BlakeRenville[m]im gaving trouble with policykit authorization13:21
BlakeRenville[m]i can download any apps, or change any settings. and the popup window only shows for .2sec13:22
tomreynBlakeRenville[m]: try  sudo apt update   in a temrinal, does it report any errors or warnings?13:31
BlakeRenville[m]its saying im not a root user. i dont know what i did haha it was working fine one moment than i tried to get fancy, ill find the log13:32
BlakeRenville[m]Unregistered Authentication Agent for unix-session:3 (system bus name :1.61, object path /org/kde/PolicyKit1/AuthenticationAgent, locale en_US.UTF-8)13:34
BlakeRenville[m]Operator of unix-session:8 FAILED to authenticate to gain authorization for action org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-install for system-bus-name::1.167 [/usr/bin/plasma-discover] (owned by unix-user:blake)13:34
tomreynBlakeRenville[m]: did it not ask for your password?13:35
BlakeRenville[m]only once. now it only pops up for a millisecond. no time to click or type13:36
BlakeRenville[m]then it goes straight to the log13:36
tomreyni mean apt13:36
tomreynsudo apt update    should ask for your password13:37
BlakeRenville[m]sudo apt update did help. now its asking me for13:37
tomreynif it doesn't run    sudo -K   and try again13:37
BlakeRenville[m]username and password13:37
BlakeRenville[m]i should be able to get it now. idk why i didnt think of that13:37
BlakeRenville[m]THANK YOU!!13:37
BlakeRenville[m]or not lol not the same username as before13:38
tomreyni'm not exactly sure what you did there, or how i helped ;)13:43
tomreyni was just suggesting to run    sudo apt update    in a temrinal to see whether there are problems with some of your configured apt sources13:43
BlakeRenville[m]haha. well i may just have to reflash worst case13:43
BlakeRenville[m]nope all good its user error13:44
tomreyni think you can also use packagekit commands from a terminal, or the application you use for installing updates (which is bahving incorrectly). doing this can also provide warnngs or error messages which can hint on what the problem is, and how it coul dbe solved.13:45
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