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cjwatson(fixed last night while I was asleep)09:40
cpaelzerhi - in regard to build is there anything on my end that is better than cancel+restart if a build is locked up in "pkgstripfiles: waiting for lock" ?10:37
cpaelzerThis one is an example https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/4640/+build/2196494410:37
cpaelzerwe all have learned to expect riscv64 to build slow, so I didn't realize it before10:37
cpaelzerand while I've seen other builds (on any arch) to loop through that a bit this one seems to hang on it for hours10:37
cjwatsoncpaelzer: there is not10:43
cjwatsoncpaelzer: you could try debugging it though :-)10:43
cjwatsoncpaelzer: it's probably in pkgbinarymangler or pkg-create-dbgsym somewhere, I forget which10:44
cpaelzerI have when I've seen it long ago and it was as racy and heisen-buggy as you would expect :-)10:44
cpaelzermangler rings a bell10:44
cpaelzerI'll cancel and restart for now, maybe after f-freeze there is time revisit the problem if it becomes more common10:45
cpaelzerin my experience it scales with the number of binary packages in a build10:45
cpaelzerIIRC dpdk was the one I saw it most of the time and that has >100 binary packages10:46
cpaelzerthanks cjwatson for the answer that there is no obvious way I miss, that at least makes me feel better when restarting it10:46

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