ballWhat audio mixer normally comes with Ubuntu?02:22
daftykinsmornin' campers09:42
zxm-pi*bing* *bong* *dink* hi di hi10:51
bigcalmHow does IRC compare to Telegram? Feels like UPC telegram has kind of replaced UU on IRC. Is it the enhanced abilities such as media preview and replies that Telegram provides that makes it a more active place?12:04
daftykinsi'd be willing to bet the only main edge of these hipster platforms is not needing to remain connected to see all messages12:33
webpigeon[m]Forgot it existed, joined the room and needed to do battle with an anti-spam bot, can tell you it didn't play nice with matrix :P12:35
knightwi1eafternoon peepz12:48
=== knightwi2e is now known as knightPi
zxm-piwe're the monkees? :-P18:13
knightPinow i cant get that song out of my head18:13
zxm-pinow i'm a believer18:13
knightPiremember their hit : yummy yummy yummy i've got love in my tummy18:13
knightPimakes babyshark pale by comparison18:14
knightPiNoodling around with WSL tonight18:15
zxm-pii can't believe it's not not linux :-P18:15
knightPiha :) they have come a long way with that18:15
zxm-piwill never beat cygwin :-P18:15
knightPibeen reading "hit refresh" by Sacha Nadella about the turn of Microsoft in a new direction and his fervent goal to embrace linux18:16
knightPiinteresting concepts18:16
m0nkey_Somebody call?18:16
knightPihaha :) Hey m0nkey_ 18:17
knightPiMobaXterm is my fav X-front-end in Windows18:18
knightPipretty terminal, fast and what have you 18:18
zxm-pihave you learned ook m0nkey_? :-P https://esolangs.org/wiki/Ook!18:18
knightPithat brings it close to "too much internet for today"18:19
m0nkey_Ook! Ook!18:21

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