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blackboxswakutz: falcojr landed https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/953 I'll talk to falcojr to see if we can't attempt to produce a release for testing in Impish (Ubuntu 21.10) images. Initial feature freeze for Ubuntu Impish actually comes up in a week I think.02:26
ubottuPull 953 in canonical/cloud-init "Datasource for VMware" [Merged]02:26
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akutzblackboxsw falcojr: Thank you both! If we can get this in 21.10, that would be amazing! Do you think it will at least be part of the next CI release?14:15
falcojrwe need to figure out the netifaces dependency thing first, but yes...it should go into the next release and be backported to supported releases back to 18.0414:17
falcojr*supported Ubuntu releases14:17
akutzfalcojr Ack. Please see https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/96515:19
ubottuPull 965 in canonical/cloud-init "Change netifaces dependency to 0.10.4" [Open]15:19
akutzfalcojr I'd rather stay on netifaces 0.10.9, but on the chance we need to flip to 0.10.4, here's a PR to do that with testing to verify it satisfies the most common use case.15:19
akutzis anyone else unable to push to their own GH remotes?15:35
akutzYup, GH is experiencing issues https://www.githubstatus.com15:36
akutzfalcojr GH's issues are preventing me from updating the above PR. I added a test to verify two network interfaces work as well.15:39
falcojryeah, I'm having github issues too15:40
falcojrakutz: "but on the chance we need to flip to 0.10.4, here's a PR to do that". It sounds like you don't want to have to use this PR. Do we have a better alternative? 15:43
akutzI mean, I'd almost always rather use the latest version. On the offchance we need to stick to 0.10.4 for CVE issues as noted in the DS PR comments, I wanted to have some level of confidence of what moving to 0.10.4 would mean.15:44
akutzfalcojr: In other words, I wanted to have options. Now, true, it probably does not help my case to go with 0.10.9, but at the same time, if someone asked me could I say that 0.10.4 *wouldn't* work, then no, I would not have been able to truthfully state that. Based on the changelog there are possible issues people will encounter in the edgier edge cases, but still, having DS VMware in >=18.04 with netifaces 0.10.4 is better than not having the DS at15:46
akutz all :)15:46
falcojrit's less about CVE issues specifically and more just what packages are supported where15:49
akutzFair. In which case I would think pip would be a sensible approach?15:50
falcojrif we're talking about Ubuntu specifically, no, we use the dependencies packaged in the release15:52
falcojrso in focal and above, we'll get 0.10.9, and on below we'll get 0.10.415:52
akutzAck. Which brings us back to the PR.15:52
akutzI was confused when you asked me if I had an alternative. I do not. I just meant "if we need to flip to 0.10.4" in so far as to get VMware into older Ubuntu distros at all. 15:53
akutzAnyway, once GH is back from the brink the PR will be updated.15:53
falcojryeah, I can't even see the PR currently15:53
akutzThe diff is just the version change in requirements.txt. Here's the patch notes https://gist.github.com/akutz/c1ae7a64ee1bf7503e723e7332063d2016:00
akutzfalcojr: Looks like the PR is now updated correctly16:51
falcojrakutz: "GH's issues are preventing me from updating the above PR. I added a test to verify two network interfaces work as well." As part of this PR? I still just see the version diff in requirements.txt19:29
akutzThe tests are in the patch notes19:29
akutzSorry I wasn't clear19:29
falcojrahh, gotcha. Thanks19:30
akutzI just wanted to validate for my own sanity that both of the common use cases were covered with
falcojrare you wanting that entire test procedure to be part of the commit message?19:32
akutzI tend to draft thorough patch notes. If you want, I can move that out of the patch notes and into the PR's testing section.19:34
akutzfalcojr: Updated the PR with the updated patch notes with the testing notes moved to the PR description's testing section.19:40
akutzThanks falcojr!20:10
falcojrjust merged :)20:10
akutzSo I thought you already *had* merged it because I cannot read. I saw the notification via e-mail about something merging and main. Then when I went to tell my team that the PR wasn't actually merged, you merged it :)20:15
falcojrwe're a mess of confusion here :D20:15
akutzNah, y'all have been immensely helpful. I just have issues reading e-mail apparently.20:21
akutzfalcojr: So, now I want more of course :) I think blackboxsw mentioned Ubuntu code freeze might be coming up? Do you or he foresee any challenge to making this DS part of Cloud-Init 21.3 and including it in the next Ubuntu release or older releases >=18.04? I'm not asking for a firm commitment, just whether you see any immutable blockers. Thanks!20:26
falcojrwe should be good now. Everything is there to make it into the upstream release and we'll do an upload into impish before the code freeze. That reminds me that we need a small packaging change for this. That's something me and blackboxsw will handle though20:37
akutzNice, thank you!!!20:58

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