daftykinsgooood morn!10:43
zxmpihappy morninginging10:49
daftykinsah har a youtuber who lives up near Birmingham fancies taking on the challenge of my pal's previously firey graphics card10:50
daftykinscould be a bit of fun to watch a repair livestreamed of an item i've dealt with - at least as a go-between10:50
zxmpibonus points if he does it in a wooden pc case :-P10:51
daftykins"ooh authentic self wood burning"10:52
zxmpionly next were mad enough to use magnesiu cases :-)10:52
daftykinscomes with a free pair of sunglasses 10:53
zxmpiand asbestos gloves10:53
daftykinsback to the folks with the upgraded broadband to terminate some network cables and pop in more of the Ubiquiti WiFi access points today11:00
daftykinsleft the client with the fun of laying cable, since he's a builder who built the place :D11:01
daftykinsno-one better to know all the possible routes!11:01
zxmpiremember, no cycling uphill11:02
daftykinshaha yeah, in fact i was just checking out the lazy options to get there11:03
daftykinspharmacy was full at the end of the day yesterday, so i have to go and pick up that prescription in the next hour really11:03
zxmpino looking at unboxing psion videos till then :-P11:04
daftykinsi still haven't done a thing about shipping mine off to RMC, besides possibly earmarking a box to use11:13
zxmpii haven't connected mine to pc other than to transfer files. batteries put in end of april still going with 20 hours of use :-)11:14
zxmpinumbers that make even my nokia go wow11:15
daftykinsi was thinking of leaving a test doc with a message on it, the brand new backup battery should keep that ticking until whenever he unboxed it, but he could take months to getting around to a video11:15
zxmpithe cr2032 battery should hold the ram for 6 months iirc. but never tested it11:15
daftykinsif it was even deemed worthy (surely it is...)11:15
daftykinsooh it wasn't such a common battery :D11:16
zxmpiplus of course it also has a capacitor that will hold the ram for a few minutes which i only found out about when i changed the primary and backup batteries at the same time and found all my data was safe11:18
daftykinshrmm mine seems a lot worse now, the casing is marking my hands grey - and the hinge on one side has now totally let go of the entire screen assembly11:22
daftykinsopening and closing is a gamble11:22
daftykinsi kinda spun the backup battery in the holder to read the CR1620 label, then i had to use the AC adapter as the batteries must be flat (they weren't even charged iirc) it warned me both sets needed replacing11:23
daftykinsand all data was gone11:23
daftykinsah well, no time to check her out now11:25
daftykinswho wants a kitten update?! https://youtu.be/Tm00f6fOBig22:39
zxmpi+++breaking mews+++22:40
* m0nkey_ clicks for kitties22:55
m0nkey_My kitty22:55
=== nhaines_ is now known as nhaines
diddledaniomg, unsolicited kitpic!23:51
diddledaniat least is wasn't a duckpic23:52
daftykinsyeah you can get in trouble for those23:52
daftykinsgood fun using both hands to set off the purr monsters in tandem23:53
diddledaniwow. that's shocking behaviour. I wasn't even aware dual-purr was even allowed!23:54
daftykinsyou have to get a license, yeah23:54
daftykinsthe test is purrty strict23:55
m0nkey_unsolicited duck pic https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/R71w36ua/duck.jpg23:59

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