mwhudsonis there any actual reason for syslinux to be in main any more?03:48
mwhudsonmaybe we still need pxelinux03:50
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RikMillsmwhudson: are you copying glibc from from a ppa later? if so, where if you don't mind?10:12
RikMillsI would like to test something against it10:12
doko__RikMills, see my email about the test rebuild11:02
RikMillsdoko__: I had. However I wanted to test build the latest upstream version of something, not the one in your rebuild. hence wanting the PPA for new glibc11:05
RikMillsanyway, thanks. I found the PPA to depend on11:06
RikMillsand confirmed that the latest upstream version available is also broken with new glibc, so I can now report taht to them :)11:07
doko__yes, the email also has a pointer to the PPA with the glibc 2.34 ...11:08
RikMillsdoko__: apologies. I was looking at a copy someone had replied to, and seems they had 'snipped' that info out!11:27
apt-ghettoI am trying to package lxqt-archiver 0.4.0. I am in doubt, if the copyright notice in https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt-archiver/blob/0.4.0/src/about.ui should be added to debian/copyright.14:11
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Unit193Huh, is X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts= in desktop files no longer a thing?17:36
mwhudsonRikMills: it's not going to be a copy but the source will be the same as ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/volatile apart from the changelog21:14
RikMillsmwhudson: chers. I found it in the meantime. sorry for not saying so21:15
mwhudsonoops forgot the -v in my util-linux upload21:55
mwhudsonand there goes glibc23:18
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