tcuthberthello I'm from the Canonical SRE team. It's taken some time - however we're now ready to migrate the Xubuntu blog internally. Is there anyone from the Xubuntu staff online that is able to do some quick verification checks once I flip the switch?06:12
Bashing-omUnit193: ^^06:15
Unit193tcuthbert: I do have some access.06:16
tcuthbertUnit193: I'll update DNS now and if you could login and let me know if you see any glaring issues that would be great.06:22
Unit193tcuthbert: OK, just tell me when it's changed and what to, so I can confirm I'm getting the right results.06:28
tcuthbertUnit193: ack just getting some reviews now, will highlight you once the changes have been landed06:28
tcuthbertUnit193: So I've dropped the TTLs down to 1min so we'll need to wait 600s for the old TTLs to expire. Next ping should be the real deal.06:36
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tcuthbertUnit193: I've noticed that the cache doesn't serve content properly on the apex domain so going to need to do a bit more tweaking. Standby06:58
tcuthbertUnit193: I've now cutover xubuntu 07:11
tcuthbertah 07:11
tcuthbertno i haven't.. bind error :*07:11
tcuthbertmy bad @ cannot be a CNAME - one second just getting another review 07:17
tcuthbertokay Unit193 we're now live.07:22
Unit193Well I did find something broken, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't before.  On xubuntu.org, if you click download you seem to be redirected to a page that doesn't exist.  Not sure who's side that's on though.07:27
tcuthbertUnit193: okay checking07:28
Unit193There's a redirect page, but that seems to not be redirecting right.07:29
tcuthbertUnit193: I've fixed that redirect07:32
tcuthbertThere were a number of others that I copied over from the old env. Just waiting for the deploy to conclude and I'll paste them here07:32
Unit193Yeah sysrequirements, etc were the same.07:33
tcuthbertUnit193: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nmVvbJBcxq/07:34
tcuthbertah I think we just need to drop the $requesturi variable07:34
tcuthbertUnit193: I've updated all those redirects07:39
tcuthbertUnit193: we also have these rewrite rules that perform redirects https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KCP52BNW6P/07:48
tcuthbertsome of them look quite legacy07:48
tcuthbertUnit193: should /glossary just go to / ?07:51
Unit193tcuthbert: I'd wonder if that might be news/tag ?07:53
Unit193Sorry, but I don't know precisely on that.07:53
tcuthbertUnit193: ack - for now it's just going to stip /glossary out of the URI and redirect but we can easily update that later if it needs to go somewhere else07:54
tcuthbertUnit193: are you happy with the other redirects though? I need to persist the changes in VCS07:54
Unit193tcuthbert: Yeah I think so for now, I'll ensure to poke one of the website people so they can check over too once they're awake.07:55
tcuthbertnws - you guys can raise RTs or try get a hold of PVG in #canonical-sysadmin otherwise my hours are UTC +807:57
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gpolHi, I've recently installed Xubuntu and I'm having some keyboard troubles. I need to use the AltGr (right alt) key to make some symbols. The thing is that this key is not working. In fact, I seem to lost window focus while pressing it. If a execute "xev" to check for X events, pressing/releasing the AltGr key seems to send a FocusIn/FocusOut event.14:38
gpolI searched a lot and there doesn't seem to have any system shortcuts for this key. Is there anybody that knows something about this issue or that can point me toward a solution? Thanks14:38

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