charafau[m]is there going to be more support for https://github.com/canonical/avahi.dart ? Wanted to find devices over the network but seems like it's not there yet02:01
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master d8d081e Gunnar Hjalmarsson debian/ (5 files) * Debian/Ubuntu delta in 40.1-1ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/3pJx413:20
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master 36d3b27 Gunnar Hjalmarsson debian/ changelog control control.in * debian/control*: Modify VCS info * https://deb.li/iQueD13:20
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master 666f264 Gunnar Hjalmarsson debian/ changelog gbp.conf * debian/gbp.conf: Modify debian-branch * https://deb.li/xDXF13:20
KGB-2gtk3 pristine-tar e1bd61d Simon McVittie gtk+3.0_3.24.30.orig.tar.xz.delta gtk+3.0_3.24.30.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gtk+3.0_3.24.30.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3ztM014:40
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest cc6b704 Simon McVittie * pushed 86 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/33pGA14:41
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest 6d6d76e Matthias Clasen gdk/gdkgl.c gtk/gtkglarea.c * Merge branch 'arb_fbo' into 'gtk-3-24' * https://deb.li/iORWi14:41
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest d4f62b4 Matthias Clasen gtk/a11y/gtkcontainercellaccessible.c * a11y: Fix ref counting in tree views * https://deb.li/koI414:41
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest 21f8098 Matthias Clasen gtk/a11y/gtktreeviewaccessible.c * a11y: Plug a memory leak with treeviews * https://deb.li/37liD14:41
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest 90e8d7f Emmanuele Bassi gtk/a11y/ gtkcontainercellaccessible.c gtktreeviewaccessible.c * Merge branch 'gtk3-a11y-leak' into 'gtk-3-24' * https://deb.li/mpAj14:41
KGB-2gtk3 upstream/latest 66b5334 Tom Schoonjans gdk/quartz/ gdkinternal-quartz.h gdkwindow-quartz.c * quartz: fix compilation on macOS 10.10 * https://deb.li/3aRhR14:41
KGB-2gtk3 tags 30f94af Simon McVittie upstream/3.24.30 * Upstream version 3.24.30 * https://deb.li/rRex14:41
KGB-2gnome-user-docs pristine-tar 57eede4 Gunnar Hjalmarsson gnome-user-docs_40.4.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-user-docs_40.4.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-user-docs_40.4.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/iioil14:42
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest 3074231 Gunnar Hjalmarsson * pushed 94 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/jRGs14:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest 6b2ccba Shaun McCance NEWS configure.ac * Version 40.3 * https://deb.li/3DoWU14:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest 10c6658 Michael Catanzaro gnome-help/C/ gnome-classic.page index.page shell-introduction.page * Remove a few remaining references to GNOME 3 * https://deb.li/BeMn14:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest 4302249 Petr Kovar gnome-help/fa/fa.po * Mark Persian translation as fuzzy * https://deb.li/30pL714:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest f1df093 Yuri Chornoivan gnome-help/uk/uk.po * Update Ukrainian translation * https://deb.li/dpy014:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs upstream/latest b176b43 Anders Jonsson gnome-help/sv/sv.po * Update Swedish translation * https://deb.li/31RZ214:43
KGB-2gnome-user-docs tags 675625e Gunnar Hjalmarsson upstream/40.4 * Upstream version 40.4 * https://deb.li/3plki14:44
KGB-2gtk4 tags 8b81cec Simon McVittie upstream/4.3.2+ds * Upstream version 4.3.2+ds * https://deb.li/5fYC15:22
KGB-2gtk4 tags afcc70c Simon McVittie upstream/4.3.2+ds1 * Upstream version 4.3.2+ds1 * https://deb.li/3X0OG15:22
KGB-2gtk4 pristine-tar 04b2fe0 Simon McVittie gtk4_4.3.2+ds.orig.tar.xz.delta gtk4_4.3.2+ds.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gtk4_4.3.2+ds.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/J0fF15:22
KGB-2gtk4 pristine-tar 1fdda2a Simon McVittie gtk4_4.3.2+ds1.orig.tar.xz.delta gtk4_4.3.2+ds1.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gtk4_4.3.2+ds1.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3GH3115:22
KGB-2gtk4 pristine-tar 9d9d01d Simon McVittie gtk4_4.3.1+ds.orig.tar.xz.delta gtk4_4.3.1+ds.orig.tar.xz.id gtk4_4.3.1.orig.tar.xz.delta gtk4_4.3.1.orig.tar.xz.id * Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pristine-tar' into pristine-tar * https://deb.li/3wUBd15:23
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master c48ce77 Gunnar Hjalmarsson * pushed 101 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3T0Mv17:56
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master 370be20 Yuri Chornoivan gnome-help/uk/uk.po * Update Ukrainian translation * https://deb.li/ZltN17:56
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master beeed3a Danial Behzadi gnome-help/fa/fa.po * Update Persian translation * https://deb.li/3LeAx17:57
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master a59c8d5 Danial Behzadi gnome-help/fa/fa.po * Update Persian translation * https://deb.li/0RIg17:57
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master a41b7f0 Piotr Drąg gnome-help/pl/pl.po * Update Polish translation * https://deb.li/LuhE17:57
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master e2a8d56 Мирослав Николић gnome-help/sr/sr.po * Update Serbian translation * https://deb.li/31Hye17:57
KGB-0gnome-user-docs ubuntu/master ae94117 Gunnar Hjalmarsson debian/changelog * Upload to impish * https://deb.li/PIfN18:01
KGB-0gnome-user-docs signed tags ecb0b79 Gunnar Hjalmarsson ubuntu/40.4-1ubuntu1 * gnome-user-docs Debian release 40.4-1ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/3Juix18:05
KGB-0orca upstream/stable ff02c52 Samuel Thibault * pushed 187 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3RnOc18:41
KGB-0orca upstream/stable c2137aa Joanmarie Diggs src/orca/event_manager.py * Event Manager: Allow scripts to handle child removal if focus is dead * https://deb.li/TBTC18:41
KGB-0orca upstream/stable 7cb9c2d Joanmarie Diggs src/orca/scripts/web/script_utilities.py * Web: Return early when asking for object or line contents of dead object * https://deb.li/ii2PG18:41
KGB-0orca upstream/stable 73016c7 Joanmarie Diggs src/orca/scripts/web/script.py * Web: Search for zombie replicant of caret context when updating braille * https://deb.li/QA4l18:42
KGB-0orca upstream/stable b268907 Joanmarie Diggs src/orca/scripts/default.py * Handle exception resulting from text object going dead on us * https://deb.li/3D2zI18:42
KGB-0orca upstream/stable 1b45a7f Hugo Carvalho po/pt.po * Update Portuguese translation * https://deb.li/VnDE18:42

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