Unit193tcuthbert: Howdy.  Did Sean Davis poke you about xubuntu.org seemingly unable to load fonts?  He's not sure if that's new, but he did note the navigation missing at the top is new.05:56
tcuthbertUnit193: I missed that, still getting used to irssi and we don't use IRC so much anymore05:58
Unit193I highly recommend highlightwin.pl if you don't yet use it.  That with screen_away is pretty good about showing missed pings (after irssi unaways you, it'll dump pings in your status window.)05:59
tcuthbertUnit193: ah nice, i'll check that out, for now i am relying on gnome notifications lol, I was gonna try wire it up to my gotify server and use my phone06:00
Unit193tcuthbert: Hah yeah that was my other recommendations, I have pings/PMs tied to notify-osd.06:01
tcuthbertUnit193: the font issue is due to the theme configuration specifying the font files with wrong extension.09:03
tcuthbertI'll update the theme config now, then update our spec09:03
tcuthbertUnit193: and i fixed the menu, just needed to be re-enabled.09:10
bluesabretcuthbert: thank you very much!09:14
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