callmepkgood morning02:45
dufluMorning callmepk 03:07
callmepkhi duflu 03:07
jpnurmigood morning, hi callmepk and duflu06:34
callmepkhi jpnurmi 06:34
didrocksgood morning06:57
callmepkhi didrocks 06:57
dufluMorning jpnurmi and didrocks 07:00
jpnurmihey didrocks07:01
didrocksheyu callmepk, duflu, jpnurmi 07:02
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:07
didrockssalut oSoMoN 07:07
jpnurmihey oSoMoN07:07
jibelGood morning all07:12
callmepkhi oSoMoN jibel 07:12
jibelHi callmepk 07:13
dufluHi oSoMoN and jibel 07:15
jibelhi duflu 07:16
didrockssalut jibel 07:19
jibelSalut didrocks 07:19
oSoMoNsalut didrocks, jibel 07:23
oSoMoNhey jpnurmi, callmepk, duflu 07:23
jpnurmihi jibel07:24
jibelHi jpnurmi oSoMoN 07:30
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hellsworthgood morning desktopers15:38
oSoMoNhello hellsworth 15:38
hellsworthhi there oSoMoN hope you're having a nice day :)15:38
oSoMoNit's not going too bad, thanks :)15:39
ricotzhey hellsworth 15:40
hellsworthhi ricotz !15:41
jibelGood morning hellsworth 15:49
hellsworthhi jibel !15:50
ricotztillkamppeter, hi :), I asked in #ubuntu-release to get ghostscript removed from -proposed, it didn't built in debian experiment either17:00
hellsworthhey ricotz i ping'd tillkamppeter in mattermost about ghostscript18:44
hellsworthhe said "I did not know that. Because of FF I have simply synced Ghostscript, so that Impish has the current version."18:44
hellsworth"I cannot remove it. I can only upload Ghostscript and hope that Debian guys are aware and fix it before Final Freeze"18:44
hellsworthand wants to know if it's blocking anytihng besides ghostscript..18:44
hellsworthtillkamppeter: ^^18:44
ricotzhellsworth, I expect it to block a bunch of things (like currently libreoffice in a PPA), I saw the debian experimental build failed over 3 weeks ago18:47
ricotzI don't see Debian being in a hurry to care of builds in experimental at this point18:48
hellsworthok chatted with Till more.. sounds like we need to submit an upstream patch so i'll give it a go19:02
ricotzhellsworth, thank you19:13

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