lotuspsychjegood morning01:53
ducassegood morning06:18
Bashing-omA fresh coke for ducasse !06:20
ducassehiya Bashing-om 06:20
Bashing-omSlow session in main. Maybe time to pick up ?  06:21
ducassetime to release the rats!06:22
Bashing-omsic em Luna !06:23
OxfuxxxaHoy buntu luvers :}07:48
lotuspsychjehi Oxfuxxx 07:49
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TJ-anyone had issues with SecureBoot whereby the firmware setup hides, or doesn't list, the device with the EFI-SP on !?19:34
TJ-Got an Asus Prime X370-Pro which was working fine before I took a nap... came back and not responding to SSH, on physical console Alt+F2 to F7 switched but no login: prompt. On tty1 the login prompt was there but pressing keys didn't result in characters appearing although rate of underline cursor flashing matched key presses. Rebooted, big warning about unauthorised changes and on entering19:37
TJ-Setup the M.2 SSD not listed!19:37
TJ-hmmm; gets worse. Did a firmware update, (re)set some options that it changed, reboot, and now it is reporting a new processor and wants me to reset the fTPM and lose keys19:47
TJ-OK, said No to that twice and now the M.2 NVME shows up, and GRUB starts!19:47
Bashing-omUWN: Issue 695 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue695 :D20:18

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