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user|14Hi, new to this. Tried to download the kubuntu documentation as pdf file, doesn't seem to work. Any help?12:10
Guest5292I really prefer the debian-installer over the kubuntu live installer. Is it possible to use the debian-installer over the kubuntu live installer?12:37
BluesKajHi all14:40
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farhadIs this chat for support and help?15:45
Mekaneckfarhad: it is for Kubuntu yes15:48
Mekaneckjust ask your support question and wait until someone is able to help and respond15:48
Mekaneckofftopic chat is in #kubuntu-offtopic15:49
farhadI am trying to share hotspot using Kubuntu default hotspot and also using Wifi(shared) but when Connecting to the Wifi by my phone it is not getting connected and it is showing ip couldn't find15:49
farhadCan you help me to fix this issue and create a hotspot which can be accessible15:50
Mekanecki don't have experience with that, sorry. maybe someone else knows15:52
iomari891greetings, are there any alternatives to the kde repo: http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/? It keeps failing when I try to add kde to a Ubunt desktop.18:26
Mekanecki guess you first have to install the KDE Plasma desktop on Ubuntu and then add the backports PPA to update to the latest Plasma packages iomari89118:58
Mekaneckalso which Ubuntu release are you talking about?18:59
tomreynMekaneck: we're talking about this in #ubuntu - I originally referred iomari891 here because at this point i was not aware this was originally an ubuntu installation, not kubuntu.19:02
icichello, i need some help fixing this sound problem i'm having. is this the right place to ask?19:03
tomreynicic: it's a good place to ask if you're running a supported kubuntu release (but i may not be able to help myself)19:04
icicwell I am running kubuntu 20.04 lts version. The issue I'm having is that my speakers are not being detected, pavucontrol shows a dummy device. I notice that if i boot 5.4.0-26-generic in grub it works fine, but when it boots to the latest it stops working. I don't know where to go since on a previous build I didn't have this issue before19:06
tomreynwhich kernel is "the latest" then?19:08
icicon my machine it's booting to 5.11.0-27-generic19:08
tomreynright, that's the latest HWE kernel19:10
Mekanecktomreyn: hence i asked which release of Ubuntu he's running. IIRC the backports only apply to 21.04 of Kubuntu.19:11
tomreynicic: what pavucontrol shows as a dummy device will be the audio chipset, not your boxes19:11
tomreynicic: there's a script called alsa-info which you should already have available. it also comes with a self-update mechanism. you can use this script to gather information on your sysconfiguration / hardware and have it upload it for sharing19:12
icicsorry, not sure how to upload on irc19:13
iomari891Mekaneck: do I need the backports to install kde-full?19:15
tomreynMekaneck: iomari891 runs hirsute according to their 'apt update' output https://termbin.com/tktc19:15
tomreynicic: the scriptcan do the upload for you19:15
tomreynit would just return a http address you could then post here19:16
Mekaneckiomari891: no.... the backports ppa are only to update plasma to it's latest version19:16
iomari891BTW, Ubuntu 21.0419:17
Mekaneckso i read19:17
iomari891ok. that may solve my problem.19:18
iomari891but that will have to be on Monday. My friend has shut down and gone home. Thanks for your help. Both of you.19:19
icici just paste the link here then?19:19
Mekaneckiomari891: if you want to run kubuntu on top of ubuntu: sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop     If you only want KDE Plasma then:  sudo apt install kde-full19:21
tomreyniomari891: this seems to be a known kernel bug https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20855519:34
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 208555 in Drivers "No sound from speakers using Realtek ALC287" [Normal, New]19:34
tomreynicic: see the two lines above, this was actually for you19:37
icicI'm not used to seeing bug reports like this, but am I right in assuming that this is a known bug?19:38
tomreynicic: i suggest reporting the bug to Ubuntu (ubuntu-bug alsa), then using the GA (5.4) kernel for now until it's fixed in a newer HWE kernel version19:39
tomreynicic: my interpretation is this is a bug known to the Linux kernel developers who handle sound chipset drivers. I assume this may not yet be known to the Ubuntu kernel developers.19:40
tomreynit would be good to help make the Ubuntu kernel developers aware also so that they can prepare a fix, too.19:41
icicokay, do i need an account to file a bug report?19:42
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tomreynicic: yes, you do, but it think the process guides you through creating one19:48

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