Lutinah no need to know :D00:36
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kill-animalshey I was testing my app and it accidentally rm -r 'd my home directory. I'm on a live usb right now trying to recover the data01:37
kill-animalsextundelete finds nothing on it though when I run01:37
kill-animalsUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/79fa269c20d32c1694b8092cbb365c09/pasted.txt01:38
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NitrousoxideTJ-: It happened again lol02:25
NitrousoxideOh wait nevermind thats the same person02:25
kill-animalsit tis02:38
brombombHey all, I'm having an issue with fstab that I've been running for years.  I suddenly get `cannot access 'data': Transport endpoint is not connected`03:51
brombombfstab looks like...03:51
brombomb```#boot WD External 10TB03:51
brombombUUID=966071E36071CB0F /home/brombomb/data auto defaults 0 0```03:51
brombomband blkid looks like...03:51
brombomb```#/dev/sdb1: LABEL="easystore" UUID="966071E36071CB0F" TYPE="ntfs" PTTYPE="atari" PARTLABEL="easystore" PARTUUID="dc5bd410-f09c-43db-af47-b46943c20b25"```03:51
brombombI don't know what to do next to try and solve it.  I have unmounted and remounted03:52
guivercbrombomb, you've provided no OS & release details (ie. a clue to your software stack)03:55
brombombUbuntu 20.04.203:55
guiverchave you tried using a /mnt/ (instead of /home/) ?03:57
brombombI have not03:57
* guiverc didn't mean specifically /mnt/ ; but directory inside there; I'd try it03:57
* guiverc suggestion only; I don't know that it will help03:58
brombombNope :(03:58
brombombsame Transport error03:59
guiverchttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1090715/fuse-bad-mount-point-mnt-transport-endpoint-is-not-connected  maybe (good chance you've seen it though)03:59
brombombI'm not using sshfs, since it's a usb mount03:59
brombombI'm open to migrating to fuse or something newer04:00
guivercyeah it looked that way from what you pasted; it was all I saw & i don't use NTFS04:02
brombombokay so a few days ago I was trying to clean up some old HDD, and I installed the ubuntu package usbmount to help auto mount USB devices04:08
brombombwell after a reboot that was conflicting with my fstab04:08
brombombI unsinstall usbmount, rebooted and It's fixed04:08
brombombThanks for rubber ducking for me guiverc04:17
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AnastasiusWould anyone here like to shave my back?05:20
lotuspsychjenot here Anastasius05:20
lotuspsychjethis is ubuntu support05:20
AnastasiusOkay, I'm on Ubuntu 21.04. Are you willing to support me, lotus?05:23
lotuspsychjeask a question to the channel Anastasius05:29
CroranAnastasius: shaving your back actually sounds reasonably entertaining. Count me in.05:40
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AnastasiusCroran: You shave my back and I shave your front. Deal?06:46
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lotuspsychjeAnastasius Croran ok please stop that stuff06:46
AnastasiusOr what?06:47
AnastasiusNobody said anything for hours, so get of your horse, chief.06:48
lotuspsychjeAnastasius: this is an ubuntu support channel, so please no other topics here06:49
Anastasiusoff, too.06:49
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines06:49
AnastasiusOh please, stand down.06:49
waterytarthe just wants a little support to get his back shaved.06:49
AnastasiusI know the rules and the guidelines,06:50
AnastasiusYeah, mostly that. Shave my back, dude.06:50
lotuspsychje!ops | Anastasius waterytart Croran offtopic rant06:51
ubottuAnastasius waterytart Croran offtopic rant: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu06:51
waterytartthis is hardly an emergency.06:51
AnastasiusOh no, they called the cops again.06:52
AnastasiusOh dearie me.06:52
ThinkT510there are offtopic channels you can use if you are bored. you don't need to use an official support channel for this nonsense06:53
AnastasiusYeah. Been there, done that. I'd rather be here thanks.06:54
AnastasiusAt least for now.06:54
AnastasiusMark Shittleworth is my brother in law, I'll have you know.06:57
AnastasiusYeah, I'm with you. I don't like him either.06:59
sima2even I added resolution fo 1920x1080 in xorg.conf, for Intel HD4600 VGA output, is is still limited to 1024X768 instead of selected 1920X1080.07:03
sima2For some reason 915 driver can't recognize VGA-1 connected monitor's available resolutions07:04
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jeffmrdo vnc servers work with wayland in ubuntu?07:29
jeffmrI saw that.  Just wondered if there was any workaround.07:32
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bertptrsare there any docs describing the difference between separate origins, ${distro_codename}, -security, -updates, -backports, and -proposed? I can't seem to find an official source, most things I find are hearsay or based on the names of the origins08:27
bertptrsI'm seeing some oddities with unattended upgrades and I'd like to know which origins I can safely enable08:27
bertptrs(and be able to convince my colleagues that I've done my homework about it)08:28
lotuspsychje!sources | bertptrs08:31
ubottubertptrs: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.08:31
lotuspsychje!backports | bertptrs08:31
ubottubertptrs: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging08:31
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring08:32
bertptrsthanks, that clarifies -backports and -prososed, although I'm still not entirely clear on the distinction between the others08:34
ubottuSecurity Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn08:37
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ducassebertptrs: the only distinction is in the name, security are updates from the security team, -updates are everything else09:27
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BluesKajHi all13:06
Lutinhi guys, will the wireguard kernel module come to 20.04 ?13:14
rbasakLutin: I thought it was already there?13:15
Lutinrbasak I needed to upgrade to 21.04 to have it..13:16
ograit is definitely there in the hwe kernel13:16
cbreakhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/wireguard, there seems to be a dkms for it13:16
ogra... but i also see it in the regular 20.04 5.4 kernel here13:16
ograas well as13:17
Lutinokay because with docker I wasn't able to use it about 3-4 weeks ago13:18
Lutinso i upgraded13:18
Lutincbreak yeah installed that... issues or bugs, don't know anymore13:19
rbasakSounds like you need help to get it working in your particular environment, rather than there being missing support in Ubuntu.13:19
cbreakI have an lxc that runs wireguard in 20.0413:21
cbreak(but my outer OS is 21.04 so... maybe it just uses that13:21
arhHello people. A friend of mine wants to install Ubuntu GNU+Linux for the first time (first time installing GNU OS) to try it out and he was wondering if he could be able to add another HDD to his laptop and install Ubuntu there. Is it possible?13:36
arhInstead of installing two operating systems on one HDD, he wants to install two operating systems on separate HDDs but on single laptop.13:37
coconutarh, is possible from grub from the first hdd(or ssd if that is the case), as long as the laptop can have another hdd.13:44
arhcoconut, so it won't make any problem? Another question. Is it possible to install Windows after installing Ubuntu? It's for myself though. My hard disk is encrypted and I don't want to lose my installation. I got my laptop with Ubuntu pre-installed.13:46
Lutincbreak it uses your 21.04 host one13:56
coconutarh, if you install windows after ubuntu? Then your bootloader will be the windows version again, so you would need to re-install grub again to make boot option for ubuntu too. Probably duckduckgo.com just finds it well.13:59
mikrosisso I want to list all packages `apt` got from a repository on my system14:03
mikrosisI can see that repository during `apt update`14:03
mikrosisbut I want to find out what packages `apt` actually sees from that reposittory14:03
mikrosisany ways? :)14:03
ograapt policy <packagename>14:04
leftyfbmikrosis: grep ^Package /var/lib/apt/lists/repository-name*_Packages | awk '{print $2}' | sort -u   # replacing repository-name with the repo14:08
ograoops, indeed ... my command above only shows where a package was installed from, leftyfb is correct to look at the list file14:10
mikrosisleftyfb: thanks14:11
mikrosisleftyfb: OK, I ran that command for a particular PPA repo and nothing is listed14:11
mikrosisso this means the repo is empty or something went wrong, right?14:11
leftyfbmikrosis: look in /var/lib/apt/lists/ for the repo you're looking for and make sure it has a filename that ends in _Packages14:12
ograand make sure to have called apt update to make sure the list file is actually up to date14:13
mikrosisls /var/lib/apt/lists | grep ppa14:13
mikrosisapt update indeed lists that repo14:13
mikrosisbut when I run that grep to list all packages of that repo - it comes back empty14:13
leftyfbmikrosis: ppa.launchpad.net_ondrej_php_ubuntu_dists_groovy_InRelease does not end in _Packages14:14
leftyfbmikeliuk84: which release of ubuntu are you running?14:14
mikrosisleftyfb: ohhh14:15
mikrosisleftyfb: but why doesn't it? something went wrong during apt update?14:15
arhcoconut, thank you.14:15
ograwhat ubuntu release is your machine running14:15
mikrosisme? Ubuntu 20.1014:16
leftyfbmikrosis: time to upgrade14:16
mikrosisleftyfb: hmm14:16
leftyfbmikrosis: especially if it's a server14:16
ogralaunchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php only supports bionic, focal and hirsute14:17
mikrosisthat explains it14:17
leftyfbmikrosis: typically when a release of ubuntu goes EOL, you start to lose support for it. 20.10 went EOL a little over 3 weeks ago14:18
mikrosisleftyfb: how dangerous is a dist upgrade from my version to the latest LTS?14:21
mikrosisleftyfb: I took a backup and snapshot14:22
mikrosisbut I want to avoid downtime. sure, I could spin up a 2nd instance but this is also a cost factor14:22
mikrosisleftyfb: hmm, 20.04 seems to be the LTS, not the latest14:23
ograif you have a public server you should always stick to the LTS14:24
leftyfbmikrosis: unless you are upgrading every 6-9 months, I would not suggest using non-LTS releases. Especially for a server and even more-so for a production environment14:24
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mikrosisleftyfb: thanks, this was helpful14:35
mikrosisDoesn't Ubuntu offer minimal/server ISOs anymore?14:45
mikrosisAt least I read "legacy"14:45
leftyfbmikrosis: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-legacy-server/releases/20.04.1/release/   first result on google for "ubuntu 20.04 server legacy"14:46
mikrosisleftyfb: right, but they call it "legacy" now :/14:48
mikrosisHm, how can I find out whether my Ubuntu is an Ubuntu server or not?14:52
mikrosislsb_release -a only shows that it is Ubuntu14:52
leftyfbmikrosis: did you install a desktop environment?14:52
mikrosisOr is Ubuntu server just Ubuntu without the GUI (headless)? Are there any indications?14:52
mikrosisno desktop, no14:52
mikrosisI don't want any GUI, minimal14:53
leftyfbthen it's a server14:53
mikrosisOK, so there is no other thing than that14:53
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metallichello everyone I have a question which I don't know what channel it fits best, so I am asking it here. I have an application installed (latest version in repos) on my Ubuntu 20.04 and I am currently working on the translation of that application's upstream version (newer than the one I have installed). Before submitting my translation I want to compile and run the app to see everything is ok.15:09
metallicMy question is, is there a "safe" way to compile, install and run this upstream version without recurring to a virtual machine or uninstall the currently installed version of the app?15:09
metallicby safe I mean avoiding any possible conflict arising from having two different versions of the same app on the OS at the very same time15:11
BluesKajmetallic, by upstream version do you mean from a ppa?15:12
metallicBluesKaj: no, the latest version available in its github repo15:13
metallicwell, I thought upstream version meant "latest developed version", sort of ^^', sorry if I got it wrong15:13
BluesKajmetallic,  then what reason do you have for not using the default version for your OS15:14
BluesKajnewest isn't always the best15:14
metallicbecause the translation I am doing is for the latest version in the repo, which differs slighty from the latest in the Ubuntu repos15:16
metallicsorry, the translation is for the latest version in the github repo (latest developed version), not for the latest available in Ubuntu's15:16
metallicto test the translation in action I should compile, install and run the app, but I am unsure if that may cause any trouble knowing I have already installed an older version :/15:17
BluesKajthen you should ask in #ubuntu-devel15:18
metallicI thought of it, but it's channel description clearly states "ubuntu devel (not support)" ^^', so I guess my question is not in order there :(15:19
leftyfbmetallic: is this a GUI application?15:19
metallicyes, it does have a GUI15:20
leftyfbmetallic: then I would pick something to go into a VM15:20
metallicI wanted to avoid either that or uninstalling the currently installed version hahaha, but I guess there is no way out15:21
metallicwell, I think I will take the VM road. If anyone comes up with another alternative, please let me know :)15:23
metallicthanks for your time, BluesKaj, leftyfb15:23
BluesKajgood luck metallic :-)15:24
punkgeekanyone can help me what is the problem of configuring the bridge on the VM which has a static IP? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/z3F8xVsmWG/15:29
punkgeekwhen I remove the bridge part, VM connect to the internet, But when I add the bridge part to the config file, VM won't have internet15:31
de-factowhere do i specify what app opens a filetype?15:44
de-factoright click does not allow this for desktop files and in nautilus it prepends a wrong path hence fails15:44
de-factofor some reason gnome gets less usable with every update15:45
de-factoi want to 1) provide an application path 2) tell gnome to use the path of a file without any modification15:46
mikrosisThere is no default app/protocol settings page as in Windows? Then they should really add this15:49
oerheksthere is, in gnome systemsettings, default applications15:50
oerheksbut the 'path' thing i don't understand15:50
mikrosisoerheks: gnome systemsettings, default applications15:51
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de-factohuh? where can i define the app and the launch signature (e.g. labview -launch /path/to/file.vi) in there?15:58
de-factono possibility to even choose anything related to that in the gnome default applications menu15:59
de-factolook i have files ending with .vi and i want to tell gnome to use the program "labview" in the PATH and invoke it like labvies -launch /path/to/clicked.vi16:00
de-factois that possible somehow?16:03
metallicde-facto: I am using LXQt right now and I can do what you ask by right-click > Properties > Open with > Customize > Custom command16:04
de-factoyeah i wish gnome had something like that16:04
de-factothey delete everything from their interface16:04
leftyfbde-facto: try mimeopen -d file.vi16:04
leftyfbde-facto: also, I'm curious what you mean by "in nautilus it prepends a wrong path hence fails"16:05
leftyfbde-facto: if you have multiple labview binaries, that might be the issue you want to look into. Using $PATH in something like this isn't recommended. It should be an absolute path16:06
de-factoleftyfb it prepends a prefix to the file path that makes labview fail to find it then16:06
de-factomimeopen presents me a choice 1) labview 2) other and 1) works16:07
de-factoso how to tell gnome to do it like mimeopen?16:07
de-factothe open with dialogue is pretty useless as it does not allow any modification16:08
leftyfbde-facto: so running /path/to/labview -launch /path/to/file.vi fails?16:08
de-factonope that works i think16:08
de-factolet me check16:08
leftyfb"it prepends a prefix to the file path that makes labview fail to find it then"16:09
de-factojup that works16:09
de-factoyes gnome prefixes the file path16:09
de-factolabview says the file /usr/local/natinst/LabView-2020-64/*/home/user/Desktop/file.vi could not be opened. no application was found to open that type of file16:11
de-factoso the way gnome launches it it fails, but mimeopen and manually opening it from terminal works16:11
de-factohence my question: how can i modify the way gnome opens files? they removed the option to modify that (i remember it was in the open with dialogue before16:12
oerheksmissing a space? /usr/local/natinst/LabView-2020-64/*/home/user/Desktop/file.vi16:12
oerheksanyway, put labview properly in your %path%16:13
de-factoit is in the PATH16:14
de-factothe way gnome launches it is broken16:14
de-factoi need to fix that, hence where can i influence that?16:14
mikrosishm, put it in quotes or backticks maybe?16:17
de-factohow do i tell gnome to put it in quotes?16:17
de-factoi can easily launch it from terminal16:18
oerheksbut that line is missing a space too..16:18
de-factoi cant even see a way to fix things in gnome, where is that setting supposed to be made?16:18
AmRAny one Where is config file for Resolution list ?16:18
oerheksAmR, there is no resolution list./xorg.conf, it is generated automatic16:20
Lutinis there some simple crontab manager on cli ?16:20
de-factois there any way in gnome to fix broken file associations?16:25
mikrosisde-facto: overwrite the broken config file with a working one?16:27
de-factowhich config file?16:27
leftyfbLutin: crontab -e # though you should really be moving over to systemd timers16:27
de-factomikrosis if you tell me which file is responsible for defining that i can try to fix it, but i dont know which file is that for gnome16:28
mikrosisde-facto: Different distro, but this could be the same: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=638881#p63888116:30
oerheksnormally one clicks open with; select application( if in the path) and be done with it.16:31
oerheksthere is no file with custom associations, AFAIK. not human readable16:31
mikrosisoerheks: and in this case it doesn't work?16:31
mikrosisoerheks: also *nix also uses magic numbers for binary files16:31
metallicde-facto: as your question is specifically on GNOME's behaviour, you could try to ask it on #gnome .16:32
oerhekswell, he made an error with a space in that line he gave us16:32
oerheksand with a * at the end, not a good idea16:32
ash_worksican I check that I changed my password successfully without logging out?16:33
ash_worksipossibly using the `login` command16:33
leftyfbash_worksi: yes, login using a different window/terminal16:33
leftyfb(via ssh)16:33
leftyfbor use sudo16:33
ash_worksiwill sudo use the new password?16:34
de-factohmm by trial an error: cp /usr/share/applications/labview64-2020.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/labview64-2020.desktop  ... and then nano /.local/share/applications/labview64-2020.desktop to modify the Exec line to Exec=labview -launch '%F'16:42
de-factousing double quotes there seems to make gnome prepend that broken prefix16:42
de-factoe.g. Exec=labview -launch '%F' works while Exec=labview -launch "%F" is broken16:42
Lutinleftyfb OK... going to read about them... sounds better.never liked crontab :)16:46
tomreyn!repos | bertptrs: i think this describes all "pockets"17:42
ubottubertptrs: i think this describes all "pockets": The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.17:42
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mortwell, I figured out that ubuntu consistently fails to suspend if I have no monitors connected to my GPU, or if the connected monitors don't have power20:13
TJ-mort: which GPU make?20:17
TJ-mort: does the nvidia driver report problems in the kernel log?20:18
mortTJ-: I don't know how I can check really? From what I've read suspend problems are really hard to debug specifically because non-volatile storage gets disconnected20:19
mortI can't get it back on without a hard reboot through holding down the power button or cutting the power in other ways20:19
mortI know for sure that the GPU is at fault though, I did the pm_trace stuff in the suspend debugging guide on the ubuntu wiki and at the next boot, the only "hash matches" line in the dmesg log was regarding the GPU PCI device20:20
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ash_worksiso I have a connection script that uses expect; I have a reset option which resets the password (given a default)21:20
mneil-qcHi, I'm wondering if any Thinkpad users can verify this trackpoint issue that I've run into on my new P14s: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-libinput/+bug/193600821:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1936008 in xserver-xorg-input-libinput (Ubuntu) "Trackpad interfering with trackpoint even when disabled" [Undecided, New]21:21
ash_worksiI'd like to be able to check that the password has been set successfully before moving on... how can I do that?21:23
sarnoldash_worksi: usually it's enough to check the exit status of the command you execute21:23
ash_worksisarnold: you wouldn't know how to do that in tcl/expect /21:24
leftyfbash_worksi: use expect/sshpass to ssh to yourself or auth with sudo21:24
ash_worksileftyfb: I can do that, but I was hoping to automate it21:24
cbreakhmm... are there any packages to get the dev headers for libzfs.so.4?21:25
leftyfbash_worksi: hence expect21:25
cbreakwhich package does libzfs.so.4 even come from?21:25
ash_worksileftyfb: maybe I don't understand21:26
TJ-!info libzfs-dev21:26
ubottuPackage libzfs-dev does not exist in hirsute21:26
leftyfbcbreak: looks like it's only available in the libzfs4linux in 21.0421:26
oerheksfind libzfs21:26
sarnoldash_worksi: check $? perhaps?21:26
sarnoldash_worksi: (bash variable)21:26
sarnoldash_worksi: if expect executes the thing directly itself, then it should have a way to get the exit status21:27
leftyfbash_worksi: use expect in your script that checks if you can ssh with askpass or use sudo21:27
TJ-!info libzfs2linux-dev | cbreak21:27
ubottucbreak: Package libzfs2linux-dev does not exist in hirsute21:27
TJ-!info libzfslinux-dev | cbreak21:27
ubottucbreak: libzfslinux-dev (2.0.2-1ubuntu5.1, hirsute): OpenZFS filesystem development files for Linux. In component main, is extra. Built by zfs-linux. Size 1,782 kB / 10,945 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)21:27
cbreakleftyfb: thanks, that's for the library21:27
leftyfbcbreak: yeah, you asked what package the file came from, that's the package it comes from21:28
sarnoldcbreak: try installing libzfslinux-dev ?21:28
cbreakI wonder why dpkg-query -S didn't find that21:28
cbreaksince I did have it installed21:28
ash_worksisarnold: yes, but issuing a command and then reading the output to a variable to get n-bytes to check it is a bit convoluted. I was hoping there was a better way21:28
cbreaksarnold: yeah, promissing indeed, thanks21:28
sarnoldash_worksi: the downside of course is that checking the return value assumes the passwd ocmmand will return the right result. it *should*, but you know how that goes..21:29
coconutmneil-qc, i am reading it(i have an x1), but i do not understand what "trackpoint" is.21:29
sarnoldcoconut: bright little red thing in the keyboard21:30
mneil-qccoconut, the trackpoint is the red pointing stick on the keyboard21:30
ash_worksileftyfb: what i mean is, I update my local password manager after running `sudo su -\r ***********\r passwd -u $user\r **********\r ***********\r`21:30
ash_worksiwhere '*'s are passwords21:30
coryc257Does anyone know if a driver for these headphones exists or can point me in the right direction?: Bus 001 Device 010: ID 9886:0042 Astro Gaming Astro A2021:30
coconutoh, never used it but just worked one second ago i guess21:31
mneil-qccoconut, mine works but it's not smooth while there is anything in contact with the trackpad21:31
ash_worksiI just don't want to update the password manager unless I am sure that the `passwd` operation was successful (it's not right now for some reason, but it could be asking me to retype twice because of some arbitrary crap password rules that sudo overrides)21:31
mneil-qcit becomes erratic and "laggy" if my palm is near the trackpad, even if I've disabled the trackpad21:31
TJ-ash_worksi: why not just use chpasswd ?21:32
coconutmneil-qc, no i have no issue here on x1 extreme gen2(uefi 1.36 i believe)21:32
mneil-qcweird, thanks for checking21:32
coconutyeah, all i can do21:33
mneil-qccan you see if it's an Elan or Synaptics one?21:33
mneil-qcit should tell you if you use "xinput list" command21:33
ash_worksiTJ-: I had problems with that before.... I could probably get that working, but now that I understand how to use `exp_continue` I just loop across `[Cc]urrent password` and `[Nn]ew password` to insert them21:33
ash_worksican't I check this with `login` somehow?21:34
ash_worksiI keep forgetting how to use `login`21:34
tomreynmneil-qc: have you tried to   xinput --disable 1121:35
coconutmneil-qc, "Synaptics TM3512-010"21:35
tomreynmneil-qc: just one dash, sorry21:36
mneil-qctomreyn, I have, but it doesn't do anything apart from disable my trackpad21:36
mneil-qceven with the trackpad disabled it still interferes21:36
tomreynoh i assumed that's what you wanted21:36
mneil-qcIdeally it is, but there's still interference21:36
mneil-qccoconut, thanks. My older thinkpad's trackpoint uses synaptic and it works fine too. This one uses Elan21:37
tomreynokay, i didnt get that21:37
TJ-ash_worksi: with chpasswd, if you do one user at a time, it'll return a non-zero exit code if there's a failure. E.g.  echo "me:mypassword" | chpasswd -R /mychroot && echo "Success"21:37
cbreakhmm... it seems /lib is a symlink to /usr/lib21:38
coconutbad for thinkpads reputation21:38
TJ-mneil-qc: is there something in the kernel log suggesting to use an alternative driver?21:38
mneil-qctomreyn, the reason I think it's interference is because I ran "libinput debug-events" and it still registers trackpad touches even when it's disabled21:38
ash_worksiTJ-: well I did go through the effort of setting the current user to a variable (using whoami) and sudo'ing to root21:38
ash_worksiso I guess I should be able to do that21:38
mneil-qcTJ-, no21:38
cbreakand libzfs4linux installs to /lib21:38
ash_worksieg `echo "$user:$newpass" | chpasswd`21:39
ash_worksiwhat is -R?21:39
cbreakso dpkg-query -S didn't find the /usr/lib true location variant21:39
TJ-ash_worksi: "man chpasswd"21:39
TJ-cbreak: that's part of the fallout of the usrmerge process. with -S only search for the last part of the path, e.g. bin/myexec or lib/libmylib21:40
tomreynmneil-qc: :-/ i'm wondering whether that's more of a firmware or driver issue21:40
cbreakTJ-: interesting, thanks21:40
ash_worksiTJ-: Apply changes in the CHROOT_DIR directory and use the configuration files from the CHROOT_DIR directory. --- I don't really get what that menas21:40
cbreaknever heard of that process.21:40
TJ-ash_worksi: it means you can test it on a chroot instead of the live system, until it works perfectly21:41
TJ-mneil-qc: my thinkpad (E495) report an Elan device. How do I do your test?21:41
ash_worksiwhich is... like a virtual env?21:41
TJ-ash_worksi: yes, usually created by debootstrap21:42
mneil-qcTJ-, make sure nothing is touching/near your trackpad. Move the trackpoint around and see if the movement is fluid21:42
ash_worksiokay, so what determines /mychroot in your example?21:42
mneil-qcTJ-, if my palm is on the trackpad, or if I click the trackpoint buttons and the trackpad detects my fingers, the trackpoint becomes erratic/laggy21:43
TJ-mneil-qc: so, to be clear, we have 2 devices, SynPS/2 Synaptics Touchpad and TPPS/2 Elan Trackpoint21:43
mneil-qcTJ-, that's right21:43
mneil-qcSame for me21:43
TJ-mneil-qc: and which one do you disalbe?21:43
mneil-qcI disable the touchpad (synaptics)21:44
TJ-mneil-qc: mine's disabled.... never  noticed this before, but it works!!21:44
mneil-qcno choppiness/skipping with the pointing stick?21:44
TJ-mneil-qc: you have it totally disabled, or just the "Disable touchpad whilst typing" ?21:45
mneil-qcit's definitely off21:45
mneil-qcI tried in the BIOS as well, but it seems the BIOS is a windows-only switch on new thinkpads21:45
TJ-mneil-qc: enable/disable and now touchpad isn't working... resting thumb on touchpad whilst moving trackpoint, smooth21:46
mneil-qcTJ-, really strange for me then21:46
TJ-mneil-qc: I'm using kernel 5.1321:46
mneil-qcI've tried using a new kernel too just in case21:46
mneil-qcI've also tried on fedora with a live usb session and it's there too21:47
TJ-more likely to be Xorg drivers though, presumably you're using Xorg not a Wayland compositor?21:47
mneil-qcI've already tried that21:47
mneil-qcI'm thinking the issue is libinput still21:48
ash_worksiTJ-: like does `/mychroot` have to exist?21:48
TJ-ash_worksi: well yes :)21:48
TJ-mneil-qc: I'm on 20.04, Xubuntu21:49
ash_worksiTJ-: can/should I just make it my home dir?21:49
mneil-qcTJ-, when I run "sudo libinput debug-events" I can see the trackpad registering things, even if it's disabled and not moving the cursor21:49
mneil-qcI've tried on i3wm too, so it's not a gnome thing21:49
TJ-ash_worksi: you can make it anywhere, that will have under it ./etc/passwd and ./etc/shadow I think21:49
TJ-mneil-qc: I'll try that here21:50
ash_worksiTJ-: is it intended to be ephermeral? (after the command executes, does it go away? Should I get rid of it?)21:50
mneil-qcTJ-, thanks. Basically, the issue makes it so that moving the trackpoint always feels like there's another mouse/pointer trying to move in another direction21:50
TJ-ash_worksi: it's purely a way to test your processes without messing up the system's real /etc/shadow21:51
TJ-mneil-qc: is it possible the scroll region is stuck down?21:51
mneil-qcTJ-, definitely not21:51
TJ-mneil-qc: which package has libinput ?21:52
mneil-qcTJ-,  xserver-xorg-input-libinput21:52
TJ-found it ! libinput-tools21:52
mneil-qcah, right21:52
ash_worksiTJ-: I mean, I am just kind of confused; I use `docker` and I think that isolates in a similar manner, but that's completely ephemeral21:53
TJ-mneil-qc: I see events from touchpad when it is disabled but they are ignored. They do not affect the pointer being controlled by trackpoint21:54
mneil-qcTJ-, that's the same for me, except the lag happens whenever the events show up21:55
TJ-ash_worksi: -R simply tells chpasswd to operate on files other than the system files, so it can be tested, or used to configure real chroots as created by debootstrap21:55
ash_worksiTJ-: so, something like `... | chpasswd -R ... && echo "success"; expect "success": pass insert -ef "$newpass"`21:57
TJ-ash_worksi: no, that would do the pass insert regardless of exit code. You want: if echo "$user:$newpass" | chpasswd -R /my/test/root ; then pass insert -ef "$newpass"; else echo "Error: password change failed"; fi21:59
TJ-ash_worksi: obviously, you'd remove the -R /my/test/root for real changes21:59
ash_worksiTJ-: `-R` confuses me tremendously, is it affecting the system or not? I *only* want to update the manager if password is *actually* changed22:00
ash_worksiotherwise I won't be able to login22:00
TJ-ash_worksi: as the man page says, "Apply changes in the CHROOT_DIR directory and use the configuration files from the CHROOT_DIR directory"22:02
ash_worksiTJ-: I don't know if I'm hopeless or not, but I just don't know what the implication is of that statemetn22:04
coryc257ash_worksi, to put it another way it means it will alter a file /my/test/root/etc/shadow given a CHROOT_DIR of /my/test/root22:05
ash_worksicoryc257: that sounds like if I do that, and say `if ... | chpasswd -R ...; then pass insert ...; fi` then I'll update the manager and not actually update my password (outside of chroot)22:06
TJ-ash_worksi: example: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/S35NjSP9PS/22:08
TJ-ash_worksi: precisely! I said, use -R to /TEST/ your scripts do update shadow correctly first, THEN remove the -R path22:09
LadyCailinIs writing programs for ubuntu on topic, or is there a better channel for that?22:09
ash_worksiTJ- so `if ... | chpasswd -R ...; then ... | chpasswd; fi` ?22:11
TJ-LadyCailin: 'for Ubuntu' is kind-of limited - usually it'd be "for GNU/Linux" - Ubuntu is a distribution. Unless you mean packaging a program for Debian/Ubuntu22:11
ash_worksialso, I just realized I can't do `then pass ...` anyway because I need to run that locally from the script22:11
TJ-ash_worksi: but surely you'd put the if...then...else...fi inside your script ?22:12
LadyCailinNo. I guess it is Linux programming, but I'm specifically testing on Ubuntu. But at the stage I'm at, I doubt there will be any specifically Ubuntu things, though maybe, I'm writing very low level code. In any case, if there's a more specific channel, I can go there, otherwise I can just ask here.22:13
ash_worksiTJ-: well, `chpasswd` needs be run as `send "chpasswd"` where as `pass` needs to be run `exec pass ...`22:13
TJ-ash_worksi: you're embedding this in an expect script?22:14
ash_worksiTJ-: yes22:15
ash_worksiTJ-: I mean, it parses flags in bash and then calls expect22:15
TJ-ash_worksi: I think I'm lost as to why this is wrapped with expect22:15
TJ-LadyCailin: well ask away, but you won't mind many programmer/developer types here most of the time22:15
ash_worksiTJ-: because I am bound by archaic insanity that is requiring both sshkeys AND a password to log into servers22:15
tomreynLadyCailin: there's #linux for more than user support centric linux (here: ubuntu) support, and there's probably a channel for your programming language of choice.22:16
ash_worksiTJ-: and I am going to great lengths to circumvent this pointless endeavor22:16
TJ-ash_worksi: hmmmm. nasty22:16
LadyCailinI'll try #linux then, thanks22:16
tomreynLadyCailin: there's also #ubuntu-offtopic22:16
TJ-LadyCailin: if Ubuntu is possibly impacting your program then this is the appropriate place to ask22:17
ash_worksiTJ-: I started using expect to just login through a jump server (thank you `ssh -J`), but I ended up needing a number of options22:17
ash_worksiTJ-: such as --screen22:17
ash_worksiwhich starts me in a screen session22:17
ash_worksior --user john22:17
ash_worksiwhich sudo's to user John22:17
ash_worksiI basically want to interact with my password manager as least as possible22:18
ash_worksianyway, the most complicated one is --reset22:18
ash_worksiwhich _can_ take a password but has a default (that another admin sets when I lock myself out)22:18
ash_worksiso the idea is to be able to run `conn some_server -r` and that should connect, run sudo, chpasswd and quit (I seemed to have problems getting back to `interact` from that point)22:19
LadyCailinWell, basically, I'm writing a "hello world" level program in LLVM IR, which I'm then compiling to an executable, which segfaults. There isn't really "source code", so gdb isn't particularly useful here, and indeed, the program is only one line anyways, objdump -d shows that the whole program is "exor %eax,%eax/retq", yet it still segfaults. I'm a bit at a loss as to how to proceed with...22:20
LadyCailin...debugging this, I imagine that there's something more substantially wrong here, such as using the wrong linker options or something like that, but I'm not sure what to check or where to start.22:20
TJ-LadyCailin: sounds like you're not linking in the stdlib entry/exit functions22:20
LadyCailinI've overridden the entry point, so that got rid of one of the linking errors, so I suppose that works. But I'm not exiting, I'm returning 0, but maybe that still needs the stdlib as if it were calling exit()?22:21
LadyCailinThe linker options are simple right now, it's `ld.lld-12 -o main --entry=main main.o`22:23
LadyCailinI can see the linker options clang is using with `clang -v` though, so maybe I just have a look through each of these and figure out what each flag does, and try to apply relevant looking flags until it works.22:29
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TJ-LadyCailin: you might find help in ##programming for something this detailed22:34
LadyCailinHeh, yeah, ok. I just tried all the options that clang -v shows, and it still segfaults, so there may be something wrong at a previous stage or something. So, maybe I need to go to #llvm or something. Anyways, thanks for the pointers.22:36
sarnoldLadyCailin: haha :)22:49
sarnoldLadyCailin: did you find it?22:49
LadyCailinNot yet. I've asked in #llvm, I think this might be a problem earlier in the toolchain, despite the lack of errors.22:50
sarnoldaw rats, heh22:50
stevessss174 of the channel members are still on freenode22:51
cbreakLadyCailin: does your program have an entry point? like _start or what ever it is on linux?22:51
LadyCailinIt does, yes. I've overwritten it though, to be main, using --entry=main22:52
stevessssso.. when I asked freenode ubuntu whether anyone was there... no one answered of the 174 people in channel22:52
sarnoldstevessss: I understand most of the connections on 'old freenode' are just zombie clients these days22:52
coryc257stevessss, freenode died due to shenanigans22:52
cbreakstevessss: freenode deleted all accounts and channels22:53
LadyCailinOk, figured it out. Apparently _start does some necessary stuff, so you need to link in crt1.o (or one of the other .o files clang seems to link in by default) and then don't override the entry point.22:58
LadyCailinI'm going to try to figure out what _start does that's so important, because it's strange that it's a linker option if there's no case where doing it results in a working program.22:59
TJ-LadyCailin: well yes; the stack has to be set up in a particular way, as well as registers23:00
coryc257LadyCailin, Book "Introduction to 64 Bit Assembly Programming for Linux and OS X: For Linux and OS X" mentions that and might be useful as a reference if you are building your own compiler?23:00
TJ-LadyCailin: check out the ELF format23:00
LadyCailinYes, I am, I'll add that to my reading list, thanks for the suggestion!23:01
sarnoldLadyCailin: seen these things yet? :) https://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/elfkickers.html http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/tiny/ -- seems like things you'd like23:01
LadyCailinInteresting. Yes, I may end up using the defaults that crt0 has, but I would definitely like to understand everything that's going in to the program, so I want to start with "what's the smallest possible program" and work up from there.23:03
GeniusI am having trouble with Makefile23:07
Geniusits annoying23:07
sarnoldsounds like a Makefile alright :)23:08
Geniusmake: *** [Makefile:24: all] Error 123:10
Geniustrying to compile UnrealIRCd23:10
sarnoldlook higher up, that's the end of the problems23:10
GeniusWhat should i do to fix the problem please sarnold ?23:11
coryc257put the full compiler output in a pastebin23:11
Genius1 moment23:11
sarnoldGenius: what TLS library do you want it to use?23:14
coryc257missing an ssl dev library23:14
Geniusi just have to install ssl dev library ?23:15
Geniuscan be done with apt-get ?23:15
sarnoldand then tell ./configure which one to use, yes23:15
coryc257Genius, sudo apt install libssl-dev23:16
coryc257will likely get you where you want to be23:16
Geniuslet me check23:16
hggdhGenius: you should probably re-run ./configure23:17
GeniusI already did23:17
coryc257Genius, did it get past the first stop?23:18
Geniusits still working23:18
Geniusno errors yet23:18
coryc257fyi, if you do make -j<put number of cpu cores *2> it may significantly speed up compile times23:19
coryc257in the future23:19
Geniusthanks, noted :)23:19
sarnoldyou can't speed up ./configure though :(23:20
sarnoldit's just slow all the time23:20
coryc257Genius, I once tried compiling the kernel on a rhel8 box wi23:20
coryc257th one core, it took me hours23:20
Geniusbut its only unrealircd now :)23:20
Geniuscompiling done :D23:20
Geniusi love you <323:20
Geniusnow doing make23:20
coryc257sarnold, just imagine trying to figure out the concurrency of multithreaded ./configure23:21
coryc257I'd just turn the pc off and go outside lol23:21
sarnoldcoryc257: if only there were a tool that knew how to sort dependencies and execute things concurrently... :)23:21
sarnoldseriously though it'd probably hav eto be pretty difficult otherwise someone would have done it by now23:22
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coryc257Genius, it make it all the way to the end?23:28
Geniusyes i really appreciate guys :D23:30
coryc257awesome, I'd recommend you contain it in a vm, with with selinux/apparmor if you plan to run it on your machine and open it up to the internet just in case if you have anything sensitive on your machine23:31
Geniusno im running it on a vps23:34
LadyCailinThis article is hilariously written, but it's contains a ton of useful info, this was a great link. http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/tiny/teensy.html23:38
LadyCailin> Of course, half of the values in this file violate some part of the ELF standard, and it's a wonder that Linux will even consent to sneeze on it, much less give it a process ID.23:39
LadyCailinAnyways, thanks for the link :D23:39
sarnoldLadyCailin: I *really* enjoyed those things when I was working on an ELF project ages ago23:40
Geniushow to open ports with ssh ?>23:41
leftyfbGenius: ubuntu does not have a firewall enabled by default. If you are having trouble accessing services, you need to contact your VPS provider for support23:43
Geniusthe unrealircd is running but im unable to connect23:43
leftyfbGenius: I might add though, given your current level of expertise, I strongly recommend against proceeding further with setting up an IRCd in a public manner until you are a bit more established when it comes to linux and security23:44
Geniusits just the opening ports thing because the linux is fresh its amazon aws23:44
leftyfbGenius: ok, then you need to look into your EC2 security groups23:45
Geniusit's lightsale bro23:45
Geniusthe firewall is inactive23:46
Geniusi did ufw status verbose23:46
leftyfbGenius: your firewall is out of band. There is no firewall enabled on ubuntu by default23:46
Geniusbut bro how can i open 6667 port23:46
Geniusit should be enabled udp or tcp ?23:47
leftyfbGenius: first, stop with the "bro". Second, you read up on the VPS service you are using on how to manage it properly. Thirst, read the documentation for UnrealIRCd and it's requirements23:48
Geniuslol why so serious23:48
leftyfbGenius: because you are not qualified to be spinning up a server which is going to be owned in a matter of minutes and you won't even know. Then the rest of us have to deal with the garbage that will be spewing from it23:49
leftyfbGenius: you have shown zero interest in properly researching and understanding what is involved and should be required in building something like this23:50
GeniusIm trying to research myself too, and no need to be that aggressive, im not offending anyone or anything23:52
Geniusso calm down mate23:52
biscuitbutter[m]Hi, I have a problem. Ethernet works during the live session, but after installation, ethernet no longer works. I'm running 20.04.2. These are my specs: https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-latitude-3150-11-6-pentium-n3540-4-gb-ram-500-gb-hdd/ My ethernet is Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller. I booted from USB, and I used rufus with the .iso. Someone suggested that the kernel upgrade during installation may be my issue. Also, now that23:52
biscuitbutter[m]it's installed, when I turn on my computer there is the error "Invalid partition table!" Then I press enter and then it boots. A kind fellow suggested that I try using the GA kernel option, and explore the partition table from live media. Not entirely sure how to follow those two suggestions, but I know the first step is reinstalling from the usb.23:52
leftyfbyou asked23:52
cbreakGenius: ssh can open ports with -L. See man page for details23:54
leftyfbcbreak: I assume you're referring to a local ssh tunnel, which isn't what Genius is referring to23:55
cbreakhe didn't say what he'd want to open the port for23:56
leftyfbcbreak: he's trying to spin up an IRC server in AWS23:56
cbreakand since he said ssh and not sshd, this is my closest guess23:56
cbreakthat makes no sense.23:57
leftyfbcbreak: by "with ssh" he means from command line23:57
cbreakhe'd want ircd to open a port for that, not ssh23:57
cbreakhmm :/23:57
leftyfbcbreak: he's very green and doesn't know what he's doing23:57
cbreakseems like it, yes23:57
Geniusyeah honestly i dont know how to do it23:58
leftyfbwhich is why he shouldn't be doing this. Not in a publicly accessible way anyway23:58
leftyfbGenius: I HIGHLY recommend playing with this in a VM or even an lxd container on a linux machine on your local network. Get it working and get a feel for how to set it up and lock it down properly23:58
Geniusone question, when i allow a port i should choose udp or tcp23:59
* leftyfb sigh23:59

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