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tomreynI drafted this piece yesternight because it's a rather common support topic these days and i noted i'm too lazy to explain it every time 23:05
sarnoldheh I don't recall seeing LTSE before23:06
tomreynfeel free to reuse and improve upon as you seem fit. it's certainly far from perfect - i hope it's not wrong23:06
tomreynltse was mentioned on ubuntu.com for a while. i searched for it yesterday, but could not longer find it23:07
sarnoldhmm. maybe I'm just going senile..23:07
sarnoldI hand out *this* link all the time https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:07
tomreynmore likely, i'll be23:07
sarnoldI've always hated the name of this thing23:08
tomreynhmm i think i got senile and that's what i really meant23:08
tomreynso it's probably always been s/Evolution/Enablement/ and I just made this up23:10
tomreyn(still a terible name, if less so ;-) )23:11
sarnoldtomreyn: having both GA -> LTS and LTS -> GA commands on one page is going to be so helpful :)23:12
tomreynthis was what i wanted initially, but then i realized i also need to explains those acronyms. and that this is just for LTS, and that that is another acronym, and ...23:13
tomreynyou mean GA -> HWE and HWE -> GA, right? :-P23:14
tomreynor LTSE?23:14
tomreynbecause LTSE is really the short term supported kernel and maybe X and maybe more23:15
tomreyn(compared to GA)23:16
sarnoldtomreyn: hah yeah I meant HWE .. sheesh.23:16

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