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suppern00bhow can i delete02:40
tomreynsuppern00b: there's no one here going by the name of "watermelon" (and you don't need to use "@" to address people)02:42
suppern00bhow can i delete messages02:43
tomreynwhat kind of messages? maybe a screenshot would help you explain it. you could upload one to imgur.com and post it here.02:44
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BluesKajHi all15:53
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juan_Hi ;-)16:34
juan_I know there is now a plasma widget to save all the configurations made on plasma, but in the past I used a command to run a GUI option of the Global Theme settings to save my theme, but I can not find it. Did someone remember that command ?16:37
probasixInstalled kubuntu recently and have been searching all over for a solution to Libreoffice not having any menus. I just realized NONE of my programs have any menus... Is this a setting somewhere?22:54
valoriehmmm, if they come back, perhaps try Control M23:56
valorieI've had mine disappear probably because I hit that by mistake23:56

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