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mneptokpardon if i missed something, but how does none go about getting the privs from Freenode on Libera?17:33
sarnoldmneptok: register your account here, update your launchpad page with your registered nickname here, and then poke us again17:40
mneptoksarnold: nick is registered on Libera. i'll check LP now.17:41
mneptokall done.17:42
sarnoldcool, what's your launchpad url?17:44
sarnoldnice and simple :) hehe17:46
mneptokone of those adjectives describes me. it's not the former. ;-)17:47
sarnoldI think I did the things :) be sure to yell if something doesn't look quite right18:07
mneptokmy *whole life* can be described that way. careful what you offer.18:08
mneptokhrmf. i need to fix the connect port to use TLS. BRB.18:12
hggdhmneptok: welcome back, by the way :-)19:05
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mneptokhggdh: ahoyhoy! ltns. life ... happens.21:07
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