leftyfbMIF: which public IP are you using?00:04
leftyfbMIF: btw, you have WAY too many ports open on the connection you're connected to IRC with00:05
MIFwhat do you mean?00:06
leftyfbMIF: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/DyQpTqQnxc/00:06
leftyfbMIF: your nextcloud instance is there but erroring out. It should certainly show something in your logs. 00:08
leftyfbMIF: you should look for help about this in #nextcloud though00:08
MIFI don't see any errors in the logs00:09
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punkgeekanyone can help me what is the problem of configuring the bridge on the VM which has a static IP? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/z3F8xVsmWG/15:57
punkgeekwhen I remove the bridge part, VM connect to the internet, But when I add the bridge part to the config file, VM won't have internet15:57
sdezielpunkgeek: when you put an iface into a bridge, you should move the IP/DNS configuration along with it so it's only done on the bridge itself, not the underlying physical device16:12
punkgeeksdeziel: I've changed the configuration to this, But the host doesn't have ping to the VM (VM IP is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KYwcXyfmy2/17:04
leftyfbpunkgeek: why do you want to modify this bridge exactly?17:07
punkgeekleftyfb: for qemu-kvm17:09
leftyfbpunkgeek: a proper bridge is so you can put the underlying VM's on the same network as the host. IF you're trying to do that, then why would the ip of the VM be on a different subnet of the host? If you're only trying to do NAT, then why are you modifying the bridge interface to begin with?17:09
punkgeek Is that better to use static ip on the VM or DHCP? for hosting providers17:09
punkgeekI've tried this and it works: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XQvv3TG58d/17:10
leftyfbpunkgeek: you haven't described your use case yet. Does the VM need to be on the same subnet as the host or behind the default NAT'd interface?17:11
punkgeekI think it should be  behind the default NAT'd interface17:13
leftyfbpunkgeek: then why are you messing with the interface to begin with?17:13
leftyfbpunkgeek: "<punkgeek> when I remove the bridge part, VM connect to the internet"   why not just leave it as is?17:14
leftyfbpunkgeek: what exactly are you trying to accomplish? Please go into detail 17:14
genii-coresarnold: Installed mailutils-pop3d and then systemd couldn't start it because no /etc/mailutils.conf   ... I guess I should just do pop3d --config-help|sudo tee -a /etc/mailutils.conf then, and hand-edit?17:15
sarnoldgenii-core: it's been over twenty years since I've run an imap/pop server.. but why no dovecot?18:11
genii-coreoverhead :-/18:11
genii-coreI'm making some headway18:11
sarnoldgenii-core: ahhh. bummer :/18:28
genii-coresarnold: Took some poking but up now20:04
sarnoldgenii-core: woot \o/20:04

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