JohnWickHi. Could someone help me with netplan on Ubuntu?07:37
schopinJohnWick: Hi :). Your best bet would be to simply ask what you're looking for, as even if we're not able to help you directly we might at least point you in the right direction.07:51
JohnWickI have a conf like this https://pastebin.com/NvLMKmfL and net.ipv4.ip_forward=1. It worked fine untill reboot. After reboot I'm no longer able to reach from other PC in
schopinJohnWick: any logs from either netplan or systemd-networkd?07:56
schopinAt first glance I don't see anything wrong with your configuration :/07:58
schopinExcept perhaps the optional: true ?07:58
schopinAre you sure your second interface is up?08:00
schopin(`ip l` should give you its status)08:00
JohnWickYes, it's up. I'm able to reach from this server08:02

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