dragon2is there any reason why lubuntu should not detect an older brother printer?10:43
dragon2it has option for wifi, wired network connection and I think USB cable too10:44
guivercdragon2, you haven't provided release details; but I can't see why it'd be any different to any other Ubuntu (or flavor) of the same release11:36
dragon2I have forgotten11:37
dragon2I did a larger upgrade not too long ago11:37
dragon2not sure what it is with the old printer, the other two I sometimes use are fine11:41
dragon2They have a printer in the library where I work and it doesn`t detect on my computer11:42
dragon2I have to walk down four floors for the main one lol11:43
dragon2very odd thing, I have a usb cable in  my computer now11:48
dragon2I did a test print out from the printer, and it works11:48
apt-ghetto!es | pablo 14:42
ubottupablo: En este canal de lubuntu, sólo se habla en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español, entre al canal #lubuntu-es; escriba " /join #lubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:42
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