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TheUbuntuMatePihello everyone. 18:00
TheUbuntuMatePiI just installed ubuntu mate on my raspberry pi model 4b 8gb18:00
TheUbuntuMatePiI am running into an issue where the top and bottom screen is cut off. I can't see the dock, or the top panel. 18:01
TheUbuntuMatePiDoes anyone know how to fix this?18:01
sixwheeledbeasthave you looked in displays, to see if there is anything wrong?18:02
sixwheeledbeastmaybe your display is detected incorrectly?18:03
TheUbuntuMatePiI just changed the settings now in there18:04
TheUbuntuMatePiit corrected itself, but now the color seems off.18:04
TheUbuntuMatePiYes. It corrects to where it works, but when I do the color settings go out of whack18:05
TheUbuntuMatePiIt goes from vibrant to dull.18:06

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