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pycuriousIs anyone using kubernetes on ubuntu on multiple clouds here? 01:35
pycuriousOr perhaps the canonical offering?01:36
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PMunchHi everyone, I recently updated my server through a standard apt upgrade and now it won't boot any longer. It seems to hang on "Scanning for BTRFS file system", then it starts kernel panicking because various tasks blocked for more than 120 seconds. Anyone know what might be up? Or what I could try to get the server back up?06:50
TJ-PMunch: boot to an older kernel, or in recovery mode06:54
PMunchTried recovery mode without luck, I'll see if I can get an older kernel working06:56
PMunchOkay, booting from an older kernel worked07:15
PMunchNow just to make that change stick..07:16
PMunchOkay, 5.4.0-80 works, 5.4.0-81 fails, in case anyone was curious07:42
lotuspsychjePMunch: i dont see a recent bug on your errors right away, could you file a bug on that?09:28
PMunchHmm, I'm not entirely sure what the actual bug is though12:22
PMunch@lotuspsychje, 12:22
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tomreynPMunch: Maybe there are logs of the failed boot?     journalctl -b-1     would give you the logs from last but one boot (i.e. the one before the current)12:55
tomreyn--list-boots lists boots which were recorded to logs (i.e. where the file system storing the logs was already writable)12:55
PMunchThat's the problem, I don't think it found the file system at all12:56
PMunchLet me check12:56
PMunchDoesn't seem like it13:00
tomreynright, if it failed to mount the same file system the logs would be written to then there won't be logs. you can then just reproduce the situation and gather logs from the screen or through a serial console. or netconsole13:00
ubottuTo get a more verbose log of the boot process, remove "quiet" and "splash" from the kernel boot parameters and add "debug systemd.log_level=info". For info on editing kernel boot parameters, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters13:00
lotuspsychjePMunch tomreyn i found an (older) bug #1460447 check if related?13:58
ubottuBug 1460447 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot slow, 'scanning for btrfs filesystems' takes 100 seconds" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146044713:58
PMunchHmm, that does seem similar14:00
PMunchJust that mine took so long that it timed out14:00
lotuspsychjemaybe a new kernel version triggers this bug somehow14:01
PMunchCould be14:03
PMunchI have to go now though, might investigate further later14:04
lotuspsychjeallrighty PMunch good luck14:04
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patstomsis there any way to fix apt when it says "You might want to run 'apt --fix-broken install' to correct these." "The following packages have unmet dependencies:"16:30
patstomsbecause when i run apt --fix-broken install16:30
pycuriousanyone using kubernetes on aws/gcp here through ubuntu?16:37
patdk-lapnot pure16:37
patdk-lapaws els and also kops16:37
tomreynpatstoms: "<patstoms> because when i run apt --fix-broken install" seemed like an incomplete sentence?18:01
patstomsoh, sorry18:02
patstomsi get an error that mysql can't be stopped18:02
patstomsi know that i have allready been in this situation18:02
patstomsand been asking this question here18:02
patstomsi just had a dejavu18:02
patstomsso i installed mariadb, then realised that i need mysql not mariadb because of compability with innodb18:02
tomreynpost the full command and its full output to a pastebin, and post the link here. that's usually the best way to get help in such situations.18:03
patstomsso i did apt purge mariadb-server and when i install mysql-server i am stuck with this 18:03
tomreyn"There is a MySQL server running, but we failed in our attempts to stop it. Stop it yourself and try again!" seems like it should be a useful hint18:05
tomreynfrom what i remember (hope that's still correct), just like "mariadb-server", "mysql-server" is also just a tiny package which actually depends on a versioned package, such as "mariadb-server-10.1" or "mysql-server-8" etc, which then depend on a lot more packages.18:08
tomreynand while the unversioned package depends on the versioned package and is useful for installations and upgrades, for *removing* you'll need to also explicitly list the versioned package18:09
tomreynpatstoms: ^18:09
tomreynalso note the innodb compatibility situation of mariadb is documented at https://mariadb.com/kb/en/innodb/18:10
tomreynmost of the time i would assume that the mariadb implementation should still be backwards compatible to the oracle community edition18:11
tomreyn(in fact you may want to install the "default-mysql-server" package rather than selecting one explicitly, to benefit from migration/upgrade paths to different software in later ubuntu releases)18:12
tomreynhmm, this package is in universe, not main, i guess this means this recommendation is actually invalid. sorry.18:14
tomreynso long story short: you probably need to also purge package mariadb-server-10.3 (if my assumption, that you are running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, is correct). be careful not to purge the databases, though, if you want to retain those.18:17
tomreyntaking https://mariadb.com/kb/en/innodb/ into account, re-using existing mariadb-server 10.3.31 databases (innodb engine) with the oracle community edition (mysql-server) may not work, though.18:19
patstomsso i deleted broken mysql packages using sudo dpkg --force depends --purge ...18:29
patstomswhen i tried to install mysql-server again, it was still not working, but when i installed mariadb again, purged it without errors and install mysql-server again18:29
patstomsit worked18:29
patstomsi just had to remove mariadb with apt purge not apt remove 18:30
tomreynyou should not need to use "--force depends" there18:38
tomreynyes, sometimes you need to use purge to remove incompatible configurations or data.18:39
tomreyni actually prefer it, do not like the idea of old configurations lingering around.18:39
patstomsi had no other way because every apt command said that i need to use apt --fix-broken install18:42
tomreyn--fix-brokne isn't the same as --foce though. but maybe you're saying that --fix-broken had no effect, and that's why you did --force19:34
tomreyn--fix-broken isn't the same as --force though. but maybe you're saying that --fix-broken had no effect, and that's why you did --force.19:34
tomreyn^ the same with less typos19:34
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