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lubot[telegram] <Halis> @kgvarunkanth 😘07:17
lubot[telegram] <kgvarunkanth> 🤪🤪🤪 (re @Halis: @kgvarunkanth 😘)07:18
JoeLlamaI *love* lubuntu but I can't get it to recognize the wifi card in my dell inspiron 910 (mini-9)09:21
JoeLlamawhat's the trick please?09:21
* JoeLlama already did ther google thing09:22
JoeLlamatried installing bcmwl-kernel-source09:23
JoeLlamabut I got a dependency error and when I tried to install that dependency I got another error something about it might be obsolete?09:23
JoeLlamaI would like to avoid buying a USB wifi for it09:24
* JoeLlama waits for a response :)09:24
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> Bro09:27
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> Joellama09:27
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> I guess this question is to ask ubuntu channel.09:27
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> Also i hope u searched solution at web for ubuntu, not lubuntu09:28
TJ-JoeLlama: sounds like a build issue. Does the PC have a wired Ethernet connection it can use whilst you're solving the issue?09:30
JoeLlamaTJ- ... well...  my wifi cards work with xubuntu on these machines but... they are very small computers and lubuntu seems to work better09:37
JoeLlamaso I use 18.04.5 I think09:37
JoeLlamabut for some reason they do not recognize the cards09:38
JoeLlamawould like to save these little computers they are neat :)09:38
JoeLlamaI think they use BMC431209:38
JoeLlamafor wifi not sure09:38
JoeLlamalubuntu also does not recognize my intel wifi cards in the dell 172009:39
JoeLlamaand also it's as little difficult to ask the people at the coffee shop to let me plug straight into their router *grin*09:39
JoeLlamaso it's a lubuntu thing not an ubuntu or xubuntu thing09:40
JoeLlamadunno why... just is09:40
TJ-JoeLlama: hmmmm... the desktop you use should have no impact on hardware support09:43
TJ-JoeLlama: is this from fresh installs, or adding multiple desktop environments to the same install?09:44
JoeLlamadunno TJ- I run this same box with xubuntu and it finds the wifi just fine...09:44
JoeLlamawhen I check for wifi hardware in lubuntu it can't find it09:44
JoeLlamajust something with lubuntu and these boxes I guess... dunno09:45
TJ-JoeLlama: yes, but /how/ are you running Xubuntu? From its ISO? installed?09:45
TJ-JoeLlama: lubuntu/xubuntu/ubuntu/kubuntu are just skins. The underlying hardware support and kernels is the same09:45
TJ-yes to what? yes, from the ISO as a Live environment?09:45
JoeLlamaI sintall from an ISO to the SSD09:48
JoeLlamaand run from the SSD09:48
JoeLlamaworks with xubuntu doesn't with lubuntu... lubuntu doesn't find the wifi card09:48
JoeLlamaperhaps it's a mystery that will never be solved.09:48
JoeLlamatried many ways09:49
JoeLlamasomething about the dell inspiron 1720 a and the inspiron 910 that lubuntu just doesn't like about the wifi cards09:49
JoeLlamait just doesn't see them09:49
JoeLlamaagain running 18.04.509:49
JoeLlamawill lubuntu support i286 in the future (btw?)?09:50
JoeLlamaI have a number of decent i386 boxes I would like to keep them running for another 10 or 12 years if possible09:50
JoeLlamaTJ- :)09:50
TJ-JoeLlama: the xubuntu version you use, is it also 18.04.5 ?09:55
TJ-JoeLlama: so the same hardware support is available in both xubuntu and lubuntu09:55
JoeLlamaor 20.04 on the 1720 (amd64)09:56
JoeLlamayes same boxes09:56
JoeLlamaI can only use i386 on the mini-909:56
TJ-the only difference is in the default installed packages. I suspect the difference is in pre-installing the tools required to build the BRCM module 09:56
JoeLlamaintel atom CPU :)  single core 2 thread I think09:56
JoeLlamahrm how do I fix that?09:57
TJ-JoeLlama: you have the problem system running lubuntu right now?09:57
JoeLlamawell yeah09:58
JoeLlamathere are more than one09:58
JoeLlamaI have a lot of computers laying around09:58
JoeLlamabut yeah there is one sitting next to me09:59
TJ-so can you connect one of them via wired Ethernet so we can grab some info from it?09:59
JoeLlamaI ran a command to find the hardware but it can't find it... it finds and used the 10baseT port just fine09:59
JoeLlamaand surf and everything on it09:59
JoeLlamajust not the wifi09:59
JoeLlamaoh no not near the router atm09:59
JoeLlamaonly the air waves :/09:59
TJ-JoeLlama: so it can reach Internet right now?09:59
JoeLlamano it can't find the wifi remember? (:10:00
TJ-JoeLlama: Plug it in!10:00
JoeLlamaI am on a dell inspiron atm over wifi using xubuntu10:00
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> XD10:00
JoeLlamaon um...  I only have air waves atm TJ-10:00
JoeLlamathe router is some distance from me10:01
TJ-JoeLlama: let us know when you've connected one of the problem PCs via Ethernet and it can reach the Internet10:01
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> U may Try it with ur phone, share wifi from ur phone and see if lubuntu see it10:01
lubot[telegram] <tbs61> So u can understand if wifi works10:02
JoeLlamahrm I will try TJ-10:02
JoeLlamaI find other people who somehow install the drivers using apt-get but it doesn't work for me10:02
TJ-tbs61 that's pointless; we know Wifi hardware drivers are not built10:03
JoeLlamabut they are not on the mini-810:03
JoeLlamawhat is tbs61 TJ-?10:04
TJ-JoeLlama: Until you've connected the problem system to wired Ethernet everything else is a complete waste of time. The system needs to fetch and install dependent packages in order to successfully build the kernel module that will operate the wifi chipset10:04
TJ-JoeLlama: the other option is to use apt-offline but based on what I've seen so far that is beyond you10:04
JoeLlamaoh okay there was a package it needed but wouldn't install saying it may be obsolete or something10:04
JoeLlamadmsk or dmks or something10:05
JoeLlamawell yeah I am still kinda new to linux really10:05
JoeLlamaI just couldn't stomach windows for internet anymore10:05
JoeLlamabut I've done pretty well actually :)  I seem to get everything on xubuntu working just fine10:06
JoeLlamain fact, I am running an IRC client under wine right now10:06
JoeLlamawith a LOT of windows open on many irc networks10:06
JoeLlamaI do have an issue with SSL under wine however.. know much about that TJ-?10:07
JoeLlamait's a known issue10:07
JoeLlamathe dell mini-9 only has 2GB ram so...  it runs xubuntu but I really want to run lubuntu on them...  I like it :)10:08
TJ-JoeLlama: why chose Linux then run Windows programs?!10:09
TJ-there are many IRC clients in Linux10:09
JoeLlamaI have been using this client since the 90's10:10
TJ-mIRC I presume10:10
JoeLlamaI paid 20 USD for it 10:10
JoeLlamayup yup10:10
JoeLlamaI like it, it does everything I want mostly10:10
TJ-DKMS is required to build the kernel module for the BRCN10:11
TJ-Dynamic Kernel Module Support == DKMS10:11
JoeLlamaok well I tried to install it but it had an error10:11
JoeLlamaheh forgot I was talking with you TJ-10:14
JoeLlamawell didn't forget but logged off the server and forgot you were here10:14
JoeLlamaI will make note of DKMS and work on that tomorrow when I am plugged in10:15
JoeLlamathe only real issue with xubuntu and ubuntu is I can't seem to make the browsers work10:15
JoeLlamathere is a lot of memory leaks for one thing10:15
JoeLlamaand the browser locks up for periods of time sometimes locking the whole system up10:16
JoeLlamaI got it working once really well but I had to reinstall after the display driver install borked :/10:16
JoeLlamanvidia hasn't fixed the issue yet dunno if they ever will10:16
JoeLlamaI Think with 18.04 on10:17
lubot[telegram] <Halis> İ do not want to be unpolite, but are not these to many messages?10:17
JoeLlamawell... kinda gave up on that issue for now10:17
JoeLlamausing two computers for the time being10:17
lubot[telegram] <Halis> People can not read all of them10:17
lubot[telegram] <Halis> Solution to your problem was already posted10:18
JoeLlamais lubot a bridge between channels TJ-?10:18
JoeLlamawell...  I will leave you be TJ- you are probably getting tired of me :)10:18
JoeLlamaI will look up the error on that DKMS install10:19
JoeLlamatomorrow :)10:19
lubot[telegram] <Halis> 👍10:19
TJ-JoeLlama: It is linking to some telegram thing10:19
JoeLlamaoh ok10:19
JoeLlamaI might be fixing a ferris wheel tomorrow :)  a 100 footer10:20
JoeLlamait's what I do irl10:20
JoeLlamafloats my boat10:20
JoeLlamai hav no life10:20
TJ-Dont get stuck at the top!10:20
JoeLlamao k time to go thanks for the help TJ-10:20
JoeLlamaheh I'll try not to but I like sitting up there with my camera10:20
JoeLlamaokay thanks again bye for now (:10:21
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Hi lubuntu fans , i m noob new to the linux , and somehow successfully installed Lubuntu 20.04 in old age dead pc , its only 1 gb ram dual core cpu , thanks to lubuntu creators you are awesome never expected this smoothness. 17:30
lubot[telegram] <metpr> But , i had some issue while formatting my bootable-usb and now it became raw usb or something that system can't recognise it . 17:30
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Is there anyone who can help regarding this , i tried finding it in terminal by some commands but still no hope17:30
lubot[telegram] <metpr> I tried kde and gparted as well couldn't find my pendrive there as well17:30
lubot[telegram] <Halis> Does your PC have İnternet  connection?17:31
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Yes17:31
lubot[telegram] <metpr> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/347893d1/file_3192.jpg17:31
lubot[telegram] <Halis> You can try to install third party drivers17:31
lubot[telegram] <metpr> From suggestion of someone i tired 1 command and found this (re @metpr: )17:31
lubot[telegram] <Halis> What does lsblk show?17:31
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Nothing (re @Halis: What does lsblk show?)17:31
lubot[telegram] <metpr> It shows my drive only (re @Halis: What does lsblk show?)17:32
lubot[telegram] <Halis> Hardware defect possible?17:32
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Nahh17:32
lubot[telegram] <Halis> You installed lubuntu with it, right?17:32
lubot[telegram] <Halis> And it is still in the same USB slot?17:33
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Its new usb , i think when i was formatting my bootable-usb , there must be some problem happened (re @metpr: )17:33
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Nope (re @Halis: You installed lubuntu with it, right?)17:34
lubot[telegram] <metpr> I installed from another17:34
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Usb17:34
lubot[telegram] <Halis> So it did work before? (re @metpr: Its new usb , i think when i was formatting my bootable-usb , there must be some problem happened)17:35
lubot[telegram] <Halis> And you format it, and now it does not appear anymore17:36
lubot[telegram] <Halis> Correct?17:36
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Yes , it was working (re @Halis: So it did work before?)17:37
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Yup (re @Halis: And you format it, and now it does not appear anymore)17:37
lubot[telegram] <Halis> Can you make a screenshot of kde partition manager?17:38
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Let me turn on system just 1 min17:38
lubot[telegram] <metpr> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/f549f4e8/file_3193.jpg17:42
lubot[telegram] <metpr> Pendrive is connected *17:42
lubot[telegram] <Halis> İs it connected to the same USB in which you format it?18:30
lubot[telegram] <Halis> İf yes, İ can not help you18:33
lubot[telegram] <Halis> İ do not see a way, how formating would make your USB drive invisible18:34
lubot[telegram] <Halis> İ would say hardware defective18:34

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