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lotuspsychjewelcome grey-matter 09:57
grey-matterI am new to irc 09:57
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lotuspsychjegrey-matter: you joined the ubuntu discuss channel, welcome to the community!09:59
lotuspsychjegrey-matter: if there's anything we can help you with, let us know10:03
theloserbd1are you here ?10:11
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lotuspsychjeubuntu sunday support does that pay double? :p $$14:13
tomreyntwice the karma14:29
lotuspsychjewelcome Nitrousoxide 14:32
lotuspsychjefire up your topic here if you like14:33
NitrousoxideWill do, thank you.14:33
NitrousoxideWhat’s are y’alls preferred pronunciation of Ubuntu? 14:33
TJ-Nitrousoxide: ask Nelson Mandela... https://askubuntu.com/questions/34980/what-is-the-correct-pronunciation-of-ubuntu14:35
NitrousoxideWell of course there’s a correct pronunciation but that doesnt mean its used by all haha14:36
lotuspsychjein dutch we pronounce it oo boon too14:37
Nitrousoxidethat’s probably the most common one, right?14:37
NitrousoxideI say you-boon-too14:38
NitrousoxideMore of like a shorter “you,” kinda like a “yuh”14:38
lotuspsychjeyeah i bet thats the US way 'you'14:39
NitrousoxideYou’re probably right, all of my friends and coworkers say it like that14:40
TJ-Nitrousoxide: Nelson Mandela's video was shipped on the original Ubuntu releases installer and desktop to teach us how to pronounce Ubuntu14:40
NitrousoxideOh wow14:42
NitrousoxideInteresting piece of oo-bun-too lore14:42
tomreynor desmond tutu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftjdDOfTzbk14:49
lotuspsychjefunny how some of my customers prounce it u bun tu, the first time they learn its existence14:52
lotuspsychjelinux you say? never heared ot that14:53
NitrousoxideIve actually heard that one before14:54
TJ-Just booted a 6.06 to find the Mandela video. It's in Desktop/Examples/ "Experience ubuntu.ogg"15:43
TJ-package is "example-content"15:44
TJ-Can be found in http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/example-content/example-content_21.tar.gz15:46
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ducassein norwegian there's really only one way to pronounce ubuntu16:35
ducasseand linux16:35
TJ-"the correct way™"16:49
ducassethey both are :)16:57
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webchat47Hello, is there anyone to help me? I have VirtualBox and in it I have a ubuntu server in which I have ssh port redirection on the host 2222 ports. I installed chromium in it, but I can't redirect to the HOST system .18:10
webchat47but dillo browser working18:10
webchat47error message : chromium18:12
webchat47X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.18:12
webchat47[1939:1939:0815/180938.704898:ERROR:browser_main_loop.cc(1412)] Unable to open X display.18:12
tomreynwebchat47 got a response to this in #ubuntu-server18:35

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