m0nkey_After seeing Tom Scott's video on London's Tower Bridge, I'm convinced it was him who broke it .. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-5814971601:16
ballI might have seen that one on twitter earlier01:17
m0nkey_Rather bad timing lol01:28
m0nkey_I see mobile providers are starting to re-introduce roaming fees. Soon you'll have a telephone billing equivalent to Canada :)01:30
ballI won't.01:31
ballWell, I will if I move to Canada...01:31
m0nkey_Can recommend moving to Canada01:31
ballThe thought has occurred to me.  First step towards that is getting passports so that we can visit.01:31
ballThat's far more difficult than it should be.01:32
m0nkey_Been a while since I had to apply for a UK passport01:35
m0nkey_Had mine since I was 6 .. I just renew it every 10 years01:35
ballRenewal is difficult when you live overseas though.01:36
m0nkey_Nope, no more different than renewing in the UK01:36
ballm0nkey_: Well it involves sending documents (and money) across the Atlantic in my case.01:37
m0nkey_Last renewal I did on-line, all I had to do was send a couple of passport photos along with the confirmation I had to print and my old passport. Took less than 2 weeks.01:37
ball...and getting them for the children is rough too.01:37
m0nkey_I got to renew my kids passports for visiting the UK. That'll be a little more complicated now I'm divorced.01:39
m0nkey_I also need to get a letter from the home office to be able to apply for their UK passportsd01:39
ballNot sure whether mine will need that.01:42
ballProbably cheaper to get them US passports but UK might help for some things.01:42
m0nkey_I'm going to renew their Canadian and according to the UK passport rules I can get them a UK one too :)01:45
ballMine should qualify but I hear they're throwing out people who were granted citizenship many years ago, so who knows?01:47
ballPerhaps it's just a waste of money.01:47
m0nkey_Meh, worth a shot. My kids meet all the criteria. 01:48
m0nkey_I want them to have citizenship, just so I can say a giant f-u to their mother. lol01:49
m0nkey_Plus I want them to have the opportunity to live/work in the UK if they chose to.01:49
ballThat's a good point.01:51
ballMy daughter probably shouldn't but my son might.01:51
* ball shrugs01:51
ballI wouldn't have heard the tornado sirens just then if I wasn't taking the bins out.02:53
ballOff to bed, I think.03:46
* zxm-pi raises periscope and confirms the situation is as terrible as daftykins has said10:31
diddledaniwhat idiot invented this time of day?!10:32
zxm-pithe romans.10:32
daftykinswhat've they ever done for us?10:33
diddledanibesides the roads?10:33
zxm-piwould have been against brexit too i should think :-P10:34
daftykinshehe, ISP made my builder clients new PPPoE login in my name, i've asked that they change that now10:40
daftykinsthey say they're doing the switcheroo on Friday, so i may have to attend to reconfigure things11:06
daftykinsbeen waiting for the fella to throw some cat6 in himself, so i can set up yet another Ubiquiti WiFi AP setup11:06
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