Billyhey uh, why isnt the download page for lubuntu working01:29
guivercBilly, what issues are you having with https://lubuntu.me/downloads/ ?01:30
Billyalso - what is the latest version of lubuntu that supports 32 bit?>01:30
Billytrying to get some use out of an EEE PC 32bit cpu01:30
guivercLubuntu is amd64 only now.  Lubuntu 18.10 was last i386 fully-released & supported; 19.04 was i386 but only into the alpha cycle (if installed upgrades were for life of 19.04), but Lubuntu 18.04.5 has last supported (until 2021-April)01:31
Billy18.04 ?01:31
Billyand after that01:31
Billyno more 32 bit support ever?01:31
Billywould it be safe to use? 01:32
guivercWe don't support 18.04 though; see https://lubuntu.me/bionic-eol/    (I used an eeepc 1000HE in QA-testing up to 19.04)01:32
Billyi don't even see where i can get 19.0401:32
guiverc32-bit is supported for armv7  but not x86 (or i386 as referred to by both Debian & Ubuntu)01:33
guiverc19.04 is EOL & thus gone (to old-releases but you won't find 19.04 there)01:33
Billydang so maybe i need to find a different distro01:33
Billyanything you can recommend? 01:34
guivercyou'll find Ubuntu 19.04 in old-releases but it's amd64 only (only xubuntu & lubuntu had i386 past 18.04)01:34
Billyi wanna set this thing up so my mom can use it to play amazon prime01:34
Billyits an eee pc 1025c01:34
guivercwe're off-topic; but personally I QA-tested Debian 11 on some x86 boxes; I'd opt for Debian but no idea with streaming (asus eepc really lacked power; mine was intel atom so it was energy efficient but crawled)01:35
Billyoh wait01:35
Billyis mine actually 64 bit????01:35
BillyIntel CedarTrail Atom N2800, 1.86 GHz01:36
Billyi think it is!01:36
guivercwe don't support debian (debian 11/bullseye releases in mere days; thus the QA-testing of it)01:36
Billyguiverc can you tell me if i'm wrong here but01:38
Billyis this not telling me it's a 64 bit cpu????01:38
guivercyes it's amd64, but that isn't all you need to boot amd64; you also needed the BIOS to be capable of booting amd64 as well - but yes your CPU is amd64 capable01:39
Billywell shit ima try the newest one01:39
guivercThe Lubuntu manual can be found at https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/  (stable=21.04; change stable to lts for the LTS release or 20.04) which provides clues on download & writing to media for testing on your actual box01:40
Billyoh i know how to do all that01:41
Billyi'm on a windows PC i just use Rufus to make my boot medfia01:42
guivercensure you use legit sites as well; download page not working implies you went to a *fan* or *fake* site and not a legimate one (don't ask google; go to ubuntu.com for official sites)01:42
guiverchttps://ubuntu.com/download/flavours will send you to legimate sites; google for example offers 3 to download Lubuntu & you need to pick the legit site yourself from what's offered01:43
Billyno i'll show you the thing that wasnt working 01:43
Billyhold on01:43
Billyalso FYI I work with IT stuff for a living01:43
Billyso if you go here:01:44
guivercthat is NOT a Lubuntu site01:44
Billyoh rly01:44
Billyok f*ck me01:44
Billywell my download is here01:44
guivercIt's not under Canonical, Ubuntu or Lubuntu control..  We can't control unofficial, fake or fan sites01:44
Billyso we're ok01:44
guiverc(Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu)01:45
guivercthat is what is usually treated as a 'fan' site; outdated usually, but to my knowledge other than having very old links, doesn't give fraudulent ISOs as directs to ubuntu.com for actual downloads01:46
Billyi feel so dumb01:46
Billyi boot from the install media02:31
Billyi get a list02:31
BillyI select Lubuntu or Lubuntu safe and i get02:31
Billyerror: symbol 'grub_rregister_command02:31
Billyerror: symbol 'grub_rregister_command_lockdown' not found02:31
Billynvm found the issue02:32
Billyhave to use a newer RUFUS02:33
Billywell i'm not getting any error but i just got a blanks creen with a blinking _, we'll give it a bit02:45
Billyyeah nothin, mess with it tomororw.03:02
guivercBilly, refer https://askubuntu.com/questions/1333512/error-symbol-grub-register-command-lockdown-not-found-when-installing-ubuntu04:35
guivercokay ; you 'found the issue' which maybe the same link...04:36
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ChinaisSOYHow do I RANDOMIZE my ETHERNET MAC address on my Raspberry PI Debian Buster Lite?19:32
lubot_[telegram] <Halis> Which network manager do you use?22:30
tomreynif you're responding to ChinaisSOY - they're gone. if you're doing a poll - please don't.22:34
tomreynand if you have a non poll lubuntu question, just ask. ;)22:34
TJ-that's very poll-ist!22:37
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