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nightstrikeIs it possible with 21.04 to get rid of snaps entirely while still using other applications?  For instance, I read that trying to install chromium with apt forces the use of snap00:48
Bashing-omnightstrike: While one may remove snap - there are those apps that are only (couch - chromium) that are only available in the snap format. // I run slimjet as my alternative to chromium.00:50
alzghyou could also add 3rd party repos00:52
tomreynthere are a couple, including some providing chromium builds00:52
oerheksppa:xtradeb/apps extra deb packaging .. not that i use it.00:55
oerheksyt downloader updated is nice00:56
nightstrikeI see00:57
nightstrikeare snaps here to stay for the forseeable future?00:57
nightstrikeand, can I at least use gnome with snap?00:57
oerheksthey certainly give developers a cure to headaches00:57
oerhekssome want you to have the latest patched version.. but no. silly users want full control.00:58
oerheksif you know what you are doing, it is fine, but ubuntu wants to guarantee an user experience.00:59
nightstrikeI don't really want someone else deciding what's right for me, personally01:00
oerheksi like snapt for the controlled hooks, limitited to home folder, devices and such01:00
oerheksdo that with debs..01:00
nightstrikeif I wanted someone else to control how I used my computer, I'd use windows 1001:00
alzghif they only had implemented snaps less messy towards other residents of linux01:00
alzghls /dev/ with a bunch of containers mounted just looks shit01:01
oerhekssnaps on corporate level..01:01
alzghmake another folder for snaps01:01
alzghI want my devices01:02
oerheksinteresting.. the other folders of your linux system look fine?01:02
nightstrikeyeah, typing "mount" used to be a useful tool.  cgroups made it bad. Snaps make it worse.01:02
oerheksgo for flatpak then?01:03
nightstrikeis that an option on ubuntu?01:03
toddcI am liking snaps they fix a lot of issues with dependencies and seem to just work01:03
oerhekscertainly, but not installed standard01:03
nightstriketoddc: have you ever had a problem with just "apt install X"?01:03
oerhekschromium is a nice example; it is horrible to maintain..01:04
nightstrikeI'm fairly new to this side of the house, but on the RH side, "yum install X" generally always just works, too01:04
nightstrikeoerheks: so I can still keep gnome, and use flatpak, and not have to have forced updates on my virtual machine?01:04
tomreynnightstrike: you can choose to purge snapd, and prevent installing packages which will return it.01:05
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oerheksnope, 21.04 does not have that kernel update livepatch, so you are free01:06
oerheks*to disable snapd and such01:06
oerhekslivepatch is lts only, afaik01:06
nightstriketomreyn: I know how to disable it, but what I don't know, and what I'm probably not communicating clearly, is how to deal with software that I want that is currently available as a snap. For chrome, I'll just switch to firefox, that's easy.  For Gnome, oerheks mentioned flatpak, but I haven't found a guide yet on it01:10
tomreynnightstrike: is gnome installed as a snap in your ubuntu release? i kind of doubt that. what are you running?01:11
tomreynas some of us mentioned, other chrome build exist from 3rd party apt repositories, so no need to switch your preferred browser.01:12
tomreynyou can introduce flatpak as a third way of managing packages, if you need to01:12
toddcnightstrike: I use a lot of LXC/LXD containers on my servers. snap are just that easy prebuilt work on any platform easy to move or migrate update01:13
tomreynbut those are all seperate topics, for all i can tell01:13
nightstriketomreyn: yes. 21.0401:14
tomreyn"how to deal with software that I want that is currently available as a snap" -> if you don't want that installed as snaps, then install it some other way.01:14
nightstrikesnap list shows "gnome-3-34-1804    0+git.3556cb3       72     latest/stable/…  canonical✓  "01:14
tomreynthat's backward compatibility libs01:14
nightstrikeah, so I can remove that?01:14
tomreyni think so. you can remove it on 20.04 LTS and on 18.04 LTS01:15
nightstrikeI also have "gtk-common-themes  0.1-52-gb92ac40     1515   latest/stable/…  canonical✓  -"01:15
nightstrikeeverything else in the list is just snap itself01:15
tomreynjust give it a try, purge it all, reboot, see whether gnome works. i think you'll be fine.01:16
nightstrikeok, ty01:17
oerhekschrome is not a snap, chromium us01:18
nightstrikeit's a vm, so I can just roll back01:18
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alkisgnightstrike: the other desktop environments have less snaps than gnome; you might want to switch to e.g. kde, mate or xfce if you like ubuntu but don't like snaps01:40
alkisgE.g. on mate I start with `apt purge snapd`, and I only lose the software boutique and mate-welcome01:40
alzghyeah, that's what I may do. I've install Gnome first but then added plasma and are on plasma mostly.01:40
alkisgWhile I think that on kubuntu, `snap list` is actually empty after installation01:40
alzghclean plasma or xfce install maybe.01:40
alzghgnome installs bunch of snaps01:41
alkisgoerheks: "chrome is not a snap" => afaik ubuntu refused to import the chrome package from debian; has anything changed since I last looked? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium/+bug/185559401:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855594 in chromium (Ubuntu) "Sync chromium 78.0.3904.108-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist, Won't Fix]01:45
Bashing-omalzgh: "sysop@2004x-c:~$ snap list >> No snaps are installed yet. Try 'snap install hello-world' " where I am on xfce :D01:46
tomreynalkisg: google chrome is the proprietary software, chromium refers to its open source code01:46
alkisgtomreyn: ah, he meant the proprietary one, got it, ty01:47
tomreynyes, i would think so01:48
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nightstrikeno, I meant chromium03:47
nightstrikebut much like that bug report, when packagers force a snap, my response is "use a different package", be it firefox or proprietary google chrome03:47
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nightstrikeback on the topic of snap... just curious...  if the idea of a snap is that all the deps are included in its container, doesn't that defeat the purpose of a shared library, and further increase the amount of duplicate libraries you have on disk/04:33
toddcbut you do not have to use snaps at all04:34
nightstrikeright, I just finished removing them entirely04:34
nightstrikejust curious, is all04:35
nightstrikeI hope that ubuntu backs off from them04:35
toddcnightstrike: normally disk space is not a big issue and it solves issues of different versions of dependencies IE PHP each can use its own version04:37
lotuspsychjenightstrike: if you dont like them, sudo apt purge snapd, the users choice04:42
Swift110-mobilehey all04:55
toddcSwift110-mobile: welcome04:57
Swift110-mobile thanks toddc04:58
Swift110-mobileah matsaman u here too lol04:58
nightstrikelotuspsychje: right, I already finished removing them entirely05:00
matsamanSwift110-mobile: everywhere =P05:07
alkisgnightstrike: canonical has invested a lot of money in developing snaps; I doubt they'll back off soon; I just hope that they won't try to enforce snaps more, to people that prefer plain old .debs05:34
webchat95hello I am looking for help starting off on ubuntu and encrypting a partition with luks. Can I get help here?06:34
mechanicwebchat95 yes :)06:36
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webchat95is there a gui method other than kde partition manager to create luks encrypted partitions on ubuntu 20.04?06:45
webchat95kde partition manager does not seem to work with this version of ubuntu06:45
webchat95I can use a terminal, but am very cautious against using sgdisk since I've never used it before and do not want to delete other partitions06:46
mechanicwebchat95 so you want to format a partition for luks?06:47
webchat95mechanic yes I do. I have an unallocated partition I want to use to install ubuntu 20.0406:48
webchat95I am dual booting windows and ubuntu. Windows 10 is already on the one partition. Want to install a luks encrypted ubuntu partition next06:49
mechanicsudo cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/sdxY06:49
mechanicif you want to format06:50
mechanicas you would need to06:50
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webchat95rn I'm running ubuntu from a usb and have not allocated partition. For next step then I create 2 partitions for data and swap and encrypt them both with cryptsetup and then use the install ubuntu on the desktop?06:54
webchat95apologies if any of this is unclear06:55
mechanicwebchat95 no idea about swap, but yes you can just luksFormat, open them afterwards and then install ubuntu. But wouldnt it be better to just use the ubuntu installer for that? (it can just use the rest of the free space) or you can manually tell it, where to install what with what encryption etc07:05
webchat95can I use ubuntu installer and afterwards use luks for everything?07:06
webchat95I read luks only works before installation07:06
mechanicwebchat95 the installer can encrypt the install for you07:08
webchat95oh I must have missed this option the first time! I will do this then. thanks!07:08
* enyc meows07:09
enycwebchat95: these days separate swap partition is not normally used (but no reason you can't have)07:10
enyczram and a ''swapfile'' seems to be more normal,  not sure if ubuntu defaults to enabling the former yet07:10
webchat95I'm not seeing an option in the ubuntu installer to encrypt things with luks07:12
webchat95mechanic I see the install alongside windows and something else options. the something else option does not offer luks as a format07:14
mechanicalongside should give you an option for encryption (probably on the next page?)07:14
webchat95mechanic it does not seem to be offering encryption07:20
webchat95I tried this option for a test install yesterday and it did not seem to offer luks then either07:24
webchat95just checked online. This only works with erase disk07:28
mechanicugh, okay that's weird :/07:36
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tczHow do I find out what packages are going to be installed from iso file?09:11
alkisgYou could chroot into it and run `dpkg -l`09:12
alkisgBut in general, you'd see the iso seeds09:12
tczso loop mount. where do I find seed files?09:13
tczthis is before I've booted into it. I've only downloaded it so far.09:14
tczThank you for the reply, btw.09:14
alkisgYes, loop mount. The seeds are in launchpad, e.g. https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/ubuntu-mate.focal/desktop09:15
alkisgYou don't need to boot it to loop mount/chroot into it09:15
tczAwesome. Thanks09:16
parmodhow to crack gmail password09:43
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pan_aaa  aaaaaaad10:07
lotuspsychjepan_: can we help you with something?10:08
vlmWhen mark a program on hold using apt to not update that program, does that also imply holding that programs dependencies aswell?11:08
vlmUsing apt-mark that is11:11
rud0lfno clue but i'd say it's logical11:11
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vlmWould think so too11:12
tomreynvlm: that depends on how the dependency is filed. if it says "i depend on the very version n.n.n of library x", then said dependency will remain installed. if it says "i depend on version n.n.n *or newer* of library x", then said dependency may be updated/upgraded. less strictly dependended-on packaged (recommends, suggests) could even be removed (uninstalled).11:50
GuiTorishello, does anyone know how the audio source can be specified in mpv?11:51
tomreynGuiToris: i don't knowmyself, but its man page seems to explain. are you into man pages, yet?11:55
tomreyn!man | GuiToris11:55
ubottuGuiToris: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/11:55
tomreynthe latest man page (for "impish" / Ubuntu 21.04) is also available online at http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/impish/en/man1/mpv.1.html11:56
tomreynThe "PROTOCOLS" section explains how you can access sources. The general usage of the MPV command (i.e. how to specify the source when running mpv) is given in the "SYNOPSIS" section on the top of the page.11:57
coconuthey zteam11:59
zteamSo I have been having a very weird issue where my luks-encrypted harddrive with EXT4 randomly fails to mount... Today I did decide to investigate things further, so I booted up my system from a live-usb running Ubuntu 21.04, it refuses to mount everytime complaining about bad superblock, booting up Ubuntu 18.04 however the drive mounts correctly everytime, and there is no complains about any bad superblock either12:04
zteamI have tested this multiple times (around 10 times now),I did try running fsck to correct the filesystem and it confirmed the issues and gave up (then my installed Ubuntu 21.04 refuesed to mount), I also tried running fsck then drive mounted as expected and it found no complains at all, running TestDisk on the drive it found nothing wrong with the partition table...12:08
zteamI just feel clueless here :-/12:09
zteam@TJ- any ideas man? :-)12:11
zteamTJ-, any ideas ?12:12
tomreynzteam: check the drive health with smartctl12:15
tomreyn!smart | zteam12:16
ubottuzteam: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools12:16
tomreynzteam: also post the full command you run and the output of an fsck which fails.12:17
tomreyn(to a pastebin)12:18
tomreynhi webchat7312:18
webchat73I'm installing kubuntu on my pc right now from live usb and i want to ask some questions please12:18
webchat73I'm at (disk setup) process12:19
webchat73There's 4 options :12:19
tomreynzteam: finally, post   dumpe2fs -b    from the system which reports bad superblock and the system which does not12:19
webchat73Guided - use entire disk12:19
zteamtomreyn, done (althought by Gnome-disk it doesn't list any complains (long self-test passed too)12:19
tomreynzteam: actually   dumpe2fs -h12:19
webchat73Guided - use entire disk and set up lvm12:20
webchat73Guided - use entire fisk and set up encrypted lvm12:20
webchat73And manual12:20
webchat73There's bars showing before and after statues of the partitions after.installing kubuntu12:21
tomreynzteam: feel free to share the smartctl output as well (pastebin).12:21
tomreynwebchat73: soooo - what's your question?12:22
webchat73I want to use encryption.. full desk encryption...12:22
webchat73Will my files be lost after ???12:22
webchat73I have 4 partitions12:22
webchat73But 1 disk12:22
tomreynwebchat73: so this is roughly the screen you're looking at, right? https://i.stack.imgur.com/7pdlr.png12:23
webchat73Before bar: shows 4 partitions with different colors12:24
webchat73Yes all (ntfs) instead of unknown12:24
webchat73But different colors instead of only orange12:24
tomreynwebchat73: so you've got muliple partitions on this disk you want to install to already. and you'd like to use full disk encryption. i *assume* that full disk encrpytion will destroy all data on the disk (I do not know this for sure).12:25
tomreyngenerally. when installing any OS on a disk which has existing data on it, you should ensure that that data is fully backed up.12:26
TJ-tomreyn: webchat73  Yes, the FDE options all will as it says "use entire disk"12:26
webchat73The disk is 500 Gb but i don't have means to back it up12:27
zteamtomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mNzHVSpTfH/12:27
webchat73I thought it could only erase the C: partition12:27
tomreynwebchat73: maybe you don't need to backup the entire partition, but just the data that's relevant to you, maybe that's less than 500 GB?12:27
tomreynif you don't have local storage you can create a backup on, maybe you can backup to the cloud?12:28
webchat73Around 300 GB12:28
webchat73Manual won't erase my files?12:28
tomreyn(or you could acquire storage for this purpose)12:28
tomreynprobably not, but no guaratees are given. see my general statement above.12:29
TJ-webchat73: first things first; is there free space in the existing NTFSs that you can reclaim to make space for Ubuntu ?12:29
webchat73I want to show u12:29
webchat73How upload screenshot12:30
cbreakI'd recommend getting a separate ssd or disk, if you can manage that.12:30
tomreynyou can take a screenshot (or digital photo) and upload it to imgur.com12:30
cbreakor partition your existing disk from the start12:30
TJ-webchat73: generally, the method is to use Windows Disk Management to shrink NTFS(s) (and their parent partition(s)) prior to starting the Ubuntu installer. At that point the installer will see free space it can use12:31
tomreynyou won't be able to do a full disk encrypted installation that way either, though12:31
zteamtomreyn, so....  dumpe2fs -h /dev/dm-0 (it's mysterious device)12:31
tomreynzteam: that's probably the encrypted device, isn't it?12:32
zteamtomreyn, correct :-)12:33
tomreynwell that won't have a readable file systemon it12:33
tomreynno surprise there12:33
TJ-zteam: what does "sudo file -s /dev/dm-0" report ?12:33
TJ-(if it's device-mapper it's likely an LVM PV )12:34
tomreynactually that should be the luks opened device, i am still waking up12:34
TJ-right, with LVM inside12:34
tomreynpossibly, yes12:35
webchat30Hi it's me12:35
webchat30This is screenshot12:35
tomreynwebchat30: okay, this shows that the full disk would be used for kubuntu if you were to use the "Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM" option.12:36
tomreynby means of the colored bars on the bottom12:36
webchat30I want kubuntu to be installed on the windows 10 partition only12:37
webchat30And encrypt the rest12:37
webchat30So i don't lose personal files12:38
tomreynwebchat30: the kubuntu installer can only encrypt the full disk or nothing at all.12:38
webchat30I can do same encryption manually later?12:38
tomreynnot easily12:39
zteamtomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SRVtxXvYyd/12:39
tomreynit would be a complex, difficult, process, requiring a higher level of experience12:39
tomreynfull disk encrpytion is best done during installation12:40
tomreynzteam: that's from which system?12:40
webchat30So full disk encryption will make my partition into one partition... But will it erase alllllll?12:41
tomreynfull disk encryption will encrypt the full disk, i.e. it will erase anything that's on the disk.12:42
webchat30Ok thank you12:42
webchat30Thank God i asked12:42
tomreynsee the "After" line on the bottom12:43
tomreynit depict what you would get, Kubuntu spanning the entire disk12:43
tomreynwhere there were multiple partitions (with data) previously12:43
webchat30But wait a second.. so everytime  i want to install a new version or distro for example with FDE.. it will erase my disk?12:44
TJ-in plain terms, it would wipe out all Windows data12:44
tomreynso all of the three installation options that are "Guided" would destroy any data you have12:44
webchat30Guided is dangerous12:45
webchat30I will go with manual12:45
zteamTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YWbKSSh9Q5/12:46
tomreynwebchat30: well, "manual" is also dangerous, if by "dangerous" you mean that you could delete the existing data. you *can* also do that with 'manual'12:46
zteamtomreyn, the one which refueses to mount the the filesystem12:46
tomreynwebchat30: and manual will not even offer full disk encryption.12:47
TJ-zteam: so that's the LV (Logical Volume) with the problem file-system?12:47
webchat30Tomreyn:  yes but i will ar least selecet where kubuntu will be installed right? All i have to do is choose the right partition to be wiped? Right?12:48
tomreynwebchat30: yes, this should usually work, if you do it right. but do make note my earlier general statement: <tomreyn> generally. when installing any OS on a disk which has existing data on it, you should ensure that that data is fully backed up.12:49
TJ-webchat30: are you going to delete one of the Windows NTFS partitions and all its data?12:49
webchat30The blue partition12:50
webchat30That has windows12:50
webchat30Tomreyn: ok thank you... I think i should do it anyway with very caution :(12:51
coconutwebchat30, you want to dualboot or only re-use existing personal files from the ntfs partition?12:51
webchat30Coconut: use existing personal files from the NTFS part12:52
zteamTJ-, I'm not very sure these even contains any LVM (I encrypted these drives long time ago with Gnome-disk (not the partition wizzard you use during install)12:52
webchat30Please answer this ( if i choose to move data on external hard disk):.      .. ... ... .. so everytime  i want to install a new version or distro for example with FDE.. it will erase my disk?12:53
tomreynzteam: let's see the error message you get when trying to mount /dev/dm-0 then.12:53
TJ-zteam: it's LVM - "sudo dmsetup info /dev/dm-0"12:54
TJ-zteam: if not, you've got the ext4 directly inside the LUKS container, which is unusual12:54
TJ-it's obviously a device-mapper node12:55
coconutwebchat30, i would so the partitioning in two phases, first creating ubuntu on / and home on /home, then boot and copying files to the home. After that you could run the intaller again to get rid of the ntfs partition and make your /home partition bigger to the boundaries of the disk.(can be dangerous of you do not backup before!)12:55
zteamTJ-, I'm not so sure about that, but here is the output anyway https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6v5nb4n6Xb/12:56
TJ-webchat30: if you redo the encryption then of course you'll wipe everything. But once encryption is in place it can be re-used as long as the to-be-installed distro installer supports it12:57
TJ-zteam: that shows it is a LUKS v1 container, so no LVM12:57
zteamTJ-, which means it resides on an LVM (I had a memory about Gnome-disk listing the the LVM but that seems to be wrong)12:58
webchat30Coconut: so first do notmal install then move all data to one partition?12:58
zteamTJ-, yeah exactly :-)12:59
webchat30Tj-: what if i did ( manual) on the other distro? The encryption from previous installer will still exist?12:59
TJ-zteam: no, no LVM there. The clue is that the LUKS is dm-0 so there's nothing else device-mapper before it. See "lsblk"12:59
TJ-webchat30: depends on how you do it, but in the typical configuration of encryption > LVM then to install another distro only requires space in the LVM VG for additional LVs (Logical Volumes) to install the other distro to13:00
webchat30Thnk you so much everyone13:01
webchat30For your help13:01
webchat30And I'm sorry i might be stupid with these questions13:01
coconutwebchat30, first thing is to create an ext4 partition for /, and one ext4 for /home(you would need enough free disk space inside one of the ntfs partitions to get started with that). After that you can copy files and re-use the old ntfs space for you /home parition.13:01
tomreynwebchat30: ubuntu installers won't be able to re-use existing encrpyted storage. i assume this is the same for most other linux diustros.13:02
zteamtomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sfyWXwbkhq/13:02
coconutwebchat30, nothing has to do with stupid with this... it is just not the easiest thing to do.13:03
tomreynwebchat30: (you can manually intervene to make it possible to still do so, but this, too, weould require a good general understanding of the different layers and the intallation process in general)13:03
zteamwebchat30, there is nothing stupid about asking questions, without asking questions just harder to learn ;-)13:04
TJ-zteam: what OS/release are you using to try to mount that file-system?13:04
tomreynwebchat30: you're welcome, and yes, not stupid at all - this is not easy for anyone the first time around, and the next time, too.13:04
zteamTJ-, Ubuntu 21.04 (works great to mount in Ubuntu 18.04), and it worked randomly with 21.04, now it doesn't seem Ubuntu 21.04 always fails to mount the drive13:06
TJ-zteam: has the file-system been moved from another device (is it a cloned device) ?13:06
tomreynzteam: can you also show the output of    sudo file -s /dev/mapper/luks-c845bd3f-1d60-47d8-b90d-dd1e95ec58d713:07
zteamTJ-, no :-)13:08
TJ-zteam: have you resized the partitions on the device containing that file-system?13:08
webchat8Hiiii I'm so sorry ...... I don't know what to do with this13:09
webchat8I went with manual13:10
zteamtomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/k4nxbxyXwR/13:10
pasizhard to say what you are doing13:10
AavarWhat do I need to install (or do) to get tab completion with systemctl (in lxc)?13:10
tomreynAavar: sudo apt install bash-completion13:11
tomreynzteam: and for dm-0 that gives?13:11
Ali-Karamhello again .. https://termbin.com/9bam am I missing anything? it worked fine but there was lots of warnings and a couple of errors13:11
tomreynAli-Karam: we only support ubuntu on this channel13:12
tomreyntry #linux13:12
zteamTJ-, nope (not recently anyway, maybe several years ago), I also think it was converted from ext3, but I'm not sure if it was that Disk or not (but none of this is done recently anyway)13:12
Aavartomreyn: THank you, but that did not help unfortunately. Even after a reboot of the container.13:13
webchat8Can i pm someone for help please13:13
webchat8Through installer13:13
tomreynwebchat8: please ask your questions here on the channel. there's also #kubuntu which is less busy13:14
zteamtomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z23Rk443ts/13:14
TJ-zteam: I was considering if the container of the file-system had shrunk and therefore the file-system was having some of its data (most likely at the very end) over-written13:15
webchat8Ok Here it lists all my partitions and I'm not sure what to do : https://imgur.com/a/3mw41zW13:15
webchat8When i click change on something there's so mny formats and options13:16
zteamtomreyn, TJ- also note that Ubuntu 18.04 seems as happy as ever to mount the volume (I tried this over 10 times, it works as expected every single time)13:16
tomreynzteam: i noticed that running the same file command against ext4 file systems i have on a 18.04 system also reports "(64bit)" (as a file system feature), but yours does not. i'm not sure whether or not that's a red herring, though.13:18
webchat8I never noticed the sda2 partition on windows before.. and it shows 553 mb used..13:19
webchat8Wht boot loader device should i use?13:20
TJ-zteam: are both architectures 64-bit?13:21
zteamI also been attempting to dig around with dmesg -wH (it list events as they happens) but the only thing I was able to find was that it complains about the superblock on 21.04 whereas Ubuntu 18.04 seems happy about it, I'm not really able to draw any conclusions from this13:22
tomreynwebchat8: /dev/sda should be fine if you have just this one disk installed.13:22
ravageYou only have one device. SDA is fine13:23
zteamtomreyn, all pastes here is from Ubuntu 21.04 so far.13:23
ravageBut it looks like you need to resize your windows partition. As the installer can't figure out how much is in use you may not be able to resize it13:24
tomreynzteam: so, would you like to compare to the other system then?13:24
zteamTJ-, yes :-)13:24
ravageUsually there why Windows did not completely shut down and blocks Access13:24
ravageSo you would need to go back to windows and do a complete shutdown13:24
ravageMaybe google how to do that. Was something like holding shift while pressing shutdown13:25
zteamtomreyn, I be happy to, just need to reboot first13:25
tomreynravage: webchat8 plans to replace the windows OS installation on sda113:25
TJ-zteam: my feeling is some file-system flags are affecting this13:25
ravageOh ok13:25
webchat8Ok, so if i want to clean the windows 10 and install kubuntu on the same partition..  mark it blue only? And click install now? Also is 74 GB enough for Kubuntu? Should i keep formats as ntfs?13:25
ravage74gb will be ok for a normal installation yes13:25
ravageBut you have way too many partitions. I would backup data and just do the installation on a clean drive. But it will work on the 74gb13:26
BluesKajHi all13:26
zteamTJ-, well, I tried to commeent out the the entries in /etc/fstab for /dev/dm-0 but it didn't do any difference13:27
webchat8I'm so confused and worried T-T13:27
zteamTJ-, tomreyn BRB, just need to reboot into 18.0413:27
tomreynwebchat8: if you want to destroy the windows installation to make room for Kubuntu, you should first of all click on the /dev/sda1 device, then click on "delete". this should provide "available space" which you can then select and use to "add" partitions for Kubuntu in.13:27
ravageNothing to worry about with a backup13:27
ravageNever do anything without it13:27
tomreynwebchat8 has no backup. we previously recommended against continuing until backups are available.13:28
ravageAs usual wise advice here :)13:29
webchat8Indeleted sd113:30
webchat8It's now free space in gray13:31
webchat8When i click... It ask logical or primary?13:31
webchat8Beginning or end13:31
ravagecreate an ext4 partition and assign / as the mount point. primary partitiion at the beginning13:32
Zteamnad I'm back again13:32
webchat8Use as... And mount point13:32
ravagethat should be all you need to stat the installation13:32
webchat8Primary - beginning of this space - ext4 journaling file system - /13:33
webchat8Click ok?13:33
tomreynTJ-: you had probably asked about resizing due to the mismatch of FS size and physical size at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mNzHVSpTfH/ ?13:34
tomreynTJ-: (this is output zteam had previously posted)13:34
webchat8I clicked ok... But now the free space gray.. turned bck to (blue windows 10 (ext4)13:35
ravagethats just the name13:35
ravageshould be fine13:35
webchat8Click install?13:35
tomreynwebchat8, ravage: this is missing /boot13:36
ravageyou dont need /boot with ext413:36
tomreynuh no, ignore this13:36
TJ-tomreyn: I never saw that - that's the problem Zteam13:36
webchat8A warning came up13:36
ravagewebchat8, maybe a little more detail?13:37
webchat8No efi system partion was found... This sistem will likely not be able to boot success ly and the installation process may fail13:37
ravageoh. do you know if you have EFI enabled in windows?13:37
webchat8I don't know what is efi13:38
ravageanyway we should just create one13:38
TJ-Zteam: so as I surmised; the LUKS container is 1060864 bytes smaller than the ext4 file-system it contains13:38
webchat8Go back?13:38
EriC^webchat8: are you dual booting?13:38
ravageyou need a EFI partition at the beginning of the drive. 100 megabyte or so is enough13:38
tomreynwebchat8 / ravage: there is no EFI system partition on this disk, even though there is a windows installation. we will need to assuem that windows was installed in bios mode, and that the kubuntu installer was boote din uefi mode13:38
ravagei think the partition type is called EFI? or boot?13:39
webchat8I'm not dual booting.. I'm on live usb and i want to delete windows and install kubuntu13:39
EriC^if he's dual booting and windows is using legacy, it would be better to just reboot the live usb in legacy mode13:39
ravagei dont remember the installer 100%13:39
EriC^ah ok webchat8, then create an efi partition, ~300mb close to the start of the disk13:39
tomreynravage: /boot would be something else, it would be called EFI or ESP by the installer, it would be a FAT32 / VFAT file system.13:40
ravageim not sure if he has enough primary partition sleft13:40
ravagewith all his partitons already setup13:40
webchat8Could it be that 856 partition i. Don't know what it has on?13:40
tomreynravage: there's no need to make the ubuntu / a primary partiton13:40
ravagemaybe the smartest way is to reboot and start withour EFI13:40
ZteamTJ-, I see13:41
webchat8Wht should i do now13:41
EriC^webchat8: are you making any custom partitioning? if not you could just go back and choose erase disk and install ubuntu13:41
TJ-Zteam: this should be solvable with "resize2fs /dev/dm-0"13:41
tomreynravage: your suggestion to create an ESP (on a primary partition) in addition to the Ubuntu / partition (which could be an extended partition) should actually work.13:42
TJ-Zteam: that should ensure the file-system is the same size as the container13:42
Swift110-mobilegood morning folks13:42
ravageok lets do that then, webchat813:42
ravageremove the ext4 partition. create a 300M ESP partiton13:42
webchat8Ravage: please i don't want to wipe my data on other partions please note ok13:43
coconutEriC^, he wants to re-use personal files after installation13:43
ravageafter that create the ext4 partition with mountpoint / again with the rest of the free space13:43
EriC^oh i see coconut13:43
webchat8Click Undo all changes?13:43
ravagewebchat8, if you only delete the one you created it will not delete anything else. but as we all said before: no backup, no mercy13:44
ravageyes undo should be ok13:44
ZteamTJ-, tomreyn nice catch guys :D13:44
webchat8Ok it's back to the imgur screenshot again13:45
ravageok. the delete the partion again13:45
tomreynravage: sorry, i missed one thing: i don't know whether (a) this mainboard / BIOS and (b) ubuntu can boot off a disk with dos partition table (i do not know whether this is what we have here), with an ESP on it. in fact, i don't think you can have an ESP on a dos partition table.13:45
ravagewe will see :)13:46
ravagewebchat8, create the ESP partition and then your system partition13:46
tomreynhmm right thats an option13:46
webchat8Delete sda1?13:46
ZteamTJ-, so the way to compare this two is to use dmsetup and compare it with the output from fsck right?13:46
tomreynZteam: it's still unclear how this (file system larger than device) happened in the first place, though13:47
tomreynZteam: especially since you mentioned you had not reized or otherwise modified it13:47
tomreynwebchat8: yes, delete sda113:48
webchat8Sda1 deleted13:48
webchat8Now it's free space13:48
tomreynwebchat8: click on "free space" that's there now. then click on "add", add primary partition of type "ESP"13:49
tomreynif there is no "ESP", look for "EFI" instead13:49
Zteamtomreyn, I'm not sure, I might have been resizing it several years ago and forgotten about it, I know resized some partitions in the past, but I'm not sure whetever it was this drive or not13:49
tomreynwebchat8: size 300 MB13:49
TJ-Zteam: doesn't explain why 18.04 doesn't complain. Makes me wonder if it's due to the changes in cryptsetup between 18.04 and 21.0413:50
webchat8Primary * 300mb * beginning? * Efi system partition * mount point?13:51
webchat8Sorry no mount point13:52
TJ-Zteam: can you do this command in 18.04 and 21.04? "sudo cryptsetup luksDump /dev/XXX" where XXX is the block device containing the LUKS container?13:52
tomreynwebchat8: mount point should be set automatically or none13:52
tomreynwebchat8: "beginning" is fine13:52
ZteamTJ-, yeah no idea, your knowledge greatly exceeds mine, so guess If I was confused or not when I found this :D13:52
webchat8Click ok13:52
tomreynwebchat8: right13:52
webchat8Now 5 partition13:53
ravagethere should be some free space left now13:53
webchat8Efi 298 mb13:53
ravagecreate the system partition like last time13:53
ravagewith ext4 and mount point /13:53
TJ-Zteam: makes me think the partitions may have changed size (that contain the LUKS!)13:53
ravageuse all the space thats left13:53
webchat8Unusuable 74340 mb no type13:53
tomreynwebchat8: you should actuall yhave four partitions on sda now13:53
tomreynah crap that's because of the primary then13:54
ravagei had the feeling we run into that problem :)13:54
tomreynravage: i didn't ;-)13:54
webchat8I can't touch13:55
tomreynwebchat8: you should boot insto windows and convert the partition table to gpt type13:55
webchat8The unusable space13:55
ravageor we just do a legacy install13:55
ravagewithout EFI13:55
tomreynthat's the other option, requires a reboot, too13:55
ravagei dont remember the boot menu is there install and install bios on it?13:55
ravagei usually just disable EFI in my BIOS for that13:56
ravageso the installer has no other choice13:56
tomreynravage: no, you can't choose boot mode (legacy bios/uefi) on the OS13:56
ZteamTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SwJjtXrycQ/13:56
tomreynthe firmware decides13:56
TJ-ravage: tomreyn: webchat8: can you not use an extended partition there?13:57
ravageTJ-, can the EFI partition be on that?13:57
tomreynTJ-: it says "unusable space", so i guess not13:57
ravagewe can only create one more primary partition really now13:57
webchat8Windows 10 (ext4) 298.8mb - free space 74.3 gb - sda2 (ntfs) - sda3 - sda413:57
TJ-tomreyn: that is usually because the extended is /before/ a primary13:57
webchat8Undo all changes?13:58
ravageyes undo sounds good13:58
Zteamtomreyn, there is no easy way to convert MBR to GPT without losing data in Windows (as far as I know)13:58
tomreynwebchat8: can we see a screenshot of what you have now?13:58
webchat8Ok wait13:58
ravagewebchat8, do you know how to get into your BIOS and change some settings?13:59
TJ-ravage: hold one moment. What sector does partition #1 begin at? if it is greater than 34 AND you can shrink the last partition slighlty, you can slip in a GPT alongside the MBR, and create identical partitions in the GPT to match the current MBR, to create a hybrid/protective MBR on a GPT layout :)13:59
ravageTJ-, i only have his screenshot really :)13:59
TJ-ravage: GPT primary is sectors 1-3313:59
TJ-ravage: and you need the last 34 sectors of the disk free for the secondary GPT14:00
tomreynZteam: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/convert-mbr-to-gpt-disk14:00
ravageTJ-, https://imgur.com/a/3mw41zW thats all we know so far. and that Ubuntu wants to use EFI14:00
ravageso the best way in my opinion is to disable EFI. install all to sda1 in one partition.14:01
tomreynTJ-: sda1 contains the windows OS installation, and can be destroyed.14:01
webchat8Undo all changes?14:02
ravagewebchat8, you can just reboot. it did not modify anything yet. do you know how to get into your BIOS?14:03
tomreynto me, the only user compatible option here seems to be to boot the installer in bios mode and create just the single partition for / (replacing sda1)14:03
Zteamtomreyn, ... but you learn new stuff everyday, I had no idea that Microsoft was actually providing built-in tools for doing this without data loss14:04
tomreynZteam: and i don't know how well those work14:04
webchat8The only one thing appear with my usb on is kubuntu and check ram and other 2 options  i don't rememberi don't14:04
webchat8Undo everything and go back?14:05
Zteamtomreyn, no idea here either :D14:05
ravagewebchat8, you need to disable EFI in your BIOS first14:05
TJ-tomreyn: thanks. ravage: webchat8 using command-line tools (fdisk) it is possible to change the partition ordering (not moving the actual data) so you can make 2 > 1, 3 > 2, 4> 3 and have 4 free to make the extended14:06
tomreynwebchat8: in cae you're wondering why all of this is so complicated: it's primarily so because you're trying to install a new OS to an existing disk with existing data on it, which needs to be retained.14:06
ravageTJ-, i think he does not have the experience to do that really. and he has no backup14:06
webchat8Why it's not just as simple as installing the kubuntu on windows 10 partition after clean it14:07
ravageyour partition layout just sucks14:08
webchat8Make the 300 mb efi at the end?14:08
webchat8Turn off pc?14:09
ravagei already wrote 2 times what you have to do/check14:09
TJ-Have we gathered the /exact/ partition sector offsets? a BIOS/MBR install should be possible into sda1 with GRUB taking over sector 0 and using os-prober to dual-boot Windows14:09
ZteamTJ-, why not just use Gparted instead much more beginner friendly ? :-)14:09
TJ-Zteam: because Gparted moves the partition data, not just the 16 bytes that are the partition entry14:10
tomreynTJ-: we have not gathered the /exact/ partition sector offsets. only GUI was used so far. webchat is new to Linux, I think.14:10
webchat8I clicked try kubuntu14:10
TJ-webchat8: can you start a terminal? press Ctrl+Alt+T14:10
webchat8Terminal on14:11
TJ-webchat8: and does the installer have internet access right now?14:11
webchat8Yes connected14:11
ravageTJ-, im not really comfortable with letting him fiddle with his partitons. he made clear he has no backup but also needs the data. so i will not advice him to do anything the installer does not support by clicking14:11
TJ-webchat8: fantastic! do this "sudo apt install pastebinit"14:11
TJ-ravage: blind clicking is more dangerous than knowing the underlying structure and working to it14:12
ZteamTJ-, Good point, totally missed that was the goal :P14:12
ravageTJ-, ok. i will let you guide him then14:12
TJ-webchat8: show us "pastebinit <( sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda; lsblk -f; )"14:12
TJ-ravage: don't worry - I wrote the boot process and FDE guides :)14:13
ravageTJ-, its not you im worried about here :P14:13
tomreynravage: it's good that you pointed this out. i'm also sure that TJ- is in the best position of (not just) the three of us to make this work14:13
tomreyni see :)14:14
TJ-I fix these kind of issues in my sleep14:14
ZteamTJ-, just one last question, which commands where used to determine my luks container size to compare it against the psycial size of the ext4 partition?14:14
tomreynoh that's why you're willing to spend hours on it.14:15
webchat65hi i'm on ubuntu live now14:15
webchat65i really apprreciate your help guys but i only need to install this Os without damaging my personal files14:15
TJ-webchat65: what were you on before!?14:16
tomreynZteam: we only looked at the fsck output you had posted14:16
TJ-Zteam: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mNzHVSpTfH/14:16
webchat65you TJ- and tomreyn and ravage14:16
webchat65bash: /dev/sda: Permission denied14:16
webchat65fdisk: cannot open -: No such file or directory14:16
webchat65NAME FSTYPE FSVER LABEL UUID                                 FSAVAIL FSUSE% MOUNTPOINT14:16
webchat65     squash 4.0                                                    0   100% /rofs14:16
tomreyn!paste | webchat6514:17
ubottuwebchat65: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:17
tomreynwe have not gotten to see what you just pasted, you will need to post it to the pastebin again14:17
tomreynwebchat65: ^14:17
tomreynZteam: lines 4 and 5 specifically14:18
tomreynZteam: it reports that filesystem size > physical size14:18
TJ-webchat8: try again, you can copy/paste the commands inside the " " marks: show us " pastebinit <( sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda; lsblk -f; ) "14:19
ZteamTJ-, so just comparing psycial size against filesystem size then? (I thought that was supposed to be different, since the filesystem itself occupies some space... )14:20
tomreynwebchat65: to paste to the konsole window, you may need to press ctrl-shift-v14:20
TJ-Zteam: yes, but the file-system cannot be LARGER than the container it is in!14:21
pycuriousgcc-11 and g++-11 - what apt can get me those?14:22
tomreynpycurious: hi, which ubuntu release are you running there?    lsb_release -ds14:23
TJ-webchat65: it is possible to install in BIOS/MBR mode to that disk if partition #1 is replaced, but using the installer you will not be able to do encryption14:23
ZteamTJ-, well.... good point :D14:24
webchat65TJ- : i understand that i will go with the ( manual) option.. as the guided options will erase my data14:24
* Zteam sigs at himtself :D14:24
Nitrousoxidewhat are you guy’s preferred pronunciation of Ubuntu?14:25
webchat65TJ- i think i will give up installer encryption for now, i may want to encrypt it manually later14:25
lotuspsychje!discuss | Nitrousoxide14:26
ubottuNitrousoxide: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:26
Nitrousoxidemy bad14:26
lotuspsychjedont worry its an invite Nitrousoxide14:27
TJ-webchat65: do an LVM install into sda1 and do not assign all space to LVs initially14:27
TJ-webchat65: that will leave free space in the LVM volume group which you can later use to create a LUKs container, and then a new LVM VG inside that, and finally transfer your LVs into that!14:27
webchat65TJ- how can i do that safely please14:28
webchat65TJ- i'm sorry i'm not familiar with all of this14:28
TJ-webchat65: with a lot of practice in a virtual machine first :)14:29
TJ-we could get Kubuntu installed into sda1 encrypted, using LUKSv1+LVM, but it'd have to be pre-configured manually14:29
TJ-webchat65: once the new disk layout was created the installer's manual mode can be used to choose the pre-configured devices correctly14:30
webchat65i can encrypt that partition and sintall kubuntu on it? without touching other partitions?14:30
TJ-webchat65: but it is a lot of steps and if you don't understand the implications it is safer not to. I do it routinely but I've been working with LUKS/LVM for 15 years14:31
webchat65i'll stick with "safer"14:31
webchat65i just stped into linux world14:31
pycurioustomreyn: Its docker ubuntu:latest will try to get lsb_release -a (its more than likely 20.04.x)14:32
webchat65TJ- ok what should i do now to install Kubuntu?14:32
TJ-webchat65: you'll still need to do some manual steps, because you first need to wipe sda1 and convert it to LVM and create LVs in the VG (logical volumes in the volume group)14:33
webchat65can you walk me through these steps please? TJ-14:34
tomreynTJ-: if webchat65 just wants to replace the windows OS on sda1 by an unencrypted kubuntu installation this can be achieved by booting the installer in legacy mode, and installing to a single partition at sda114:35
TJ-tomreyn: I was going to help get sda1 as LVM so it leaves flexibility for the future14:36
tomreynok :)14:36
TJ-if ext4 is written directly in sda1 its cast in stone14:36
webchat65what is this partition: /dev/sda2       145782784 147455999   1673216   817M 27 Hidden NTFS WinRE?14:38
webchat65i never saw it in windows14:39
TJ-webchat65: presumably the Windows Recovery image14:39
webchat65can we use it to solve the problem?14:40
webchat65i don't think i will need it14:40
tomreynwebchat65: do you actually know for sure that your windows data is not on what used to be C: ?14:41
webchat65so we will not touch the primary sda1 if dividing it makes problems14:41
webchat65tomreyn: i know for sure that my C: has windows installation files14:41
tomreynwebchat65: okay, but that's not what i asked14:42
webchat65tomreyn i'm sorry i don't understand your question14:42
tomreynwebchat65: if you look at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6Sq6NGQ7VD/ on lines 10 to 13 and 17 to 20, you have three large NTFS partitions. i am wondering which of these actuallycontain the data that needs to be preserved.14:43
webchat65sda4 and sda314:44
tomreynwebchat65: line 20 suggests that what we now know as sda4 is a partition created or managed by "Norton Ghost"?14:44
tomreynokay, if you know this for sure, then please go on.14:44
webchat65yes i renamed the sda4 partition as `Ghost14:45
webchat65it has also important files14:45
webchat65but i'm not sure sda2 , so TJ- said it has windows related items.. if so .. i don't really need them14:46
webchat65and C: should be sda114:46
webchat65my personal files partitions are sda3 and sda414:46
tomreynright. you won't need sda2.14:46
tomreynTJ-: sorry for interrupting there, if i did14:47
webchat65please what should i do14:49
webchat65i've been trying to install Kubuntu for like 3 hours now14:50
tomreynwebchat65: i think we discussed several options now, and we have repeatedly pointed out that the best option will be to make backups first of all.14:53
webchat65tomreyn i really got lost in the discussion there's a lot i don't understand....14:54
tomreynwebchat65: if you want to continue without a backup, you can wait for TJ- to return and guide you (if he can spend the time) or you can try by yourself, by booting to bios mode, and installing ubuntu using manual partitioning as we tried so far14:54
webchat65i appreciate your help, thank you so much for your time14:55
webchat65and the others too14:56
tomreynwebchat65: if sda2 can be removed, then you should be able to install in eufi mode (the way you were booting so far)14:56
webchat65ok tomreyn14:56
pycurioustomreyn: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS - How do i get gcc-11 and g++-11 on this machine?14:57
pycurioushttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/67298443/when-gcc-11-will-appear-in-ubuntu-repositories - is this the way to get gcc 11 on ubuntu 20.04?14:59
tomreynwebchat65: i think the only way you can make things work by yourself is to boot the installer into bios mode (something you need to set up on the bios setup screens or with the "boot override menu" the bios may provide). and then delete partition 1 (sda), and create a new ext4 parititon there, primary, covering the full space, starting at the beginning, and install the boot loader to /dev/sda15:00
tomreynpycurious: ubuntu repositories oinly provide gcc-11 packages starting Ubuntu 21.0415:01
TJ-whoops, sorry, got lost reading something!15:01
pycurioustomreyn: so use hirsute ppa?15:02
tomreynpycurious: what do you mean by "hirsute ppa"?15:03
TJ-pycurious: no, you'll need to install it in a container to avoid breaking the system15:03
pycuriousTJ-: So stick with gcc 10 on ubuntu 20.04 lts?15:04
TJ-pycurious: "lxc launch ubuntu:21.04 my2104" "lxc exec my2104 bash" then you're in a root shell in the 21.04 container and can install as you like, use it to build (by bind-mounting your source-code into the container) and so forth15:04
pycuriousTJ-: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67298443/when-gcc-11-will-appear-in-ubuntu-repositories - this looks ok?15:05
TJ-pycurious: NO! not at all, that is taken completely out of context15:06
tomreynpycurious: doing what's suggested there is a recipe to break your system15:06
TJ-pycurious: that'd miz hirsute packages with focal and break things in nasty ways15:06
ubottutiepolo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:10
pycuriousTJ-: clang used to provide an alias for g++-11 - do you know anything about that?15:12
TJ-pycurious: no idea, are you sure you're not confusing that with C++ alias templates?15:14
pycuriousTJ-: I think its just aliasing that it provides. I was wondering if a 20.04 lts clang install aliases g++-11 and gcc-11?15:15
webchat65sorry i was making a sandwich15:16
TJ-I'm not able to do it now webchat65 I've been on the go for 10 hours already15:20
TJ-but as tomreyn  recommended, you first need to reboot the installer in BIOS mode so it aligns with how the disk is currently configured15:21
webchat65TJ-: ok thank you anyway15:23
webchat65appreciate it15:23
tomreynwebchat65: i can offer to guide, for 30 minutes, through the 'easy' approach i duscussed above.15:25
webchat65tomreyn: ok15:28
webchat65please do15:28
tomreynwebchat65: so reboot, and bring up either the bios provided boot menu (if any) or the bios settings screen.15:29
webchat65ok i'll come here with mobile15:29
webchat65a second please15:29
webchat8Without the live usb right?15:30
tomreynwebchat8: with the live usb attached15:30
tomreynhave you checked that this system provides sufficient resources to run kubuntu 20.04?15:30
webchat8I think it does15:31
tomreynlet me know when you're at either of these screens15:31
webchat8Bios is f2?15:31
tomreynthis depends on your computer15:32
tomreynit's often f9 or f11 for the boot menu, and delete or f2 for the bios15:32
webchat8Ok I'm at toshiba set-up utility15:32
tomreynthere should be a 'tab' or some main menu option about "boot"15:33
tomreynnavigate there15:33
webchat8Boot order?15:33
tomreyncan you post a screen shot?15:33
webchat8There's also boot mode which is set to csm boot15:34
tomreynboot mode needs to remain set to CSM15:34
tomreynCSM stands for "compatibility support module" which means backward compatibility for classic BIOS booting.15:34
tomreynwe want to boot in classic bios mode off the attached USB stick15:35
tomreynoh, i was hoping you'd post the "boot order" screen15:36
webchat52Sorry it will disconnect sometimes when i upload screenshot15:39
tomreynwebchat52: thanks. while i'll look at it, can you tell what it says for "cpu type " and total memory size" on the "main" screen?15:39
webchat52Intel r core tm i3-4005u cpu15:39
webchat524096 ram15:40
tomreynokay, now back to where you took the last screenshot, and press enter on "change boot order"15:40
tomreynthis should bring up another screen, which we need another screen shot of (or you can type it, whatever you prefer)15:40
webchat52Usb / odd / hdd-ssd / lan15:40
tomreyndo you know which toshiba model this is?15:41
webchat52Satellite C55-B105515:41
tomreynokay, this should enable us to find its documentation, which should enbale us to understand which key to press during boot to bring up the boot override menu15:42
webchat52Go back?15:43
tomreynyou can also just try to reboot and press different keys and see which will bring up the boot menu15:43
ravage(youtube says alt+f12 on bootup)15:43
webchat52Pressed f 1215:44
webchat52I'm on boot menu15:44
ravageplease send a screenshot again :)15:44
webchat52Usb / odd/ hdd-ssd / lan15:45
webchat52Second pls15:45
tomreynhmm i wonder what is "odd"15:45
ravageyour dvd drive15:45
tomreynoptical disk drive, right15:45
ravagei dont see any indication about the boot mode here15:47
webchat52I'm so sorry :(15:47
webchat52Copied wrong link15:47
ravagethats ok15:47
ravagecan you go back to the BIOS and check what other options you have at "boot mode" ?15:50
ravagewhere is currently shows CSM Boot15:50
webchat52Uefi boot15:51
webchat52And csm boot15:51
ravageok. keep csm boot15:51
ravagecan you go to Security15:51
ravagedoes it say anything about secure boot or UEFI?15:51
webchat52Bios password / hdd- sdd password15:51
tomreynhmm, thanks for taking over, ravage, i had a delivery incoming15:52
ravageim a little lost with this BIOS. from what i see it should not boot in UEFI boot15:52
tomreynit doesn't seem easy  (possible?) to boot the USB in CSM mode, though15:52
TJ-ravage: it may prefer UEFI but fallback to CSM if UEFI isn't available15:52
TJ-you'd have to do it from the /manual/ boot selector menu, accessed at start-up via a bot-key15:53
ravagewe did that15:53
TJ-in that case there should be options for the USb to boot in either mode15:53
tomreynthat'S what the latest screenshot shows15:53
ravagebut it only shows the USB drive once with no indication of the boot mode15:53
hanshow can i check where a specific apt package was installed from? which repository provided it?~15:54
webchat52If i keep and press nothing there's 4 options come in regarding kubuntu15:54
webchat52Test ram and other15:54
ravagewebchat52: thats already too late in the boot process15:54
TJ-ahhh, I see the photos. OK, the easy way is to simply wipe out the EFI-SP entry in the GPT of the USB :)15:55
tomreynhmm test ram? that should only be available on bios boot15:55
ravageok. he should be able to do that from windows?15:55
ravageor terminal from the installer?15:55
webchat52Try other f1-12?15:55
webchat52To see if anything comes up?15:55
hansnvm found it, "apt policy package"15:56
tomreynravage: i'd think that if there's a "test ram" option on the grub menu this means that grub was booted in bios mode already, and you could continue with the installer15:56
webchat52The 4 options are :15:56
TJ-ravage: no, unfortunately. It'd need to be done from a UEFI boot itself, from a terminal but it sounds like it may have booted in BIOS mode if tomreyn is correct about the test RAM option15:56
webchat52Kubuntu safe mode15:56
webchat52Oem install15:57
ravageso lets just hit install15:57
webchat52Test memory15:57
TJ-tomreyn: is it GRUB, or sylinux? has the installer changed recently?15:57
ravageand hope that its in BIOS mode now15:57
webchat52Gnu grub v2.0415:57
tomreynTJ-: hmm, i thinkthose options are from a grub menu, aligned vertically on the top of the screen, i don't thjink syslinux would show it this way15:58
ravagewebchat52: just choose "Install"15:58
ravagelike you did before15:58
TJ-tomreyn: did I miss a photo of this ?15:58
tomreynTJ-: there was none15:59
webchat52Should i choose try? So i can use commands or just installer menu?15:59
tomreynecho -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS      can be run from a temrina (ctrl-alt-t should spawn one, at leats on the ubuntu installer, at any time on either graphical mode)15:59
tomreyntemrina -> terminal16:00
ravageyou can use try. so we can try the command tomreyn posted16:00
tomreyn(AKA konsole)16:00
ravageyou can start the installer from the live enviroment later16:00
TJ-tomreyn: ravage  the photo of the Boot menu was accessed from the configuration screen, it isn't the manual boot menu  - just noticed the sequence of those 3 photos of the UEFI config16:00
tomreynTJ-: hmm you're right, these options can be presented by syslinux16:01
TJ-I'm betting there is a hotkey to press on Toshiba to get the manual boot menu; and it is probably displayed at startup if the splash screen is disabled16:01
ravagehe said he pressed F12. so i think it is the boot menu?16:01
webchat52Tj- : the boot menu came from pressing f9.. but the boot.order from bios .. they're the same options thugh16:01
webchat52F 12 i mean16:02
TJ-tomreyn: indeed, syslinux always mean BIOS mode, GRUB is UEFI (due to layout restrictions of ISO9660 )16:02
TJ-webchat52: OK, thanks for explaining that.16:02
ravageif we are in BIOS mode a basic install should work now16:02
TJ-webchat52: typical of Toshiba and other manufacturers who 'simplify' things and complicate matters in the process16:03
tomreynkubunmtu bios mode (syslinux) boot menu screen https://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_new_2/kubuntu-9-10-boot-menu.png16:03
TJ-ravage: agreed. webchat52  when you say the "test ram" did you start the "Try ubuntu" mode?16:03
TJ-sorry, typo, say == saw16:04
webchat52Test ram is the last option of the 4 (gnu grup v 2.04) menu16:04
webchat52No try kubuntu option16:05
webchat52There's kubuntu and kubuntu safe mode16:05
TJ-webchat52: OK, the title at the top has GRUB, that means UEFI mode still. I think memtest86+ for UEFI was added recently tomreyn16:05
TJ-webchat52: "Kubuntu"16:05
webchat52Echo -n on terminal shows nothing16:06
TJ-webchat52: looks like that Toshiba UEFI won't do CSM if it sees UEFI on the device, so we'll need to delete the EFI label to get it to boot in CSM mode :)16:06
webchat52How to do so16:07
TJ-webchat52: which ISO file did you download? I'm going to fetch it and quickly test the steps to do this in a virtual machine here16:07
webchat52X64 kubuntu16:07
webchat52Latest version16:07
TJ-what is 'latest'16:07
TJ-do you mean kubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso16:08
tomreynTJ-: i just tried the kubuntu 21.04 installer. it uses grub in both modes16:08
webchat52Yes that16:08
TJ-tomreyn: recent change then16:08
TJ-webchat52: OK, hang on a mo. I have that ISO here16:08
tomreynthe https://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_new_2/kubuntu-9-10-boot-menu.png screen i posted earlier may be outdated16:10
webchat52Tomreyn yes it's not the same here16:11
TJ-webchat52: since we now know Kubuntu uses GRUB for both BIOS and UEFI mode, you should check which mode it did use. Try in a terminal "journalctl -k | grep EFI"16:11
tomreynkubuntu 21.04 bios boot screen https://i.imgur.com/x3B40fR.png16:11
TJ-webchat52: access the "Try" option of course, first16:12
tomreynkubuntu 21.04 efi boot screen https://i.imgur.com/2fUK0ek.png16:13
tomreynboth are when booting to the .iso16:13
webchat52It shows UEFI16:13
webchat524 times16:13
webchat52In red16:13
TJ-webchat52: if you ran that command and nothing came back it'd be BIOS mode; as you see EFI it is definitely UEFI mode16:13
TJ-webchat52: now I have to reboot the ISO in UEFI mode in the VM16:13
tomreynbbl, good luck16:13
webchat52Thank tomreyn16:14
TJ-OK, something strange here, booting in UEFI mode, GRUB menu DOES NOT HAVE a "test memory" entry16:15
webchat52Reboot and post screenshot?16:15
webchat52With grub menu?16:15
tomreynTJ-: that's expected, there is no open source uefi based memtest16:15
TJ-it has "Kubuntu", "Kubuntu (safe graphics)", "Boot from next volume", "UEFI Firmware Settings"16:15
TJ-tomreyn: I know, but I thought webchat52  reported seeing 'test memory' on the menu?16:15
webchat52There's test memory!16:16
webchat52No uefi formware setting16:16
TJ-webchat52: there isn't!16:16
webchat52Wait pls16:16
webchat52I will reboot16:16
tomreyni see16:16
TJ-See mine https://imgur.com/fXGrG01.png16:16
tomreynthats identical to https://i.imgur.com/2fUK0ek.png16:17
tomreyn(though mine is 21.04)16:17
tomreynhi colin_16:18
TJ-tomreyn: 21.04 is the latest :)16:18
tomreynTJ-: i'm aware. but seem to remember webchat52 was using 20.04. i may be wrong there.16:19
colin_hi tomreyn16:19
webchat52Gnu grub v2.0416:20
tomreynTJ-: i am wrong, webchat52 has 21.04 according to the title bar at https://imgur.com/a/xpteBfC16:21
TJ-tomreyn: when I asked about the ISO filename "do you mean kubuntu-21.04-desktop-amd64.iso" and was told "Yes that"16:21
TJ-tomreyn: makes things easier :)16:21
colin_im back16:21
webchat52Yes it's latest 21.0416:22
TJ-webchat52: that /must/ be BIOS mode, so  start Kubuntu16:22
webchat52There's few lines16:22
webchat52E edit commands?16:22
webchat52C for command line?16:22
webchat52Or no use for those?16:23
tomreynwebchat52: move to the topmost option on the menu, and press enter16:23
TJ-webchat52: hilight the "Kubuntu" entry and press enter16:23
webchat52I'm in16:25
TJ-webchat52: start a terminal and "journalctl -k | grep EFI" and it should return nothing16:25
webchat52It returned with 4 ubuntu karnel events16:26
TJ-webchat52: "sudo apt install pastebinit"16:27
TJ-webchat52: then "pastebinit <( journalctl -k )"16:27
colin_um hello16:29
tomreyncolin_: hi again. this is the ubuntu support channel. if you have an ubuntu support question, just ask it.16:29
luizfrdsdon't really think this is the right place for ask this question, but maybe you guys may direct me to the right place. I develop embedded devices, and this one have a multitude of diffrent configurations, and today i'm doing it manually. So to the question: Can i have a .img (that would later be flashed on the device), this .img would have the linux on it, the main applications, everything already configurated, and upon running a script could i16:30
luizfrdsdinammicaly add or remove files/folders?16:30
tomreyncolin_: ideally on a single line or two.16:30
colin_what do you mean tomreyn16:30
tomreyncolin_: i mean what i just wrote.16:30
webchat90TJ- : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5q9F2YzGYP/16:31
colin_oh ok :) tomreyn16:31
tomreynluizfrds: is this ubuntu specific?16:32
TJ-webchat90: it's not EFI mode :)16:32
colin_  ok16:32
TJ-webchat90: those are just incidental strings with EFI in them - yay we finally have BIOS mode16:32
luizfrdsi would like to solve this problem in an ubuntu enviroment16:32
TJ-ravage: are you still around or has it made you faint!?16:32
webchat90TJ-: i thought if i run the command it show nothing but it shows these 4 events so i had to say UEFI16:33
ravageim here :)16:33
TJ-webchat90: I tested it in my VM which doesn't have firmware with the 'EFI' as a string inside!16:33
colin_what is vm16:33
TJ-webchat90: but to be an EFI boot you'd have string with a colon after them, as in "kernel: EFI: ..."16:34
TJ-webchat90: I need to get another coffee. but you're now on the way to gettinh Kubuntu installed16:34
ravagewebchat90: start the ubuntu installer from the desktop16:34
TJ-webchat90: after all this, and given your aims for later, I strongly recommend we use LVM here :)16:34
colin_i am now using virtualbox16:35
webchat90ok i'm ready for whatever LVM is16:35
TJ-ravage: we should hold off on the installer16:35
TJ-webchat90: LVM = Logical Volume Management16:35
ravageok. if you want to configure LVM with him thats fine of course16:35
TJ-webchat90: remain in a terminal for now16:35
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webchat90i'm standing still, where else would i go16:36
tomreynluizfrds: this image file would need to contain an ubuntu installation (i.e. one that was already installed), so it would have a boot sectors, partition table, partitions, file systems on those, and one or more of those file systems you could write your changes to.16:36
webchat90i feel dumb sitting on a chair16:36
TJ-webchat90: let's just confirm the layout by gathering some info first. "pastebinit <( sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda; lsblk; sudo blkid; sudo file -s /dev/sda1 )"16:36
colin_(webchat90) what16:38
tomreynluizfrds: said installation would be architecture specific, and boot mode specific (iether legacy bios or uefi boot mode, or whatever you are using in your embedded sytem). your other options, maybe better, are OEM installation and network installation16:38
webchat90hello colin_: i'm trying to install kubuntu :)16:38
colin_oh hi webchat90 :)16:39
tomreyncolin_: unless you have an ubuntu support question (or are answering others' questions with the level of competency that it requires), please don't chat here, thanks!16:39
tomreynthere's also #ubuntu-offtopic for other chat.16:39
colin_ok tomreyn16:39
luizfrdstomreyn, exactly this .img does have the os installation, it is partitioned and everything, it is ready to go, as soon i flash to my device, the OS would come alive. i just need to "insert" my application which varies wildy between use cases. I would like to generate these .imgs as they could be sent to the end user in some cases16:40
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TJ-webchat90: OK, so for the final time - you are OK to wipe sda1 NTFS file-system?16:41
webchat90the windows 10 partition? yes16:41
webchat90there's nothing i want in C:16:41
webchat90but i want other partitions intact please16:42
colin_ok i need to go bye16:42
webchat90sda3 and sda416:42
webchat90bye colin_16:42
tomreynluizfrds: you could look into how the Ubuntu ARM images are created. I'm not sure whether there is documentation on it. They seem to be using the OEM installation mode somehow.16:44
tomreynluizfrds: i.e. these for example https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi16:45
TJ-webchat90: OK, first we should change the partition type of sda1 using "sudo fdisk /dev/sda"16:46
TJ-webchat90: at the menu press 'p' to print the current table16:46
luizfrdstomreyn, but modifying an .img on the fly is absolutely out of reach?16:46
webchat90Welcome to fdisk (util-linux 2.36.1).16:47
webchat90Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.16:47
webchat90Be careful before using the write command.16:47
webchat90Command (m for help):16:47
tomreynluizfrds: not if you read the partition table on it, and mount the file systems on it16:47
luizfrdsmy embedded device is an debian like system, this would be possible?16:47
TJ-webchat90: press 't' (for type) then choose partition '1' then set the type to '8e' (LVM) then back at the menu press 'p' again and confirm you see "Linux LVM"16:48
webchat90TJ- https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Dxb53mb5jh/16:48
tomreynluizfrds: <luizfrds> i would like to solve this problem in an ubuntu enviroment16:48
tomreynluizfrds: ubuntu is a debian derivative. but we only support ubuntu here. are you using ubuntu?16:49
webchat90Device     Boot     Start       End   Sectors   Size Id Type16:49
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luizfrdstomreyn, on the "image generator server"  yes.16:49
tomreynluizfrds: https://superuser.com/questions/211338/how-to-mount-a-multi-partition-disk-image-in-linux16:49
webchat90TJ- :https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HdHxRHK6zv/16:50
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webchat90Command (m for help): ^C16:50
webchat90All unwritten changes will be lost, do you really want to quit?16:50
tomreynluizfrds: both the kpüartx and the losetup approach should work16:50
webchat90typed ctrl + c mistake16:50
TJ-webchat90: as long as you see partition 1 showing as "Linux LVM" you're good. now press 'w' to write that change to the disk and quit fdisk16:50
webchat90press w now?16:51
webchat90it asks me if i want to quit16:51
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TJ-webchat90: yes16:52
luizfrdstomreyn, after mounted, it would work like an virtual device? i could write it and close? easy like that?16:52
webchat90TJ- : now it's back to konsole and nothing returned after (w)16:52
TJ-webchat90: that'll commit the change to the disk. Then do " sudo wipefs /dev/sda1 " which will remove the file-system signature from sda116:53
tomreynluizfrds: as long as you mount the file system in read-writable mode, yes.16:53
colin_im back16:53
mybalzitchhi back, so very nice to meet you16:53
webchat90TJ-: DEVICE OFFSET TYPE UUID             LABEL16:53
webchat90sda1   0x3    ntfs F61694AA16946CFD16:53
tomreyncolin_: there is no need to announce your entrance and departure to this channel. please don't.16:53
TJ-webchat90: confirm it can be wiped if it asks you16:54
luizfrdstomreyn, thanks a lot! this would save like a ton of manual work! and server space16:54
webchat90TJ- it didn't ask me anything16:54
webchat90i wrote the command and that's what came up16:54
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webchat90those two lines i pasted16:54
colin_mybalzitch: my name is colin16:54
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TJ-webchat90: OK, so it should be done. check it now with "sudo file -s /dev/sda1"16:54
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tomreynluizfrds: you're welcome16:54
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tomreynonelegend: please leave the channel during repeated nickname changes16:55
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webchat90TJ- : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/d5CwHD2Knh/16:55
TJ-webchat90: oh! we need to tell it to actually wipe! " sudo wipefs --all --backup /dev/sda1 "16:56
colin_hello webchat9016:57
webchat90TJ-: /dev/sda1: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x00000003 (ntfs): 4e 54 46 53 20 20 20 2016:57
TJ-colin_: if you don't have a support issue please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discuss16:57
TJ-webchat90: great, now we can start being constructive. "sudo pvcreate /dev/sda1"16:58
webchat90colin_: i'm sorry i'm really busy to chat and it's a matter of life and death to me now16:58
TJ-webchat90: what do you want to call the volume group?16:58
webchat90the whole disk name?16:59
colin_i allready have a support   TJ16:59
TJ-webchat90: no, a volume group name, semantic word that means something to you16:59
colin_ok webchat16:59
ravageTJ-: i think you should just provide some default values here :)16:59
TJ-webchat90: e.g. I generally make the VG the hostname capitalised16:59
TJ-webchat90: we can't call it "WEBCHAT90" :)17:00
webchat90no hahha not webchat9017:00
webchat90call it Memories17:00
TJ-ravage: maybe we should use "VG_REALLY_NOT_UEFI" :)17:00
TJ-webchat90: OK. " sudo vgcreate MEMORIES /dev/sda1 "17:01
TJ-webchat90: a VG is rather like a while disk; inside it we create LVs (Logical volumes) but unlike partitions these can be resized later and we can leave free space in the VG itself17:01
webchat90ok i don't fully understand this but i think it's a good thing17:02
TJ-webchat90: We'll create 3 LVs for best flexiblity and won't use all the free space17:02
TJ-webchat90: I'm preparing the way for you to later be able to switch to an encrypted setup17:02
webchat90thank you master <317:03
TJ-webchat90: show us " pastebinit <( sudo vgdisplay ) "17:03
TJ-webchat90: I want to see how many 'extents' (space) the VG uses (last few lines)17:03
webchat9069.51 Gb?17:04
TJ-webchat90: now we'll create the 3 LVs with semantic names. "sudo lvcreate -L 750M -n boot MEMORIES"  then "sudo lvcreate -L 16G -n rootfs MEMORIES" then "sudo lvcreate -L 16G -n home MEMORIES"17:05
colin_ok i need to go bye17:05
TJ-webchat90: we're leaving 50% of the space free to begin with. I'll show you later how to easily expand LVs into that if needed17:05
webchat90boot - rootfs - home created17:06
TJ-webchat90: great. Now you can start the installer. At the step that asks how you want to partition the disk choose Manual and then we'll 'tell' the installer to select those LVs17:07
webchat90okay second17:07
webchat90should i check install 3rd party software for graphics etc?17:08
ravageyes :)17:08
webchat90ok i'm at disk setup now17:09
TJ-webchat90: I'm just about to follow along, in a VM installing to a new LV :)17:11
webchat90waiting :317:11
TJ-webchat90: you should see a list with the LVs named of the form /dev/mapper/MEMORIES-something17:11
webchat90yes i see them17:11
webchat90there's still sda1 though17:12
webchat90with no type17:12
TJ-webchat90: you'll select each in turn, then press the "Change" button below and set the file-system type, and mountpoint17:12
TJ-webchat90: ignore sda1 - it is now the parent container of all the LVs17:12
webchat90boot first17:13
webchat90what should i change17:13
webchat90788 Mb17:13
TJ-let me catch up! I've just created the LVs and am starting the installer17:15
webchat90i'm so excited :D17:15
TJ-OK, off we go. you'll notice there are 2 entries for each /dev/mapper/ entry. The 2nd one showing the size is the one we always want to choose, before pressing Change17:16
TJ-start with boot17:16
TJ-in the "Use As" scroll to top of the list and choose Ext417:17
TJ-tick Format the partition, and in Mount Point choose /boot17:17
webchat90ext4 boot done17:18
TJ-it'll then spin while it thinks then select the -home and do the same but choose /home, same for -rootfs and choose /17:18
webchat90ext4 home yes format done17:19
TJ-now, after that, at the bottom of the entire dialog ensure "Device for boot loader installation" shows "/dev/sda"17:19
webchat90there's no rootfs option in the mount point17:19
TJ-webchat90: its "/" - the pat17:20
webchat90leave it / ?17:20
TJ-rootfs is where the OS will be put17:20
TJ-if you've confirmed the boot loader is /dev/sda you can "Install Now"17:20
webchat90not selecting anything?17:21
TJ-how do you mean not selecting anything?17:21
webchat90should we do anything to sda2?17:22
webchat90i mean not making anything blue?17:22
webchat90like select17:22
webchat90where it should be installed?17:22
webchat90the rootfs?17:22
TJ-you want the install ONLY in sda1, which is what we've done17:22
TJ-rootfs is in MEMORIES-rootfs (an LV)17:22
webchat90No EFI System Partition was found. This system will likely not be able to boot successfully, and the installation process may fail.17:23
webchat90Please go back and add an EFI System Partition, or continue at your own risk.17:23
TJ-disk arrangement is now sda > sda1 > MEMORIES > rootfs > ext4 > /17:23
TJ-webchat90: yes, I just got that! that must be a bug in the installer17:23
TJ-webchat90: wait whilst I investigate WHY17:23
webchat90actually memories VLs are BEFORE the sda and sda117:24
TJ-no, they're not. I was drawing the container heirachy. block devices to the left contain block devices to the right17:24
TJ-as you move to the left each one is inside the previous17:25
TJ-sorry, as you move to the RIGHT !17:25
webchat90boot > home>  / > sda > sda1 > sda2> sda3 > sda417:25
webchat90wait i will post screenshot17:25
webchat90oh how doi take screenshot17:25
* tarzeau__ usually does scrot the.png17:26
TJ-webchat90: tell the installer it is OK to Continue, it'll then ask for confirmation of the LVM layout to be written to disk, confirm that, and the install will commence17:27
=== SmokenatorZ4 is now known as SmokenatorZ
TJ-webchat90: don't get confused by the Disk Setup list order, that isn't important17:27
TJ-I've done the timezone and User Info and its copying to disk17:28
webchat90TJ- : https://imgur.com/NQ6nhmM17:28
webchat90is this what yo umeant?17:28
ravageTJ-: so from what i read here we have benn in BIOS mode from the start and the installer throws useless warnings about UEFI?17:29
TJ-webchat90: correct17:29
TJ-ravage: at this stage of the disk setup, it seems so, yes!!17:29
webchat90can i change my name later?17:30
TJ-webchat90: yes17:32
TJ-although it can cause some issues if you leave it too long17:32
webchat90what's the differnece between name and username17:33
TJ-"name" is the friendly display name, username is entered into the system and is the name of your $HOME directory17:34
TJ-username is what you log-in as17:34
webchat90it's now installing17:36
webchat90TJ- thank you so so so so so much for your help <317:40
webchat90thank youuuuu ravage and tomreyn <317:40
webchat90thanks a lot for your time and support17:40
ravagelet's wait until it actually boots :D17:41
webchat90hahha ok17:41
ravageTJ-: maybe a grub-install /dev/sda and update-grub from the chroot before reboot just to make sure?17:42
TJ-ravage: shouldn't be needed; we will check grub is where it is expected though17:43
TJ-my VM is starting with a blank display, in fact looks to not be starting after grub17:47
webchat90Installation has finished. You can continue testing Kubuntu now, but until you restart the computer, any changes you make or documents you save will not be preserved.17:48
webchat90should i remove the Usb when restarting?17:49
TJ-No, continue testing17:49
TJ-we need to check the install is correct. I'm checking things out here to see why my VM won't start17:50
TJ-webchat90: back to the Konsole terminal. "sudo -i" if not already 'root'17:51
webchat90i'm root17:51
TJ-webchat90: then " mkdir /target; mount /dev/MEMORIES/rootfs /target; for n in proc sys dev; do mount --rbind /$n /target/$n; done; chroot /target mount -a "17:52
TJ-you can copy/paste that group of commands17:52
TJ-we're mounting the newly installed system at /target/ so we can check it17:52
webchat90mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/target’: File exists17:53
webchat90mount: /target: /dev/mapper/MEMORIES-rootfs already mounted on /target.17:53
TJ-webchat90: that means the installer left it in place17:53
DuncanAcerTrying to install a wifi driver for an Acer Aspire 7 with realtek. getting SSL Error. https://pastebin.com/j7jHggSx17:53
webchat90is that a good thing TJ-?17:54
TJ-webchat90: that is fine. if you do "lsblk /dev/sda1" you should see all the LVs correctly mounted under /target/17:54
DuncanAcersuggestions anyone?17:54
webchat90all listed17:55
webchat90752 mb17:55
webchat90and 16gb17:55
TJ-webchat90: good. so now let's do a manual grub-install capture the log and let me see it.17:55
TJ-webchat90: " chroot /target grub-install -v |& tee /tmp/grub-install.log"17:55
TJ-webchat90: then "pastebinit /tmp/grub-install.log"17:56
webchat90error: install device isn't specified.17:56
TJ-webchat90: you're correct it isn't :D17:56
TJ-webchat90: " chroot /target grub-install -v /dev/sda |& tee /tmp/grub-install.log"17:56
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
TJ-line 528 looks good. " grub-install: info: grub-mkimage --directory '/usr/lib/grub/i386-pc' --prefix '(lvmid/ZtMLB6-obuK-zY2Q-80mm-zyr3-3pu8-wY0QS9/6bfqBt-DZxG-UW26-BsHg-mmxn-LqsN-j1u6cZ)/grub' --output '/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img'  --dtb '' --sbat '' --format 'i386-pc' "18:01
TJ-... "--compression 'auto'  'ext2' 'part_msdos' 'lvm' 'biosdisk' "18:02
TJ-so let's jsut check the config " pastebinit /target/boot/grub/grub.cfg "18:03
DuncanAcerLooking for help with realtek wifi18:03
webchat90TJ- : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2hY5mtcjY2/18:04
TJ-webchat90: that all looks good but I want you to change the default GRUB config because it is a bad one as done by the installer!18:04
webchat90is it okay to change these values?18:05
webchat90# DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE"18:05
TJ-webchat90: here, copy/paste this exactly as shown, every line including the first "cat << EOF > ..." and last "EOF"  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rccfgpkpYd/18:07
TJ-webchat90: that'll write a new file into the target with the changes we need, then you do "chroot /target update-grub" to apply it18:08
TJ-webchat90: the effect is to ensure you will see the GRUB boot menu and it'll wait for 5 seconds. The default is to hide it and set the timeout to zero so you've no time to intercept if something goes wrong18:09
webchat90where to paste it?18:10
TJ-into your terminal18:11
webchat90the 6 lines?18:11
TJ-it'll immediately execute and write the file. Yes, copy/paste the entire block18:11
TJ-I've got a kernel panic here, so hang on whilst I analyse why18:11
TJ-oh I think i know!18:12
webchat90what :o18:12
TJ-webchat90: whilst I prove I'm correct, you correct it there after you've added that file, and done the "chroot /target update-grub" also do "chroot /target apt install lvm2"18:13
webchat90i still didn't paste the 6 lines into terminal18:13
TJ-webchat90: then after that do "chroot /target update-initramfs -uv |& tee /tmp/initrd.log "18:13
TJ-keep up keep up!18:14
webchat90wait for me xD18:14
webchat90vm2 is already the newest version (2.03.11-2ubuntu4).18:15
webchat90The following package was automatically installed and is no longer required:18:15
webchat90  libreoffice-help-common18:15
webchat90Use 'apt autoremove' to remove it.18:15
webchat900 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 200 not upgraded.18:15
webchat90do chroot /target update-initramfs -uv |& tee /tmp/initrd.log?18:16
TJ-webchat90: yes, same here, says installed - trying to solve the last bit now, wait18:16
TJ-webchat90: found here it hasn't correctly created the initialramfs file18:18
TJ-webchat90: show me "pastebinit <( ls -latr /target/boot/ )"18:18
webchat90what should we do about that18:18
webchat90btw i didn't do "chroot /target update-initramfs -uv |& tee /tmp/initrd.log" yet18:18
webchat90u told me to wait18:18
TJ-ok, good18:18
TJ-leave that command for now18:19
TJ-jsut give me this latest pastebin18:19
RazvaHello. I know this is not directly related to Ubuntu, but do you have any idea how can I fix this? `Err:1 http://ppa.launchpad.net/system76/pop/ubuntu hirsute/main amd64 libpop-desktop-widget amd64 0.1.0~1627939102~21.04~38f3385   404  Not Found [IP: 80]`18:19
cluelesspersonQuestion, what wifi AC chipsets are well supported by ubuntu?18:19
cluelesspersonRazva, works for me.18:19
tomreyn!popos | Razva18:20
ubottuRazva: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)18:20
TJ-webchat90: yours looks ok - mine is failing to find any kernels and therefore not creating an initrd.img-*18:21
TJ-webchat90: but we still want to be sure yours includes the lvm2 tooling18:22
webchat90let's find out18:22
tomreynRazva: there are https://chat.pop-os.org/ and https://support.system76.com/ for System76 / Pop OS support18:22
tomreynRazva: you could also try #linux here18:22
TJ-webchat90: doing the create here now, just need to check its build log18:22
Razvacan any of you see if you can download http://ppa.launchpad.net/system76/pop/ubuntu/pool/main/p/pop-desktop-widget/libpop-desktop-widget_0.1.0%7e1627939102%7e21.04%7e38f3385_amd64.deb ?18:23
Razvabecause I can't.18:23
webchat90TJ- ok :d18:23
ravageRazva: the file does not exist. ask the PPA maintainer18:23
RazvaThat would be Pop I guess.18:23
TJ-webchat90: "pastebinit <( lsinitramfs /target/boot/initrd.img )"18:25
webchat90TJ- : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s2JTcHFbGr/18:26
tomreynRazva: we'll be happy to support you here when you have Ubuntu questions. those above are not.18:28
RazvaYeah, I'm going back to Arch and Debian I guess. :\18:29
RazvaThanks anyway, have a great evening18:29
TJ-webchat90: good, /usr/sbin/lvm is installed. You should be good to try a reboot now. Tell the live session to reboot,note it'll ask you to press Enter afer removing the USB key18:29
tomreynRazva: you, too, and please consider installing Ubuntu.18:29
webchat90i hope to see you again :D18:30
webchat90be back in few minutes18:30
TJ-ahhh, found my cause. due to a failure to create the initrd, the grub.cfg had no "initrd /initrd.img-..." line18:33
Ali-Karamin case of system failure, how should I use Timeshift?18:35
tomreynAli-Karam: this tool is supported by its developer only, not this channel18:36
tomreynAli-Karam: or, if you somehow ended up here even though you're using Linux Mint, https://github.com/teejee2008/timeshift#support18:37
Ali-KaramI'm not using Linux Mint18:38
Ali-KaramUbuntu 21.0418:38
Ali-KaramLinux Juventus 5.11.0-25-generic #27-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 9 23:06:29 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:39
tomreynAli-Karam: okay, so what i said before applies18:39
webchat24hello from Kubuntu!18:40
TJ-webchat24: we did it then?18:41
rud0lfhello from the other side18:41
webchat24TJ- yes we did !18:41
webchat24but it first it showed grup minue for 5 seconds as you said18:41
webchat24then some commands went by their own18:41
TJ-webchat24: ok, so now it's working I need to educate you on LVM and making use of the free space as needed18:41
TJ-webchat24: yes, that'd be the kernel messages as it starts18:41
tomreynnow that was easy.18:41
TJ-we disabled the splash display18:42
webchat24got you :D18:42
TJ-webchat24: I prefer to /see/ what is going on not have it hidden - then if something does go wrong you have a chance to see the clues18:42
TJ-webchat24: start Konsole again18:42
webchat24it says i'm not admin18:43
TJ-webchat24: as I said earlier I didn't assign all the free space in the Volume Group MEMORIES to the 3 Logical Volumes18:43
TJ-webchat24: "sudo -i" ?18:43
webchat24it asks for my password18:43
webchat24but it won't write18:44
TJ-yes, that is correct18:44
TJ-you won't see any typing18:44
TJ-type your own password and press Enter18:44
webchat24i'm a root :D18:44
TJ-then you'll be root@<hostname>18:44
Ali-Karamwhat TJ- is doing is wonderful18:44
Ali-Karamgod bless you TJ-18:45
TJ-OK, so, to find out how much space is left in a Volume Group (hereinafter VG) we use "vgdisplay" and look at the last few lines that report the 'Free extents18:45
webchat24yes indeed Ali-Karam18:45
TJ-webchat24: you see the "Free PE / Size" line?18:45
webchat24gdisplay didn't find18:46
TJ-webchat24: "vgdisplay"18:46
RazvaHere are some questions, before trying Ubuntu. 1) I have 3 monitors. Can I have 200% DPI scaling on two of them and 100% on the third? 2) how can I have a "classic" dock, like in Windows? 3) in a multi-monitor setup, can I list only the icons of apps that are currently running on that screen?18:46
webchat24my bad sorry18:46
webchat24Free  PE / Size       9415 / <36.78 GiB18:46
TJ-each of the LVM entities have a *display command: pvdisplay (Physical Volume PV), vgdisplay (Volume Group VG) and lvdisplay (Logical Volume LV)18:47
TJ-webchat24: right, so at present you've got 36GiB free - not allocated to any block device or file-system, so you can use that free space to increase the size of existing LVs, or to create new LVs for other purposes (e.g. I often create a separate LV for Videos, Sourcecode, and so on)18:48
webchat24i'm not sure what to do with that free space18:48
TJ-webchat24: for the sake of argument now let's assume your separate /home/ file-system (in /dev/mapper/MEMORIES-home) has run out of space18:49
TJ-webchat24: if this were a partition you're stuffed. But with LVM, when you have free space remaining in the VG, you can simply enlarge the LV and file-system *LIVE* (this includes the rootfs).18:49
webchat24the rootfs is where my kubuntu installed right?18:50
TJ-webchat24: you can do this now, just to see how simple it is. Let's add 1GiB to the /home/ file-system and LV: "lvextend -L +1G --resizefs MEMORIES/home"18:50
webchat24you mean if i installed enough programs with it's data to make the voolume full, with this unallocated space i can increase that volume later18:50
TJ-webchat24: yes, the OS is in MEMORIES-rootfs. Because you have MEMORIES-home separately you could install another distro in a new LV and share /home/18:51
TJ-webchat24: correct18:51
TJ-webchat24: run the command I gave you for home and you'll know what to expect18:51
TJ-webchat24: and if you ever reinstall, as long as you don't erase /dev/sda1 or this VG MEMORIES, your files in /home/ would not be touched by the installer18:52
TJ-webchat24: right, so the key is the "-L +<somesize>"18:53
TJ-note the "+" that means 'add this amount to the existing size'18:53
webchat24but it actually in hard drives shown it's not named anything like home or rootfs18:53
TJ-without the + you'd be saying I want this absolute size18:53
TJ-webchat24: correct, the free space is part of the VG MEMORIES18:53
webchat24it's shown under devices18:54
TJ-webchat24: I use free space to be able to create and destroy temporary virtual machines, as I did for this kubuntu test18:54
TJ-webchat24: I don't use GUI so wouldn't know - GUI doesn't give me control I need to do stuff like this :)18:55
webchat24i mounted my other partitions18:55
webchat24files seem to be working fine18:55
TJ-webchat24: if you were to create a temporary LV as described, you can later delete it by first ensuring its file-system is unmounted, and then using "lvremove VG-NAME/LV-NAME"18:56
TJ-webchat24: note that LVs are bare block devices; you still need to format a file-system inside them18:56
webchat24how to know which one is home18:57
webchat24i know it's the 17 gb one18:57
TJ-webchat24: so, assuming you did "lvcreate -L 5G -n test MEMORIES" and now have /dev/mapper/MEMORIES-test you would then do "mkfs.ext4 -L some-label-i-like /dev/mapper/MEMORIES-test"18:57
webchat24but it's not labled18:57
TJ-webchat24: give them file-system labels then :)18:57
webchat24i understand now that the 30gb left with no use can be used for almost anything i want18:58
TJ-webchat24: "tune2fs -L home /dev/MEMORIES/home"18:58
TJ-webchat24: "tune2fs -L rootfs /dev/MEMORIES/rootfs"18:59
TJ-webchat24: "tune2fs -L boot /dev/MEMORIES/boot"18:59
TJ-webchat24: "blkid /dev/MEMORIES/*"18:59
TJ-webchat24: correct, that free space can be used for what needs it rather than - with partitions - having to pre-guess where you'll need it19:00
webchat24but if assign them to something like (home for example)19:01
webchat24and they run out of space19:01
webchat24i can't get them back as flexible19:01
webchat24so it's one time use unless i create them for a test purpose lik eyou did?19:01
webchat24as a new partition19:01
webchat24use then delete again19:02
TJ-if you used up all the free space by assigning it to LV(s) then you'd have to /shrink/ an LV (if the file-system inside it had free space) in order to give space back to the VG :)19:02
webchat24i seee19:02
TJ-webchat24: we also have "lvreduce" for that situation - to reduce a file-system it has to be unmounted though, so can't be done live on the rootfs (has to be done from a liveISO boot)19:02
webchat24very flexible19:02
TJ-as you wrote above - not "as a new partition" -> "as a new Logical Volume"19:03
TJ-Forget partitions for ever and embrace Logical Volumes :)19:04
webchat24okay xD19:04
webchat24i'm not sure i will be using this free space for anything for testing any time soon though19:04
webchat24until i have very large information on using volumes19:04
TJ-webchat24: that's fine, it's happy where it is but its waiting to be used19:04
webchat24because i honestly get very skeptical with these kind of things because i don't want to mess things up19:05
webchat24and lose files19:05
TJ-webchat24: if it were already assigned into file-systems it'd be locked up even if you needed it for something else19:05
webchat24so what's the differnece between my home and other partitions?19:06
TJ-webchat24: if you have multiple physical disks/SSDs you can extend the VG onto them and convert your LVs to RAID with a simple command19:06
webchat24i can store normal files in home?19:06
tomreynRazva: i would have answered your questions, but i really don't know the answers. if you can't get help with this here, i suggest you just give it a try. i assume your chances will be best without nvidia graphics, with the standard ubuntu gnome-based shell on xwayland19:06
TJ-webchat24: /home/ contains all the user files. Your specific home is $HOME which will be /home/$USER/19:06
TJ-webchat24: on my systems that is /home/tj/19:06
webchat24that's like windows where documents are19:07
TJ-webchat24: that's what you see by default in the File Manager19:07
TJ-webchat24: correct19:07
TJ-webchat24: not that I want you to try this, but to blow your mind and realise how powerful LVM is, it has a concept of 'thin provisioning' whereby you can create LVs that, added together, are larger than the physical storage!19:08
webchat24i shouldn't touch boot or rootfs then?19:08
TJ-webchat24: that is, instead of having space allocated at creation of the LV, the LV expands as it is used19:08
webchat24what do you mean larger than physical sotrage??19:09
TJ-webchat24: you shouldn't need to unless you're installed a LOT of programs. if rootfs does get tight just lvextend it19:09
webchat24rootfs is like my C: - and boot is like that hidden sda2 partion windows created?19:10
TJ-webchat24: The other daty I installed Kubuntu into a 32GB USB3 device. I used LVM, created an LV 'thin pool' and then created several LVs whose total apparent size is 64GB. In fact, they only use about 5GB right now but as I add files to the file-systems LVM will immediately add 'extents' to those LVs - just enough for what is needed, but the file-system inside the LV thinks it is very big19:11
TJ-webchat24: yes, roughly. /boot/ contains the boot-loader files and the linux kernel and initialramfs (initrd.img files)19:11
TJ-webchat24: if you don't keep the kernels pruned (removing older ones that have been superceded) /boot/ could run out of space. In that case 1st job is to remove the older kernels (as here if that happens) or 2nd is to simply lvextend it19:12
TJ-err, ask here, not as here19:13
webchat24i will always come to you19:13
* TJ- hides19:13
TJ-There are plenty of others here that know what to do19:14
webchat24i know this is very nice community19:14
Ali-Karamis there a visual studio express alternative for ubuntu ?19:14
TJ-sharing knowledge is always good19:14
webchat24i can't imagine what would i've done without this much of help really19:15
webchat24so thank you very much for getting my linux alive19:15
TJ-Ali-Karam: Visual Studio Code is available for Linux19:15
webchat24really really appreciate it <319:16
webchat24what should i do now as a starter19:17
webchat24i wanna start digging tomorrow19:17
TJ-webchat24: write your own kernel? :P19:18
webchat24like what kind of commands and being easy with terminal19:18
webchat24maybe some day TJ- :p19:18
webchat24and i will always remember it only started from here :D19:19
TJ-webchat24: in Debian/Ubuntu the policy requires every command to have a manual page. You can view those with "man <command>" e.g. "man lvcreate"19:20
TJ-webchat24: get used to them, they have a standard predictable layout and describe command line options, and much more19:21
tomreyn!a-cookie-so-large-ubottu-cannot-imagine | TJ-19:21
TJ-webchat24: read the man-pages for the system tools you have never heard of by listing the files with "ls /usr/bin/" - all those are commands and most will have man-pages19:21
TJ-webchat24: "echo $PATH" will show you the paths the OS searches for executable files19:22
quantum_I installed ubuntu 20.04 with ZFS, and am trying to remove old states that are filling up my drive. It seems tedious trying to enter them in one by one, and now I ran into a state for a delete user that I can't even seem to delete. I am trying zsysctl state remove --user badcup 'rpool/USERDATA/badcup_49ubm4@autozsys_3rybdl'19:23
quantum_ERROR Permission denied: Couldn't retrieve user for "badcup": user: unknown user badcup19:23
quantum_have been searching but there seems next to no information on how to get rid of old states on Ubuntu19:23
TJ-quantum_: presumably the user's entry was removed from /etc/passwd and /etc/shadown?19:24
quantum_I think so since the user was deleted or removed when I revereted to an old snapshot19:24
webchat24TJ-: thank you sooo much sir <3  there's a lot to learn - i'm happy i installed linux finally and got rid of windows19:25
webchat24linux is much more exciting19:25
quantum_guess I could try to add the user back or something19:25
quantum_not sure if that would work, probably the id would not match or something19:25
TJ-quantum_: if you can rediscover the uid you could19:26
webchat24i should go now to eat19:26
TJ-quantum_: check if it exists in the backups /etc/passwd- /etc/shadow-19:26
webchat24and have some rest and sleep19:26
TJ-webchat24: same here; dinner time19:26
webchat24bon appetite!19:26
TJ-bye :)19:26
quantum_I guess, but there should be some way to just force it19:27
quantum_no user exists19:27
webchat24enjoy your time all, and thank you so o=sooooo much again! i'm very very grateful really <319:27
webchat24thank you19:27
webchat24see you later all19:27
=== martums5 is now known as martums
grtestuserinstall-mbr:/dev/sda: Failed to find MBR signature.19:43
tomreyngrtestuser: hi again, do you have an ubuntu support question this time?19:47
TJ-grtestuser: please don't cross-post especially on different IRC networks as well (OFTC #debian)19:49
cluelesspersonis there any way to check if it's possible for ubuntu to support full wifi AC speeds with the Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 802.11AX ?19:49
TJ-cluelessperson: iperf19:51
cluelesspersonTJ-, iperf is a speedtest, my question is about knowing whether or not I just need to install something to use gigabit wifi speeds?19:52
TJ-cluelessperson: install the device :) that's what will control the speed (oh, and clear radio frequencies with no clashing devices)19:53
cluelesspersonTJ-, intel devices for example, might have custom proprietary drivers?19:53
TJ-cluelessperson: just be aware the AX201 will not support master mode (acting as an Access Point)19:53
cluelesspersonI'm only getting 60mpbs, which is awful.19:54
TJ-cluelessperson: no, Intel are one of the best at open-sourcing their drivers immediately19:54
cluelesspersonokay, so why am I getting 60mbps?19:54
TJ-cluelessperson: throughput will depend on a lot of things, most important the signal-to-noise ratio and quality19:54
TJ-other devices in the same frequencies only doing 802.11a/n will also slow it down. AX will only get full claimed throughput if no other transmission schemes are also operating in the same range19:55
coconutcluelessperson, i dunno if you are interested in it, but my laptop has an intel wifi 6 chip, and started to work with ubuntu 20.04 after an uefi bios.(from 1.34 to 1.36 if i am not mistaken).19:56
coconutjust saying...19:56
TJ-cluelessperson: check which actual transmission scheme the device is using,it may not even be using AX mode19:56
TJ-cluelessperson: e.g. "sudo iw dev wlp4s0 station dump"19:58
bet0xHello everyone!19:59
bet0xI have Ubuntu 20.04 on a Acer Nitro (Ryzen with integrated graphics) plus a Nvidia.19:59
bet0xWhen i do install the nvidia graphics the machine won't boot.20:00
tomreynbet0x: do you select the "additional drivers" option when installing?20:03
bet0xtomreyn, Yes i did.20:04
tomreynalso, which model is this exactly, and which graphics chipset20:04
tomreynand are you using the older 20.04(.0) release, or a freshly downloaded (from ubuntu.com) ISO?20:04
bet0xtomreyn, Acer Nitro 5 AN515-44-R58M 15.6" Full HD, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H 3GHz, 16GB, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650.20:05
bet0xtomreyn, Latest 20.04 from Ubuntu.com, can't use the 21 release yet.20:05
tomreynbecause of the graphics drivers?20:05
tomreynyou probably mean 21.0420:06
bet0xtomreyn, Yes.20:06
bet0xSo, dunno what the issue is right now.20:06
tomreynhave you tried disabling secure boot?20:07
bet0xI don't have SB enabled.20:07
bet0xI need to use CrowdStrike due work so is kinda mandatory to disable that.20:07
bet0xI reinstalled 4 times because it won't go after the crypt password. (I have full disk encription).20:08
bet0xI also tried nomodeset, blacklisting nouveau, etcetera.20:08
tomreynwhat do you mean by "won't go after the crypt password"?20:08
bet0xI power the laptop, input my passfor beause the disk encryption. After that nothing happens, accepts the password but remains "black".20:09
bet0xSo i didn't install the Nvidia graphics and now is using llvmpipe. Dunno what that is.20:10
tomreyndoes the disk access LED show any activity at this point, though?20:10
tomreynthe point where it remians black after entering the passphrase20:10
tomreynis the crowdstrike agent already installed, or is this still a fresh installation?20:11
bet0xNo, i did fresh install with luks, then normal upgrade with nothing else to discard that too.20:11
tomreynbet0x: what about the disk indicator, if you know?20:12
bet0xI'm using 5.4.0-72-generic.20:12
tomreynhi Gaboradon20:12
bet0xtomreyn, No disk indicator. But if i do get grub it means i have a disk working right? :D20:12
GaboradonI can't install an older version of firefox, I mistakenly updated to 91 from 81, but I still have data/profile with 81 and firefox is actually still running, I don't want any glitches so I would like to revert this mistake and update it properly at a later time20:13
tomreynbet0x: of course. i was wondering whether the system continues to start up and you just don't see it20:13
bet0xI tried to edit brug, from quiet to verbose and splash to nosplash20:13
bet0xso i can see how it boots, but if i do that there is no luks input for password LOL20:14
GaboradonI don't want the new version messing with the user profile and settings20:14
GaboradonI tried sudo aptitude install firefox=81.0 but it's not found20:14
bet0xGaboradon, https://support.mozilla.org/bm/questions/95227920:14
bet0xYou might need to get an older version because firefox self-updates20:15
tomreynbet0x: since you're able to boot it in vesa mode, you should be able to access logs. can you see boot normally oince, so you end up with the black screen, then press ctrl-alt-del and then alt-sysrq-s alt-sysrq-u alt-sysrq-b20:15
tomreynbet0x: then boot with failsafe graphics and access the log from last but one boot using   journalctl -b-120:16
MekaneckOlder versions of FF could be vulnerable so it's not adviced to use those Gaboradon20:16
bet0xThen let me try one time more :D20:17
tomreynGaboradon: the profile will probably only get updated when you start the new version. create a backup of your profile if you'd like to.20:17
tomreyn!bootlog | bet0x: this might also help20:17
ubottubet0x: this might also help: To get a more verbose log of the boot process, remove "quiet" and "splash" from the kernel boot parameters and add "debug systemd.log_level=info". For info on editing kernel boot parameters, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters20:17
bet0xtomreyn, it will allow me to input the luks pass? coz i did that but didn't work.20:21
tomreynbet0x: yes it should20:22
bet0xhere we go again!20:22
bet0xtomreyn, i can do sudo ubuntu-drivers install nvidia-driver-470 safely right?20:23
tomreynbet0x: it should not break your hardware, if that's what you mean by "safely"20:24
bet0xsudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall seems more logical20:25
cluelesspersonTJ-, not sure how to identify the transmission scheme20:29
cluelesspersonin that output20:29
bet0xtomreyn, well now did boot, still llvmpipe :D20:30
GaboradonMekaneck, bet0x: Thanks for all the security babysitting but in many cases practicality and usability is paramount and this is why I update only a few times a year as most softwares these days introduce more and more changes I don't agree with, to hell with security.20:31
GaboradonI don't want the stupid weekly update messing with my settings, I set it up and I'm done with it for 4-5 months.20:32
Mekaneckthen don't come asking here for support with or for software that's EOL for a long time20:33
tomreynbet0x: so do the failed boot, llvmpipe (software rendering / failsafe graphics) boot, and inspect logs from last but one boot.20:38
GaboradonI'm just saying how security obsession is harming usability an experience, and thus work performance, if I have to deal with dumb software it take time off my work20:40
Mekaneckmaybe it's not the software that's dumb20:40
GaboradonI guess they purposelly remove archives once a newer version rolls over.20:41
kilzoolI write my own...then I have myself to blame.20:41
alkisgAll archives are archives; they're just not in the repositories anymore20:41
tomreynlet's not get personal, Mekaneck20:41
GaboradonLook, I've never been hit by anything via web-browser and if anyone came in I'd know about it, I know how to deal with security in other ways, so a lot of the security obsession may be excessive.20:41
GaboradonIf security updates were separate from functional an subjective changes mozilla's forcing down our throat, I would have no problem with it.20:42
MekaneckGaboradon: if you don't have a Ubuntu support question and only about Firefox, moving over to -discuss or -offtopic would be better20:42
alkisgE.g. firefox publishing history is at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+publishinghistory20:43
alkisgWith links to all the .deb packages20:43
Mekaneckgo complain over at Mozilla then Gaboradon maybe the listen and change things20:43
* Mekaneck is afk for now20:44
tomreynGaboradon: you are still welcome to come here, but please note that ubuntu support, and especially volunteerr support, assumes that you keep the system updated. there's no need to discuss this on this channel. we can continue this discussion for a bit in #ubuntu-discuss if you are actually interested in the reasoning.20:44
GaboradonI agree, I apologize for my own subjective response, but as I said, I would only temporairly downgrade until I'm ready to update, saving addon data (can't extract from raw files, needs a running browser)20:44
cluelesspersonTJ-, well it seems my wifi adapter is not using AC speeds20:57
cluelesspersonso how do I get there?20:57
bet0xtomreyn, dunno how but is working21:00
bet0xtomreyn, i did GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="amdgpu.runpm=0" on /etc/default/grub21:01
tomreynbet0x: this doesn't have an amdgpu though, or does it?21:01
bet0xtomreyn, CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600H with Radeon Graphics @ 12x 3GHz21:01
tomreynoh so that's the integrated, and you have nvidia additionally, ok21:02
tomreynwhat a waste21:02
bet0xDouble video card Hybrid.. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 now this is my default OwO21:02
bet0xDesktop running at 700 FPS21:03
tomreynso disabling power management on the amd gpu makes handover to nvidia graphics work, interesting21:03
tomreynhmm 700, that's really not the amd?21:03
bet0xtomreyn, Yeah, took me a while to figure it out.21:03
bet0xtomreyn, is the Nvidia, GLXGears is reporting that21:03
tomreynok, glad you worked it out. did you read this somewhere?21:04
bet0xMy screen is an 144Hz21:04
bet0xtomreyn, https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/amd/-/issues/130421:04
ubottuIssue 1304 in drm/amd "System unstable without amdgpu.runpm=0" [Closed]21:04
tomreynhad you looked at the logs, too?21:06
bet0xyes, nothing reported there, was a leap of faith21:06
tomreynbut did the kernel seem to have crashed there, i.e. did logs end abruptly?21:06
bet0xno, normal boot21:07
bet0xi started to read about switches21:07
bet0xand "just tried that"21:07
tomreyni see21:07
bet0xlucky guess21:07
bet0xI can see Nvidia on the Gnome About21:07
tomreyncan you file a bug repor ton this?21:07
tomreynubuntu-bug amdgpu    i guess, could also be nvidia, i'm not sure21:08
bet0xI'm using an Older kernel, they might not like that :(21:08
tomreynoh i must have missed that, you're not o the GA kernel?21:08
bet0xtomreyn, 5.4.0-72-generic21:09
bet0xlatest supported by CrowdStrike21:10
tomreynbet0x: oh, ok. did you try with the latest, too, though?21:10
tomreynbooting, not falcon21:10
bet0xWith the latest it just works after that amdgpu switch. Nothing else except the ubuntu-drivers autoinstall so is the kernel.21:11
bet0xDunno if to grab the config from the "new" kernel and recompile the older21:11
tomreynright, but needing this switch is an issue in itself21:11
tomreynso if you can be bugged to boot the latest kernel once, and report it to the bug tracker using ther "ubuntu-bug" command, that could save others some hours of research.21:12
tomreynit probably wuold21:12
bet0xI will read how to report it properly, I don't want to be "that guy" where everyone is asking coz missing information21:13
tomreynI think it's fine to report it and also state that you won't be able to contribute to testing / fixing it. at least you'll have provided others with a searchable record of how to work around the problem.21:14
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:14
bet0xthank you tomreyn !21:15
tomreynyou're welcome21:15
compdocis there a good app for finding and displaying all the images in a directory?21:21
compdocvideos too21:21
tomreyncompdoc: i think you can make file browsers do so21:24
kilzoolI use vlc for video (great), and really any image viewer is good for showing pictures....if you want to edit picture GiMP.21:24
kilzoolWhat flavor of Ubuntu? gnome, KDE? etc?21:26
tomreynoh, so not gnome21:26
compdocimageindex sounds interesting21:27
tomreynmate is gtk based though, right?21:27
tomreyneog, when pointed to a directory, will show show all the images in it (one by one, not an index)21:28
compdoca 2d desktop. I can install any program from the ubuntu repos21:28
kilzoolEye of Mate?21:29
cluelesspersonfrankly, gimp sucks21:30
kilzoolwhat are your favorites cluelessperson?21:32
cluelesspersonkilzool, I've experimented with several desktop environments.   I just go with ubuntu.21:33
cluelesspersonit's the easiest by far21:33
kilzoolcluelessperson, Understood.  What viewers for pictures is your favorite?21:34
kilzoolEye is good for mate, compdoc.21:35
cluelesspersonkilzool, I found Ubuntu mate to be less reliable and crashing when I was testing it.21:35
cluelesspersonkilzool,   for picture viewers I use ubuntu's built in21:35
cluelesspersonbut it depends on what you're trying to do.21:36
cluelesspersongoing to the grocery store, brb21:36
cluelesspersonneed eggs21:36
compdocI just tried it and its better than nothing, but it displays one main image and thumbnails of other images in the folder. and theyre too small to see enough detail21:36
kilzoolShould be an options to get it to where you like it, compdoc.21:37
cluelesspersoncompdoc, you're saying you don't like the size of the thumbnails in the image viewer?21:37
kilzoolI don't have Mate, so just trying to google and assist.  I will stand down and let someone else add their opinion.21:38
compdocthey have shotwell in the app store thing21:38
kilzoolthat's pretty good.. customizable... doesn't hurt to try.21:39
kilzoolyou can remove anything that doesn't fancy you.21:39
cluelesspersonI suggest not using the app store21:39
cluelesspersonI think app stores should be avoided21:39
kilzoolwhy? cluelessperson?21:40
cluelesspersonspecifically centralized app stores21:40
cluelesspersonbecause it puts power in the hands of the company that manages it21:40
cluelesspersongoogle/apple don't allow you to filter/sort out apps that include ads for example,  or they hide good options21:41
cluelesspersonalso, your letting the app store to hide installation details that users should generally be aware of.21:41
kilzoolA small concern when someone is trying to view photos on their mate.21:42
kilzoolTo get it how they like it.  Trial and error... try until you like.21:42
kilzoolI'll assume Mate is window manager in Ubuntu, and I'm sure there is a section on the forums for that.  Good place to look if you are stumped, compdoc.21:44
compdocshotwell seems fine21:44
kilzool:)  great.21:45
kilzooluse shotwell in gnome too, its good...for editing I use what cluelessperson doesn't like, but it suits me well. ;P21:46
kilzoolGood night world.........zzzzz21:49
compdocI use gimp too, and it does what I need. I also have a very old version of photoshop that Ive used for years so i know where are the menu items are21:51
rud0lfgimp is wonky with advanced alpha masks21:52
rud0lfconverted color to alpha, then separated alpha and tried to invert it21:52
rud0lfno friggin way to do it21:52
compdoc*where all21:52
rud0lfwhat's wrong with the concept of inverting alpha channel?21:53
rud0lfit made whites go crazy green21:53
GaboradonHi again21:54
GaboradonAptitude wants to remove 123 packages about (node and js) when I tell it to install the same version of a program already installed.21:55
tomreyn!aptitude | Gaboradon21:55
GaboradonWhat's going on?21:55
ubottuGaboradon: Like apt and apt-get, aptitude is a terminal frontend for Ubuntu's package management system. Unlike the others, it is not recommended in Ubuntu because its behavior differs significantly from other Ubuntu package management tools and can cause issues.21:55
Gaboradonoh, ok21:55
tomreyndoes it also happen with apt?21:56
tomreyn(or apt-get)21:56
GaboradonI think I saw that before but never came across a problem to figure out about it, apt says the following packages were automatically installed and are not longer required, use apt utoremove to remove them21:59
GaboradonI think I can sort of speculate what it's trying to say but the message is a bit unclear and confusing with "automatically installed and no longer required" ... probably means they're no longer needed by the new version of the parent program that installed them, right?22:00
Gaboradonor in other words the parent that installed them is gone, I think22:00
tomreynGaboradon: yes, one of the two22:01
tomreynGaboradon: do run    sudo apt update    before applying any changes, though22:01
tomreynGaboradon: you can also look over this list of installed packages that have no known origin and no upgrade path:  apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999922:02
tomreyn(i.e. lingering security risks on your system)22:03
bbbbbwhat are the disadvantages of installing from a downloaded .deb vs using a snap? (not in official repo yet, and no flatpak)22:22
GaboradonNow I'm wondering if I could pipe output of "ls" into  sudo dpkg -i ""22:23
GaboradonTrying to get more creative in terminal22:24
tomreynbbbbb: you'll need to (a) ensure this is from a trusted source and has not been modified by a third party after posted there by that trusted source, since it can run any commands on your system as root (b) unless you have also configured an apt repository providing security updates for it you're exposing your system to attacks through vulnerabilities in this software which may only be revealed in the future (or maybe it's already vulnerable to22:26
tomreynbegin with)22:26
tomreynalthough the latter oyu can also have with snaps to a degree22:26
tomreynand the former, too, it'll be hard to tell whether a snap can be trusted. but it could not easily run commands as root22:27
bbbbbInteresting, thank you. It's Slack so while proprietary I'm not terribly worried about giving it root access. It seems like the deb sets up the repo for updates, so I am going to go with that.22:34
bbbbbTurns out there is a flatpak available too, but I'd rather do my package managment through apt as much as I can.22:35

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