modded FF and it got better though07:28
JoeLlamabut if you keep opening and closing FF you end up losing memory07:28
ThinkT510if you are not already running KDE then falkon will pull in quite a few dependancies07:29
JoeLlamaI am mostly running lubuntu and xubuntu07:29
lotuspsychjeThinkT510: im on gnome, falkon works pretty well here07:29
JoeLlamahrm? okay07:30
JoeLlamaI run many many old computers07:30
JoeLlamaI have a LOT of old computers... laptops07:30
JoeLlamawhen I wear one out I shread it and use parts from others to make new laptops07:30
JoeLlamaI am a laptop pig07:30
ThinkT510I didn't say it wouldn't work, I just said it will require more things to be installed07:32
JoeLlamahrm ok07:33
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Guest70is there any source that i can learn ubuntu terminal commands basically?,08:38
Guest52is there any website that i can learn ubuntu terminal command basically?,08:42
EriC^^!tldp | Guest5208:42
ubottuGuest52: documentation is to be found at https://help.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf08:42
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Kill-AnimalsMY program just ran a rm -r * command on my home directory09:28
TJ-Kill-Animals: best unmount the file-system ASAP then. Hope you have aback-up09:29
Kill-AnimalsIm on a laptop09:29
Kill-Animalsno backup09:29
Kill-Animalsext 409:29
Kill-Animalswhats the program that sifts through to find file signatures and restructure them?09:29
TJ-unmount the file-system to begin with to prevent any more writes. Then first try extundelete. After that testdisk/photorec tooling may be able to reconstruct something09:31
Kill-Animalshow do i unmount my active filesystem?09:31
TJ-make a copy of the file-system for working on though, don't change the original in case you cause further damage09:31
Kill-Animalsim on a laptop with no capability of backup09:31
TJ-Kill-Animals: shutdown and reboot with a LiveISO in 'Try' mode09:31
Kill-Animalsfuuug. I have no way to get this.09:33
Kill-AnimalsI still have stuff in memory. Im trying to save it but its not writing to disk09:34
Kill-Animalsshould I just shut down then?09:34
geirhathis is how you learn to do backups09:34
TJ-if you have programs running with filse open you can recover those files09:34
TJ-Kill-Animals: you'll need to be in a terminal, with root09:35
Kill-Animalsokay this is an internal laptop ssd. should I boot off a usb and go through it?09:35
Kill-AnimalsI better shut down now I guess.09:36
MekaneckKill-Animals: mind the language09:37
TJ-Kill-Animals: this will identify all still-open files under /home/09:40
TJ-Kill-Animals: for n in /proc/[0-9]*/fd; do for fd in $n/*; do path="$(readlink -e $fd)"; if [ "${path/*home*/yes}" = "yes" ]; then echo $fd $path; fi; done; done09:40
TJ-Kill-Animals: you should "sudo -i" before running that, just to avoid error messages09:41
TJ-Kill-Animals: if it identifies files you want to rescue then you'll need to individually salvage them, and we can tell you how to do that09:41
TJ-looks like they left prematurely09:42
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Nitrousoxidewow I've never seen an `rm -rf /` (or similar) in the wild09:47
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TJ-it wasn't that, it was in $HOME09:51
Nitrousoxide(or similar)09:51
TJ-I have - stray scripts accidentially executed in the wrong directory (Makefiles that have a clean: target for example and generally do a "rm -rf "09:52
Nitrousoxideyea I totally see how it happens and I don't put myself above doing that accidentally, to be honest.09:53
NitrousoxideI don't really hang around IRC that frequently though, so there's that09:53
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devhelperwhats happened with freenode, guys?10:33
akosshdevhelper: long story, it belongs more to #ubuntu-offtopic . but in short, there was some problem with the korean crown prince10:39
akselmohi, who do i contact if i want a specific quirk to kernel? i have no knowledge of kernel programming, i just have an issue with my headset that apparently needs this quirk to sound/usb/quirks-table.h10:54
akselmohere's a link to what im talking about https://github.com/szszoke/sennheiser-gsp670-pulseaudio-profile/issues/13#issuecomment-89166252110:55
ubottuIssue 13 in szszoke/sennheiser-gsp670-pulseaudio-profile "Microphone doesn't work" [Open]10:55
acebrianjuanHi, if I download a .deb for a package that I need to install on a machine that has no internet connection, will the .deb contain all the necessary dependencies too? Or will I have to download each dependency manually as well?11:57
bailsmanacebrianjuan: it does not contain dependencies.12:01
guivercacebrianjuan, it may, it may not.. if it's a package of wallpapers it likely won't have any deps, but most packages do have them (which need to be downloaded)12:01
bailsmanIf it doesn't have dependencies, the deb still doesn't contain any dependencies, but it will work because there weren't any to begin with.12:02
bailsmanAnother way it could work is if the dependencies are already installed on the destination machine.12:02
acebrianjuanunderstood, thanks folks12:03
acebrianjuanThe package I need to install is FUSE12:03
acebrianjuanSo I should probably do something along the lines of: https://ostechnix.com/download-packages-dependencies-locally-ubuntu/12:04
guiverchttps://packages.ubuntu.com/hirsute/fuse  lists deps (assuming hirsute; you didn't say)12:05
acebrianjuanI need this for Debian buster12:05
guivercacebrianjuan, we only support Ubuntu and flavors of Ubuntu here, you're off-topic12:05
acebrianjuanI understand, yes12:06
guivercbut Debian does contain the same resources as the page I just showed12:06
acebrianjuanok, I'll go ask in the right place12:07
acebrianjuanThanks for the help12:07
* guiverc notices same deps; just older versions12:08
shine_magicрегистрация ника12:41
lotuspsychje!ru | shine_magic12:41
ubottushine_magic: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:51
lotuspsychjeask your ubuntu question here in the channel and in english please shine_magic12:52
shine_magicAttempt to register12:56
lotuspsychje!register | shine_magic12:57
ubottushine_magic: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://libera.chat/guides/registration - For any further help, ask in #libera12:57
BluesKajHi all13:00
lotuspsychjewelcome shine_magic type /list for the libera channel list13:08
rud0lflist is deprecated13:09
rud0lfuse /msg alis help list13:09
lotuspsychjenot here on libera rud0lf13:09
lotuspsychjeworks like a charm13:09
rud0lfbut it's suggested to use alis service13:09
JoeLlamawhat is a decent font to use with IRC windows?  Seems like I don't recognize most of the fonts used on linux systems13:28
JoeLlamaeh I found one :)13:29
Mekaneckpawelpa: hi13:33
ice9will the new installer in 21.10 encrypt the entire disk including /boot?13:52
tomreyn!ubuntu-next | ice913:53
leftyfb!ubuntu+1 | ice913:53
ubottuice9: Impish Indri is the codename for Ubuntu 21.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.13:53
tomreynthanks leftyfb13:54
hirnpfirsichHello, a few weeks ago a notebook i support started to have graphics glitches after an upgrade (no release upgrade). I hot glued it via booting into the old kernel. Unfortunately the problem did not go away after a few weeks and more kernel upgrades. I do not remember which version was the last to work (but i think still the 5.11.0 branch). So today I tried to narrow down the problem to report a14:03
hirnpfirsichbug. I am on 21.04 with kernel 5.11.0-25-generic. Everytime I try to go past 5.11.0-22 wifi and ethernet dies plus the max resolution will be stuck at 640x480. Lenovo Flex 2-15 with an integrated intel graphics card. Any thoughts ? Thank you all so much ! :)14:03
leftyfbhirnpfirsich: apt-cache policy linux-modules-5.11.0-25-generic linux-modules-extra-5.11.0-25-generic | nc termbin.com 999914:06
TJ-hirnpfirsich: can you pastebin the kernel log? "pastebinit <( journalctl -k)" for an affected kernel. If not currently booted into one, you can find one with "journalctl --list-boots" then do "journalctl -b -X " where X is the previous boot indiex14:07
hirnpfirsichTJ-: sure thing. Currently booted into one. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TntxqTz5Hb/14:12
hirnpfirsichleftyfb: There you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JRRZkxdvgv/14:15
TJ-hirnpfirsich: tip: replace "quiet" with "debug systemd.log_level=info" on the kernel command line to gather more detail14:15
tomreynlatest bios (version to pick depends on cpu, this is for the i3-4030U haswell family cpu): https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/flex-series/flex-2-15-notebook-lenovo/20405/downloads/ds101193-bios-update-for-windows-7-64-bit-windows-81-64-bit-flex-2-14-flex-2-1514:17
hirnpfirsichTJ-: thanks for the tip. Should i do that right now ?14:17
TJ-hirnpfirsich: when did it last fail? lets try to find the log that covers that14:17
nnnnnnhttps://lubuntu.net has broken download links14:19
hirnpfirsichTJ-: constantly. There are weard lines running across the screen. Or the screen starts flickering out of the blue. Also happens pre Wayland. While plymouth still displays the splash screen. Or what did you mean ?14:20
tomreynnnnnnn: the official website is lubuntu.me14:20
tomreynnnnnnn: there is also #lubuntu14:20
nnnnnnhttps://www.deadlinkchecker.com/website-dead-link-checker.asp broken download links refer to ubuntu.com14:20
TJ-hirnpfirsich: you said wifi and ethernet dies. If we know the date/time we can grab the logs from around that period to find clues14:21
tomreynnnnnnn: thanks, but i don't think anyone here manages lubuntu.net, so we cannot affect which urls they put on their site14:21
TJ-nnnnnn: try /join #lubuntu14:21
nnnnnnthank you14:22
TJ-hirnpfirsich: but, the symptoms you're describing sound like a power failure issue of some sort since it affects so many different components14:22
nnnnnnhas anyone tried Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files.? it is an excellent program that allows multiple linux iso to function on a single usb drive14:24
leftyfbnnnnnn: sorry, but ventoy isn't an officially supported application here.14:25
leftyfbnnnnnn: this is an ubuntu support channel. Feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic14:26
nnnnnnok thank you14:27
hirnpfirsichTJ-: i know :( But i am very certain this is a software / firmware thing. No problems pre upgrade and also no problems after the downgrade. Also no glitches in the UEFI / Firmware menus. Of course this is not very scientific. If i could boot into pre 5.11.0-22 kernels without other issues i could at least give you a certain kernel version. Do i have to downgrade the firmware as well ?14:28
hirnpfirsichTJ-: what other components do you mean ?14:30
TJ-hirnpfirsich: find a log from the time the wifi/ethernet last failed. you can get some idea of which kernel versions were started at what dates/times with "journalctl  --grep 'Linux version' "14:31
nnnnnnhirnpfirsich, i suggest using a livecd or liveusb and doing a memorytest14:31
ltorhavcocan some give me or direct me how I can get the wget link I can use to install xampp in ubuntu server14:39
leftyfb!xampp | ltorhavco14:40
ubottultorhavco: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.14:40
hirnpfirsichTJ-: sorry. missed some of your earlier messages. "journalctl --grep" helped me to find out which kernel version used to work. 5.11.0-18. If I try to boot that one now wifi and ethernet disappears and the resolution degregates. But no weard glitches. I know for a fact that this kernel version used to work just fine. Do i need to downgrade more stuff ?14:44
ice9suddenly the lock screen color is black, its not purple, any idea?14:44
hirnpfirsichnnnnnn: thx for the tip. Will do :)14:45
TJ-hirnpfirsich: sounds more and more like a hardware failure14:47
TJ-hirnpfirsich: without seeing the log entries when those devices disappear we can't help much more14:47
hirnpfirsichTJ-: but hardware failures suck :( :D I can send you kernel logs from the working 5.11.0-18 and the broken 5.11.0-1814:48
lotuspsychjeice9: are you still asking for 21.10?14:48
TJ-hirnpfirsich: the broken one is the one we want14:51
hirnpfirsichTJ-: one broken 5.11.0-18 coming right up: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JB62WNdtvc/14:53
TJ-hirnpfirsich:are you dual booting this system with Windows?14:58
hirnpfirsichTJ-: no14:58
TJ-hirnpfirsich: the only difference I can see is, when Ethernet doesn't work with 5.11.0-18-generic the r8169 module doesn't attempt to load. I'd ensure it is actually installed and not corrupted to begin with15:05
TJ-hirnpfirsich: Am I correct that the wifi device is  USB WB335 ?15:06
hirnpfirsichTJ-: ah shit. I excluded the kernel logs containing 'wlp2s0' from the first pastebin (because of the mac adresses). This is the full kernel log (sorry for that!) https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/txhBxBKWcd/. It's an "02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)". Allright. Then i will try to hunt downt the r8169 kernel module15:11
TJ-hirnpfirsich: the r8169 drives the PCI device pci 0000:03:00.0: [10ec:8168] type 00 class 0x02000015:13
TJ-hirnpfirsich: nothing there with any clues15:17
TJ-hirnpfirsich: both the r8169 and ath9k show up there, no problems15:18
hirnpfirsichTJ-: that matches the output of lspci for the ethernet adapter. r8169.ko exists for -25 and -22 but not -18 .... But "linux-modules-5.11.0-18-generic" is listed as installed. I'll try to reinstall the package and also check the ath9k module15:20
hirnpfirsichTJ-: same thing for ath9k.ko. Have I installed the wrong kernel package for downgrading ?. I thought that "linux-image-5.11.0-18-generic" was the meta package15:23
TJ-hirnpfirsich: it depends on the -modules package, installs only the kernel itself15:29
hirnpfirsichTJ-: i reinstalled both packages via "apt-get install --reinstall linux-modules-5.11.0-18-generic linux-image-5.11.0-18-generic". But still no ath9k.ko or r8169.ko file in the modules directory for the -18 kernel. Am i missing something ?15:33
ioriahirnpfirsich, is linux-modules-extra-xxx installed ?15:36
TJ-hirnpfirsich: ^^^ that'll be the problem since that is where r8169 lives. That is only pulled in by a dependency in linux-image-generic, which only depends on the latest current kernel, which explains why you missed it since you were installing an older kernel15:38
ioriahirnpfirsich, replace xxx with the kernel ver you want to install (e.g. linux-modules-extra-5.11.0-18-generic)15:38
TJ-strange how the lowlatency versions don't have a modules-extra15:39
hirnpfirsichioria: that did the trick! Rebooting and crossing my fingers15:39
ioriahirnpfirsich, i also guess you miss the headers (but that's another problem)15:40
hirnpfirsichTJ & ioria: 5.11.0-18 now works again. Thank you so much! With -18 the graphic glitches just went away. Smells for me like a kernel regression. Should i open a bug report for that ?15:55
TJ-hirnpfirsich: so the glitches occur with -25 but no -18 ?15:56
hirnpfirsichTJ-: and with -2215:56
ioriahirnpfirsich, sure you can; i suggest you try again the current 21.04 kernel maybe with a custom xorg.conf15:56
lotuspsychjehirnpfirsich: i would look in the existing recent kernel bugs first, we noticing a lot of 5.11 bugs lately15:57
hirnpfirsichioria: isn't 5.11.0-25 the current kernel for 21.04 ? Also the glitches start before X or Wayland while plymouth displays it's fancy loading circle16:00
TJ-hirnpfirsich: only a few changes; you could do a git-bisect  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PdH35RsQQP/16:01
hirnpfirsichlotuspsychje: in launchpad not upstream, right ?16:02
lotuspsychjehirnpfirsich: yeah launchpad, we are watching #ubuntu-bugs-announce its raining 5.11 bugs lately, try on package linux and sort newest first16:04
ioriahirnpfirsich, you got glitches 'before' X starts ?16:04
TJ-hirnpfirsich: could be the fix for this has broken yours. This was added in -22 Bug #192568516:04
ubottuBug 1925685 in linux-hwe-5.8 (Ubuntu Impish) "[SRU] Patch for flicker and glitching on common LCD display panels, intel framebuffer" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/192568516:05
TJ-hirnpfirsich: applies to 5.11 too16:05
TJ-note the SRU caveat "Although this solves the problem for us and has been confirmed to work with the Intel developers that developed this patch, it could cause another display type to have problems. This is unlikely as it has been vetted by Intel and by the mainline Linux kernel developers."16:06
hirnpfirsichTJ-: intriguing. I'll have a look at how difficult it is to build a custom kernel using your sources. Always wanted to use 'git bisect' on the kernel :D16:06
TJ-hirnpfirsich: re-open that bug report and add your kernel log and description of the issue you have16:06
TJ-hirnpfirsich: that bug was 'fixed' by commit e420561d9f28ccd65aaef65c245d60d3bacf328916:07
hirnpfirsichioria: yes. Before! Wayland starts (unity and the login manager use wayland at this point, right ?)16:07
TJ-hirnpfirsich: being the last-but-one in the patches against the i915 driver16:07
ioriahirnpfirsich, unity ?16:08
hirnpfirsichioria: what was your default display / window manager called again ?16:09
ioriahirnpfirsich, gdm3 / gnome-shell16:09
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ioriahirnpfirsich, btw, yes, probably deeper than a xorg issue16:09
=== LordRishav is now known as lordrishav_
TJ-hirnpfirsich: hmmm, that bug was claimed to be fixed in 5.11.0-20.21 for Impish, but - 5.11.0-22.23 for hirsute16:10
PeGaSuSHello guys. I have absolutely no idea why this is happening: https://imgur.com/YJrXzt7.png16:10
PeGaSuSany idea of how to fiw this?16:10
=== lordrishav_ is now known as LordRishav
mybalzitchdo you have grub/grub2 installed?16:12
TJ-PeGaSuS: is that on Xubuntu?16:13
PeGaSuSmybalzitch: I have no idea. it's basically new install from Kimsufi (it's a remote machine) running Ubuntu 20.0416:13
PeGaSuSTJ-: ^ :D16:13
TJ-PeGaSuS: looks like an EFI shim is to be installed but the grub-efi tooling is not finding an EFI-System Partition. Check the system booted in EFI mode, not BIOS16:14
PeGaSuShow can I check that?16:15
hirnpfirsichioria: thanks for the clarification :)16:15
TJ-PeGaSuS: "journalctl -k --grep efi" and you should see a lot of related messages about EFI facilities16:16
hirnpfirsichTJ-: so reopen it is ? I am a bit intimidated by that thing16:16
TJ-hirnpfirsich: well that or create a new issue but then you might not get much attention. Re-opening an apparently fixed issue triggers alarm bells :)16:17
TJ-hirnpfirsich: if you want to do a git-bisect first to prove it is that exact patch feel free16:17
PeGaSuSTJ-: this is what I get: https://termbin.com/ivxf16:18
TJ-hirnpfirsich: looks like it'd only need 3 builds with bisect16:18
TJ-PeGaSuS: so, not booted in EFI mode. Therefore, how are you managing to install shim-signed? what have you been up to!?16:19
PeGaSuSTJ-: I've done nothing special. just reinstalled the machine, and now when updating that happened16:19
TJ-"done nothing" ..." just reinstalled" ... errrm, that's hardly nothing16:20
hirnpfirsichTJ-: Alright. I'll collect my thoughts and start the bisect soon~ish. Thank you all so much ! :)16:20
TJ-PeGaSuS: so you've managed to re-install whilst the system iis live and has been running since 2021-07-21 ?16:21
PeGaSuSno. that is when it was reinstalled though16:21
TJ-PeGaSuS: you need to figure out why shim-signed is installed since for BIOS mode it is useless, and it expects other EFI specific tooling which won't exist. That explains the error message you see16:22
PeGaSuSthat's the problem, since I have no idea of what's going on16:23
TJ-was this current issue triggered by an "apt upgrade" ?16:24
PeGaSuSTJ-: yes, it was16:25
TJ-PeGaSuS: find out what other EFI related packages may be installed "apt list --installed '*efi*' "16:25
PeGaSuSTJ-: this is the output: https://termbin.com/pf4g16:28
TJ-PeGaSuS: show us "pastebinit <( lsblk; sudo blkid; apt list --installed '*grub*' ) "16:33
PeGaSuSTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Nd8gZhksxp/16:34
TJ-PeGaSuS: that confirms the system started in BIOS mode, and that the 'disk' (sda) isn't partitioned for EFI at all16:37
TJ-PeGaSuS: not sure how you managed that16:37
PeGaSuSTJ-: nor do I. I'm considering on reinstalling the machine again though16:38
TJ-PeGaSuS: how precisely did you perform the reinstall? presumably from an ISO installer image which must have booted in EFI mode if it installed the system in EFI mode, but on restart somehow managed to boot in BIOS mode. Most likely the prior install was BIOS mode and the GRUB bootloader files to do that remained in place16:39
PeGaSuSTJ-: via their webpanel, although I didn't stopped the machine before reinstalling16:40
TJ-PeGaSuS: it might be recoverable - removing those efi packages and installing "grub-pc"16:41
PeGaSuSTJ-: could you just give me the exact commands please?16:42
TJ-it's not the simple!16:42
TJ-PeGaSuS: at any point it could 'blow up' and need a lot of wrestling. Possibly it might only need "apt install grub-pc" and that'll remove the efi packages and then do a new BIOS-mode grub-install16:43
TJ-But then again it might break something else16:43
PeGaSuSI'll try it in a bit, after backing up some important data16:44
PeGaSuSTJ-: how good or bad does this looks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NNTGRBx5SJ/16:52
eelstreboranyone know why there is a delay in my audio? i see the person talking but it takes a few seconds before i hear anything. it doesn't appear to be a sync problem. sometimes the audio gets noisy also. ubuntu 20.04, nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti16:52
TJ-PeGaSuS: looks promising. Now follow up with "update-grub"16:54
TJ-eelstrebor: depends on what the source is?16:54
PeGaSuSTJ-: so far seems good? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9ryYfRgfwx/16:55
TJ-PeGaSuS: on the face of it, yes, that looks correct16:56
PeGaSuSi'll update if I run into any issues though. also, I've just rebooted the machine and "# [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS" returns BIOS still16:57
PeGaSuSI guess we'll know when I need to "apt update" again16:58
TJ-PeGaSuS: you may need to do "apt autoremove" to get rid of unused packages16:59
PeGaSuSTJ-: did that already :D lets see how it behaves. otherwise I can always reinstall the machine, since the *important* data is already backed up17:03
raxor2kI have a react application up and running using "npm start", and it works. But as soon as i close the terminal, the application also stops. What can i do ?17:03
PeGaSuSraxor2k: you can use screen/tmux or even a systemd script17:05
raxor2kPeGasus: pardon ?17:05
PeGaSuSraxor2k: screen/tmux allow you to keep applications running even when you close the terminal17:07
raxor2khmm okei17:08
PeGaSuSraxor2k: are you running the react application as root?17:09
PeGaSuSalso for those kind of questions, since this is not an Ubuntu bug/issue, the #linux channel would be more suitable17:10
raxor2kpegasus: yes im running the app as root17:11
TJ-raxor2k: maybe this will help https://nodesource.com/blog/running-your-node-js-app-with-systemd-part-1/17:12
PeGaSuSunless really needed, you should NOT run any app as root. that might bring security issues.17:12
raxor2kTJ- : thanks17:12
raxor2kpegasus : ye i know, this is just a test server, so no worries17:13
TJ-raxor2k: except, create your .service file in /etc/systemd/system/ not under /lib/systemd/17:13
raxor2kTJ: maybe i should just consider deploying the app with docker ..17:14
raxor2kthis it will be much easier17:14
PeGaSuSraxor2k: creating a systemd unit is also easy17:14
raxor2kpegasus: doesnt seem like that.17:16
TJ-raxor2k: what? about 6 lines in a .service file17:17
raxor2ktj: example in dpaste.de ?17:20
PeGaSuSraxor2k: you just need to create a my_app.service under /etc/systemd/system with something like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZqSrskqhWx/17:21
oerheksstep 4;create a systemd service file https://linuxbuz.com/linuxhowto/create-react-app17:21
PeGaSuSyou might also want to set the "WorkingDirectory" like in here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vx7mqn37YK/17:23
ioriapersonally, i would not use npm with root17:23
raxor2kthis is not 6 lines17:30
raxor2kbut thanks anyways17:30
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PeGaSuSraxor2k: I suppose you need to create a docker config file too, but well17:37
eelstreborTJ-, no. it happens on youtube, amazon prime video, etc17:42
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lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: did you test that on different browsers?17:44
mortis there any plan to ever try to get suspend and resume on ubuntu to work or.....?18:12
mortis that not considered important enough18:13
alkisgIn general, it works, except for certain drivers that break things, in any distribution18:14
alkisgIn that case you'd need to find out the problematic driver18:15
pasizmort: yes, and it is working. all drivers are not working, but that's different story18:15
morthasn't really ever worked that well for me18:15
mortwell, there's *one* machine I have ever used which I didn't notice major suspend/resume problems with18:16
pasizso you decided to blame ubuntu for bad hardware choices?18:18
alkisgThe problem isn't in the hardware but in the drivers18:18
mortI don't believe I have made bad hardware choices. I believe it's the operating system's responsibility to have working drivers.18:18
pasizno, it's hardware manufacturers responsibility18:18
morthahaha lol18:19
mortyou know that's a lie18:19
mortLinux's model doesn't even allow hardware manufacturers to publish drivers without major pain for all their end users, all maintenance of all drivers is the responsibility of the kernel maintainers18:19
pasizmort: nope, many manufacturers co-operate with kernel18:20
mortbut they can't just publish drivers now can they18:20
pasizyes they can18:20
mortno, they have to get them mainlined into the kernel, and then it's the kernel maintainer community's responsibility18:20
pasizif they have no expertise on driver writing, community would help, but if they don't want, nobody cannot do anything18:21
alkisgWho usually is paid by that company18:21
mortanyways, it would just be nice if suspend and resume worked at all, that's all18:21
pasizand most kernel driver maintainers are working in companies18:21
pasizmort: then debug what is causing it18:22
mortbut I get it, suspend/resume isn't a big priority18:22
mortnot like servers need it after all18:22
pasizservers won't need it but eg. laptops it's quite mandatory18:22
mortyeah and nobody gives a shit about linux on laptops18:22
alkisgmort, did you see the link?18:23
mybalzitchnot even the person with suspend/resume problems18:23
alkisgIt might be as easy as running one command before suspend18:23
leftyfbmort: are you asking for help troubleshooting your suspend issues?18:23
pasizi run linux in my every system, I don't even have any microsoft. And none of my systems suspend / resume is not problem18:23
pasizeven in old lenovo W52018:23
mortleftyfb: I mean, if you want to help troubleshoot the issues then feel free, but it's not gonna be easy18:24
pasizmort: did you read alkisg link?18:24
leftyfbmort: then start by giving detailed information of your hardware, preferable using tools like lspci and lshw. Specify your ubuntu release and kernel and any logs you have of suspend failing and describe the symptoms18:25
mortyou're not gonna like the desktop - it has an nvidia card18:25
pasizquite explanatory system specs18:26
leftyfbmort: otherwise, this is not the appropriate place to complain. Feel free to file bug reports or rant in #ubuntu-offtopic or #linux (more appropriate as it's probably not ubuntu-specific)18:26
mortbut I was mainly just asking if anyone is actually trying to fix suspend/resume or that it's not a priority. Sounds like it's not a priority.18:26
leftyfb!bug | mort18:27
ubottumort: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:27
pasizmort: yes, there are many people trying to fix suspend/resume, but it is not helping if you are not providing your system specifications18:28
mortso, it seems like suspend (not resume) fails when I try to suspend with monitors connected but where the monitors aren't connected to power. The GPU is an NVidia GTX 1080Ti. I don't believe the other hardware matters, since it has been an issue with other CPUs and motherboards and RAM sticks and drives18:38
mortthe one "hash matches" line from dmesg is from "pci 0000:07:00.0" which is the nvidia card18:39
mortbut there's absolutely no use submitting this as a bug report literally anywhere is there since nvidia won't care and canonical and the linux people will blame nvidia18:40
mortcan't hurt to try I suppose18:45
alkisgmort, if the problem is the nvidia binary drivers, then you were wrong to blame ubuntu/linux19:01
alkisgTry without them19:01
alkisgIf it works without them, then file a bug report in nvidia itself, not in linux19:01
alkisgIf nvidia won't care, don't buy from them anymore19:02
alkisgBut in general, they sell cards; they card; they're the ones that make money out of you, not canonical19:02
alkisg*they care19:02
moernerIs there a way to set the default branch name to "main" in Ubuntu 20.04? It looks like init.defaultBranch = main was added in Git 2.28, but 20.04 as 2.2519:11
tw3ml0wthe pop shell is "okay" in ubuntu 20.0419:11
tw3ml0wwho needs gnome and a wm all in one?19:11
tw3ml0wwhos work flow is that :019:12
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grtestusermy disc doesnt start the computer any more20:03
grtestusernow i thought i repair the old grub and the disc will start again, right?20:03
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pasizgrtestuser: depends why the computer is not starting20:04
morgansubu focal, can I somehow put all the stuff on the hard drive into a smaller area so that I can partition the drive? Is this even possible?20:11
eelstreborlotuspsychjenope, just firefox20:12
Apachezstrace of gnome-shell taking 100% of a single core after some uptime in ubuntu 21.04:20:14
Apachez% time     seconds  usecs/call     calls    errors syscall20:14
Apachez 34,15    0,013715           0     30066     23367 recvmsg20:14
ApachezCant be good?20:14
loomyreboot da machine! :)20:26
nnnnnnmorgans, yes.... it may be possible with gparted to put a smaller partition on a drive if there is enough free space available on the drive20:41
nnnnnni was thinking about doing this with a 500gb drive i wanted to clone to a 240gig ssd drive for my laptop20:42
nnnnnnso i was thinking of putting a 280gig ext3 on the ending free space of the current partition and leaving the ext3 blank20:42
Apacheznnnnnn: linux filesystems usually have less magic in the backend so you could do that manually aswell20:43
Apacheznnnnnn: as in manually setup the partition on desitination and then do a rsync or such with preserved user/groupid of each file/dir20:43
EriC^morgans: what's your end goal?20:43
morgansnnnnnn, EriC^ my goal is not to have to back this all up on a HD and reinstall all but to just put mate on another partition and see if it behaves better. (different DE and will chrome r ff be able to handle memory better so that I dont have to reboot the browser (or the system) every day or two. Plus I will get an application tree!20:46
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morgansEvery other time I have installed ubu I have partitioned the drive ahead of the installation so I have lots of pocket to tash in, lol20:47
mortalkisg: eh, I think it's appropriate to blame the system if a bad proprietary driver makes it possible for the system to not even be able to suspend and resume20:49
Apachezclonezilla is your friend then20:49
EriC^morgans: i think you can just install the mate DE with sudo apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop20:49
mortyou could argue it makes sense for the gpu to not work after suspend/resume if the driver is borked, but you should at least be able to 1) make it actually suspend so that it's not drawing power when not expected to, and 2) log in using ssh when it resumes20:50
mortwelp, I tried installing the latest kernel as specified in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend but the nvidia drivers don't seem to work properly there20:54
alkisgmort, the kernel notifies the driver to suspend. If nvidia can't handle it, blame them to fix it20:54
alkisgIf you think you can design a kernel that can suspend without knowing the hardware (because of course it doesn't, that's the driver job), then ... you're superman? great for you20:55
mortalkisg: I mean, a reasonable userspace driver API would make that possible right20:55
mortnothing about nvidia's drivers *requires* being in kernel space20:56
alkisgGraphics driver in user space?!20:56
alkisgHow would they access the hardware?20:56
mortvia kernel APIs?20:56
alkisgThat are callable only by ring 0 processes?20:56
mortwell ring 3 ideally20:57
mortdoesn't Windows NT already do this20:57
alkisgWell, if you think you can implement nvidia in user space, you need to tell them that20:57
alkisgI don't think anyone else can20:58
mortnot without a proper userspace driver API provided by Linux obviously20:58
mortisn't most of nvidia's proprietary drivers in userspace anyways? I think I heard stuff about that20:58
oerheksNVidia GTX 1080Ti is all we know; what driver did you use?20:58
alkisgmort, and which graphics driver uses that in windows?20:58
mortnot like they're running their clang fork to compile GLSL in kernel space20:59
Bit_MCPI spent way too much time troubleshooting resume from suspend on my recent PopOS install. Turns out I just needed to disable "DDC/CI" on my monitor.21:00
mortoerheks: currently version 470 of the proprietary nvidia driver21:00
mortI would love to use nouveau but that doesn't actually work21:00
morgansright, come to think of it. Having a second partition allows me to use one hard dive to store things outside of the install. Then I can install a new system in more safety. nnnnnn EriC^21:00
morgansso how can I repartition and not lose what is on the hard drive?21:01
venividivici1989Hi Folks, i was wondering (i googled) if there was a app i could equalize my microphone and output?21:01
mortmorgans: the advice is always going to be to back up everything you care about first21:02
mortmorgans: once you have done that, there are ways to change your partition table in ways which have a fairly high probability of not messing up your data21:02
TJ-venividivici1989: check out PulseEffects21:02
venividivici1989I will do thx!21:03
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duuhow can i install xpilot-ng package? i just got a flashback and want to play the game again21:14
Mekaneckduu: probably with sudo apt install xpilot-ng21:17
AmRHow Ubuntu generate resolution list ?21:37
nnnnnnmorgans, gparted allows a way of resizing a partition and adding an additional partition.. . always make backups first21:42
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AmRHow Ubuntu generate resolution list  https://pasteboard.co/KeZBar6.png ?21:48
duumekaneck: can't found the package21:52
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hardadshey, i was wondering if anyone can help me. I encryopted my hard drive when installing ubuntu initially, now I can't mount it using the live CD / usb. Does anyone think they can help?21:59
hardadsI asked the question here too, if anyone wants to have a look - https://askubuntu.com/questions/1356777/encrypted-ubuntu-missing-20-04-full-drive-encryption22:00
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tomreynhardads: https://gist.github.com/samuelcolvin/43c5ed2807e7db004b1058d0c9bfb068 and https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-how-to-repair-boot-on-luks-encrypted-harddrive/ and https://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/recovering-from-unbootable-ubuntu-encrypted-lvm-root-partition/ describe the process22:03
tomreynyou won't need to do the update-grub or grub-install step if yours still boots fine.22:03
hardadstomreyn i tried all of those in the first link, I get the error:22:04
hardadssudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda home_sda22:04
hardadsDevice /dev/sda is not a valid LUKS device.22:04
hardadsso I can't continue with the remaining steps22:04
tomreyndevice /dev/sda is a full disk, not a partition on a disk. you'll want a partition22:05
hardadshmm, there are no partitions22:05
tomreynso... what is there, and how do you tell?22:05
TJ-hardads: start with "sudo blkid | grep crypto"22:06
hardads^ that returns nothing, but here:22:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:06
TJ-hardads: you'll see at least 1 block device with "TYPE="crypto_LUKS" " if you've got a LUKS encrypted system22:06
hardadsI can only see my windows partitions with that command22:07
hardads(just sudo blkid)22:07
TJ-hardads: how many drives is the computer supposed to have?22:07
hardadsI have 2 drives, one 2TB, one 256gb22:07
hardadsthe 2TB has 4 windows partitions22:08
TJ-hardads: use "lsblk" does it show both?22:08
hardadsthe 256gb has/had my ubuntu22:08
hardadssudo blkid22:08
hardadsloop0         7:0    0     2G  1 loop /rofs22:08
hardadsloop1         7:1    0  55.5M  1 loop /snap/core18/198822:08
hardadsloop2         7:2    0  64.8M  1 loop /snap/gtk-common-themes/151422:08
TJ-!paste | hardads22:08
ubottuhardads: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:08
TJ-methinks this is an unusual install!22:10
hardadsso I'm not sure why there are no partitions (are they supposed to be visible or is it not visible because it is fully encrypted)?22:10
TJ-hardads: show us "pastebinit <( sudo blkid; journalctl -k )"22:11
TJ-hardads: they won't be invisible22:11
hardadspastebinit <( sudo blkid; journalctl -k )22:11
tomreynsda will be the (supposedly) "ubuntu disk", nvme0n1 the "windows disk", and sdb will be the "live system" you're running now.22:12
tomreynhow did you install ubuntu?22:12
hardadsliterally just followed the basic instructions with the usb, next, next, but enabled the full disk encryption22:13
TJ-hardads: kernel log shows lots of hardware errors22:13
TJ-hardads: lots of "EDAC amd64: Error: F0 not found, device 0x1650 (broken BIOS?)" - EDAC == Error Detection and Correction22:14
hardadsso a reason mightve been I had to RMA my motherboard, and got it swapped out for an equivalent one22:14
hardadsand I get a few debug logs when booting into linux / booting out, but nothing major22:15
TJ-hardads: does "sudo blkid /dev/sda" give you anything ?22:15
hardads(every time for the past 6 months or so)22:15
hardadsnothing :/22:15
TJ-hardads: when did you last have access to this sda install?22:15
hardadsliterally like 5 hrs ago22:15
hardadsi was coding in pycharm, google chrome crashed on me22:16
hardadsi kept trying to press "force quit", it continued to not force quit, even though I pressed it like 20 times22:16
hardadspycharm was responsive22:16
hardadsthere was an ubuntu update happening in the background and it was complete, but it asked me to restart22:16
hardadsi pressed the restart button, nothing happened22:16
TJ-hardads: looks like the device's firmware is corrupted22:17
tomreynfirst error seems to be "EDAC amd64: Error: F0 not found, device 0x1650 (broken BIOS?)" - https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21059322:17
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 210593 in Platform Specific/Hardware "EDAC amd64: Error: F0 not found, device 0x1650 (broken BIOS?) with Ryzen 5600x & B450 chipset" [Normal, Resolved: Patch_already_available]22:17
tomreynthis system runs 5.8.0-43-generic from february '2122:18
hardadsahhh the kernel error mightve also been my new gpu, but I upgraded the BIOS firmware a week ago22:18
TJ-hardads: several web sites have related questions because the device is reporting itself as "SATAFIRM   S11, SBFMP1W3"22:18
TJ-^^^ this indicates the drive firmware is corrupt22:18
tomreynoh *drive* firmware, that makes more sense22:19
hardadsso it seems that my ssd is fried?22:19
tomreyn(i was thinking mobo)22:19
hardadslet me check the log dates22:19
hardadswindows boots fine btw, all data is there uncorrupted (on my 2tb ssd)22:20
TJ-hardads: apparently, the fault is in the SSD's phison controller firmware22:20
hardadsso i dont think its mobo22:21
tomreynit's probably just sda that's broken22:21
TJ-hardads: search term is "SATAFIRM   S11"  e.g. https://linustechtips.com/topic/937255-25-ssd-become-satafirm-s11/22:21
hardadsoh i see22:22
hardadsdo you know if SSDs are hot swappable btw?22:22
hardadslike if I try using a different SATA cable22:22
hardadswill it show up in /dev/db<..>22:22
nnnnnn_i believe sata is designed to be hot swappable.. out of experience i turn off my computer before modifying internal components22:23
TJ-hardads: there's some talk of a repair tool but it is data destructive https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/kingston-satafirm-s11-fix.3489081/22:24
nnnnnn_striking a cpu fan blade once caused it to lose a fin when it was running22:24
hardadsit seems that everything is pointing towards a hardware problem22:25
hardadsokay, i will restart my pc and try another port22:25
nnnnnn_TJ-, that ssd drive error scares me22:26
TJ-looks like a common problem with the Phison controllers22:26
TJ-presumably it overwrites its own boot metadata22:27
tomreynkingston ssd manager also handles ssd firmware upgrades, so maybe this can be solved with an upgrade22:27
TJ-bet it is a null pointer dereference and some silly dev thought it a good idea to store the metadata starting at offset 0 in flash - that's usually how it happens22:28
hardads2if its of any help, its a patriot burst 240gb22:28
TJ-this is why Linux kernel doesn't use the first 64MB of RAM, to protect against null pointers corrupting data22:28
hardads2booting straight back into GNU GRUB, which im guessing is because I have the GRUB on the 2tb windows ssd22:28
TJ-hardads2: presumably GRUB's core is installed in the EFI system partition on the NVME22:29
hardads2ah, makes sense22:29
nnnnnn_maybe a livecd would help you track the problem easier?22:30
hardads2yeah you're right, its booting into grub even when i take out the ssd22:30
hardads2the 240gb ubuntu / corrrupted one22:30
tomreynpatriot's firmware upgrade and de-brick tool would be "patriot data toolbox"22:30
hardads2damn :/, doyou think theres any chance to recover the data?22:31
hardads2havent bakced up shit, got quite a bit of code i forgot to commit before it failing :')22:31
TJ-hardads2: no, looks like data is gone22:33
hardads2damn, okay :/22:34
TJ-hardads2: installing firmware is a destrictuve operation ; presumably it resets the metadata block which will overwrite the master key22:34
hardads2any recommendations in the future to prevent this from happening?22:34
hardads2or something i should have done differently22:35
OrchidSorry for not replying. tomreyn: I didn't do anything tho. I just update and upgrade stuff.22:35
TJ- looks like bad luck from all the reports, but, backups :)22:35
hardads2sure, what abot on the encryption side22:36
hardads2is there anything else i should do for the encryption, or just the initial set up when i first installed ubuntu enough22:36
Orchidleftyfb: here you go: https://termbin.com/ij8ay22:37
TJ-hardads2: yes, that's enough, unless you want to encrypt grub file-system as well, as in  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201922:37
tomreynhardads2: the encryption should be fine (inclk- on an ssd). here's the patriot tool to do firmware upgrades - *possibly* without data loss http://downloads.patriotmemory.com/info/toolbox/2.5/toolbox_complete_1.18x1.zip22:38
hardads2sorry what does inclk- mean22:39
tomreynOrchid: sorry, i think this is a long time ago, i don't rmemeber what we talked about, would need a fresh summary22:39
tomreynhardads2: "inclk-" was a typo for "incl.", sorry22:39
hardads2tomrey appreciate the help, thank you. I'll try that tool now22:40
Orchidtomreyn: I'm asking about i can't restart PackageKit because it's service file is missing22:41
tomreynhardads2: good luck22:41
tomreynOrchid: try     sudo apt install --reinstall packagekit22:43
tomreynthis should include /lib/systemd/system/packagekit.service22:44
Orchidtomreyn: Hey it's fixed, thanks :)22:47
tomreynOrchid: that's a miracle, because such service files don't vanish by themselves22:48
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ice9why when connecting external display to the laptop, the lock screen on the laptop is black?23:23
matsamanice9: the screen is entirely blank?23:24
ice9matsaman, i mean the background color of it23:24
matsamanwhat color is it usually?23:25
leftyfbice9: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ) | nc termbin.com 999923:25
ice9leftyfb, https://termbin.com/g0ww23:26
LutinHu guys, does anyone know where the gluster_shared_storage for geo replication should be mounted on a peer ? under /var/run/guster or /var/lub/gluster23:44
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