murlidharhi all i have downloaded lubuntu 64 bit iso and then created a bootable pendrive by using ubuntu startup disk. somehow i was not able to install lubuntu cuz it refused to boot from the disk. 12:04
murlidharhowever after i installed another distro and i was able to boot from the pen drive and i could install the distro12:05
murlidharthe distro i tried to install was lubuntu 21.04 64bit  version12:05
murlidharwhat could be the reason for not being able to use it as livecd ? 12:06
guivercdid you verify the ISO before writing to media?   https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.1/retrieving_the_image.html mentions verification12:06
guivercin my experience the write to USB-thumb-drive is where it fails the most (about 5-8% of writes I find are faulty.. for whatever reason)12:06
murlidharthree times i downloaded the iso12:06
guivercif you verified a checksum; why did you download it again?12:07
murlidhartried the iso and by torrent12:07
guivercthe Ubuntu instructions for verification can be found at https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#012:07
guivercto verify the boot media; I'd try booting the thumb-drive in another box (or two) - if it fails to boot in those boxes; I'd assume the write to the thumb-drive was faulty12:08
guivercon some boxes you cannot boot a thumb-drive without holding specific keys (ie. hardware security options that can be changed often in bios/uefi config); but that's box specific12:09
murlidhari have only one desktop 12:10
murlidharlet me try checksum . i will come back once i verify in this way12:11
murlidharguiverc: it is really confusing now. help me please :|12:15
murlidhari am not sure how to use the checksum12:15
guivercthe easiest method is following the lubuntu link I first provided (ie. lubuntu manual)12:16
guivercie. look for the command "sha256sum lubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso" in the manual in the "Downloading the image via HTTP" section12:17
murlidharah yes . the second link completely confused me.  thanks . this i can follow 12:17
guivercwhen I used the command "sha256sum hirsute-desktop-amd64.iso" I get the same checksum as the manual says I should (my name is what it was called pre-release)12:18
murlidharcurrently downloading the iso again cuz i deleted it 12:19
guivercsorry for confusing you (2nd link; ignore my command too; my download was done before 21.04 was released so it uses the codename)12:19
murlidharalso are there 2 websites for lubuntu ? 12:20
murlidharcuz when i googled for it i got lubuntu.net 12:20
guivercno there is one Lubuntu web site (lubuntu.me); other sites exist that aren't associated with Lubuntu, Ubuntu etc12:20
guivercyou'll can be offered more than just those two places to download lubuntu from google; but only lubuntu.me is legit12:21
murlidharyeah i am downloading from ubuntu.me only12:21
guivercIf you're unsure which is legit; do NOT ask google; Ubuntu.com will direct you to legitimate flavor site; ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours 12:21
murlidharbecause when i tried to download iso from .net site it failed to download12:21
guivercIt's what many here refer to as a "fan" site.. we don't control it, cannot do anything about it; it's usually outdated but not giving spam/false ISOs as to my knowledge at least; it directs downloads to cdimage.ubuntu.com 12:23
murlidharyes it does and the iso couldn't be downloaded either12:24
murlidharit gives an error message12:24
guivercmost likely because it was providing links that are wrong (outdated, EOL etc)12:24
guiverceither way you'd not want data from lubuntu.net as it's NOT a Lubuntu site12:25
murlidhardownloaded the iso from ubuntu.me 12:25
guiverclubuntu.me, ubuntu's site is ubuntu.com12:26
murlidharalso i have this doubt . why is file system as iso9660 instead of ext4 for live cds ? 12:26
TJ-murlidhar: the clue is in the name "live *CD*" - CD's contain ISO9660 file-systems12:27
guivercISO9660 is a type of system (standard) that can be booted.  ext4 is a native file system of GNU/Linux that needs to be booted by something (Ubuntu generally uses `grub` to boot)12:27
TJ-murlidhar: we build hybrid ISO9660 images that can also use other boot methods so they'll also boot in non CD devices12:28
murlidharmurlidhar@murlidhar-desktop:~/Downloads$ sha256sum lubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso12:31
murlidhar7089fa1045b776256a76adb30d6e588e09df2ad5cd0ffe63a8d6e802b6b3cc19  lubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso12:31
murlidharseems fine to me 12:31
guiverclooks fine to me (matches the manual it looks like to me; like mine)12:32
murlidharhaven't checked each and every alphabet though12:32
murlidharok i will try to create a livecd now 12:32
guivercstartup disk creator is mentioned in ubuntu tutorials; what release are you writing the ISO with?12:32
murlidharguiverc: do you mean the version? 12:33
guivercthe OS you're writing the ISO to pen-drive; what is it?12:33
murlidharah this one 12:34
murlidharbodhi linux currently12:34
murlidharit uses ubuntu repositories so... 12:34
guivercI'm wondering if it's an old version of Startup disk creator & cannot cope with the type of ISO used by 21.04 (ie. an old bodhi linux maybe; not current)12:34
murlidharso what do you suggest ? 12:35
guivercI have little experience with the app, so aren't sure if it works with 21.04 ISOs.  I know some apps needed to be modified to work with recent ISOs12:35
TJ-why is startup disk creator required here? ISO can be directly copied to the installer device in almost all cases12:36
guivercA risky alternative is `dd`; I'd personally suggest `mkusb` though as it's safer (what I generally use)12:36
guivercthe manual page for writing ISO to media is https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.2/booting_the_image.html12:36
TJ-why is it risky? no more risky that using 'cp' 12:37
murlidharwell i have no idea about it  . since it is there in the repos i just used it to create livecd. it created for bodhi linux which is running the LTS version of ubuntu12:37
guivercwhich LTS release of Ubuntu?12:37
murlidharbodhi is based on that currently12:37
murlidharif i remember it correctly12:38
guivercI'm not familiar with bodhi sorry.  https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/tutorial-create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu#1-overview is the Ubuntu tutorial on writing an ISO to pendrive (using Ubuntu)12:38
murlidharguiverc: it mentions the same. to use startup disk creator12:39
guivercthe ubuntu tutorial suggests 18.04 & later should be okay... all I can think of is trying a different pendrive (they don't last forever)12:40
murlidharbodhi is based on 20.04 so i guess it should work fine12:40
guivercbodhi 32-bit is based on 18.04; bodhi 64-bit is 20.04 it looks like12:41
murlidharmine is 64 bit only12:41
murlidharam running on E7500 intel processor12:41
guivercother than trying another pendrive/thumb-drive; some machines require a specific key to be pressed before they'll boot external media (ie. pendrive)12:42
murlidhari remember cuz i installed darktable dev versions12:42
murlidharguiverc: i have pendrive only12:43
murlidharit created live cd of bodhi and it was bootable which is why i could install it in my desktop12:43
guivercI'm out of ideas sorry murlidhar 12:44
murlidharah 12:44
* guiverc is also tired & ready for bed; night time here :)12:44
murlidharguiverc: goodnight . thanks for help :)12:44
guiverc:)   sorry I couldn't solve it for you12:45
murlidharthats ok. i will try it one more time .12:46
TJ-murlidhar: what's the device node (name) of the pen drive?12:46
TJ-e.g. /dev/sdg12:46
murlidharcan see that in gparted12:47
murlidharerr just sdb12:48
TJ-right, so assuming your IOS file is "lubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso" all you need do is: "sudo dd if=lubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=16M status=progress conv=fsync"12:48
murlidharjust one partition in it12:48
murlidharTJ-: so i better not use the startup disk creator ? 12:49
TJ-murlidhar: I don't see the point! The ISO images are bootable disk images12:50
TJ-They contain BIOS/MBR with syslinux/isolinux, ISO9660 El-Torito boot loader, GPT/EFI-SP for UEFI with GRUB12:51
murlidharwhat does bs=16 mean ? 12:52
TJ-bs=16M means use in-memory buffers of size 16 megabytes for input and output (speeds things up)12:52
TJ-otherwise the defaultis 512 bytes, which causes many more reads and writes12:53
murlidharah i get it12:53
murlidharTJ-: done 12:56
murlidhar i will just reboot then 12:56
murlidharTJ-: btw any reason why we shifted to libera from freenode ? its an off topic ofcourse .12:57
murlidharmaybe i should ask in offtopic channel12:57
TJ-murlidhar: Freenode was 'taken over' by a possesive control-freak type personality (assets owned by that person who parted ways with the volunteer operators)12:58
murlidharits unfortunate. been there since 2008 12:59
murlidharwhen did we all shift here ? 12:59
TJ-about 2 months ago I think13:01
TJ-the person and their supporters were taking over project channels and blocking channel operators, and so forth13:01
murlidharok . i didn't know and when i joined there i lost my nick and i was shocked that there was no one in ubuntu-offtopic13:01
murlidhari was regular to that channel back in feisty fawn days13:02
murlidharwhere we had to give grub commands and everything was not automated :D13:02
murlidharanyways i will reboot the desktop now and check if i can boot up the livecd! 13:04
murlidhargood to see everyone here 13:04
murlidharTJ-: nope . it didnt work. live cd didnt boot13:08
murlidharTJ-: well not sure if it matter i am running on 4GB ddr2 ram13:08
murlidharatleast it shoot boot from the disk13:09
TJ-murlidhar: what actually happened though? what did you see?13:09
TJ-and what boot mode are you using? BIOS or UEFI?13:09
murlidharbios i believe13:10
murlidharits an old pc13:10
murlidharno windows at all13:10
TJ-do you use a manual boot menu to choose the device to boot from?13:10
murlidhardo u mean grub menu ? 13:11
murlidharor the bios settings ? 13:11
TJ-No, the PC's boot device selector13:11
murlidharits on usb first and then HDD drive13:11
murlidhari know it works cuz it worked for bodhi linux livecd13:12
murlidharand antix 13:12
TJ-does it not have a hot-key to press at startup that brings up the device selector, as well?13:12
murlidharyes F213:12
TJ-and the USB appears on that menu?13:12
murlidharyes it does13:12
TJ-does the USB appear more than once?13:13
TJ-(sometimes the BIOS will detect the multiple boot modes and offer the same device multiple times)13:13
murlidharerr i didn't check it this time though13:13
TJ-older PCs with BIOS would have USB-FDD, USB-CD, USB-HDD modes (the 1st 2 would fail with the hybrid ISO)13:13
murlidharusb - hdd 13:14
murlidharwith usb 1st priority13:14
murlidharthats why i could install bodhi linux 13:14
murlidharand antix too13:14
TJ-so that should boot via syslinux, BIOS/MBR mode13:15
murlidharmy mbr is written on primary disk13:16
murlidharbodhi is installed on sda1 13:17
murlidharwhich is what i am currently using right now. 13:17
murlidharon sda10 my old lubuntu 19.04 is installed right now 13:17
murlidharhowever i want to install a fresh one on /sda1 and leave the sda10 for trial distros 13:18
murlidharwhy the trouble with lubuntu is what baffles me when i could create live cd successfully with other lighter distros but not able with lubuntu13:19
murlidharnot with lubuntu*13:20
murlidharTJ-: do you suggest me to try with LTS ? 13:21
murlidharsince bodhi is based on that version only13:21
TJ-murlidhar: no, the ISO has MBR, that is what I am referring to13:23
murlidhari am sure it has but why do u think it is not recognising it and booting from usb just for this distro  ? 13:26
TJ-there are known bugs in firmware that can cause weird issues. Right now we are no 100% sure what mode the PC is trying13:27
TJ-I wrote the diagnostic boot sector for syslinux back in 2007. You could try putting that on the USb and seeing what it reports13:27
murlidharmode as in ? 13:27
murlidharTJ-: ok . i will try that13:28
TJ-murlidhar: mode as in how the BIOS is treating the USB13:28
TJ-let me get the link for you13:28
TJ-this is my source-code with a header explaining what the code does. I'll follow up with a link to the actual boot sector (only 440 bytes) and tell you how to copy it onto the USB13:30
TJ-fetch the boot sector with "wget https://iam.tj/projects/misc/mbr-diag.bin"13:30
murlidhardone saved.13:30
TJ-now back-up the boot sector from the existing USB. Assuming the USB device is currently /dev/sdb again then do "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=mbr.backup.bin bs=440 count=1" 13:31
TJ-now write the diagnostic MBR to the device with sudo "dd if=/mbr-diag.bin of/dev/sdb" then boot the PC and tell me what it reports. If nothing is reported then the PC isn't booting the USB13:32
TJ-hmmm, typo there13:32
TJ- "sudo dd if=mbr-diag.bin of/dev/sdb"13:33
TJ-oh no another!! 13:33
TJ- "sudo dd if=mbr-diag.bin of=/dev/sdb"13:33
murlidharTJ-: should i erase the data from pendrive ? 13:33
* TJ- goes for coffee!13:33
TJ-murlidhar: no, just do as I say, you're just altering sector 0 temporarily13:33
TJ-this is the boot-strap code in sector 0 that BIOS reads and executes on boot13:33
murlidharok let me get my head into it slowly 13:34
murlidharfirst backing up the boot sector13:34
TJ-all this code does is tell us, in a very compressed form, how the BIOS loaded it13:35
TJ-it's only 435 bytes so there's not much functionality you can get into it!13:35
murlidharsudo dd if=mbr-diag.bin of=/dev/sdb13:36
murlidharthis is the first step ? 13:36
TJ-murlidhar: 2nd step after doing the backup13:38
TJ-1st step: "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=mbr.backup.bin bs=440 count=1"13:38
murlidharah yes i figured13:38
murlidharmurlidhar@murlidhar-desktop:~$ sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=mbr.backup.bin bs=440 count=113:39
murlidhar[sudo] password for murlidhar:13:39
murlidhar1+0 records in13:39
murlidhar1+0 records out13:39
murlidhar440 bytes copied, 0.00129966 s, 339 kB/s13:39
TJ-that's your backup which can be put back once we've done the test13:39
murlidharok did the second step too 13:40
murlidhar435 bytes 13:40
TJ-3rd step ... boot the USB and report what it writes to the screen13:40
TJ-if it doesn't report anything, it didn't boot in BIOS/MBR mode13:40
murlidhargoing now13:40
murlidharTJ-: guess it didn't boot in BIOS/MBR13:43
murlidhardidn't report anything. just went to grub menu directly13:43
TJ-murlidhar: right, so that means there's an issue in the BIOS boot code; maybe some other options to control how/what it tries13:43
TJ-GRUB menu of the installed system?13:43
murlidharTJ-: yes13:43
TJ-did you use the PC's manual boot device chooser?13:44
TJ-or did you just let the PC pick a boot device?13:44
murlidharsince i am dual booting it with an old version of lubuntu 13:44
TJ-my feeling is when you let the PC pick the boot device itself it isn't trying the USB for some reason13:45
murlidharyes . there is only an option of priority 13:45
murlidharwhere u can select to boot from usb if available13:46
murlidharshould i take the pics of it from my phone ? 13:46
murlidharof the bios settings ? 13:46
murlidharTJ-: ok i will get into BIOs settings and take a few pics cuz i am sure you will understand it better than me. also i will try to boot it by selecting usb manually if possible13:50
murlidharTJ-: are you around?13:55
TJ-I'm asquare :)13:55
murlidharTJ-: well where do you suggest i dump the picture ? 13:55
murlidharTJ-: https://ibb.co/ZB9j2T913:59
TJ-murlidhar: Sandisk is your USB I presume?14:00
TJ-it's last not first. Move it above Samsung HDD14:01
murlidhari did14:01
murlidharafter taking the pic14:01
murlidharalso in the second last line it says boot USB first 14:01
TJ-you've got 3 groups in the order,  CD/DVD,  Hard Disk, and the Samsung and Sandisk are Hard Disk. Did you try moving the group "Hard Disk Drive" above "CD/DVD-ROM Drive" ?14:02
murlidharTJ-: no. i have never touched that option14:02
TJ-And we see the system is UEFI but UEFI boot is disabled.  I'd enable that and try again.14:02
murlidharwill that not mess my mbr ? 14:02
TJ-OK, try moving the "Hard Disk Drive" group up first and see if the USB will start14:03
TJ-no; this doesn't do any writing, it's only the search order for the boot device14:03
murlidhari meant about uefi thingy14:03
TJ-if the HDD group 1st doesn't help try enabling UEFI boot and test again14:03
murlidharTJ-: okay a few observations first. 14:10
murlidharnothing worked except uefi when enabled14:10
murlidhari tried all the permutations and combinations 14:11
murlidharbut when i selected boot from next volume something from the grub menu of the livecd ... i didn't boot 14:12
murlidharit only restarted and went to the grub menu of livecd . i was hoping that grub of hard disk will be loaded 14:12
TJ-UEFI just means it'll search for an EFI system partition on the USB and then the removable media bootloader path on that /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI14:13
murlidharso i manually removed the usb drive and then restarted . only then i could boot from my HDD os14:13
TJ-well that is good news isn't it? GRUB actually started from the USB!14:13
murlidharyeah but the option of boot from next volume didn't work. and there was this error visible for a half a second that somehing not found.14:14
murlidharTJ-: now i can install lubuntu :)14:15
TJ-that would be expected since the 'next volume' isn't UEFI!14:17
TJ-doesn't have an EFI-SP14:17
TJ-so if you go ahead, you'll have Lubuntu starting in UEFI mode but the others in BIOS mode (this assumes thedisk label (DOS/MBR or GPT)14:18
murlidharwhen i install it ..... uefi be installed then ? 14:18
TJ-obviously there's something about that PC that is broken in the BIOS implementation to cause this weird failure14:20
murlidharok so will there be two grub menus then ? 14:20
TJ-what does "journalctl -k | grep DMI" report as the make/model?14:20
murlidharAug 15 19:39:10 murlidhar-desktop kernel: DMI:  /DG41RQ, BIOS RQG4110H.86A.0009.2009.0108.1005 01/08/2014:21
murlidharAug 15 19:39:10 murlidhar-desktop kernel: ACPI: Added _OSI(Linux-Lenovo-NV-HDMI-Audio)14:21
murlidharit has an inbuit GMA too14:21
murlidharx4500 i believe14:21
murlidharintel motherboard14:22
murlidharTJ-: ok should i go ahead with installing and i can still dual boot with the distro that is in sda10 ? 14:23
murlidharcuz i believe mbr is always written in the primary partition which is sda1 in this case. also this distro will be installed in sda114:24
TJ-no, that is incorrect14:25
TJ-MBR is sector 0 of the disk14:25
TJ-the GRUB core image is written as a blocklist in sector 1+14:25
TJ-so whichever distro you install last will take over boot management14:26
TJ-this is why UEFI is superior in multiboot situations14:26
murlidharalso not sure but i have heard somewhere that windows has stopped supporting mbr 14:27
TJ-Latest Windows requires UEFI. UEFI spec mandates support for GPT and DOS labels) but some PC's firmware doesn't properly support DOS labels in UEFI mode14:28
murlidharokay will have my dinner and then install the distro. thanks for the help as always TJ- . u helped me so many times in so many years now 14:30
murlidharif am running only linux and no windows since 2011 is cuz of support i get here :)14:31
TJ-:) good luck14:31
murlidhari remember we used those commands grub-update and grub-install cuz back then we had to do all that in terminals after installing the distro 14:32
TJ-I still do14:32
murlidharyeah but now most of the things are automated. 14:32
TJ-I dont like the detali being obscured... for situations jsut like this!14:32
murlidharfor you its fun. 14:33
murlidharfor me i am always a noobie in linux no matter how many years i use it. i just don't get it 14:33
murlidhari just enjoy playing a flute and take photos as my passion. my left brain works more than my logical right brain14:34
murlidharTJ-: take care . always nice to see you around :)14:35
murlidharbye all. take cares 14:35
=== lubuntu is now known as murlidhar
murlidharTJ-: are you still around  ? have a doubt while installing it is warning about EFI boot14:50
murlidhari am logged in through the livecd right now14:50
TJ-murlidhar: I'm here now15:02
TJ-murlidhar: if it started in UEFI mode, and the disk label is DOS/MBR, then it will complain, as I said earlier15:02
murlidharso what is the solution.... 15:04
murlidhardo i give a mount point ? as   /     to sda1 15:06
TJ-is the disk using LVM or are you replacing a partition ?15:06
murlidharerr i already have a partition ..... the bodhi is in sda1 and i wish to replace it with lubuntu15:07
murlidhar/home is in sda11 partition.15:08
TJ-is it GPT or DOS label. 11 partitions is a lot for DOS label!15:08
murlidharno idea whatsoever .15:09
TJ-This is why I prefer LVM. you can reuse and change space usage at will, whereas with partitions they're fixed and restrict flexibility15:09
murlidhari can change space usage .... 15:10
murlidhari can edit  them15:10
murlidharit says edit existing partition.... 15:10
TJ-do "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda! and see what it reports on the "Disklabel:" line15:10
murlidharTJ-: isn't that a command to format disk ? 15:11
TJ-no of course not15:12
TJ-formatting uses mkfs....15:12
murlidharsda! ? 15:12
TJ-fdisk is the partition table manipulator. "-l" is --list15:12
murlidharDisk /dev/sda1: 10.17 GiB, 10925000192 bytes, 21337891 sectors15:13
murlidharUnits: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes15:13
murlidharSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes15:13
murlidharI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes15:13
murlidharshould i take a pic again TJ- ? 15:13
murlidharthere are actually 8 partitions and swap extra15:14
TJ-does it not report the Disklabel type, after the I/O size line?15:15
TJ-here I see for example "Disklabel type: gpt"15:15
murlidharthats the only output i got15:15
murlidharsudo fdisk -l /dev/sda115:15
TJ-is that in the installer's terminal?15:15
murlidharlive cd 15:15
TJ-I did this on 20.04 here, so it'll be the same fdisk15:15
murlidharis that sda1 or sda! 15:16
murlidhari thought it was typo 15:16
TJ-if I check another device, it shows "Disklabel type: dos"15:16
TJ-I don't do command typos! 15:16
TJ-well I do, but I correct them :D15:16
murlidharok wait then15:17
TJ-I make it so you can copy/paste the commands15:17
murlidharlubuntu@lubuntu:~$ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda!15:17
murlidharfdisk: cannot open /dev/sda!: No such file or directory15:17
TJ-well that makes sense, there is no sda!15:17
TJ-do "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda" and see what it reports on the "Disklabel:" line15:17
murlidharok when i got that error i thought it must be sda1 . lol15:18
TJ-hheehehe wsee I do correct the typos eventuallu :D15:18
TJ-Sorry! :P15:18
TJ-My eyes are shot been at it for 10 hours15:18
murlidharook got something15:18
TJ-just the Disklabel line15:19
murlidharits dos15:19
TJ-good, as we thought15:19
TJ-so, your problem is the installer will only boot in UEFI mode, but the current disk is configured only for BIOS/MBR boot mode and the PC won't boot the installer in that mode!15:19
murlidhar8 partitions with 8GB as SWAP15:19
TJ-which reminds me; should we not put back that backup mbr from the USB!?15:20
murlidharah yes15:20
murlidharwe backed it up15:20
murlidharshould i cancel this ? 15:22
TJ-it would be good if we could get that diag MBR to show up... my bet is, if you can fix the BIOS boot mode the ISO would boot correctly (if we put the original sector back!)15:22
TJ-I've tested the ISO here in a virtual machine and it boots correctly in both modes15:23
murlidhardon't know why other distros didn't have trouble in booting and this one only does :|15:23
murlidharfunny thing is that i have lubuntu installed in sda10 already. older  version 15:23
TJ-have you tried another ubuntu image, not just lubuntu? it may be something common to all the recent installer images15:24
murlidharwell antix and bodhi. both worked fine while installing. no issues15:24
TJ-can't you just do-release-upgrade in that lubuntu install?15:24
murlidhareven ubuntu mate15:24
murlidharwas installed before a week back15:24
murlidharTJ-: i wanted lubuntu to be installed in sda1. 15:25
murlidharlubuntu was a trial installation . which is why it is installed at sda10 now15:26
murlidharTJ-: ofcourse i can do-release-upgrade but then what baffles me is why only lubuntu is not working when even ubuntu mate worked seamlessly while installing15:28
murlidharTJ-: anyways i will boot into bodhi right now . we did a backup . 15:29
murlidharTJ-: :)15:31
murlidharTJ-: i have put the pendrive now 15:32
TJ-OK, have you thought to test the USb does boot via a virtual machine?15:32
murlidhari run with 4Gb ram15:32
TJ-that's more than enough15:32
murlidharand its an old pc . 201015:32
murlidharthe usb does boot. 15:33
murlidharjust not for lubuntu15:33
TJ-that's no problem the CPU will support hardware acceleration. you can test that with "journalctl -k | grep kvm"15:34
TJ-well that's what I mean - with a VM you can check there is no corruption15:34
murlidharjournalctl -k | grep kvm15:34
TJ-you should see some lines of the form "kernel: kvm: Nested Virtualization enabled"15:35
TJ-possibly different wording15:35
murlidharAug 15 21:00:33 murlidhar-desktop kernel: kvm: disabled by bios15:35
TJ-ahh, so not enabled in the BIOS setup. That is often the default on Intel CPUs for some reason, whereas AMD alsways has it enabled by default15:36
murlidhari will enable it then. i will work around it . no issues15:37
murlidharTJ-: 15:46
murlidharis it IGD DVMT ? 15:47
TJ-errrm... don't think so. VT-X or something15:47
TJ-I think IGD is Intel Graphic Device15:47
murlidharbleh 15:47
murlidhari couldn't find anything anywhere about kvm 15:48
TJ-it won't call it KVM, that stands for Kernel Virtual Machine. Intel call it VT-x (Virtualisation Technology-eXecute15:49
murlidharshould be in some sub menu ? 15:49
TJ-I'd assume so, yes15:49
murlidharanyways . ok will try looking for vt-x then15:49
murlidharTJ-: if you are in telegram group then perhaps it could be easier 15:50
murlidhari can share photos . lol15:50
murlidharanyways brb15:50
murlidharTJ-: i have enabled for VT for Directed I/Q (VT-d)15:57
murlidharsays Intel VT for Directed I/Q (VT-d)15:57
TJ-hmmm, that's a separate option to VT-X but if you've got VT-d that implies VT-x must also be available!!15:57
murlidharok let me put the picture15:58
TJ-don't worry, that's enabled so you'll be fine, you can check from a terminal again15:59
murlidharAug 15 21:25:15 murlidhar-desktop kernel: kvm: disabled by bios15:59
murlidhar journalctl -k | grep kvm16:00
murlidharto this command16:00
murlidharTJ-: https://ibb.co/P6mCs4t16:01
murlidharTJ-: my family is waiting for me for the dinner. 16:02
murlidhari will have my dinner and then come back16:02
murlidhartc all. laters16:03
TJ-murlidhar:  notice "Intel VT [Disable]"16:05
murlidharTJ-: yes i have enabled both 16:37
TJ-murlidhar:  the other one being the "Intel VT [Disable]" :)16:41
murlidharyes i have enabled that as well16:42
TJ-do you have virt-manager installed (the GUI part of libvirt)  ?16:43
murlidharmurlidhar@murlidhar-desktop:~$ journalctl -k | grep kvm16:43
TJ-makes it easy to start a virtual machine16:43
murlidharnever used a VM before but then there can always be the first time :)16:45
TJ-ls -d /sys/module/kvm*16:45
TJ-that should report a kvm-intel and kvm16:45
murlidhar yes it did16:46
TJ-good. check if you have "virt-manager" 16:48
TJ-should be able to install that package if not16:48
murlidhardon't think cuz it is bodhi. its a very lightweight one16:49
TJ-hmmm, thought it used the Ubuntu repos?16:53
murlidharupdate-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-72-generic16:53
murlidharI: The initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/sda1216:53
murlidharTJ-: it does 16:53
murlidharjust that it is not installed by default16:53
TJ-oh, well yes, it isn't in Ubuntu either :)16:55
murlidhari already know how lubuntu works. i tested out bodhi too. i felt more comfortable with lubuntu which is why i am getting it installed as my main distro16:56
murlidharsince i am running on old hardware i want something that is lightweight. the performance difference is there between lubuntu and bodhi but then it isn't my much 16:57
murlidharso why not use lubuntu instead :)16:57
murlidharTJ-: there used to be a core version of ubuntu as well . ubuntu-core and ubuntu-server 17:00
murlidharyou had to install some x-org packages something 17:01
murlidharto get GUI for the machine17:01
murlidharway back before ubuntu unity came 17:01
TJ-it all runs on Xorg unless it has a Wayland compositor 17:06
murlidharwell wayland compositor came later17:07
hello73Im trying to boot a 2.4Ghz Core 2 Duo macbook into lubuntu, but im having trouble creating a disk image to boot into. I end up with 'no mountable file systems' error19:01
tomreynhello73: older mac's can be more difficult to get working. if you know the exact model number (or the "late 20xx macbook something" description) that may help19:03
lubot[telegram] <VirtualRealityCookies> Can be the rufus? Rufus generated a many problems to me, when I used it to install a SO for my pc (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <biscuitbutter[m]>  * Hi, I'm having issues. Ethernet works during the live session, but after installation, ethernet no longer works. I'm running 20.04.2. These are my specs: https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-latitude-3150-11-6-pentium-n3540-4-gb-ram-500-gb-hdd/ My ethernet is Realtek PCIe GbE Family Cont19:57
lubot[telegram] <VirtualRealityCookies> *to my pc (re @VirtualRealityCookies: Can be the rufus? Rufus generated a many problems to me, when I used it to install a SO for my pc)19:58
lubot[telegram] <VirtualRealityCookies> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/b662b201/file_3160.webp19:59
lubot[telegram] <VirtualRealityCookies> Never use rufus20:00
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