cbreakGenius: which ever protocol you want obviously00:00
leftyfbcbreak: go read the documentation for unrealircd. It's not an officially supported application in ubuntu00:00
biscuitbutter[m]How do I look at the partition table or choose the GA kernel option00:00
matsamanbiscuitbutter[m]: GA?00:01
leftyfbbiscuitbutter[m]: have you tried the HWE kernel?00:01
matsamanGeneral Availability00:02
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: sudo fdisk -l | nc termbin.com 9999    will post info on your partition tables on termbin.com, so we can also inspect it00:03
tomreynthis only works when you have a working internet connection, such as from the live / installer system00:03
tomreyn(or from the installed system by other means than the non-working wthernet)00:03
matsamanI've always found the update-while-installing option to be highly problematic00:03
biscuitbutter[m]tomreyn: Okay thanks, I will try this during the live session.00:04
matsamanthere's no way anybody's done all the QA for that00:04
biscuitbutter[m]matsaman: There's a way to turn this off?00:05
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: a knowledgebase article on dell.com suggests the partition error at boot can be a bios bug https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/de-de/000132051/how-to-fix-an-invalid-partition-table-error-on-a-system-with-a-ssd-solid-state-drive?lang=en  latest bios update is https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=x26vm&oscode=wt64a&productcode=latitude-3150-laptop00:05
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: 'install updates during installation' (or similar) is an option during installation. i think ti is disabled by default.00:06
tomreyn(i don't (yet?) see how that's related to your issue, though)00:07
biscuitbutter[m]tomreyn: There is an SSD in my laptop. So that may fix the partition table error, but not the ethernet error. I'll still do this though.00:08
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: the ethernet issue is probably a driver problem, i'd look into that next. once you're on the live system, post this as well:   lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999900:10
biscuitbutter[m]ok. so I don't need to put a windows iso onto the usb, i just need to put the .exe file onto the usb? or no since ubuntu is linux00:11
biscuitbutter[m] * ok. so I don't need to put a windows iso onto the usb to install the bios from the usb, i just need to put the bios .exe file onto the usb? or no since ubuntu is linux00:11
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: bring up the live system first of all, i'll see how to do the bios upgrade in the meantime00:14
biscuitbutter[m]<tomreyn> "biscuitbutter: bring up the live..." <- I figured out how to update the bios and already noticed an improvement, now I actually see gnu grub, I hadn't seen it until now00:23
tomreynyou don't usually get to see grub during boot, unless you're holding down shift (bios boot) or hitting escape once (uefi boot) during boot00:24
biscuitbutter[m]Does it matter whether I do legacy or uefi boot? My boot method should be the same as the original installation, right?00:27
tomreynit should not matter for the live/installer system unless you're planning to install, it will matter for the on-disk installation, where you'll need to use the same mode as you installed in00:28
biscuitbutter[m]The other command gave me errors, do I need to include sudo for that too?00:33
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: "the other command" was   lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 9999    i assume?00:34
tomreynno need for sudo there, but you probably had a typo then - consider just copying and pasting instead00:34
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: other than the usb connected storage device (60 GB), only a TOSHIBA MQ01ACF0 500 GB hard disk was detected,no SSD.00:36
biscuitbutter[m]oh right. i guess the ebay seller scammed me then. that's irrelevant to this though00:37
tomreynupgrading the bios was probably good anyways, though, based on the latest versions' changelog about battery swelling00:38
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tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: okay, maybe then the GA kernel is really better for you. are you able to bring the system online by other means after installing?00:45
tomreyni.e. wireless lan, or a smartphone connected with a cable and set to tethering mode?00:45
biscuitbutter[m]I've tried configuring wifi but idk how since it requires an ssid. i could try using a smartphone though00:47
tomreynit "requires and ssid"?, how so, are you prompted to enter one by keyboard, or do you just not have access to a wireless access point?00:48
biscuitbutter[m]I know how to login on windows it's easy, i just put in a username and password00:50
biscuitbutter[m]but idk how to login to the wifi on linux. i'll try the smartphone idea00:50
tomreynthe same user experience on Ubuntu should be the same as you discussed for Windows, unless you have wireless chipset which the manufactrurer did not provide good linux support for.00:51
tomreynwhat you're saying sounds like the latter is the case for yours00:52
biscuitbutter[m]it's either that or idk which option to select for security, but you're probably right00:53
biscuitbutter[m] * it's either that or idk which option to select for security, but you're probably right. so I guess the solution is keeping the GA kernel?00:54
tomreynbiscuitbutter[m]: a workaround may be to move to tracking the GA kernel only, removing the HWE kernel00:56
biscuitbutter[m]tomreyn: How do I do this?00:57
TJ-note: there are some systems where network connection is /either/ wired Ethernet or Wireless, but not both at once.00:58
biscuitbutter[m]I found this command  sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic00:59
biscuitbutter[m] * I found this command  sudo apt install --install-recommends linux-generic ; should I do this during the live session before I install?01:00
TJ-biscuitbutter[m]: no01:00
TJ-biscuitbutter[m]: that won't change anything, especiall in the live session01:00
TJ-biscuitbutter[m]: what does "rfkill list" report? anything blocked or soft-blocked?01:01
biscuitbutter[m]TJ-: No, weird.01:04
biscuitbutter[m]oh nvm it works now, cool01:05
biscuitbutter[m]weird, what a massive waste of time this all was. oh well, at least i upgraded my bios. Thank you!01:05
Lagotest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5e08tu3ca4rh76/lago%20on%20libera.chat%20irc%20network%20%20ubuntu%20%28901%20users%29%20%28cjnt%20510%29%202021-08-09%2020-16-06.jpg01:16
tomreynLago: is this an ubuntu support topic?01:17
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Croranwhat's the fanciest IRC client available from Ubuntu official repos?01:43
oerheksclli or gui ?01:45
oerhekshexchat vs irssi01:45
matsaman^ those are the big choices01:47
oerheksgo wild on irssi scripting, or use a reliable rich client01:47
Croranoerheks: fanciest! no cli! haha01:48
Croranhexchat is GTK?01:48
oerhekshexchat is the supported xchat fork01:48
Croranmatsaman: comic chat lol01:48
Croranthat was a good idea really. too bad it didn't take off.01:48
matsamanwell, it's not like it'd be hard to reimplement01:49
Croranwell yeah, but you'd need the marketing to get it going01:50
matsamanlot of IRC "competitors" do avatars, too01:50
Croranoh yeah?01:50
matsamannah you only need marketing if you need to make money01:50
matsamanand even then, only if you need to make money on a product people don't want to buy01:50
matsamannot hexchat, no01:50
matsamanhexchat is an IRC client01:50
matsamanthere are competing systems other than IRC01:50
matsamanand their clients allow for avatars01:50
Croranlike what?01:51
oerheksirc does no webcam01:51
matsamandoesn't matter they all suck at the moment01:51
matsamanthey're all proprietary01:51
matsamanwell all the popular ones01:51
matsamanmattermost is free & open source, IIRC01:51
matsamanbut it's not presented as a hosted just-join community01:51
matsamanit's for local private systems01:51
matsamanand then there's mumble01:52
Croranyeah hexchat looks pretty nice. i like that it seems to default to a fixed-width font.01:52
matsamanwhich I know less about, but it's free/open01:52
toddcweechat screen01:52
matsamanfixed with is very sensible in a text only medium01:52
kevin38Hey. Is there a way to get the proper host names of a few raspberry pi's that I have on my network using Ubuntu ? nmap returns info: Raspberry Pi Foundation as the hostname. I have set the raspberry pis with proper hostnames.01:55
biscuitbutter[m]I'm confused. So if I want to keep LTS, then I should never update?01:57
Crorankevin38: if you set the hostnames, then why do you need to 'get' them? you already know, right?01:57
Crorankevin38: if you want those hostnames to be usable from other PCs then you need to either set up your own DNS, or put HOSTS files on each of the machines on your LAN01:58
kevin38I have 20-25 of them. I just want to make sure that they are on and available. So, It helps knowing.. Which hostnames are online at that moment.01:58
Crorankevin38: ok you might want some network monitoring software. one is Nagios, another is MRTG01:59
Crorani don't have much experience with either.01:59
oerheksbiscuitbutter[m], not until you got a new LTS release announcement02:01
oerheksand !hwe02:01
kevin38Croran Thanks !02:01
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:01
kevin38I am looking into it right now02:02
Crorankevin38: you're welcome02:04
biscuitbutter[m]Unsupported file error02:09
oerheksmust be a non open format, lolz02:10
oerheksand just spawning a random eeror is not oke, you must share details02:10
biscuitbutter[m]oerheks: My bad, I figured it out, I will be more specific in the future.02:14
th3g3ntl3manHey guys03:08
CroranHey does anyone else have this problem with Nautilus? You switch to thumbnail view, increase the size to maybe 200% and then you scroll down a ways and click an item, and then the view scrolls back up unexpectedly?03:11
Croranmore noticeable when you try to ctrl+select multiples.03:12
gnuxcan someone help me compile a kernel03:47
gnuxthere is something wrong with the debian/scripts when the kernel is about to be compiled. then it crashes what should i do to compile a kernel successfully03:49
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Croranjust me huh?03:56
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Ali-Karamhello, how do I configure oidentd? I'm using my mobile's hotspot04:27
guivercgnux, you've provided no OS & specifics (what release/product etc), but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel maybe helpful  (assuming normal *deb* based Ubuntu system)04:33
gnuxubuntu focal04:33
Ali-Karamubuntu 21.0404:36
Croranyeah Quassel is pretty bad.05:43
Croranno dark theme, and even manual color adjustment is buggy.05:44
Croranand even when it works, you can't change the color of the chat server list and user list.05:44
Croranand some bots apparently use a subscript text and quassel cuts it off with the next line.05:44
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NitrousoxideCroran: check your PMs06:11
Croranokay you're right it's not bad if you do a bunch of extra stuff06:28
Croranty nos06:29
questiontuxhi, a long time opensuse user here, looking at kubuntu06:31
questiontuxand i have questions regarding snaps06:31
questiontuxwhat are their advantages compared to flatpaks06:32
CroranWhy don't you like OpenSUSE? I thought it was like, the premiere distro for KDE.06:32
questiontuxand is there more software available for snaps?06:32
Croranlast time i tried installing some additional snaps, they were pretty much all broken, and most of the maintainers don't really maintain them.06:32
Guest83does any1 know how to install wordpress on this root document /var/www/html/john?06:32
questiontuxCroran, I am more of a stable release conservative user, and I have a couple of issues: tumbleweed is getting promoted more and more, and i posted some bugs for Leap on bugzilla, and they're not addressed06:33
CroranGuest83: that's a super vague question and I'd suggest wordpress support is beyond the scope of #ubuntu.06:33
questiontuxI appreciate the compatibility of enterprise linux and opensuse leap06:33
questiontuxbut it seems they release it and leave it be06:33
questiontuxwhich leaves you with a year of issues06:34
Croranah interesting06:34
questiontuxI feel all the attention goes to tumbleweed06:34
questiontux(though it may be my subjective feeling, i admit)06:34
Guest83Croran ok06:34
questiontuxthe distro does feel quite premiere and really professional06:34
questiontuxbut according to opensuse stats, more and more users are on tumbleweed with regular releases being left more and more for servers06:35
questiontuxand i don't feel like installing a gig of updates every two days06:35
questiontuxeven if i have a chance of rolling back06:35
Croranmakes sense. well last time i tried kubuntu it was pretty buggy. admittedly that was like 10 years ago.06:36
Croranbut everyone said ubuntu wasn't the best distro for kde06:36
Croranpersonally, I'm a Unity user and still happy with that06:37
CroranI gave GNOME a fair shot when i upgraded to 20.04, but too many things about it sucked.06:38
questiontuxoh croran, that's good to know :D06:43
questiontuxthen it seems i'm better off with opensuse :)06:43
Crorantell me what you don't like about KDE. if anything.06:44
questiontuxi love kde06:44
questiontuxwhat's not to like :D06:44
Crorandoes it still have the default setup with the terrible 'start menu' and you have to replace it with a third-party one to get basic stuff like a text search to find applications?06:45
Crorandoes it still have 'plasmoids'?06:45
NitrousoxideCroran: No problem man06:45
questiontuxas for plasmoids, i don't know what you think06:45
questiontuxbut as search in the start menu - works perfectly for me06:45
Crorangood. i remember when there was no search unless you customized the menu.06:46
questiontuxdon't remember that (may be too long back)06:46
questiontuxi was a gnome user for couple of years06:46
questiontuxtried kde at the end of the 4.x series06:46
Croranwell may have been a kubuntu-specific issue too06:46
questiontuxand got hooked06:46
questiontuxi setup everything i like06:46
questiontuxand just roll, but every little thing is customizable06:47
Croranoh yeah. see i was on it for 3.x and it was maybe the best premium DE at that time06:47
Croranand then 4.x came and it was completely terrible06:47
Croranfor the first... 3 or 4 minor revisions06:47
questiontuxhow's unity these days06:49
questiontuxit was quite nice back then06:50
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McEhi.., why does "iwlist wlan0 scan |grep -i ssid " is printing only half the line.., until the first space..., and then cuts the find into two lines.., how do i manage to have output in a single line ?07:31
McE cuts the matchinto into two lines.., how do i manage to have output in a single line ?07:32
docmaxanyone sucessfully installed ubuntu on an iscsi target? i have troubles.07:48
McEhi..,  how do i cause "iwlist wlan0 scan |grep -i ssid " to print an ssid with a whitespace in it on a single line, instead of printing it in two lines ?07:53
grtestuserwhich tool 4 repair the bootloader?07:58
grtestusera grub07:58
alkisgMcE: example output?07:59
alkisgDo you mean that you get multiple ssids and you only want the first one?07:59
grtestusernot available, example output08:04
EriC^^grtestuser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair08:05
grtestuserno internet available08:05
grtestuserbut - i'll look it up in an i@offee08:06
McEalkisg, no .08:08
McEhi..,  how do i cause "iwlist wlan0 scan |grep -i ssid " to print an ssid on a single line08:08
McEthe ssid, has whitespaces in it...08:09
McEempty spaces..08:09
McElike SSID: "My Wlan No. 2"08:10
McElike 4 words...08:10
McEhere is would print the words in different lines08:11
alkisgMcE: that doesn't make sense, can you upload the whole output of your `iwlist wlan0 scan`?08:15
alkisgLike: iwlist wlan0 scan | nc termbin.com 999908:16
McEalkisg, sorry i am on a windows pc , right now.., but maybe later on...08:17
alkisgOK. In general, "grep" doesn't produce more lines08:17
alkisgSo you're mis-reporting something; the whole output would be needed to see what08:17
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Endo22was wondering if any one can help me in this regard. using ubntu 20.04 LTS. I am unable to see USB option when trying to upload or download anything from USB online. But USB is accessible from file manager.09:25
yxhuvudSo hmm. Given a custom kernel, how do I get a `perf` with support for libunwind nowadays? kernel was installed from kernel-ppa, but that doesn't have the tools-deb so I had to build perf by myself, which worked, except for the libunwind stuff :(09:34
yxhuvudI found some old answers (~2014), but those only had fixes that were already merged upstream and present in the current code09:40
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wonko[m]Wine/proton game stability (in some games) has degraded going from 20.04 to 21.04 (Ubuntu Studio). Are there any known issues regarding this? I've so far been unable to figure out what the issue is. For example BL2 went from being rock solid to randomly freezing. There was also a hardware change in there as well but I'm sceptical of that being a cause.11:02
SysGhostCould be your wine config is set to try native libs first, then the builtin ones. When you updated some of the libs went missing, so wine had to go for the builtin ones which could be less stable/have issues.11:14
SysGhostIt's just my guess though.11:15
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Ali-Karamhello again, how do I configure oidentd? I'm using my mobile's hotspot .. trying to get rid of the ~ in front of my username on irc by having an Ident reply to the irc server.11:30
Ali-Karam https://bpa.st/SVJQ these are my /etc/oidentd.conf & ~/.oidentd.conf11:31
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Sadistic_Dyke_NeNeed Help with Realtek RTL8822BE12:42
UEDDoes someone know, if Ubuntu mounts automically NTFS HDDs, when running it from a DVD? I would like not to have them mounted.12:43
Sadistic_Dyke_Neno it doesn't do that automatically @UED12:44
cbreakif they were mounted, you could unmount them again?12:44
UEDNice, thanks for the quick reply!12:45
Sadistic_Dyke_Ne@cbreak of couse through GUI12:45
Sadistic_Dyke_Ne@UED u're welcome12:45
Sadistic_Dyke_Ne@cbreak nautilus12:45
cbreakI was more thinking about sudo umount /whereever12:45
cbreakbut sure, that probably also works12:45
tuxinatorDear Ubuntu Users, i am looking for a list of the default UserGroups in Ubuntu and their permissions/meaning, could not find any Documentation.12:47
hightower4Hey where can I find a repo of all ubuntu releases and binary packages? On http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ there is only some selection, not older than xenial or so...12:49
UEDHmm, is there a overview/list of preinstalled programs for the current release?12:50
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BluesKajHi all13:22
Ali-Karamhello, how do I configure oidentd? I'm using my mobile's hotspot .. trying to get rid of the ~ in front of my username on irc by having an Ident reply to the irc server. https://bpa.st/SVJQ these are my /etc/oidentd.conf & ~/.oidentd.conf13:59
rapid16Is Unity2d/3d specifically game programming API?14:10
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leftyfbAli-Karam: try this in /etc/default/oidentd  https://termbin.com/ixro14:27
Ali-Karamleftyfb, I have the same just OIDENT_OPTIONS="-mf -l 10"14:29
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digupHello guys, I have ran into problem when trying to install Virtualbox-6.1 through "apt"14:56
digupthen upon uninstalling I get error messages too14:56
diguphere's a log14:56
digupthat gives me error15:00
digupthe log is in the pastebin15:00
digupit's just combined both15:00
BluesKajuse apt remove virtualbox15:01
BluesKajnot autoremove15:01
alkisgdigup: frequently, virtualbox isn't compatible with the -hwe kernels (5.11), but it's always compatible with the -ga kernels (5.4)15:09
alkisgEither install the generic kernel, or apt purge virtualbox-dkms15:09
docmaxhow can i add support for iscsi to ubuntu?15:17
leftyfbdocmax: how far have you got? What issues have you run into?15:19
docmaxi installed ubuntu 21 to an image15:19
docmaxi exported the image as iscsi target15:20
docmaxi sanboot into that target... it boots but drops me into initramfs15:20
docmaxso i guess i have to add iscsi support to initramfs?15:20
docmaxi though netroot= kernel parameter would be sufficient15:21
docmaxhow has the image to be modified to run?15:21
ogradocmax, how about https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/installation-iscsi/1132115:22
cornfeedhobohello and good day. I need some help. I have a newly installed stock ubuntu 20 workstation with no built in gpu and a nvidia card. Everything was working smoothly with the stock gonme. After running `apt install kde-full`, setting sddm when prompted, and rebooting, the gpu seems to not be being used after grub finishes15:23
docmaxyeah, THIS is not working as described!!! i boot without disks... and ubuntu says the is no space to install ubuntu15:23
leftyfb!yy.mm | cornfeedhobo15:23
ubottucornfeedhobo: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle15:23
docmaxno option to load a iscsi target15:24
cornfeedhoboleftyfb: 20.04.215:25
cornfeedhoboaaanyways, since i'm pretty sure that's irrelevant, I've chrooted back into the system and looking around. but I'm not seeing something obvious. so my question is; is there some steps that I'm missing when switching from the stock wayland/gnome setup to x11/plasma?15:27
Koncornfeedhobo: Try installing kubuntu-desktop and see if you get anything that wasn't in the kde-full metapackage15:36
cornfeedhobohmm that's a good idea. let me check that out.15:52
cornfeedhobofrom what i can tell, sddm was starting, but there is some config that didn't pick up the nvidia card, but i don't know what that would be15:53
cornfeedhobooh, am i mistaken? I thought ubuntu switched to wayland for 20.x15:56
cornfeedhoboso the stock gnome is x11 too?15:56
cornfeedhobowell, i can ssh in, but still no display16:09
cornfeedhoboswitching to another pty activates the card again.16:16
cornfeedhobox11 has a nvidia config as expected16:16
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rootkeaI updated my Ubuntu 20.04 in the afternoon and now VLC doesn't show video. I can hear audio playing. In terminal I get "hardware accelerator failed to decode picture" error message multiple times.16:39
rootkeaHere is the complete log: https://pastebin.com/raw/93tiub2c16:39
rootkeaI purged and installed vlc again but still no video output.16:40
lotuspsychjerootkea: pastebin; sudo lshw -C video please?16:41
rootkealotuspsychje: `-C` doesn't seem to be a correct flag. It shows help instead.16:42
SnoopJit's an alias for -class, if your lshw has that16:43
rootkeaGot it. Wait a moment.16:43
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rootkeaHere is `lshw -C video` o/p: https://pastebin.com/raw/JmT4sRtw16:44
lotuspsychjerootkea: ok tnx, seems like your graphics driver is good16:44
lotuspsychjerootkea: maybe share your dmesg in a paste, so volunteers can take a closer look?16:49
rootkealotuspsychje: Here's `sudo dmesg` o/p: https://pastebin.com/raw/6tEePXi416:52
lotuspsychjerootkea: you got the same issue on other players like smplayer, or whatever default on your DE?16:55
leftyfbrootkea: try booting into the previous kernel16:55
rootkealeftyfb: Sure. Let me reboot the system.16:56
lotuspsychjea few of these repeat in his dmesg EDAC amd64: ECC disabled in the BIOS or no ECC capability, module will not load16:57
rootkealeftyfb: Oh I forgot to mention. I don't see GRUB menu at all. After vendor's logo Ubuntu boots directly. So where can I select the previous kernel?17:01
leftyfbrootkea: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode17:02
leftyfbrootkea: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/07/key-to-show-grub-menu-ubuntu17:02
rootkeaThanks! Let me try Escape key.17:04
leftyfbrootkea: I'm pretty sure the shift key is the one17:05
lotuspsychjesome cases grub doesnt trigger, might need a manual edit17:05
Guest58anyone know how to run wordpress at the root document /var/www/html/john?17:19
leftyfbGuest58: that is a really loaded question. You are probably asking about an #apache config17:20
Guest58like i want to install it on my root document17:21
mneptokwhat httpd are you using?17:21
rootkealeftyfb: I tried both `Escape` and Shift keys but still didn't see GRUB menu. :(17:22
rootkeaI have 5.4.0-77 and 5.4.0-80 kernel images installed. I just don't know how to select 5.4.0-77 (previous one)17:22
leftyfbGuest58: this is what you want https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-18-04-quickstart17:23
mneptokGuest58: grep -i 'DocumentRoot' /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf17:23
leftyfbmneptok: that is very wrong17:24
leftyfbmneptok: this is an #ubuntu support channel17:24
Guest58@leftyfb i want wordpress to be installed on my root document17:27
rootkeaEditing the `/etc/default/grub` now. Hopefully, on reboot I'll see the grub menu. 🤞17:28
leftyfbGuest58: why do you want to do it that way as opposed to a virtualhost?17:28
mneptokleftyfb: i'm aware of this channel's purpose.17:29
leftyfbGuest58: btw, DocumentRoot for a virtualhost is wherever you want it17:29
Guest58because i  want to access and install the wordpress website17:30
leftyfbGuest58: ok, so you don't actually have a reason to install it to /var/www/html/john. You should setup a virtualhost for a user called "john" who's home is in /home/john/ and maybe the DocumentRoot can be /home/john/WWW/. Follow the link I posted above17:31
rootkeaOkay. I give up! I set `GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu` and `GRUB_TIMEOUT=10` but still no grub menu on boot.17:39
rootkeaI'll see if I can reproduce this when I shift to Debian next week.17:39
rootkeaThanks for the help though. :)17:39
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EriC^^rootkea: did you try the record variable?17:41
rootkeaOops! I had forgotten to `$ sudo update-grub` after updating `/etc/default/grub`17:48
rootkeaAfter doing update-grub now I see the grub menu. :)17:48
rootkeaI can report that the "no video on VLC" issue remains as it is on 5.4.0-77 too. Now let me boot into recovery entries of both the kernels to see if it makes any difference.17:48
rootkeaEriC^^: Didn't have to. :)17:49
EriC^^ah good :)17:49
rootkeaI don't know what's wrong with vlc but smplayer, GNOME videos play the same video without any issue.18:00
rootkealotuspsychje: ^18:04
lotuspsychjerootkea: ok great, so we could assume thats a vlc fault18:48
coconutthat's weird if you look at it's reputation of vlc18:49
lotuspsychjecoconut: not sure yet, but could be something like bug #1936844 for example18:53
ubottuBug 1936844 in vlc (Ubuntu) "VLC Video playing crashed after last xorg/amd driver update" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/193684418:53
lotuspsychjerootkea: lets try something else, create a new second user and go test vlc there please?18:53
audiocatwhich iso should i download for an ubuntu server?18:55
[itchyjunk]Dumb question, real quick. it says `21 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them.` do i just `sudo apt upgrade` and it will do it all for me?18:56
lotuspsychjerootkea: this could be interesting too, bug #191743218:56
ubottuBug 1917432 in vlc (Ubuntu) "vlc does not show video, but shows two progress bars" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/191743218:56
sarnoldaudiocat: there's some options on https://ubuntu.com/download/server that might help you decide which download to use18:58
lotuspsychje!uptodate | [itchyjunk]18:58
ubottu[itchyjunk]: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.18:58
SnoopJin other words, yes18:58
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[itchyjunk]lotuspsychje, and okay i'll do the upgrade part too18:58
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evert_do you want one ?19:07
evert_whoops sorry19:08
rootkealotuspsychje: I created fresh user. Experienced the same VLC issue with exact same error message printed on terminal.19:11
lotuspsychjetnx for testing that rootkea19:11
lotuspsychjerootkea: check that previous bug #1917432 see if your symptons are the same?19:12
ubottuBug 1917432 in vlc (Ubuntu) "vlc does not show video, but shows two progress bars" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/191743219:12
rootkealotuspsychje: Nope, I see only one progress bar. Everything is usual. Audio, window everything. Just that there's no video. Blank screen.19:14
lotuspsychjerootkea: you hear audio playing?19:14
rootkeaYes. I think I mentioned that in my very first message too. :)19:15
lotuspsychjerootkea: well you got a lot of similar details as the bug above, maybe fill in a new comment on this bug with your story19:18
lotuspsychjerootkea: or create a new, also possible; ubuntu-bug vlc19:19
rootkealotuspsychje: Done. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vlc/+bug/193944719:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1939447 in vlc (Ubuntu) "Audio plays but no video in vlc" [Undecided, New]19:35
lotuspsychjethank you for your report rootkea19:36
ioriarootkea, have you tried to disable Hardware acceleration in vlc ?19:38
coconutaudiocat, normally you just want the latest LTS19:38
coconutaudiocat, https://releases.ubuntu.com/20.04/ubuntu-20.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso.torrent19:40
lotuspsychjerootkea: also add to the bug you tested a new user, tnx19:42
rootkeaioria: Since the issue is with hardware accelerator ("hardware accelerator failed to decode picture") disabling hardware acceleration does show the video.19:43
rootkeaBut I would like to use the hardware acceleration. The way it was already being used till today's afternoon when I upgraded the packages.19:43
ioriarootkea, what packages ?19:44
rootkeaI don't remember exactly. Is there any way to see the history of `apt upgrade`?19:45
lotuspsychjedpkg logs19:45
ioria7var/log/apt/history.log rootkea19:45
rootkeaThanks! Let me check.19:45
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rootkealotuspsychje: Here are the packages that I upgraded and then I stared to experience this vlc issue: https://pastebin.com/raw/Apevt42K19:53
rootkeaI see `mesa` driver packages there which are a probable culprits.19:53
lotuspsychjeyeah that could well be rootkea19:53
lotuspsychjesomething for the devs to workout, above my knowledge rootkea19:54
lotuspsychjerootkea: at least you been able to rule out a lot of things right19:54
rootkealotuspsychje: Sure. How can I rollback these mesa driver packages? That is, to install previous versions19:55
rootkeaThat will surely help zeroing on the exact package.19:56
lotuspsychjewell downgrading packages is not how ubuntu works exactly19:56
lotuspsychjecould be interesting to browse recent mesa bugs then19:57
rootkeaThere are two versions 20.0.4-2ubuntu1 and 21.0.3-0ubuntu0.2~20.04.1 (currently installed) available for these 3 driver packages.20:01
rootkeaI think I need to install 20.0.4-2ubuntu1 and purge 21.0.3-0ubuntu0.2~20.04.1 ones.20:01
tomreynyou could also try 21.0.3-0ubuntu0.3~20.04.1 from focal-proposed20:06
tomreyn(or read up on the bug tracker first)20:06
rootkeatomreyn: I would like to stay away from `proposed`. Testing packages may carry new bugs. Instead I'm thinking of reverting to the previous version which was working correctly.20:14
tomreynrootkea: fine with me, i just wanted to provide more options.20:16
rootkeaSure. Thanks or the suggestion. :)20:17
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ash_worksiwhy doesn't `sudo login ash_m PS1='login1# '` not set the prompt after I log in?20:38
rootkeaSo downgrading `mesa-vdpau-drivers` fixed the issue!20:46
ograyou should then report that with "ubuntu-bug mesa-vdpau-drivers" 😉20:47
ograso devs know it needs fixing20:47
rootkeaogra: Done. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/193945520:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1939455 in mesa (Ubuntu) "Upgrading from 20.0.4-2ubuntu1 to 21.0.3-0ubuntu0.2~20.04.1 breaks vlc video output" [Undecided, New]20:57
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JumpinJimmyCan anyone help me? I'm having trouble getting Ubuntu to load from DVD.22:36
sarnoldan actual dvd?22:36
JumpinJimmyyes, burned DVD22:37
JumpinJimmyDVD is properly burned, but on restart, it says it cannot boot from this device.22:37
JumpinJimmyi've gone through this link, but still having no luck  https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/try-ubuntu-before-you-install#2-boot-from-dvd22:37
oerheksUEFI bios ?22:37
JumpinJimmyalso tried this one. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromCD?_ga=2.135387569.1211454995.1628632146-289697072.162863214622:37
JumpinJimmyUEFI is set to allow it to boot, BIOS is set for legacy.  I feel like i'm missing something simple22:38
oerhekssecureboot should be oke, just make sure fastboot is disabled22:39
coryc257secure boot shenanigans?22:39
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:39
JumpinJimmyit will let me manually crawl through the directories on the CD to find the boot file, but won't boot.22:39
JumpinJimmysecure boot automatically disables when enabling Legacy mode22:41
JumpinJimmyubottu, are you suggesting i can't Live CD and that it must be installed?22:41
jjavaholicwhat is the appropriate steps to get fan speed to adjust to CPU/GPU load?22:41
tomreynJumpinJimmy: ubottu  is actually a bot, a script. ;-) and no, it's not suggesting that - it would be nonsense, since the DVD is both live system and installer.22:43
jjavaholicusing 4.13.0-36-generic22:43
coryc257are you using an hp laptop by chance?22:43
tomreynJumpinJimmy: maybe what you should try is to add some variety. do you have a usb stick you could write th einstaller to?22:43
JumpinJimmycoryc257, yes i am.22:43
sarnoldjjavaholic: normally the fans just run as needed, I've never needed to do anything to get them to speed up or slow down as necessary22:44
coryc257JumpinJimmy, it's fastboot or optane messing things up I'm almost certain.22:44
coryc257I have a spectre and it's terrible to work with22:44
JumpinJimmycoryc257 ok, i'll double check.22:44
coryc257anyone know if ubuntu does the shimloaded grub like fedora/redhat does?22:45
JumpinJimmytomreyn, why would changing the media affect how the OS functions? If it was an issue that it can't be ready at all, but i can parse through the disc and can see what's written on it.22:45
sarnoldcoryc257: yes https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shim https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/shim-signed22:45
tomreynJumpinJimmy: the contents of the file system on the dvd may be fine, but this doesn't tell us whether it's bootable, or whether you system can actually boot off dvds22:46
oerheksfan speed to adjust to CPU/GPU load? .. there is no such thing to set; it already is done by the chipset22:47
coryc257tomreyn, preventing bootable dvds sound like something hp would do22:47
tomreynJumpinJimmy: there could be a couple reasons why it would work with other boot media but not the dvd. but indeed this doesn't need to be helping, there can be several other reasons why it's not booting, too.22:47
tomreynJumpinJimmy: so my suggestion was just about 'trying something else' really.22:48
tomreynjust because it can sometimes be faster than getting to the bottom of it22:49
JumpinJimmyok. I'll try to find a USB stick, and try it there.22:49
JumpinJimmyif it does boot normally, what does that mean for my laptop?22:49
tomreynwe wont know22:49
oerhekscheck for bios updates22:50
JumpinJimmydoes that mean I can't use ANY live CDs, but can use USB sticks? or is this something specific to Ubuntu?22:50
oerheksagain, we cannot tell, test the dvd on an other machine, or other distro,...22:52
JumpinJimmyok.  I can try that too.22:52
jjavaholicI might have misunderstood what ACPI=forced does22:56
Billyso somebody gave me one of those ASUS EEE PC NETBOOKS for free, and I bought a charger for 8 dollars - it holds a charge and works etc23:32
Billyi wanna set it up so my mom can use it to watch amazon prime in the kitchen23:32
Billyits 32 bit only - should I try running ubuntu on it?23:33
LjLif it's one of the original EeePCs like the 700 or 901 i doubt it can decode amazon prime videos at realtime speed23:33
tomreynnot if you want to use it online23:33
Billyits not that one23:33
Billyi'll tell you uh hold on23:33
BillyI used to have one before, a long time ago - and i remember watching youtube and stuff on it23:35
Billyidk if it was this model though23:35
Billybut this is the EEE PC 1025C23:35
LjLBilly, that one seems to feature a H.264 codec so you might have luck, i dunno23:35
Billywhat should i even put on it though23:36
Billyi was trying to consider an OS23:36
LjLi don't know, not GNOME or KDE23:36
Billya distro i mean23:36
oerheksmaybe a 18.04 iso..23:36
LjLi'd default to Debian but that might just be because i default to Debian23:36
BillyI personally default to slackware but i alreayd have a good slacktop setup23:37
Billyanyway thanks23:38
oerheksput android on it?23:38
sarnoldis lubuntu 18.04 still supported? that might be a good starting point for an older machine23:38
Billylubuntu was on the table too23:38
Billyin my mind23:38
oerhekslubuntu gives 3 year support?23:39
oerheksnot 5 like ubuntu/gnome23:39
sarnoldbut if you never do anything other than firefox to get to amazon prime video it might be okay23:41
sarnoldI'm not really a desktop person so I don't know what exactly you'd be missing out on23:41
Billylike i said it was given to me23:41
Billyand i want to set it up for my mom to watch amazon prime on when shes in the kitchen lol23:41
oerheksgood luck!23:42
tomreynamazon also depends on widevine23:44
tomreyn* amazon prime23:45
LjLwow, if that goes for 32bit ARM too, my Kodi box is also going to stop working23:50

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