IrcsomeBot<X> Yeah, absolutely, but usually no restarting is required06:26
BluesKajHi all13:26
santa_good evening everyone17:42
santa_RikMills: hi there, the frameworks _impish_archive branches seem to be outdated 17:42
RikMillssanta_: oops. sorry17:46
santa_no prob, just give me a ping when done please :)17:46
RikMillssanta_: pushing now so will be soon17:47
RikMillssanta_: done18:04
santa_RikMills: ack, thanks!18:11
RikMillsopinions: do we really need to ship a torrent and IRC client by default now?20:08
valorieI can't imagine life without irc20:14
valorieand I do seed torrents 24/720:14
valoriebut I think I'm the oddball20:15

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