alkisgJym, if you see the logs; not fdisk; fsck04:36
jymmalkisg: I just said screw it. backed up ~/ and going to wipe the drive and install the latest version18:29
alkisgHehe, that works too :)18:31
jymmalkisg: My only concern is that the config files don't have messed up perms on them. I saw some mention of RO instead of RW18:32
jymm... so when I copy them back, they don't screw up the new install18:33
alkisgIt's not hard to reset the permissions, after installation paste the output of `ls -l ~` and we'll see18:34
alkisgE.g. `chown o+w -R ~` will give you write access if for some reason it's RO18:34
jymmalkisg: Yeah, do you think config files from v18 will screw up v20 at all?18:35
jymmI think I'll just tar the virgin ~/ JUST in case =)18:36
alkisgjymm: no, they should be properly upgradeable from 18 to 20.0419:22
jymmalkisg: Ok, good to know, tyvm23:38

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