TurboTechHey there guys.  I was the photographer who had some problems after updateing and I just want to pass along a thank you to all of you for your information.  Big thanks goes out to Eickmeyer who introduced me to DisplayCal Flatpack so I could calibrate my monitors without going into another version of Ubuntu.   My other main problem was that my color lab Java Web Start did not work after the update from 18.04 to 20.04 due to depre00:39
TurboTechted IcedTea Web.  I found a workaround by using WINE and I am able to access the MSI file that loads into the web ROES Program.  It is a little quirky, but definately usable. 00:39
OvenWerksTurboTech: glad you have things worked out. I would have thought the plasma desktop settings would have more than it does for monitor setup, but it seems pretty basic.01:50

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