lubot_[telegram] <The_LoudSpeaker> Hit me up if you get stuck on anything. I did that during last release. (re @kc2bez: For some of the qt things making sure the symbols are updated is a bit tricky too.)06:25
apt-ghettoRikMills: Do you have a minute?14:11
apt-ghettoWhen I package a new upstream release, I see in the debian/copyright file an entry like "Files: *" and "Copyright: 2012-2019 LXQt team"14:12
apt-ghettoShould I update the year to 2021 for the LXQt team?14:13
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> I think that is referring to the Debian team.14:13
RikMillsif the files in question have had changes made by that team, then yes you could14:14
apt-ghettoIn the source files, there is often something like "Copyright: 2013 - LXQt team" but they do not update the copyright info14:14
RikMillsis this the lxqt lxqt team or the debian lxqt team?14:17
apt-ghettoIn my understanding it is the upstream LXQt team: https://github.com/lxqt/liblxqt/blame/0.17.0/lxqtglobals.h14:17
apt-ghettoAnd  the Debian LXQt team could or should have the copyright only for debian/* Files14:17
RikMillsok, the upstream qxt team have no changed that file recently, so I would leave the year as it is14:19
RikMillsuse the dates in the file, not the git history14:20
RikMillsa packager is not expected to scan the upstream git repo for dates of all source files14:21
RikMillsyou have to just go with the dats on the file in the source tar to keep things sane and manageable14:22
apt-ghettoOk, thanks. Do you use a helper script for the copyright things?14:23
RikMillsI often use decopy, sometimes licensecheck14:24
apt-ghettoThanks, I will have a look at it.14:24
lubot_[telegram] <kc2bez> Thanks RikMills14:25
RikMillssaying that, last few things I did that had the newer SPDX type copyright headers, just grep'ing the source tree for those worked best14:25

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