dbristowI see that 20.04.3 LTS is due this month; anybody got a more accurate date?12:27
RikMillsdbristow: currently 26th August12:30
dbristowRikMills, Thanks.12:35
dbristowRikMills, Is there a website that would have this date?12:36
RikMillsdbristow: for a LTS release, the release schedule on the wiki also shows planned point release dates (where known)12:38
RikMillse.g. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule12:38
RikMillsFYI, 20.04.3 was due to be 19th August, but that has got pushed back one week to 26th, due to having to wait for a new shim package to do QA 12:41
RikMillsso if you read anywhere that it is the 19th, that is out of date and wrong12:41
guivercdbristow, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/focal-fossa-20-04-3-lts-point-release-status-tracking/22948 is the tracking stats for 20.04.312:58
dbristowRikMills, guiverc: Thanks a bunch.13:12

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